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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

small talk?

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Are you familiar with the idea of small talk? Conversation can be held at a very superficial level and this is typical and considered polite when meeting strangers or casual contacts with people met in passing. Yet your heart hungers for something deeper than this and you find it unsatisfying to engage in for long periods of time. Your words reflect the substance of your life. It is no more difficult to speak words of eternal truth than idle chatter. It does require a deeper level of involvement but it also gives greater satisfaction. They that feared the Lord spoke often one to another and the Lord hearkened and heard it and wrote a book of remembrance for those who feared him and thought upon his name. You can speak words worthy to be recorded in this book. 

control issues?

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Have you ever met anyone with control issues? Have you ever had any yourself? When you were first saved did you pray the prayer of every new believer turning your life over to me? I took you seriously. Who wouldn’t want to be in control of their own life? Yet these two principles are in conflict. It is not in man that walks to direct his own steps. How many people do you know with control issues who are effective in directing their own lives, let alone the lives of others? It is better to be led by the Spirit than to find your own way. There is humility in recognizing that your life is influenced by things greater than yourself. If you realize that this greater power is loving and benevolent there is great comfort too. 

The Cross

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If there is a universal symbol of the Christian faith it is the cross. You see it on gravestones, churches, and jewelry, and printed on everything Christian. Does such universal usage rob it of its original meaning? Would a hangman’s noose be as acceptable in the same settings? Yet the cross represented a far more cruel death. The cross is indeed the symbol of the Christian faith. It represents a cruel death but you can see this as the degree of sacrifice I was willing to make for you. It also represents triumph over death and ultimate victory. Don’t let the prevalence and common use of the cross rob it of the real impact it represents.

secure worth

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Where do you get your sense of worth? I told you not to lay up treasure on earth where it is subject to theft and corruption, but to lay up treasure in heaven where it was really secure. Do you think this applies only to accumulated wealth? What about your own sense of worth? You can derive it from your possessions or achievements or the regard that others have for you, but these are an insecure basis for viewing yourself, and can change with your circumstances. If your sense of worth is based on my love and acceptance of you then it is treasure in heaven that is secure against any loss. 

My Fingerprints

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My word teaches that he who is spiritual judges, or discerns, all things. That is because all things are spiritual. Not all things are divine, for there is one God and you are to worship the Creator rather than the creature. Do you accept the premise that I made all things, and man in my image? Is this obvious or do you just accept it as doctrine by faith? I want you to see it as well as believe it. Peter knew that I was the Christ and I said that he was blessed because flesh and blood did not reveal this to him. I want you to be able to see my fingerprints with your naked eye. If you can do this you will never be bored. 

enough money?

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Do you think the work of the gospel would benefit from more money, or is hindered by a lack of resources? Do you find any account in scripture of me taking up an offering? My word is silent on this matter except to suggest that Judas was the treasurer for our group. My disciples and I had to eat like everyone else. I spoke about laying up treasure in heaven rather than on earth, and similar statements about money, but money was not a factor in my ministry. It is the task of every believer to trust me for daily bread, and this includes those laboring in the harvest. I will not let the work I have called you to fail for lack of resources, and I love cheerful givers. 

sense of purpose

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Have you heard of television preached against as a waste of time for Christians? Much of the programming available is of little value, but unless you reject television as an intrinsic evil, you need to exercise judgment about what to watch. Do you have a strong sense of focus, purpose and discipline in your life? Have you noticed that people who do don’t have to be told not to engage in low value activities because they are so focused on their own calling? In this way lesser activities are displaced by greater ones. If you don’t have a sense of mission in life, does it matter how you spend your spare time? 

picky eater?

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Are you a picky eater? You are blessed if you have available to you a wide variety of food that is fresh and free of pathogens. Even so not everyone eats as wisely as they could. Some faith traditions have strict dietary laws, as my own did. But I made the point that it is not what goes into a man’s mouth that defiles him, but what proceeds from his mouth. For your food passes through you and is eliminated but your words originate from your mind or your heart and indicate the condition of it.  Are you as concerned about what you put in your mind as what you put in your mouth?

true judgment

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Do you think that justice is, or should be, entirely dispassionate and objective? Do you find that it is easier to pronounce judgment on some unknown stranger for a given set of facts than it is for a friend, even if the same conditions apply? Does firsthand knowledge of the people involved make it easier to render righteous judgment, or harder? Is it easier to have mercy on people you know? Do you think that I am able to render righteous judgment? No one is a stranger to me. I know them all. You have seen how I have lavished mercy upon you. Don’t be surprised at the mercy I offer to others. This is my version of righteous judgment. 

good judgment

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Do you believe that my judgments are righteous and true? Are you still convinced of this when they are applied to you? Do not mistake my judgments for my wrath. You understand that children need correction, and you are my children. A father chastens every son whom he receives, and the sons understand that this is for their own good even if they don’t enjoy it at the time. Haven’t you already seen that I have led you in a way that was good for you even if you wouldn’t have chosen it at the time? I want you to understand that my judgments are righteous and true even when they apply to you. 


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