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Below is a hyperlinked index to top articles Dr. Virkler has written over the years. Discover and share with your friends these free, practical, biblical, trusted, training resources which guide you into Christian spirituality and health. 

Prayer Approaches  Meeting Your Every Need

  1. Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer - 40 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Specific Needs (or) Non-chart Version
  2. Five Devotionals with Music, Voice Over and Meditations, Leading You Into Interaction with the Spirit

Hear God’s Voice  Easily

  1. How You Can Hear God's Voice and Experience His Love!
  2. The #1 Tool in the World for Introducing People to Hearing God's Voice Is... 
  3. Discover How Over One Million People Learned to Recognize God’s Voice
  4. Skilled Journalers Willing to Confirm Your Journaling
  5. Testimonies of Lives Transformed by Hearing God's Voice
  6. Tent Time - A Fun Way to Teach Children How to Hear God's Voice - Free Downloads
  7. Children's training on hearing God's voice - scroll all the way down
  8. Children's curriculum on Holy Spirit empowerment
  9. Don't Let Satan Steal God's Voice from You!
  10. Why Do I Receive "False Positives" in My Journaling?
  11. How Am I to Respond When Reason Challenges Faith?

Experience Salvation  Fully

  1. Experience Salvation and Promote This Salvation Website
  2. Experience The Power of the Cross, Where 12 Exchanges Took Place Between You and Christ!
  3. Speak LIFE Over Yourself - "My Confession of Who I Am in Christ"
  4. Advance in the Spirit by Having Precise Definitions of Spiritual Realities Which You Are Pursuing

Experience Vibrant Health – Body, Soul and Spirit

  1. My Philosophy on Health Care, and Why I Have Adopted it
  2. A Checklist to Restore & Maintain Health!
  3. It Only Takes 10 Days for Good Nutrition to Improve Your Health!
  4. What Is My Daily Health Routine?
  5. How You Can Remove Emotional Roots to Diseases by Clearing Cellular Memories 
  6. Write Messages on Your Heart by Using the Language of the Heart
  7. Discover How You Can Take Charge of Your Health Today (A health website)
  8. Links to 100+ Blogs on Healing, Miracles and Health
  9. Roar at the Infirmity And Receive Your Miracle
  10. Healed of 35 Years of PTSD Through Inner Healing and Deliverance Prayer
  11. After 40 Years of Migraines, I Had None! by Kathy Privitera
  12. Perfect Peace When Your Imagination Is…

Promote Christian Spirituality  Make a Difference  Promote Revival

  1. Dear Pastor - An Open Letter From Mark Virkler Introducing You to Communion With God Ministries
  2. Help Build God's Kingdom by Re-posting CWG Blogs and Linking to CWG's Website
  3. Now You Can EASILY Host a Spiritually Transforming Home Group Using Our DVDs And Workbooks!  
  4. Books on Hearing God's Voice and Two-Way Journaling Written by Our Spiritual Children

Miscellaneous Topics  Inspiration, Education, Revelation

  1. Where Can I Get Some Great Soaking Music?
  2. Maintain Awesome Relationships by Honoring the N.T. "One Another" Commands
  3. Why Doesn’t the Church Offer Courses on Dreams, Deliverance or Miracles?
  4. Awesome Synergy as a Prophet & Teacher Minister Deliverance Together
  5. Angels: God's Servants, My Friends (A 13-part series written by Charity Virkler Kayembe)
  6. How to Meditate on Scripture and Receive Revelation Knowledge!
  7. Make Wise Decisions by Using The "Leader's Paradigm" 
  8. 10 Einstein Quotes Linked to Biblical Principles
  9. Quantum Principles & the Spiritual Dimension
  10. Is There Anything Better Than the Standard Devotional Time We Have All Been Taught?
  11. What's More Important Than Bible Study?

Explore Our Websites  Revelation Learning Producing Life-Change

  1. Christian Leadership University - Earn your degree with courses shipped to your door
  2. Christian Leadership University School of the Spirit - Electronic downloadable training modules
  3. Experience Salvation and Promote This Salvation Website
  4. Discover How You Can Take Charge of Your Health Today
  5. License and Ordination
  6. Social Network



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