A Prayer Approach for Healing Cancer

by Tom and Edie

I was praying seeking Gods wisdom about cancer and healing. What was impressed upon my heart was this, Healing ALWAYS comes. I remembered replying, What do You mean, healing always comes? Not everybody gets healed. Then I heard Him say, I didnt say they all RECEIVED the healing. Those words resonated with me strongly so I am sending this email to you.

What I have learned about spiritual and physical healing is this: If we focus the eyes of our heart on the things Satan brings into our midst (such as the cancer or sickness), then we are choosing to believe on the destructive powers of Satan. Jesus will not go against our self-will. As a result, we essentially block Gods healing. It is ALWAYS His will for us to be free from sickness. This is where our faith is tested.

Remember, Satan comes to deceive, rob, and destroy. He uses distracting spirits to draw our thoughts and our hearts away from our Heavenly Father. Maybe youll recognize the names of some of the distracting spirits:

  1. Infirmity.  Cancer is a sickness that is carried by the hindering spirit of infirmity. Satan uses this spirit to draw our attention away from Jesus Christ and to influence our belief in assisting spirits. If you are finding yourself seeing more and more sickness in [yourself or your loved one] every day, I encourage you to ask God to change your view. Ask Jesus to give you a vision of Jesus laying His healing hands on [the one who is sick] and placing them over [his] body.

    See Jesus magnificent energy moving the cancer cells right out of [his] body. Watch Jesus transfuse [him] with His holy and clean blood cells and watch it flow throughout [his] body as Jesus lays hands and covers him with His cleansing blood. If you cant visualize this picture, continue to ask Jesus to open the eyes of your heart so you can see it. Be still and praise Jesus for the vision until you receive it. Then look only at what Jesus is doing. Do not look at the cancer and sickness any longer!

  2. Doubt.  The voice of doubt sounds like Does God hear my prayers? Will God answer my prayers if I havent been perfect? Is it Gods will to heal my husband? What will people say if they hear me praying out loud for spirits to be gone, in Jesus name?

    If you are receiving any of these messages from the spirit of doubt, dismiss them immediately from your thoughts. Speak out loud Doubt, be gone! In Jesus name! Doubt, be gone, in Jesus Name. Speak those words out loud until they flee your thoughts and immediately praise Jesus for His release. Doubt may want to reappear, and if it does, you know where it comes from and you are given the authority in Jesus Name to cast down this spirit immediately and command it to be gone!

  3. Unrest (Confusion, Disorientation, Anxiety).  The hindering spirits of unrest cause us to fall out of balance in our relationship with Jesus Christ, and create disharmony in our family, work, and spiritual environments. That is why God tells us to cast ALL our cares and burden upon Him. When we take this action, Jesus promises to give us rest.

    Again, if you are finding yourself restless and unable to sleep, speak out loud and command that the spirit of confusion, anxiety, and restlessness be gone in Jesus Name. Visualize Jesus and His warrior angels surrounding you as you speak these words and binding the arms and legs of unrest. Watch Jesus and His warrior angels carry these hindering spirits away from your midst and praise Him for His victory!

  4. Blindness.  Satan loves to darken our world with distracting spirits (infirmity, doubt, unrest, blindness, and others). Each spirit does his best to snuff out parts of our life, a little at a time. Satan causes us to turn a blind eye away from the promises of Jesus and divert our attention to the things Satan brings into our midst.

The good news is this: Jesus Christ took on all that Satan could offer and every hindering spirit and conquered them on the Cross, putting all of them under His feet. Satan knows his place, which is under the power of Jesus Christ!

As a believer in Jesus, you have the conquering power through the Holy Spirit to speak against Satan and his distracting and hindering spirits and to cast them down in Jesus Name! Receive this healing gift and fight back! If you dont start filling your thoughts and prayers with the things of Jesus, then Satan will be glad to occupy that space! Be strong and of good courage.

As we discussed previously, Satan cannot read your thoughts. But -- he can and must obey any words spoken (out loud) in Jesus Name! Fix the eyes of your heart on Jesus and watch what the Almighty Healer WILL DO, as you speak:

  • Sickness Be Gone In Jesus Name
  • Unrest Be Gone In Jesus Name
  • Doubt Be Gone In Jesus Name
  • Confusion Be Gone In Jesus Name
  • Pain Be Gone In Jesus Name

With the eyes of your heart, watch Jesus cast out cancer and cleanse [unhealthy] blood with His redeeming blood.
With the eyes of your heart, watch Jesus cast down unrest and exchange it for His overwhelming peace.
With the eyes of your heart, watch Jesus cast down confusion, disorientation, and anxiety, and cover you and [your loved one] with a blanket of His protective angels to watch over you and administer His healing to you.
With the eyes of your heart, watch Jesus cast down all the pain and sickness and exchange it for His comfort and love.

Dont look at the things of Satan any longer. Instead, fix your eyes on Jesus and watch what He is doing. Continuously speak words of praise and thanksgiving out loud until you see the physical manifestations come into your presence and all the distracting spirits have fled. Fill your rooms with praise and worship music to soothe your mind and soul. Believe in your Almighty Father who loves you and your family. When you receive healing give Him all the honor and the glory! 

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