You Can See Visions! They Are a Pathway to God

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Jesus saw visions all the time. He only did what He saw His Father doing (Jn. 5:19, 20; 8:38). I want to imitate Jesus. But before I could live that way, I needed first to learn how to become a seer. Daniel simply said, “I looked,” and he saw (Dan. 7:2, 9, 13)!  However, for many years, I didn’t look and so I didn’t see. Finally I reclaimed the use of my visionary capacity and now I, too, can simply quiet myself in the Lord's presence, look, and see the visions of Almighty God. I am a seer because I have become a "looker."

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How I See Visions

Here are the steps I took that allowed me to see visions from Almighty God:

  1. I repented for my sin of not presenting the eyes of my heart to God and looking, and began presenting the eyes of my heart to the Lord and looking for visions.
  2. I use my godly imagination to picture a Gospel scene as I read it. This is something most people do, and imagining is a part of Biblical meditation (Josh. 1:8).
  3. Then I ask the Holy Spirit to give me a vision (Eph. 1:17,18) as I place myself in the scene with Jesus, and tune to flowing pictures to see what He wants to show me.
  4. The scene comes alive through the life of the Holy Spirit and I watch a flow of images, which biblically speaking is called a vision. So I have stepped from a godly imagination into a vision.
  5. I record the vision (as the prophets in the Bible did, e.g. Rev. 1:9-11) and have it confirmed by my spiritual advisors (Prov. 11:14; 2 Cor. 13:1 ). This affirms it really is a vision from God, and I am not running in vain (Gal. 2:2).
  6. I believe John used godly imagination in Revelation 4:1 as he painted a picture of a door in the sky, and the next verse says that the Holy Spirit took over and led him into the throne room of God where he stepped into a vision which continues for 19 chapters. Notice that the door was actually the final scene of his previous vision (Rev. 3:20). So when he wanted a new vision, he looked (Rev. 4:1) and held up a previous scene, and allowed the Holy Spirit to take it over (Rev. 4:2)! He stepped from a godly imagination into a divine vision.
  7. Since the Bible encourages us by telling us the stories of those who have gone before and had their own encounters with the living God, you can do exactly what John did in Revelation 4:1, 2. You can hold up a scene (godly imagination), and ask the Holy Spirit to take it over (Eph. 4:1,2), and it can and will flow into an extended vision. Try it! You will like it! I sure do. I do it all the time!

What Are the Faces of Jesus?

It is interesting that when I began seeing visions, I did not see the face of Jesus. I only saw His form from the shoulders on down. Others have testified to the same experience. It is also interesting that Jesus’ facial features are never described in the Gospels. Perhaps this is because He has as many faces as He has names, and He becomes all things to all people so we see different parts of Him at different times. The Bible does make it clear that we see through a glass dimly (1 Cor. 13:12).

However, many of us do begin seeing Jesus’ face after using vision for awhile. I first saw two eyes full of laughter. Then I saw a big smile on His face. He was laughing and having such a good time. And that is most often how I see Him. He tells me to lighten up and laugh along with Him. So I do!

How about if you post a response to this blog, and share with us what Jesus’ face looks like when you see it. Let’s learn from one another. It will be fun.

The Different Ways I See Jesus (Heb. 12:1-2)

In my everyday life: I look to see Him present with me. He is, and He is doing things. So I simply look to see where He is and what He is doing. When I am driving, He is seated next to me in the car. When I am jogging, He is at my right side. When I am counseling, He is often standing with His hands on the counselee’s shoulders. When I am preaching, He is sitting on the edge of the stage, with His legs crossed and a big smile on His face, saying, “Go get them, Mark.”

During worship: I look at the throne room in heaven, and I join with those gathered before the throne in worship to the King, and I worship along with them, doing what I see them doing (Rev. 5:13). This could be dancing, clapping, kneeling, bowing low, arms outstretched in worship, etc.

During prayer: I see Him next to me. We are talking together. He is listening and responding. He is peaceful. Nothing shakes Him. He is in control of all. He is Almighty God, Who rules!

How I don’t see Jesus: I don’t ever picture Jesus on the cross as I come to Him, because He is not there. That horrific point of history is exactly that, a point of history, full of tremendous pain and suffering. It is not where Jesus currently is and it is not a comfortable place for two lovers to share love (which is what prayer is). When I come to Jesus, one of the four keys is “stillness,” so to be in extreme discomfort is disquieting, and thus counter-productive to me “becoming still.” So I normally will not picture Jesus on the cross when I come to Him in prayer.

Having said that, there have been a couple of times when the Lord was asking me to die to self, He has reminded me of His death on the cross and asked me to also lay down my life, even as He did, and to die to self. Sometimes images of death on the cross will flash across my mind in these specific circumstances.

Listening to God Is a Key in Your Pathway to God

In addition to seeing vision, we can also hear God’s voice. Jesus did. “I speak the things my Father has taught me" (Jn. 5:30). Jesus also said, “My sheep hear My voice" (Jn. 10:27). So it is clear we are to live out of the voice of Jesus and the Father. His voice sounds like spontaneous thoughts which light upon you,  particularly when your eyes are fixed on Jesus (Heb. 12:1, 2).

So I have learned in my morning devotions to do what these prophets did (Hab. 2:1-2 & Rev. 1:9-11):

  1. Quiet myself down;
  2. Fix my eyes on Jesus;
  3. Tune to spontaneity (i.e. flowing thoughts, since the flow within is the Holy Spirit - Jn. 7:37-39);
  4. And write or journal (two-way journaling) as I record God’s conversations with me.
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Resources for Interpreting Dreams (Visions of the Night)

God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed. He whispers in their ear and terrifies them with His warning. He causes them to change their minds; He keeps them from pride (Job 33:14-17 NLT).

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Saw Jesus as soon as I woke up..

Just wanted to share this with you Mark. It was a few months back when I saw Jesus for the first time.
I recalled clearly what I did to get that visitation, I was watching the Sid Roth interview with you about the 4 keys to hearing God's voice. I was drawn to 1 particular key more than the other which is the visualization of him.

Without know what I gotten myself into, I visualize him standing at my right hand side for a good hour and then I went to bed. The next day I woke up, he was standing at the end of my bed.

Here is what I saw from Jesus. He was wearing a self illuminated white robe, his face was brightly lit which you cannot see. However, I can make out that he does have hair that are brownish, not long and not short either, there is a bit of curls. His presence paralyzes my body, it felt like the body was already dead. My body couldn't stop trembling for the duration of his visitation.

Glad to see that many people's description is consistent. :D

It will be awesome to see visions at will. At the moment, I can only see visions in prophetic dreams, no open visions yet. :(

God Bless.

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The practice of any capacity, hones and tones the capacity to receive more and receive better. So continue on. Check out Acts 2:25 and Ps. 16:8. Great things to practice.
Anonymous's picture

Seing Jesus in My dreams

Dear Pastor,

two weeks ago I saw jesus in my dreams. I have been a born again for 5 years though I have been a Buddhist by birth. 5 years ago I had major issues in my family and life(nearly lost everything and starting praying.. how ever I dropped of prayers 4 years ago till a month ago where I came across a possible and major sickness.. during this time I started started praying again and asked for his forgiveness.. during my dream I saw him and then a voice said they need help.. I have been contiuously involved in doing good things in my life though I didn't pray often .. but then again I wanted to believe by seeing it my self.. so I am thinking what could be the meaning of this dream..
pl let me know,

thank you.


Mark Virkler's picture

Jesus in Dreams

Sanjay, I would suggest that Jesus is calling out to you, letting know that you and others need His help. I suggest you follow Him closely. Read the New Testament in the Bible and follow and obey His teachings. Invite the Holy Spirit daily to assist you. He will. also, I suggest you read through this salvation website we have created. I may take you a week of reading to get all the way through.
Anonymous's picture

My Dream with Jesus, a vision or a message?

I'm so blessed on finding this page, I had a dream last night and I can't quite get the meaning or message yet. All I know it was a beautiful dream the 1st time I have a dream where I can see Jesus well his face was kind of blurry and his was covered with his beard. I was standing at a sidewalk with people walking all over all of the sudden a woman stopped and tears coming from her eyes a younger girl asked her what was wrong? The woman replied look is him God walking right next to her ( that was me standing) when I turned my head a man Jesus was walkng dressed in white , with medium length hair, right after a vision came to me where God had helped this woman saved 2 little kids what it seem from a car accident the vision was so clear and powerful. I love Jesus he is my Savior and currently I been going through a lot in my life . Im full of Joy to have Jesus presence in my dreams, but I'm confused is this a message or a vision?? Thank you

Mark Virkler's picture


Resources for interpreting dreams include our training searies: Hearing God Through Your Dreams available here: as well as sharing your dream here:
Anonymous's picture

A full moon

Hi Mark
Thanks a lot for responding so quickly about the dream of staff and hat, it makes a lot of sense. However I wanna ask about this dream I had this year mid march on Sunday. In this dream it seems like its during the night I'm outside, as watching the sky I saw four full moon standing next to each other, as watching after few minutes then there' something like a LCd TV a huge one which was bright, in side the LcD. There were words moving horizontal but when was trying to read them it was like they were written in foreign language, could not understand them. Then as looking again in the opposite side I saw another full moon but that one was single..

Vision two
Still around march this year sunday morning, seems like was in my room during night as looking at the sky I saw a full moon goldish in colour in side it theres was sort like a book open in the middle size of the bible almost. After like few second now appeared words written in side the moon, then I told my write my brother to write everthing down, after few seconds now appeared 5 numbers digits I recall all those numbers as it was like yesterday. Again after few seconds appeared now like verse as I draw my attention to the read the verse I woke up.

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Resources for interpreting dreams include our training searies: Hearing God Through Your Dreams available here: as well as sharing your dream here:
Anonymous's picture

A staff and a hat

Hi Mark

In my vision that was two weeks back on Sunday. It seems like i was in my room, then I heard a door opening at the front, apparently was the women. This women was praying I recall saying in loud voice holy spirit, after few seconds she entered my room, then we prayed together. Whislty we still praying the women told me something which have been doing it but did not complain about it. So as we continue praying she touch my back, immediately I felty something in body, then suddenly my eyes open it was like another vision I saw a staff which was brown in colour and hat then I woke. Few after minutes I saw the same women again when I ask her what I saw mean Immediately I woke up, perhaps for two or three times consecutive minutes.

Mark Virkler's picture


Well, is this the Holy Spirit or an intercessor coming to you to speak to you about something you are doing (and perhaps should not be?)... and wanting you to set it aside so you can receive an increased anointing from the Lord, so that you can get on the road and begin doing that which the Lord is calling you to do?
Anonymous's picture

Thanks a lot Mark, so what

Thanks a lot Mark, so what could this stick and a hat mean exactly.

Anonymous's picture

Spiritual Light

My husband and I was sleeping in our RV that night suddenly something woke my husband up and he saw a streak like thin lightening blue color light going around inside of our RV and about the third round my husband said it went straight to my chest I felt a wave of weakness and tingling all through my body out to my limps my heart rate went low and I was so weak I did not know what it was can you help me on that please!

Mark Virkler's picture

Blue light

I am assuming you are saying that when you awoke you felt this weakness. It would seem to be a demonic attack and a demon entering you. If that be the case, then it needs to be cast out. Repenting of any sin which gave him the opportunity to enter is the place to begin. Pray and ask God to show you any sin(s) which allowed demons to enter. Repent of the sins, and state your intention to walk in righteousness in these areas from now on. Then command any demons connected with this sin(s) to leave in Jesus name. This tool can help you:
Anonymous's picture

Praying in the river

I am wondering if you could help me understand repeated visions of Jesus, firstly as he stood upstream in the river that flows through our farm, spring fed from surrounding hills as i prayed and sang. This has increased in following days to a life sized Jesus to a huge angelic Jesus feet in the river but bodily towering over trees. Further on, just aware of His feet, large and statue like, in the river. I pray and sing as the spirit moves me, mostly interceding for the nation. I am most curious about the feet!

Mark Virkler's picture

The River

Well, there is a river that flows from the throne of God (Rev. 22:1), and this is the river of the Holy Spirit, who flows into our lives, and then out through our hearts (Jn. 7:37-39). Obviously Jesus stands at the head of this River. So you are seeing that And as you intercede the river is flowing out over the land healing and restoring it. HE STANDS... His FEET are PLANTED at the head of this River. His commission (which STILL STANDS today, to disciple all nations is being carried out by the power of the Holy Spirit, the River of God flowing out through your intercessions healing the land.
Anonymous's picture

I cant see my vision

During a fast i woke up early morning tired. ...i could not even lift my hands...during that night i was half sleeping half awake and God waa showing me people and declaring things about them....and i asked what is this? And God replied I am giving you visions. But when I woke up I could not remember the name or what he declared...what does that mean?

Mark Virkler's picture

Capturing dreams

The best way to capture dreams, is to put paper and pen next to your bed when you go to sleep and once you lay down, you ask God to give you a dream and state to your heart, that if you will wake me up, I will get up and record the dream immediately. Then, do that, and you should have recorded dreams every night. See more here:
Anonymous's picture

My vision.

My husband has recently stated preaching at a local church here in La. I have been reading, and studying my bible more and more so that I can walk with him on this journey with more knowledge, and faith. I mean I have really been digging in my bible a LOT.
Last night we were sitting on our back porch, when suddenly I saw a huge light in front of me with many stairs. I grabbed my husbands hand and told him to come with me now! As I walked these stairs seemed to move closer to me. I got on my knees and crawled towards them, and my husband did the same. I saw two feet at the top of the stairs. I could not see anything above the ankles. Only feet, and a white robe. I started praising God, and told my husband what I was seeing. I reached out, and my hand went right through the feet...I could not touch..only see them. The light was bright. So bright it almost blinded me. I asked my husband did he see it, and he said," No, but I believe you." I saw holes in His feet!! I wanted so badly to touch them, but like I said I could only see them.
I stayed there for a while with my husband at my side. We were both thanking God for this. I also heard a voice say, "Tell them." So, I'm assuming this is for me to share at church, and with others. I feel very blessed that this happened to me.

Anonymous's picture

Overwhelming Love/Cryptic Message from Jesus?

I am a 28 year old female... Not religious but somewhat spiritual. Last week I had my third dream of who I know in my heart and gut to be Jesus Christ. It has been extremely unnerving for me because the dreams dont feel like other dreams and i always wake up in tears. Let me explain:

The dream always starts the same...I'm standing in a beautiful golden wheat field with a clear blue sky above me. Im completely at peace...almost childlike as i let my hands graze the top of the wheat. There is nothing but fields of wheat and sunflowers in every direction. I can feel the warm sun on my face and smell the earth as if im actually there. It's completely silent until I feel a light breeze that makes the wheat roll like a wave. A bright light blinds me momentarily and when my eyes readjust Jesus is standing in front of me. His presence is so overwhelming that I drop to my knees and bow my head. He kneels in front of me and tilts my chin up so that I am looking at him and he tells me to never cower from him. At this moment I have an immediate and unearthly emotion that I have only felt in my dreams and I believe is described as "Agape" love: a love so intense and unconditional that it is even stronger than the love I have for my family or even when I was deeply in love with my boyfriend of 4 years- in this moment he is everything to me- every love I could ever experience all at once. I feel he is my husband, my father, my brother, my child, my friend- every pure love possible. I can't express or explain why this feeling is so significant other than the fact that I have never felt this emotion in real life and it was almost like it was an emotion reserved only for him. He takes my hands in his and stands me up. As we stand there I feel warmer and happier than I ever have in my life. He gently releases my hands and places his hands on both sides of my face and smiles at me with love and pride before leaning in and kissing my forehead. He tells me to be patient and to wait for his signs- that i will know his presence now. He seems to brighten and my eyes close from the brightness of the light. When I open my eyes he is gone but there is a wooden box at my feet. Every time I go to open it i wake up. I immediately start crying because the sadness and depression of realizing I won't feel the warmth and happiness I feel with him is unbearable. It's like being shown heaven and then being tossed into hell. Realizing I'm back on earth without him is so difficult for me that i had to call into work the first time because i was so emotional.

I have had variations of this dream three times. One time we just stood together for what felt like days, but I didn't care because being in his presence was like the best drug in the universe. The euphoria of his presence made me feel a peace and comfort that I didn't think was possible.

I know people will say it is a call to Christianity and that I need to accept him into my life, but why me? Why so vivid? Why more than one dream? Is it a vision? What signs? What is in the wooden box?! I have so many questions and every time I go to sleep I find myself praying that he returns to me.

I just need to know if its just a dream or maybe a vision... Should I talk to a pastor or priest?

Anonymous's picture


I am a born again Christian. I saw myself in a wheat field and a nakedness that God could see everything about me. He said " In Me, you are rich". Never felt such love come over me. This was not a dream, I was awake when it happened.

Mark Virkler's picture

Jesus is calling to you!

It is amazing the Love God has for each of us, and in this case, especially for you. He has come to you three times offering His life and His love to you, and beckoning you to respond to Him. You are captured in His beauty, and yet your feet are boxed in so you can not walk to him and respond to Him in the way you want to. So your question becomes, "what is keeping me from walking toward Him?" Is there something in your past which shackels you to the ground and doesn't let you step forward into His arms of love? If so, resolve it so you can move forward. Perhaps, hurt, anger, bitterness... whatever. Take it and forgive those involved... even God if it is God you are angry at. And say, 'Lord I receive your embrace. I receive your love. I say yes, to You. I want You in my life as my Lord and my Savior. He will come in. We have a blog on salvation. It is here: check it out. We also have a dream series of streeming video being released free online near the end of this month. So you can sign up for the blogs to receive information about it here: Welcome Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior. [email protected]
Anonymous's picture

Alex Tkachev

Hello. It is happening for almost a week now. I am wondering if it has anything to do with me being repelled to Jesus but here are the dreams: First dream was- That I had grew angel wings all big and beautiful on earth and was able to flew away from earth to the sky or Heavens (unfortunately) that was the last thing I could remember.

Second dream was- I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and my apartment view is on CN tower, and on lake Ontario as well as I can see far in the sunny day Niagara falls and little bit of USA. My dream was that I went on my balcony and I saw either large vertical fire over USA but fire was like rainbow Fire and not deadly.

Third dream was this morning- I heard that next to me was a person of Church's origin and singing (but what I presumed it was church music.) now I try to find what it was. I remembered the wave links how that man sang this song and it was happy song and not sad at all.

Thank you. Please Answer Back once you got chance. I need to know what all of those dreams mean.

Mark Virkler's picture


you are flying on angel wings = so you are soaring and doing well in the Spirit Rainbow fire = rainbow is God's promise to us, and fire is his purity singing = joy. Looks like the are all encouraging you and showing good things.
Anonymous's picture

Parting Waters


I just had a dream which I will recall. The main part I remember is there was this walking bridge and as we took our first step the waters were parted, literally, the water was flowing upwards towards the sky, I couldn't see how high it went. I was fearful and peaceful because the waters felt as though they wouldn't fall, it felt peaceful and steady and safe. I believe it was the river water (because we were walking across a walking bridge, we is two of my other friends), and I looked and it wasn't clear like ocean water but not super dirty either, just river water color. In it I saw small fish swimming the fish was actually white, and I put my hand in the water briefly to notice it was flowing upward. I was completely amazed. It was breath taking. Then my friends climbed levels of the floor bed because it was exposed on the side of the bridge and because we were getting water sprinkled on us, and I saw holes in the floor bed and burrows where worms were it was really (I don't like worms all that much but I wasn't freaked out), so we walked around some and then went back to school (which we aren't in, we graduated). And now it just started pouring in real life.

Mark Virkler's picture


Lots of supernatural things happening here. Water flowing uphill, and parting as you walk. So I would ask, Lord, where is it that I am walking out into your supernatural provision for my life. See what he says back. Quite exciting. Sounds like growth taking place.
Anonymous's picture

heavenly dream

One night while I was sleeping I had a dream that I was sleeping in my uncle's living room near the window and I turned around to face the sky and this huge bright figure in the form of light came shooting from the sky towards my window I can actually see the bright light coming closer to me and the closer it got to me the more I feared it. Suddenly I closed my eyes and covered my whole body while trembling and all of sudden I was standing on my feet while trying to shake the figure off of me and suddenly I awoke and it was gone.

Mark Virkler's picture


Jesus is light and satan comes as an angel of light. you will need to ask you heart which it was, and then respond accordingly.
Anonymous's picture

Persistent Visions I Cannot Interpret

My search lead me here. Our church just ended its 3 day prayer and fasting. From day 1, I keep seeing these visions:


I saw a gigantic spear striking the dry ground with such powerful force that its head of iron was completely burried along with about a fourth of the length of the wooden rod. The ground shook with the force of its impact, but the spear did not break. There were no human hands in my vision. It was so clear and I almost sat up when I saw it while I was seated in our living room. The unburried end of the spear suddenly became a huge tree and it's trunk was that of the burried spear. I looked and I could not see any roots, I only saw the spear shaft. All around the ground was dry. Yet, there was this huge spear burried and on its end were branches and leaves of a tree.


I had this recurring vision almost 10 years ago, and now it is recurring again. I ignored it before because I thought it was my fanciful imagination, but I have been seeing it again since last week. I saw a long wooden table before me. The varnish on the wood was smooth and I could see the wood grain in it. I looked at the other end of the table and I see three powerful men in formal suits and there were flag stands bearing flags behind them. I could not see their faces nor discern the flags behind them. The tallest one of the three was in the middle, and the other two were flanking him. My vision is the same each time except for one thing: 10 years ago, the men I saw in my vision were sitting. Now they are standing, and I sense in my spirit that something important is happening or about to be declared by these men. I felt dread at they were about to do, but I also felt peace in Jesus, and then I also felt joy.

I do not know what these mean and I have been asking God for interpretation. Usually God tells me what is happening as visions unfold in front of me.

Mark Virkler's picture

God is moving

I do believe very big things are in store for the earth. I take the visions as exciting. God is striking the ground powerfully. A new tree will spring up bringing healing to the nations. Existing powers are going to be shaken. Pray it into being.
Anonymous's picture

I had a dream of Jesus on my son's birthday and saw Him healing

I had a dream of Jesus on my son's birthday and saw Him healing and helping people. And in the same dream I had a friend with a disability who revieled to her husband her disability and he didn't care cause he loved her unconditionaly. At the end of my dream I was strugling to make something work with a group of people and we thought we had it figured out but it would not work and Jesus came out of no where and made it work. We were all shocked even though we knew that's what He did.

I had this dream on my son's birthday who has autism and I was hoping it means Jesusu will heal him. I had the Holy Spirit tell me he will be healed and had few dreams that my son was healed and I always have good dreams about my son but I am still waiting and believing for his healing. All the healing I hear about are instant healings. What are your thoughts?

Charity Kayembe's picture

RE: I had a dream of Jesus...

It's wonderful to hear that you had such a beautiful and powerful dream on your son's birthday. Yes, I do agree with you for your son's healing! God is Jehovah Raphe, the Lord our Healer. It's not just what He does, it's who He is. Healing and life are His DNA.

It is also true that sometimes we have a part to play in the miracle. Just like Peter had to climb out of the boat before Jesus could empower him to walk on water, we should always be seeking God for any instructions He has for us to release our miracle. Is there anything we should start doing or stop doing? Exodus 15:26, our healing covenant, is conditional on our listening to and obeying the voice of the Lord.

There are incredible testimonies of what some people call a "cure" for autism using the GAPS diet. I have a friend who has seen incredible improvements in her health and healing through following this protocol. You can find out more about it here:

Obviously the Lord is wanting to encourage your heart and keep your faith alive by giving you these dreams, so definitely don't give up! Many times healing is a process. It's progressive and takes time. Rest assured His will for your son is perfect health - spirit, soul and body!

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Thank you for your quick

Thank you for your quick reply. I had a hard time finding this page again. Anyway, thank you for your encouraging words. I have been trying to do everything I can to help him. He is on biomedical treatment and has different therapies and just found a great autism school for him. He has improved a lot but has a long way to go as well. I'm always reading on autistic kids that havve recovered to see what I can learn. I will check out the site you gave me. I know if I do my best in helping my son God will take care of the rest. I am already thanking God for healing my son.

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A dream about death?

This afternoon I guess I had what could be called a dream. I have been feeling slightly under the weather so I decided to rest for a few minutes. During that brief amount of time I could hear myself talking in my head, (not out loud), and saying, "I'm not ready to go yet. I still need to this and this and this, etc". I never saw anyone and never heard any voices. It was just black. I don't think I was even totally asleep. (I could hear the dog walking around and my husband downstairs.) And then I got up and went back to what I had been doing before I laid down. I still don't feel wonderful and my husband commented that I look pale. Not sure what to do with this one.

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dream about death

Hi I am sheng from manila,

i just browse and read some of dreams.. my vision on your dreams, is that when you dream about death..means you have long life to live... that's opposite of your dreams.. you still have a mission to do..:-)

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Death in Dreams

Since dreams are symbolic most of the time, a dream showing actual death could be referring to something dying within you, like pride, arrogance, or some other sin. In this case, it is a good thing as you are dying to self and coming alive to Jesus. If the dream really wants to prepare you for your death by warning you, it is likely to do that in some symbolic way, like a dream of a clock stopping at a certain time, etc. If the dream is a prophetic warning dream, and speaks of death, then that is a warning to pray for Divine intervention, and perhaps to alter your actions so this calamity does not come upon you. Download our free training on dreams here:
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Not sure

It doesn't sound like you were sick enough to be facing death, so it is hard to say, however I assume satan is ALWAYS glad to try to pick us off, even over minor issues.
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bed shaking

hi mark my bed keeps on shaking each day it all started after i saw a vision from god and i cant stop saying jesus is almost coming someone keep on putting in my head i cant stop saying it. the vision i saw was daniel vision. the vision from daniel was the son of man came out the clouds. plese help me i cant tell if it is a demon or god is trying to tell me some thing.

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Test by its fruit

The Bible says we test things by their fruit. Is it producing good fruit or bad fruit in your life. You decide and that should settle it.
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My dreams always used to be very vivid when I was young and I'd often wake up regretting that I couldn't stay asleep that were that good! Then, for a period of about 10 years they stopped altogether and then were there but not as good. Just recently they've returned and they are full of adventures where I feel so safe and happy.

With regards to Jesus and God, I often see someone near me, it feels like they are so clean and pure. I have also sometimes seen a person's face (sometimes it feels really big!), the face is always smiling and often laughing in a way that I have never seen anyone laugh.

I think it's Jesus I'm seeing but I don't know. I thought maybe the vivid dreams may be why I'm seeing Him. (I have also seen a shadowy figure too - assume that's the devil :( )

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I rejoice with you that you are once again dreaming vivid dreams that include adventures, safety, happiness, cleanliness, purity, smiling and laughing! Jesus is all of these! (and by speaking or even thinking the Name of Jesus you need not fear any shadowy figure). May you continue to enjoy God's Presence in your dreams! Shalom!

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Beautiful Full-Color Dream!

I had a dream one night that I was looking up into the night sky and saw galaxies so close they appeared as the size of a full moon. I also saw the Helix Nebula in vivid color. It too was the size of a full moon. Instantly the scene changed and I saw several smart-car sized cubes floating past me. The cubes were the most brilliantly colored objects I have ever seen! I knew in my spirit that I was at the atomic/molecular level. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man standing to my left, and I knew it was Jesus. Then I knew that we would have all of eternity for him to teach me all about creation and how he put everything together and how it all works. Now THAT will be glorious!

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My First Encounter

I surrendered my life to Christ October 2014, at first I was having doubts about God's existence until He revealed Himself to me in a dream. In this dream, I was sleeping then suddenly a loud bold voice woke me up & was reciting a particular bible verse, & I was nodding my head in agreement to what He was actually saying, after that I woke up, I couldn't remember the particular verse in the bible but it was something I was so familiar with, 'cause I was nodding my head in total agreement with Him. I knew it was God, cause He knew the struggles I had at that time with trying to convince myself about His existence. After that encounter I became fully convinced that He really lives. I 've also had 2 other encounters, that's the first one I ever had.

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In His Presence

About 3 years ago I had a series of 3 dreams within a six months period. In the last dream I encountered Jesus but did not see his face. In the dream I am in a large room with a long rectangular wooden table. There are three white old men, my mother and myself dressed in brown robes. The men are having a conversation explaining that we should be happy we got as far as we could but that didn't satisfy how I was feeling and I jumped on top of the table and started to say nothing is impossible through Christ. When I came off the table I felt a cool gentle breeze come from behind me around my feet. Suddenly there was a gentle, loving and clear voice speaking right into my left ear. I was at such peace as he told me he was proud of me. I couldn't remember exactly what he said. I knew it was Jesus who was speaking and I became so excited and overwhelmed with joy. As I attempted to turn and face him I saw his white robe from the bottom moving my gaze upward. there was so much light emanating from him and so much overwhelming joy that as I tried to continue glancing up and praise him vocally in English, I couldn't so I spoke in tongues but was still overwhelmed with joy to the point I couldn't speak in tongues any more or even try to look at his face. I ended up looking up to the heavens and broke out singing in an ancient angelic tongue with other angels. Then I woke up. I had never felt so much joy and peace and love in any dream and I feel honored to even have the privilege to experience his presence in such a way even if it was during my sleep. However I always wondered why he appeared on my left hand side and why we were wearing brown robes.

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Vision of God

I was 13 years old when God shown His self to me. I am not going in great details about this event. I was in the process of stealing my third car, it was late or early in the night/morning. Now lot of you's will say God does not speak to sinners...yes He does, even in the middle of what they are doing. I had just stole this car and I was headed out on the highway. Now it is dark out. I am out on a desolate road. I see to the left of me a light coming out of the sky. It came closer to me, it got so close that I had to stop the car park it. The light was so bright I could not see past the hood of that car. I had a friend who came with me, she was looking too, I am not sure if she seen what I saw. I rolled down the window and listened for noise or wind, but there was none. It has been 40 some years later and I asked the LORD what was that? He told me I saw Him. God shows Himself to some. When I saw Him I could not see His face nor any outline of His body. I just saw a blinding light. I was not scared. I felt peace. I have encountered His presence many times after in visions. He is absolutely the love of my life.

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My Vision of Jesus

I just had my daughter. I was 20. I was studying the Bible. I was in bed with my daughter. My body was resting but I wasn't asleep. I saw a man in front of me. I couldn't see his face. But he was tall and slender. There was a light behind him. He didn't say a word to me but I knew it was Jesus. Although I wondered why I was greeted by him, I told him that I wasn't ready to die because I just had my daughter. It was like there was no time. I was in my bed but not waking up from a dream, but a real event.

This is when I discovered Jesus was real. I was a witness. I haven't seen him since then and I am 44.

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I Have Seen God's Face (sorta)

2009 - The very first vision that I ever had was of GOD's face. God's facial features were outlined but it was covered by a white covering. It looked like how your face would appear if it were protruding through a piece of white latex. His face was so massive that it filled the heavens. My eyes could not see it all and my heart could not handle it all. I stood in absolute awe. God asked me quite simply, "What do you want," but I was so mesmerized that I couldn't utter a word (I knew no words). His heart seemed please that I was so humbled in His presence, He then said "Whatever you want" then He disappeared.

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My First vision

I think I had my first vision the other night. I was in bed praying before falling to sleep when I simply became aware of this image of a man walking onto a huge book. He reached down to the page he was standing on and lifted up a pop up picture of a horse. No color (shades of black and white) or thoughts but the feeling was a pleasant one. Of course my first thoughts went to Rev. but that does not fit the feeling.

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Response to your opening comment.

Mathew 7:7 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. 8"For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened...."
If your mind is truly set on God or Truth do these things and you will find what you are looking for.

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I was wakened in the night in a dark room, and noticed a blinking light to my right and at the top of the wall. It was small, size of a dinner plate, but had many fingers of light protuding out of it,
the fingers did not blink. the light lighted the whole wall. When I turned to look at it a broad colored telescope type tail came out ot about 2 feet , I could hear it moving. The tail was blue, red and gold colors blended into each other, It closed and the light went out and it was gone.
I wakened my husband and remained perplexed.

His take was that it was a likeness of a chariot. My friend whom I am mentoring said it was because I was OLD; Ha ha, I am, but is that all? Was it a messagw from the Father or????
I am careful about sharing after that response.

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Lots of Questions

I just have lots of questions. Are you a Spirit filled Christian, passionately following after God? what was the emotion in the vision? Did you go to sleep with anything particular on your mind. Do you receive these kinds of visions often? Are you a seer? Are you dabbling in anything that is not good? Did you journal about it and ask God what it meant, and submit that journaling to 2-3 people. (this would be step number one).