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Error when I try to download file (MP3/Ebook/Video Download)

SOLUTION: If the download does not succeed, you need to refresh or “reload” the page before you click on the download link to try again. Here are 3 ways to do so:

  • press the F5 key on the keyboard
  • right-click on the page and select “Refresh” or “Reload”
  • press the circular arrow near the address bar at the top of the browser window


Video downloads on iPad or iPhone

For some series, the streaming video player (where you watch it in the web browser through our website) does not work on iPhone/iPad because it is a flash-based player. But the video downloads are in MP4 format, which should be playable on any iPhone/iPad or other device.

This Google search offers various options for downloading the videos to an iPhone or iPad:


You could also see if your question is answered here:


Every time I try to watch the video, it counts as one of my 10 available downloads

What you want to do is bookmark the page with the video player. Instructions on doing this can be found here:


Then you can go directly to that page and view the streaming videos any time you want. The download limit was just for that initial file of instructions which sends you to the video access page. It was not intended to limit your access to the videos in any way.


Ways to watch the streaming video/digital downloads on a TV

  1. Use ChromeCast (or a similar gadget like Amazon Fire Stick or Apple TV) to broadcast from your computer or mobile device to your TV.
  2. Save them onto a USB stick (thumb drive) and plug that into your TV. The file format is MP4, so you would need to check your TV manual or specs online to find out if it can play that format (and ensure you can plug a USB drive directly into the TV).
  3. Download the files to your laptop or mobile device, and then plug that laptop or mobile device into the TV. Most laptops now come with an HDMI port, which is standard on TVs for the last 10 years or so also, which means you could just unplug the HDMI cable from the DVD player or blu-ray player or cable box that it’s currently attached to, and plug it into your laptop. They also sell adapter cords which can connect smartphones and tablets directly to a TV via HDMI.
  4. If you want to burn the videos to DVD, you can use software which is already on your computer, such as Windows DVD Maker or iDVD (click those links for instructions). Many computers also come with other pre-installed additional video editing and DVD burning software like Nero. Other options are DVD Styler or DVDVideoSoft Free Studio. Please note that we cannot offer technical support for these programs, but a Google search will turn up various tutorials and other help for you to overcome any specific challenges.


Can't hear – Volume is too low on streaming videos

The volume adjustment in this video player is somewhat unusual. Take a look at this screenshot, and see the arrow that is pointing to the volume control:


Click the blue bars all the way over to the right side, and that will turn the video player volume up as loud as it goes.

You may want to try and use a different device with slightly more powerful speakers (surprisingly, smartphones and tablets can have as good or better speakers than a desktop computer), or connect headphones to hear more clearly.


The online video player is not working

In an effort to provide the best possible experience for our visitors, we have hosted our streaming videos on the third-party platform: Vimeo. They are one of the top video distribution sites in the world, and have invested a lot in making the technology as universally compatible as possible.

Please take a look at the help page here for some possible solutions:

Other than what's on that page, the main things I would recommend are rebooting your computer or trying to access the video with a different device (or even a different web browser – Google Chrome or Firefox instead of Internet Explorer for example). Do you have another computer, a laptop, a Mac, a tablet or a smartphone? Any of these should be able to display the videos, so give it a try with something different.

If you are still unable to view the free video training, the complete teaching series are also available to purchase as DVDs or video downloads. These complete series are much longer and more extensive than the free sample streaming videos, and after you’ve downloaded them, you can use a variety of different video players to watch them (instead of relying on your web browser).





DVDs will not play – Operation prohibited

Do not hit the play button.

Hit the “OK” button or whatever the “select button” is labeled in the middle of the arrow keys that point in all 4 directions.

That activates the menu item that is currently selected, and plays it.


Trouble reading PDF downloads on iPad, Kindle or Android

SOLUTION: The free Adobe Reader app for mobile devices has enough features to compete with Kindle, and can be downloaded for iTunes (Apple) and Google Play (Android).

It includes features for highlighting, adding sticky notes, drawing freehand, etc.


Android Tutorial

Click here for step-by-step instructions for viewing PDF files on Android.


Kindles can read PDF

We offer ebooks in Adobe PDF format. Kindles do have the ability to read PDF files, so it is possible to read our PDF ebooks on a Kindle. However, unlike a true “Kindle Book” that you would purchase through Amazon.com, the layout does not reflow to fit the screen of the device. Instead, it will have an identical layout to the printed book, just zoomed out making everything smaller to fit a whole page on the little screen, thus making it hard to read.

The exception to this is the Kindle Fire, which is more like an iPad than a Kindle, and thus will probably allow you to zoom in easily and rotate to landscape for a better view. (I'm not 100% sure about this, since I've never used one, but from what I've read online.)

So if you want to read our ebooks on a Kindle, we want to make you aware that it is technologically possible, but generally will probably not be the most pleasant experience (except maybe on a Kindle Fire). A desktop computer, iPad/tablet, or perhaps even a smartphone would be a better option (because even with a phone you can at least pinch to zoom in and out and drag your finger to pan the view).

Here is an article with instructions on how to get a PDF ebook onto your Kindle:

(Note that near the end it mentions the option to have the PDF converted to native Kindle format. Theoretically, this sounds like an ideal solution, but when we have tried this on our books, the conversion is too imperfect to be usable.)

For the best readability on Kindle, a small selection of our books is available directly through the Amazon.com Kindle store. You can see which ones those are by clicking here.


How can I take notes and fill in the blanks of a PDF?

Virtually any PDF can be written in using the newer versions of the free Adobe Reader software. The exception is 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice ebook, which is "locked" by the publisher (though there are not that many places to write in that one anyway).

Here are video and written instructions which explain how to do this with the comment annotation tools, allowing you to type your own text into the documents:


Here is our own video tutorial which is geared toward School of the Spirit but applies equally to any PDF document:



Downloading MP3 audio to a tablet or smartphone

Question: How do I play or download files on my mobile smartphone (e.g. the Apple iPhone or Android-based phones) or tablet device (e.g. the Apple iPad or Android-based tablet)?

Answer: A standard way to get MP3 audio files onto a mobile device is to download them to a PC or Mac computer. Then they can easily be transferred via your desktop or laptop computer to your mobile smartphone or tablet utilizing iTunes for the iPhone or iPad, or the Music folder of your Android operating-system on Android phones and tablets. (There are step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on the file downloads page in your account.)

Besides the option of transferring your files to your mobile device via a computer, you should also be able to play the files streaming directly on your mobile device. We do not have our own special iPhone app or an Android app, but we suggest the following options for playing and downloading files on your mobile device.

Please note the distinction between an individual MP3 file and the All-In-One ZIP file downloads we offer. An individual MP3 file can be streamed or played on its own, whereas the ZIP file must first be downloaded and then have the individual MP3 files extracted from it before you can listen to them.

Playing Files Directly on Your iPhone, iPad, or Android-Based Device:

In most cases, you should be able to simply tap on the download link, and a player will appear. It may take some time for the file to buffer before it starts to play. You will need either a 3G or WiFi internet connection.

Downloading Files Directly to Your iPhone or iPad:

Because the Safari browser in iOS for your iPhone or iPad does not have any way to download MP3 files directly, you will need to install one of the popular downloader apps for your iPhone or iPad available on the App Store. For the iPhone and iPad we suggest this app:

Downloads Lite available on the App Store

These downloader apps for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch contain a browser, download manager, and media player that allows you to download almost any file on the Internet, including any files on our site. You can download MP3s and play them in these apps and you can also download our zip files of MP3s, extract them, and play them from a folder within these apps. The free versions of these apps allow you to store up to a certain number of files, and the paid versions allow unlimited downloads.

Downloading Files Directly to Your Android-Based Phone or Tablet:

For Android-based phones and tablets you should be able to download the files directly in the standard Android "Internet" browser without any apps. In the Internet browser you might be prompted with a pop up and you should "Allow" this pop up to initiate the download. Once you've downloaded a file, you should be able to click on the file and it will ask which media player to play the file in.

If your device doesn't prompt you with a media player to play the files in, you should browse to the files in the My Files section of your phone or tablet. The files will be located within the Download folder of the My Files section, and from there you can click on the files to play them in a media player. If you want to play a file you have already downloaded, it will always be located in the My Files > Download folder for you to play at any time. If you want to download the zip files of MP3s you will need a zip file extractor app to extract the MP3s.

If these methods of downloading do not work in the standard Android "Internet" browser, we recommend installing either Chrome or Firefox for your Android-based phone or tablet, and trying to download and play the files with these browsers. If these browsers do not work for you we suggest installing this free app:

Download All Files on the Google Play Android App Store

This free downloader app for Android-based phones and tablets is a download manager that allows you to download almost any file on the Internet, including any files on our site. You can download and open MP3s from our website through the standard Android "Internet" browser utilizing this app. Once your download is complete you can click to open the file in the "Download All Files" app, and then you can save the file and open it in one of the Android media players.


Not receiving emails from us when using Gmail

If you have signed up to receive updates, and are not seeing them in your inbox, we suggest that you try the following...

On your desktop computer

  • If using the default view in Gmail, make sure you check the "Promotions" Tab
  • Use the search feature and type "[email protected]" and click search

On your mobile device

If using the Gmail app:

  • Tap the mail icon in the upper left of the screen until the toolbar pops out, and then select "Promotions" 
  • Use the search feature as outlined above if you're still unable to find the message

If using another email client:

We also recommend that you check your Spam folder and make sure that [email protected] has been added to your safe senders list. Instructions for doing that are below.

Whitelist a Sender or Domain in Gmail

To make sure Gmail never filters as spam mail from our domains:

  • Click the downward-pointing triangle in your Gmail's main search field.
  • Type the desired email address under From.
    • To whitelist an entire domain (for example, all mail from addresses ending in "cwgministries.org" or “cluonline.com”), type just the domain name or the domain name preceded by '@'.
    • To whitelist "cwgministries.org", for instance, type "@cwgministries.org" (not including the quotation marks).
  • You do not have to create a separate filter for each address. Separate addresses with '|' in the From: field instead. To whitelist both "cwgministries.org" and "cluonline.com", enter "@[email protected]" (without the quotations marks).
  • Follow the "Create filter with this search ››" link at the bottom of the search sheet.
  • Make sure Never send it to Spam is checked.
  • Click Create filter.


Unsubscribed and cannot re-subscribe to CWG Ministries email updates

Most of the normal ways to opt-in on our website will not work, since you have registered an unsubscribe request with our email provider. So you will need to click here to re-subscribe directly through their system:



Converting our downloads for the deaf and blind

Our PDF books and MP3’s can be converted for you if you use this software: http://www.visionaware.org/blog/visionaware-blog/robobraille-enhancing-document-accessibility-by-scott-davert-hknc-for-deaf-blind-youths-and-adults/12

You can also convert audio to text: http://www.leveluplunch.com/blog/2013/12/30/convert-recorded-audio-text-using-osx-dictation-audacity-soundflower/