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Steps to Enrolling in the Corresponding College Course from Christian Leadership University

  1. Find the course you want to order in this list which is arranged alphabetically according to course number.
  2. Scroll down until you find this course, or search for the course name by pressing ctrl-f on your keyboard. There you will discover a course description, along with the first few pages of the syllabus and sometimes there will be testimonies from students who have taken the course.
  3. Click on the checkbox next to "Order this course" which is immediately underneath the course description, and then scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the rest of the form and submit your order electronically.
  4. You may call or email to discuss options:


Getting Started as a CLU Student – For Those Not Already Enrolled

Enroll in CLU here, and order the “Communion With God” course near the end of the application form.

The course “Communion With God” is the first course required of all CLU students. It provides the necessary foundation of training you to clearly hear God’s voice, see vision and do two-way journaling. All other CLU courses are built upon this foundation. After taking the Communion With God course (or together with the CWG course), you are free to take additional class(es) as you desire. Follow your heart in course selection.

REN103 Communion With God   3 credits       

REN503 Communion With God (Graduate Level) 4 credits  


Communion With God Course Description: Did you know that God is always speaking to you? Do you know what God’s voice sounds like? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to clearly hear God’s voice every single day for the rest of your life? You find yourself receiving daily counsel from the Wonderful Counselor Who teaches you how to live in faith, hope and love and Who guides you in cultivating great relationships with family and friends. Discover divine patterns for approaching God and four vital keys that will allow you to clearly hear God’s voice every day. Intimacy with God will be enhanced and you will learn how to discern God’s voice from other voices which clamor for your attention and how to record what God reveals to you using two-way journaling as you confirm it through a variety of methods. You WILL experience Jesus’ guarantee that, “My sheep hear My voice” (Jn. 10:27). Your life will be transformed!

This interactive course comes complete with an Instructor, textbooks, workbook and either CD, DVD, or digital download sessions (your choice).  It is everything you need to ensure you will indeed learn to easily and daily hear God’s voice!

Take action today! Enroll NOW in this CLU correspondence course!

Enroll in Christian Leadership University and on your application form order the Communion With God course.

Learn More About CLU

Learn all about Christian Leadership University here.

You will deeply integrate life-transforming skills by enrolling in Christian Leadership University and ordering the course listed above. CLU offers over 100 courses to students in 115 nations around the world. Please view CLU’s website and complete online catalog.

When you enroll you are assigned an instructor/coach who will help you internalize these truths through your committed accountability relationship with them. You are guided in focusing intensely for three months on the spiritual discipline involved with each specific training experience. This gives you time to receive revelation from God, establish new spiritual disciplines and ensure that your life is permanently transformed in this area so it will produce a bountiful harvest in your life!

Read Real-life Testimonies from CLU students whose lives have been changed!

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If you or your friends or family have been blessed by Mark and Patti's ministry, this is an opportunity to say "thank you" by blessing them with a financial gift. 

Checks can be made out to Communion With God Ministries with a notation that they are a gift for Mark & Patti Virkler, 11918 Lazio Ln., Orlando, FL. 32827. For electronic giving, adjust your contribution by typing any amount into the white box below.

Hear God Through Your Dreams PowerPoint Download

by Mark Virkler

If you are teaching the course Hear God Through Your Dreams, then these 18 PowerPoint slides will make your classroom presentation powerful and attractive. 


Price: $9.95
Naturally Supernatural PowerPoint Download

Naturally Supernatural PowerPoint Download

by Mark Virkler | 178 Slides

Revised & Expanded 30th Anniversary Edition. If you are teaching the course Naturally Supernatural, then these 178 PowerPoint slides will make your classroom presentation powerful and attractive. If you are going to use the DVDs to teach this course, then the PowerPoint is already interwoven into the DVDs.

Price: $24.95
Overflow of the Spirit Teacher's Guide

Overflow of the Spirit Teacher's Guide PDF eBook

40 Pages | by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe

This 40-page Teacher's Guide makes it easy for you to teach the principles of the book Overflow of the Spirit. This is complemented with other Overflow of the Spirit resources: LEARN workbook, PowerPoint, textbook. If you choose to have Mark and Charity be the teachers and you function as the coach, then you may add in the video training. Descriptions of each product follow.

Price: $14.95

Rivers of Grace PowerPoint Download

185 slides

If you are teaching the course Rivers of Grace, these 185 PowerPoint slides will make your classroom presentation powerful and attractive. You will want each of your students to have a copy of the LEARN notebook, and each family should have a copy of the full textbook

Price: $24.95
Through the Bible Handbook of Answers eBook

Through the Bible Handbook of Answers eBook

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 246 Pages

This book provides suggested partial answers for the discussion questions in the Through the Bible text. This can be used by a student to compare his answers to ours, or by a teacher who is grading the student's workbook.

Price: $15.96
Through the Bible Teacher's Guide eBook

Through the Bible Teacher's Guide eBook

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 248 Pages

Make Bible survey relevant, enjoyable and life-changing by allowing God to speak directly to each student each week. This book provides a host of suggestions for the teacher so that class time can be a fun, interactive application of the portion of Scripture that the student has worked through during the previous week.

Price: $14.36