You Can See Visions! They Are a Pathway to God

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Jesus saw visions all the time. He only did what He saw His Father doing (Jn. 5:19, 20; 8:38). I want to imitate Jesus. But before I could live that way, I needed first to learn how to become a seer. Daniel simply said, “I looked,” and he saw (Dan. 7:2, 9, 13)!  However, for many years, I didn’t look and so I didn’t see. Finally I reclaimed the use of my visionary capacity and now I, too, can simply quiet myself in the Lord's presence, look, and see the visions of Almighty God. I am a seer because I have become a "looker."

How I See Visions

Here are the steps I took that allowed me to see visions from Almighty God:

  1. I repented for my sin of not presenting the eyes of my heart to God and looking, and began presenting the eyes of my heart to the Lord and looking for visions.
  2. I use my godly imagination to picture a Gospel scene as I read it. This is something most people do, and imagining is a part of Biblical meditation (Josh. 1:8).
  3. Then I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a vision (Eph. 1:17,18) as I place myself in the scene with Jesus, and tune to flowing pictures to see what He wants to show me.
  4. The scene comes alive through the life of the Holy Spirit and I watch a flow of images, which biblically speaking is called a vision. So I have stepped from a godly imagination into a vision.
  5. I record the vision (as the prophets in the Bible did, e.g. Rev. 1:9-11) and have it confirmed by my spiritual advisors (Prov. 11:14; 2 Cor. 13:1 ). This affirms it really is a vision from God, and I am not running in vain (Gal. 2:2).
  6. I believe John used godly imagination in Revelation 4:1 as he painted a picture of a door in the sky, and the next verse says that the Holy Spirit took over and led him into the throne room of God where he stepped into a vision which continues for 19 chapters. Notice that the door was actually the final scene of his previous vision (Rev. 3:20). So when he wanted a new vision, he looked (Rev. 4:1) and held up a previous scene, and allowed the Holy Spirit to take it over (Rev. 4:2)! He stepped from a godly imagination into a divine vision.
  7. Since the Bible encourages us by telling us the stories of those who have gone before and had their own encounters with the living God, you can do exactly what John did in Revelation 4:1, 2. You can hold up a scene (godly imagination), and ask the Holy Spirit to take it over (Eph. 4:1,2), and it can and will flow into an extended vision. Try it! You will like it! I sure do. I do it all the time!

What Are the Faces of Jesus?

It is interesting that when I began seeing visions, I did not see the face of Jesus. I only saw His form from the shoulders on down. Others have testified to the same experience. It is also interesting that Jesus’ facial features are never described in the Gospels. Perhaps this is because He has as many faces as He has names, and He becomes all things to all people so we see different parts of Him at different times. The Bible does make it clear that we see through a glass dimly (1 Cor. 13:12).

However, many of us do begin seeing Jesus’ face after using vision for awhile. I first saw two eyes full of laughter. Then I saw a big smile on His face. He was laughing and having such a good time. And that is most often how I see Him. He tells me to lighten up and laugh along with Him. So I do!

How about if you post a response to this blog, and share with us what Jesus’ face looks like when you see it. Let’s learn from one another. It will be fun.

The Different Ways I See Jesus (Heb. 12:1-2)

In my everyday life: I look to see Him present with me. He is, and He is doing things. So I simply look to see where He is and what He is doing. When I am driving, He is seated next to me in the car. When I am jogging, He is at my right side. When I am counseling, He is often standing with His hands on the counselee’s shoulders. When I am preaching, He is sitting on the edge of the stage, with His legs crossed and a big smile on His face, saying, “Go get them, Mark.”

During worship: I look at the throne room in heaven, and I join with those gathered before the throne in worship to the King, and I worship along with them, doing what I see them doing (Rev. 5:13). This could be dancing, clapping, kneeling, bowing low, arms outstretched in worship, etc.

During prayer: I see Him next to me. We are talking together. He is listening and responding. He is peaceful. Nothing shakes Him. He is in control of all. He is Almighty God, Who rules!

How I don’t see Jesus: I don’t ever picture Jesus on the cross as I come to Him, because He is not there. That horrific point of history is exactly that, a point of history, full of tremendous pain and suffering. It is not where Jesus currently is and it is not a comfortable place for two lovers to share love (which is what prayer is). When I come to Jesus, one of the four keys is “stillness,” so to be in extreme discomfort is disquieting, and thus counter-productive to me “becoming still.” So I normally will not picture Jesus on the cross when I come to Him in prayer.

Having said that, there have been a couple of times when the Lord was asking me to die to self, He has reminded me of His death on the cross and asked me to also lay down my life, even as He did, and to die to self. Sometimes images of death on the cross will flash across my mind in these specific circumstances.

Listening to God Is a Key in Your Pathway to God

In addition to seeing vision, we can also hear God’s voice. Jesus did. “I speak the things my Father has taught me" (Jn. 5:30). Jesus also said, “My sheep hear My voice" (Jn. 10:27). So it is clear we are to live out of the voice of Jesus and the Father. His voice sounds like spontaneous thoughts which light upon you,  particularly when your eyes are fixed on Jesus (Heb. 12:1, 2).

So I have learned in my morning devotions to do what these prophets did (Hab. 2:1-2 & Rev. 1:9-11):

  1. Quiet myself down;
  2. Fix my eyes on Jesus;
  3. Tune to spontaneity (i.e. flowing thoughts, since the flow within is the Holy Spirit - Jn. 7:37-39);
  4. And write or journal (two-way journaling) as I record God’s conversations with me.

This Is How You Can Have Heart Faith!

You will discover that heart faith (Rom. 10:9) bubbles forth as you hear God’s voice (Gen. 12:1-2),  see His visions (Gen. 15: 1,5, 6) and incubate that within the other three senses of your heart.

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God speaks physically

I was doing 21days of fasting and night vigil, within the third week, I said Lord speak to me physically.
that day I just went on the bed and little while I heard my name like someone called me inside my room, but I was the only one in the room and the voice came to my left ear very smooth and sweet voice and I enjoyed it.

the most amazing thing here is that the voice called me with my own voice, it was exactly my ton my own voice.
praise God, it was not in the dream neither was I sleeping.

Then i was like waooooo God you spoke to me, and he says yes you asked me to speak physically.

Prophet O.B. Williams

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My name is Prophet O.B.Williams,
I have mad many encounters with Jesus but I want to share one or two.

In my vision it looks more real than physical life then I look forward and I saw a farm and I look again I saw Him Jesus working in the farm then I recognize him but not behold his face.

In another vision It seems like I was taken in a platform which has no background but I look and saw crowd and behold I saw three personality then I try to look to behold this three personality then I saw Jesus standing and looking at me, now i saw his face but I cannot be able to describe it, then He start talking to me but the most powerful thing is that, He spoke to me but it was not audible like sounds to my hear and his mouth was not opening and I can hear him, his word walk like vibration to my body and to my system then I can hear what he says, but am sorry am not permitted to say hear what He told me.

remain blessed.

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Hi, I have in the recent past


I have in the recent past (last one year) had dreams where i was praying for someone to experience God and know God and to be forgiven and in the middle of the prayer, i would feel a super duper overwhelming and awesome presence around me and ofcourse i continue praying even harder; and then the person i would pray for would exclaim excitedly and tell me that Jesus is behind me, and i would turn and see Him there... this beautiful brilliant light with His hands spread out but i know HE was looking at us.

I have had that dream twice.

The other night i had a short dream that i could see a choir of angels singing and flying around --- glory in the highest, hossana hossana!!

I am not sure what to think of these. The dreams are very beautiful so i keep praying that God will reveal to me what He needs me to Know.

Lindah, from Kenya.

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His Presence

It would seem to me to be saying that He is hearing your prayers, and His presence is with you.
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Seeing the face of Jesus taliking to me

Today I had the most overwhelming experience of sighting the face of Jesus, talking to me.
My life has been a very eventful, for the past twenty years, having a lot of loss, and heartache, pain and suffering losing two brothers and my mother, and now with my father I'll, but I count my blessings that myself and family are healthy, as there are people worse off that me, but Jesus listens to us all, and recently I have found my calling back to god.
I pray and read the bible each night, and ask for guidance and help, as I am struggling to survive in so many ways...
With my tears whilst praying for help and guidance for my family and I, today I had the experience of seeing the face of Jesus.
My day began with my clocks two hands stopping at 11,11, as I sat down in ore, with the clock above me, I looked straight out the window to see the face of Jesus, smiling and talking, I heard no works, but could feel his love and to me this was his way of saying all will be ok. The experience lasted for about 15's an experience I will never forget, and would love to have peoples views on the meaning of seeing me it was his reassurance that he is by my side......always.

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Sounds good

Sure feels like reassurance to me.
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seeking, vision, gifts

Hi , I have been searching for a long time it seems. searched and searched online and in person but no avail though I did experience angels pointing me in direction, Jesus body couldnt see face but saw a huge beautiful smile! , his laughter, his humor etc anyways that aside, I am not able to recieve understanding or revelation. here is a little history of before and after then I will tell of the vision.
I recieved this vision in 08 shortly after became very ill so much I knew I was going to pass ( I knew God since a child but was not bapitized till in Dec 07 but in Feb I became close to death the devil was trying to distory me in anyway possible for 10 solid days but God healed me of fear of death, fear of Hell, fear of the devil and his demons, God taught me deeply of trusting Him, taught me that nothing can take me out of His hands etc. long story short when God and I connected all of the sudden I was completely healed in an instant!
anyways now I think it was little into Feb of 08' I was in the new dining room reading the bible for while not knowing or understanding but knew the Holy Spirit was teaching me from the inside
This day I looked up ( dont remember what I was reading at the time) I looked up out of this small bright sunny window. all of the sudden
I went into a vision and didnt know about it very much at the time.
picture one faded in: white/gray foggy black background, picture faded out
picture two faded in: stage, men i suits, i think i remember some normal clothed asians but really remembered asian black buisness suits really well, a pair of feet and a bottom of a micophone pole. I dont remember much now I think i obessed and thaught of it so much that it might have been changed over the years so not sure if this was exactly what I saw orignally :( I dont remember seeing what else was on stage but i do remember clearly of suits and the feet and the bottom of the mic pole between the feet yet I dont remember if it was male or female shoe go figure .......picture faded out
Third picturw faded in: Map of China ( i do not like China lol but liked Japan so this kind of made me think huh???
now imagine a sandy brown embossed map of China AND the word China was big it was diagonally the A was up and the C was down like / lol sorry the keyboard symbol not exact of diagonally but it show an idea w hat I mean /
if no answer anything I can do or know or study or something? Ive experienced God personally and learned so much yet I don't even know what gifts or abilities God has given me :( I believe that will be shown in His timing.

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Many things are symbolic. Under the "Free Tab" on this website, we have principles of dream interpretation you can download. and in the store we also have a book and CD set on Hear God Through your Dreams. These should help.
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when God show you and white hat

God has show me many thing I would like to know what dose it mean when he show me white ahat

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white hat

White I would think stands for righteousness... and it is covering your mind.
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Seeing Jesus face- His kisses are so beautiful

I came across this blog and decided for the benefit of the Body of Christ, if my experience would help anyone, here goes me sharing it:
Approximately 3.5 years ago I underwent a major operation at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, at 1am on the following morning I was awakened by the Lord speaking to me. calling my name and saying "I want you to trust me for what I am about to walk you through pertaining to ......(a certain person) the week was traumatic with several things occurring one of which almost took my life. I was puzzled by the message I had received and in the early hours of the Sunday morning, around 2:30am I felt a warm breath upon my face, I was in a deep sleep and i thought one of the nurses had come to check on me, but the warm breath became a soft pressure on my cheek and then i felt Someone kissing me on the lips, so tenderly, I opened my eyes to see who this was and saw a face of a man about 3 inches from my face and He drew back from me to show me Himself, He smiled at me and I gasped, " I said, O, You are so Beautiful, You are so Beautiful", He continued smiling at me for some moments and I saw certain things in His eyes which He communicated to me without speech. My mind was racing and did not want HIm to leave. He just faded away and I wept and wept quietly. In order to not make a noise and wake the other patient in the room I stuffed a facecloth into my mouth, to stifle the sobs which were of immense joy and sadness combined. Joy at having been kissed by Jesus at the precise time in my life when i needed Him most and that Kiss had stayed with me. Here is the description of how He looked to me: He was of a medium height, not overly tall, He had black or very very dark brown hair which was just above shoulder length, He had an Middle Eastern appearance of darkish swarthy skin, and deep , deep, brownish black eyes which penetrated me and communicated to me at the same moment, and these eyes were filled love, not only love for me but for others also that were involved in what i was going through. It is taking me a long time to fully understand the message of love communicated to me about the situation...slowly it is unfolding. I was left with a impression of how beautiful He is, yet how ordinarily human he looked. It was an lifechanging experience for which i am very thankful. This moment with Him has carried me through a fire which has lasted over 3 years and still goes on, but He is with me in the fire and it is wonderful. Thankyou for the place and opportunity to share. I trust you will be blessed in knowing that He knows exactly where we are at all times and is indeed there with us, no matter what the circumstance. He is in us, and will never leave. Hallelujah. I am a truly loved one.

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am always dreaming of prophets i have seen so many prophets and i see them prophecying and healing people ,i have had angelic visitations and most of the prophet in my dreams lay their hands on me,most of them i see them in my dreams how they were when they started with their wife how brook they were wearing the same suit to preach before they became big,i have seen the elderly man with white,i have dreamt of healing people myself,saving them from demons .and when i wake up am very tired,i see alot of events

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Ask God What He is Saying

I would journal and ask God what He is speaking to you. Submit that to your three spiritual advisors and then run with it once confirmed.
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Im a nobody

Why would God show me this? I’m just nobody, I was In prayer, and in the distant in the darkness I seen a sun in the position of a sunrise I seen it 3 separate times, and as I am starring at it, and I felt glorious joy and happiness, and there with God I did not need anything to eat or drink, the only thing that matters is the relationship I have with him nothing else, and this world and everything it has to offer is absolutely nothing compare to what he has in store for us, and I realized I love Jesus more than anybody on earth.

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You are NOT a Nobody!

We are all children of the King, and part of His royal family. You are royalty! God grants His gifts to His children freely. Simply ask and receive.
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is this a vision

Brothers and sister I believe and love God so much he's the only one I run to when I have problems it can be hard for me at time because I am impatient in nature,and I believe he's. Been working on me to be patience. I brook up with my ex bf about 5 months ago and I just wanted to be rude to him and get him out of my mind,specialty He told me is dating someone so I just didn't want to have anything to do with him. After month from not speaking to each other,He call me a few days ago for my bday we started to talk and turn into an arguement . That same night I was crying and ask God. Please talk to me what is it that I'm suppose to do, I'm ready to cut him out of my life I pray and started to meditate, I call on God's name in my mind and ask for help. I saw a light But the light was Jesus I could not see his face very well he was holding my hands , I started to talk to him about what's going on. Out of no where I saw my ex seating across from me ,Jesus holding my hand and his hand like a circle but no talk,I can see us just lying our heads on him and holding each others hands and smiling,. I open my eyes,just could not understand it , i said to myself that he's dating someone no way. I'm not gonna talk to him. I ask myself did God really just talk to me is it how he talk to us.?I thank him for the vision but it has been bothering. me. This morning I woke up 5 am I prayed again close my eyes to meditated for a few min ,this time I saw the both of us on our knees holding hands and saw Jesus(a LIGHT)kissed our forehead, than got up and walk together. I told my friend I am going to block him out of my life ,and told her I have something to tell her she said what is it you have to tell me because the hair from the back of my head just got up, is it bad? told her she said I will hold before you call and be mad at him. I have a lot of faith but don't know a lot a about God's vision this really bothered me that's how I find this WeWesbsite Trying to find out how God talk to us. Can this be a vision?I didn't keep a journal . I figure I need someone's opinion who knows more about this .Please help.

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Well, God is into reconciliation, so it does sound like a vision to me. Holding anger and bitterness in our hearts, destroys our physical and spiritual health, so that must be processed and dealt with, even if you two never become romantically involved. Whenever you are dealing with romance, you want to have your friends who are spiritual advisors, giving you input. The Bible says in the mouth of two or three counselors there is wisdom and safety. So bounce this off some respected friends.
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Thank you for you quick reply. I love. Him very much after I saw the visions I became calm have this deep feeling inside that God is telling me that we are going to be fine. I am praying a lot about it ,I try to switch the negative thoughs ,When I have them . and start praying . my friends. Are all giving me their inputs which make me confuse and make me mad at him more, but that friend is the only one I trusted to tell about the visions . I try to interprete the vision as much as I can,I don't want us to mess up what God has for us, I always ask God to make us pray and read the bible together.Please in you spiritual experience what do you think God is tryin to tell me. And how can I control those negative thoughts they make me worry sometimes. thank you for your reply.

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Growing Together Spiritually

I would make the focus growing together spiritually, reading the Bible, praying, ministering God's grace to others. When you ask your counselors for advice, don't ask what they think. Ask, would you pray about this and tell me what God is speaking in your heart concerning it.
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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your reply .You are an amazing person to do this for people helping them to understand how to build a relationship with our Lord. God bless you and your family .

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testing the spirits

Jesus has been working me through the process of hearing his voice, I do hear his voice . For me, his voice is quieter than a thought and comes much deeper from within my heart which I share with his Holy Spirit and always produces Peace and Joy fruits which are easily felt in our bodies. Evil can and will invade our thoughts (fiery darts), and emotions (anger, troubled, fear, etc) and our bodies (illness as well as poking us). Feeling his presence can be an announcement of Jesus' arrival or an alert from the Holy Spirit of incoming darts or a dark presence. What Jesus shared with me was to test the spirits 1John 4:1-6, When it's a dart from the enemy the flow of thoughts will typically stop or become evasive to the question "did Jesus come in the flesh". The Holy Spirit is our gentle, loving, peaceful teacher and will always lead us closer to Jesus, and will teach us to discern the Spirit of Truth from that of Deception. For me before I heard his voice he brought me through revelation knowledge of his word were sermons would flow in my mind and still do some days which usually lead me to area's in need of repentance or change. Once repented memories of the dark times of the past all but vanish drawing me to a closer walk with him. Next I saw bright white clouds during prayer where his presence is felt. I asked to see his Glory and he showed me a vision right out of Exodus 33:22-23. I still see clouds when I pray the colors vary blue, purple, green. Then dreams which I hadn't had a dream for 25 years then started dreaming regularly for awhile before I heard his voice. Make sure you are firmly rooted in Jesus and the Father and be aware the enemy is a lair and a thief looking for whom he can destroy.

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Vision from God and hearing his Voice

Since i Gave my Life Fully to God, i Notice that anytime i'm praying, I see images or pictures Flash. Some i understand through the Spirit while some times i Don't seems to get a clear understand of that Vision.

How do i understand deep Vision?

Hearing the Voice of God. I have heard Once the Voice of God audible in Nov 2012 when i was on personal Daily fasting and prayers for One year. I heard this 'Sweet Voice' and this is what he Said ''i have come'' In-fact till date, i am trying to understand what That voice Meant. Since that 2012, i have been praying i want to hear that Voice again.

Again, people have been talking about 'Open Vision' that is God talking us or showing things in a Video Form. I don't Know, i Desire that Give So much. How can this be possible Sir.

Thank You

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Seeing and Hearing Daily

Abraham, You can both see visions and hear His voice daily. We teach how to do this in our 4 keys to hearing God's voice. There is a lot of free stuff on this website about Hearing God's voice. To find it, just type in "hearing God's voice" in the search box in the top right corner. We also have things for sale, which includes 10 hours of me teaching on it and a 300 page book. By all means, go through all this stuff. I have only heard his voice audible, once in my 62 years. However I hear Him every day as He speaks through a flow of thoughts within my mind. And vision is a flow of pictures within my mind. So explore this training in depth and move forward in your Christian life.
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Vision From God

I was watching a video with a young man teaching the Word of God and all of a sudden I got a feeling all in my spirit and heart that was very strong I asked God what was going on and why was I feeling this way. I asked him to reveal what is going on. I had woke up and a peace had filled my body. I felt so content and happy but at the same time I didn't understand it. It felt like the presence of God was in me and it was so heavy with peace. I closed my eyes and I seen two images flash of the man from the videos that I don't personally know but has been a blessing to my life from a distance. Is this from God?

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A dream?

You say you woke up. So that makes me think you were in a dream??? Dreams contain messages from God. you can review our training on Christian dream interpretion here:
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Sorry I worded it wrong.

Sorry I worded it wrong. After I asked God what was going on I went to sleep that night and then woke up feeling peace all over my body and I felt really content. I could feel the presence of God. I then closed my eyes and seen two images flash.

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Dec 15 Vision

On Dec 15, 2014 I had just awakened, I closed my eyes and seen this vision: about 10 rows/columns x 20 men walking in chains. These chains were attached to there ankles bridging them together in rows. Also a whispering saying: "manage your time" Two weeks later another vision: a key ring with an old fashioned key attached to it and dangling. Now this morning, Jan 05, 2014 I heard another voice saying: "A simpler image of walking with God" " You are a face" "Lets lean out & confess" I have been saved for close to 3 years now and been guided by the Holy Spirit in truth and in Love. Jesus is my Savior & friend, in my heart forever. Amen

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What I would do

If I received these visions, I would be doing some two-way journaling about them, asking "Lord, what do you want to say to me about managing my time? How am I chained? How do You want to release me. We teach two way journaling in our book on 4 keys to hearing God's voice.
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I had a vision today! My 2 year old has been battling cancer this year and today was his first scan...after he fell asleep from the GA I was asked to wait in the waiting room. It was empty so I put my face in my hands and I prayed. I started crying and then I saw myself lifted up with my child in my arms and Jesus was waiting for me. I offered him to Jesus and he took him and held him like a baby (like I had been) I was crying uncontrollably (in the spirit and in the natural) and I could see that Jesus was waiting for me and while no words were spoken I knew that he was waiting for me to surrender my child to him, to let him go. I didn't want to but I did it anyway, then Jesus kissed my sons forehead then handed him back to me. I was so relieved and that's where it ended but I knew that Jesus was waiting for me to trust him. I don't get the results until tomorrow but I know without a doubt that he is healed :-)

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I received the phone call

I received the phone call from my sons doctor...and he's cancer free - Jesus healed my son! Amen :-)

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Vision from above

As I read many comments here about having visions, I also had the same real experience during worship time at my weekly Bible Study group. At the last song I just closed my eyes and a vision came before me. Of course at first I wasn't sure what it was or where it came from because it was the girl sitting across from me who belongs to the fellowship also. She has had a rough year both physically and mentally going through a miscarriage and shortly after divorcing her unfaithful husband. She joined the group around spring time and I did not know that much about her other than she was divorced. I seldom think about her and have feelings for her so I wasn't sure if my vision was my own mind thinking or a gift from God in my heart. Anyways the vision was this. She was wearing a white dress and dancing first with me and was so happy and just laughing and smiling and then it seemed as I was just looking on and she was dancing with a little girl who appeared to be about 8 years old. I did not the see the little girls face but I can tell what color her hair was and skin color on her arms. They were dancing around in a circle and having fun and everything was outside on very green grass and all around was like dandelions floating in the air and a beautiful blue sky with a bright light above. The vision only lasted a few seconds but felt like a long time. I was in conflict with my mind because I wasn't sure if this was just me thinking how wonderful she would be in my future and thinking the little girl was maybe my daughter who is almost 5 now. I am divorced as well but longer than her and have accepted and gotten over my trial. While we converse at church and in Bible Study I keep my distance because I know the pain she is feeling and I just support her and let her know that I know what she's going through but life will get better as long as she leans on the Lord for help. She is a lot younger than me (11 years) but my mind says I am too old for her and I already have two kids I am trying to raise. My heart however says I would like to make her happy someday and be more a part of her life in that way. I am so grateful that God has given me this gift and I did share it with the fellowship and her which naturally she was overwhelmed in tears but so thankful I shared it. I know that I must wait on the Lord to guide me where He wants me to go and if this is a message to something in the future I must be patient and let my heart tell me what to do and not my mind. I am open to any comments. Oh and she didn't know the sex of her unborn baby as she was only 2 months pregnant at the time she we think it was a vision of her babies spirit and showing me that she was ok and in heaven. I don't know what to think about it other than it was a blessing.

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I Believe

I believe these are the kinds of visions God gives us to share with others to encourage them and lift their hearts. You have done that, so that is good.
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Yesterday at church service, this homeless man who always go to our church service on Sundays went to the altar and asked to be prayed. Our pastors (husband and wife) prayed on him and everyone in the church also were praying. I am an usher and I am sitted by the entrance . I had a vision at the back of his shirt the image of a church like that church when the shepherds were guided to Bethlehem. I also saw angels . It stayed there until after the prayers had been finished. I saw then that the back of his shirt was plain, no images.

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finding courage to share God's pictures

Hello all... im just coming to a place where sharing the pictures god is giving me out in the open... I havent read through any posts... but relieved to see and find that others are going through this.. I dont know the bible so naturally im looking for direction and curious what god might be saying... im still trying to confirm this is reallyhappening to me and coming to be familiar with it...

First vision: I looked and saw what looked like an army in the clouds.. millions of people in white robes and white horses with them... three words (by whom I did not see ) Army of God

Second vision: I saw the earth and all the e arths colors , the colors represented every person and every nation..the colors became the iris of an eye.. the words "eye of god" spoken , again I did not see by whom.. a pupil appeared in the center of the earth, in it three things in one place,
One nation
a birth canal
a celebration

I was taken to the pupil , placed inside, which became like that of a woman's womb. There I saw jesus wjo spoke these words to me..
the earth will quake and tremble like that of a woman giving birth, nation will rise against nation, do not fear, for I am coming... I was brought back and shown the eye again.. the eye began focusing in and out.. the pupil contracting like that in birth.. the nations in the iris rose like mountains coming against one another as the pupil of the eye got large.. .. the mountains fell flat when the pupil got small... clear water came from the pupil like that if amniotic fluid and poured put into every part of the earth.... end of vision..

Third vision: I saw a great mouth, red in color, it rose like the sun.. the lips parted and from it flowed a river of
mouths that spread out like the sea... I was asked to report what I saw... on the right the sea is smooth like glass, I can see the great mouth clearly from here, mouths are shut or whispering... from the center of this great sea I can see the great mouth now and then, mouths are moving and talking in normal tones, the water has waves... from the left side , I cant see the great mouth at all, there are tidal waves,mouths talking non stop.

I was taken to the center of this see and saw the great mouth rise above it.. the lips parted and from it came a double edged sword like a tongue and split the great sea... three words engraved in capitol letters on it. "WORD OF GOD".. I was asked (by whom I did not see ) to report what I saw... the sea was smooth like glass on both sides... every mouth closed... end of vision..

Yesterday I saw four angels holding what looked like a white sheet made of clouds... the following day the eaeth appeared four angels standing around it each in a corner with lines that took the shape of a square..each angel picked up the clouds from the earth and lifted them.. holding a corner each in their hand... I cant tell if they are angel or men... no words spoken.. end of vision

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RE: finding courage to share God's pictures

It's wonderful that you've been receiving pictures from the Lord! Truly, the ideas and symbols in your visions sound very much like the visions John received in the book of Revelation and Daniel and Ezekiel received in the Old Testament. I would definitely encourage you to get into the Bible because you'll find awesome similarities for what you're seeing in the spirit. We always want to see our "pictures" through the "frame" of the Bible, the Word of God.

Something else I believe would be a great blessing for you is There are "Discussion" groups and places for you to post your revelation and what you're receiving from God to share with others to get their confirmation and feedback. That's always a great encouragement so definitely feel free to check it out. Lord bless!

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my pictured vision

On newyears morning Jan. 1, 2015 at 1:45am my son was taking a picture of me as i was alooking in the mirror in return i saw a vision of a man that looked dead with a hat reviled a kangaroo symbol on it wat did this mean

I would ask, "Lord in what way am I dead?"
see what you get back as the Lord speaks to you.

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I have been intrigued today to Google and just follow the lead!
With that said I am truly grateful to have read what to wrote and loved every word! I might even chk out the sight you posted...
I personally are on a new unexpected journey. a very familiar place. I once was lost ,as they say "but now I'm found"
I will admit I always had faith and believed in Jesus, my background is severely mixed and grew up with such dysfunction and yet I had that mustard seed!!
I never had the true learning of bible and as well have a learning disability...
yet recent somehow, someway i was lead back to an old friend and that I believe was meant for a reason...gods time!
point is I have just recently had the experience of learning bits and pieces as needed and I find it amazing knowledge. I am not a big person of religion I am a spiritual person or should I say "spirit"
I know I have been blessed and today finally accept it and not fear it!! though society does not nor would accept this from me a "nobody"
I am Home!!! i can see visions and here the lord and Jesus and the holy spirit talk to fact when it blows through me my hairs on my arm stands living prof <3 my journey is to spread the word in love...
I do not know why or how other than "just do it" I am here to do his work not mine!! I am nothing without HIM..amen

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thank you charity

I dont know what to say but thank you... this morning I was getting ready for work.. something told me to take the picture I drew out and turn it around... I did not knowing what I was looking at... the familiar whisper/voice neither male nor female spoke three words.... two together then one... "Heavenly Host" and "showbread" I dont know what this means but I told god i recieve him.... I got in my truck not understanding still and drove to get gas before getting on the road... as I was walking in to pay i saw a hand taking what looked like a host and put it to my mouth... three words came..."communion with God"... all I can say to any who will listen... God os connecting us back to him... he is restoring us to him in his grace and compassion for our need of him.. he knows what we have need of before we do... I dont know why this is happening to someone like me... but this has nothing to do with our goodness... it has everything to do with his.. thank you for allowing me to share what he is doing in my life...what is happening isnt meant for one but for all...he takes us exactly as we are, aware or unaware... his goodness supersedes our comprehension... god bless you

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Vision of my wedding

I prayed concerning a certain guy who is showing interest in me. I then asked the holy spirit to guide me and show me a vision. It started off showing how he was in love with me and how he has been telling his uncle and aunt about me. Then all of a sudden we are at my wedding with this guy and he gave a speech thanking my parents. Then his father stood up and gave a speech "the first time I saw xxxxxx I knew she was the one for my son. I knew she was going to be my daughter in law"the speech went on i heard every word. Then his uncle did his speech ...i heard every word. Please explain the meaning. God bless

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heart's desires

Dear friend, quite obviously, you are interested in being pursued and being married. It's also pretty obvious that you desire affirmation. Your vision MIGHT be pointing at the future, but I think it definitely shows where your heart is at. Dear friend, YOU are a fitting Bride for the King, and are one in whom He takes delight. Never doubt it, not even for a second. You ARE as special and amazing as the words you heard. The Lord wants you to know that, and take peace in that.

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Thank you for the

Thank you for the encouragement. Really needed to hear this.

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Seek Confirmation about Romance

When making a big decision, I always ask God to confirm the direction through multiple ways He speaks. I list these 6 different ways he speaks as “The Leaders Paradigm.” So let God confirm His direction through several different ways. This includes peace in your heart, and His heart, parents confirmation, friends confirmation, the fruit of life (when you are together do you minister God’s life one to another). Do your hopes and dreams and destiny’s fit together. Marriage will be much healthier if He and you can both do two-way journaling and write down what God is speaking to each of you. Be nice if you shared your journaling with one another, now before a romance grew.
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Gifts of Visions

Hello all!!I come in the peace and with the love of Jesus. I first appreciate this article and what it stands for. Since I was 5 years old I've been having visions and dreams that have come to pass. Deaths, vehicles, conversations, warnings etc. Through my own experiences my gift was a birthright from GOD. I recently had a vision where I was in a church and no one could hear I screamed and screamed no one responded. During this dream I couldn't hear anything. Then during Sunday service GOD revealed to me that the churches are spiritually asleep and that people need to wake up. I've had a visitation in heaven and saw Jesus. I saw two angels they were motioning to me to come forward then I saw a bright light and next thing I know I'm hugging him but I'm crying. He told me "don't cry it's ok." And I looked around I saw legions of angels everywhere. GOD had been very careful who he has allowed around me because I've had people say let me introduce you to this person so they can help you with your gifting. The spirit of discernment alarmed and said no. People will try to use the gifts GOD gave you for evil. But he has been faithful to me by protecting me from people like that. I hope this helped. Be blessed everyone!!!

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re; amen

love what you wrote and I can truly understand since age 5...blessings

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Resting in peace?

Ive joined a charismatic group about a year ago and amazed to see numbers of people slain in the spirit when there's pray over session. I desire the same but always disappointed that I didnt get slain. The latest seminar I attended was a week ago and still I didn't slain. 2 days ago, at night in my own room alone after reading a verse in the bible and already in bed. Im not sure if it was a dream or I was still awake but I felt I was moved to the edge of my bed and my vision became darker and I could myself sinking. one part of me was thinking if I was resting in peace and was very curious and then I could hear my own little voice telling me...I was resting in peace and I should not open my eyes and have faith that I was resting in peace. I believed that small voice and immediately I could see clouds. as I could feel myself sinking real fast in my bed the same goes with the clouds,they were moving downwards real fast. it stopped when I could not see the clouds and I was not sinking anymore. I dont remember anything after that maybe I fell asleep. what could that be? I really want to believe that it was Him but I want to know that I was not dreaming.

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I Want to be Slain in the Spirit

I do believe you received a vision from God. I am going to so a blog with your question above, and a longer answer. It will be out in a week or so. You can either sign up for my blogs here: or use the search bar at the top of and type in "slain in the Spirit" and that should take you to the blog as soon as it is published. The "Slain in the Spirit" post is now published. It is here:
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is it possible to slain without anyone praying over me?

Thanks so much for answering. ill wait for your new post on the subject. hope you'll include the above doubt too. Ive not heard anyone slain on their own. it is always happened during pray over session. I really do want to believe it was God and really want to know what was the message behind the clouds. Do visions comes with messages?

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Slain in the Spirit

Paul fell under the power of God on the Damascus road, and no one was praying for him. And if you check out visions in the bible, you will discover, that yes, God gives messages with the visions. I believe the vision you had showed God's desire to you. He wants students drawn to him. So now that you know God's desire, you begin to ask Him for the steps He wants you to take to see that vision fulfilled. Because a vision or a prophetic word show God's potential. However, for that potential to be realized, one must cooperate with God along the way, or it will not be realized. The Israelites were told by God that He had given them the promised land, but only two of the millions who heard that message entered the promised land. The rest died in the wilderness because they sinned and would not cooperate with God. So now your big question is, "Lord, what steps do you want me taking to bring revival to my school campus as you have shown me in the vision." I suggest you "heart storm" this question with your spiritual advisers and begin stepping out in faith doing what the Lord instructs you to do.
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Jesus sitting on His throne

I dont know if this is a vision or a dream,it happens two times,that i saw Jesus came out of heaven sitting on His throne while His hands are welcoming me.His face is not clear but i saw that He has a big smile on His face.

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Dream or a Vision

If you were asleep it would be considered a dream. If awake, a vision. Equally valid either way.