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Dale is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

Road Trips?

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Do you like road trips? They can be monotonous miles or adventures depending on where you are going and what happens on the way. My word describes some notable road trips including the road to Damascus and the road to Emmaus. The travelers had a destination in mind but had some unexpected adventures along the way. These turned out to be more important than the places they were going. Are you so fixed on your destination that you miss the opportunities that present themselves in the moment? Even if you have goals and work toward them your life is lived in the present moment which is the only time you can respond to opportunities you encounter.

Bible Impact?

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Do you see the Bible as a mirror? When you look at it do you see a reflection of yourself? Yet if you only see things that reassure you that you are right and validate your current status, how will you grow? Familiarity breeds complacency. If the Bible doesn’t shock and challenge you then try reading it again as for the first time. Put yourself in the place of the characters, knowing what they knew at the time, and consider how you would respond. Have you heard of people who were dramatically impacted by their first encounter with scripture? I want to provide that same experience to you who know it well. 

face to face

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My word tells you that now you see in a glass darkly, but then face to face. This implies that there is a change coming in the way you see. Do you think this applies only to the way you see me? For the material world is visible to you, but I am not, at least not now. Yet have you ever met people and had the image you present interact with the image they present? This is hardly an authentic encounter. And so seeing in a glass darkly is not just the way you perceive the heavenly realm; it is the way you perceive everything. Yet even in this world he who is spiritual judges all things, and you can move toward seeing all things face to face. 

validation or abiding?

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Do you find comfort in reassurance? Do you need more reassurance that you are right, or that I love you? There is comfort in being vindicated in your position, but I have more to teach you, and if you are too strongly attached to what you already know, then you hinder your ability to move into greater revelation. How often in my word did I commend people for their correct beliefs? Yet my love for you is steadfast and enduring. It will sustain you through the process of being transformed into my likeness. If you understand this you will be able to release your need for personal validation and abide in me. 

clear vision

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My word says that now you see in a glass darkly, but then you will see face to face. Do you assume that this statement applies only to the spiritual realm, which is veiled and invisible to you? Do you think your vision is perfectly clear in this material realm? Would you know if it were not? You are subject to assumptions, biases, distractions, prejudices and many other things that distort your vision. As a result there can be a large difference between your perception and reality of which you are usually unaware. So you see in a glass darkly even in this realm, but he who is spiritual judges all things and sees things clearly face to face in this world and the world to come. 

inner presence

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Have you ever visited the places that I walked? Do you wish you had lived when I did on earth? Do you realize that only a handful of people recognized me for who I was during my life on earth? Do you think you would have been one of  them? Because most did not. Yet you have my promise that I am with you always. So you have my presence with you in every moment and in every encounter. And so I told my followers not to run around here and there chasing down reports of my appearing. For I told them that the Kingdom of God is within you. Blessed are those who understand this and live their lives accordingly. 

equal sacrifice?

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When you put money in the offering at church, is it added up to some total in the church office? Money all looks the same, but I made an observation about a poor widow who put a small amount in the offering at the temple, and said that she had given more than the big contributors because her giving was sacrificial and theirs was not. One dollar looks like another, but they are not equal in the offering because sacrifice is a more important concept than amount, and equal giving does not imply equal sacrifice. Let each one purpose in his heart how much to give, for each one answers to his own master. 


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My word says the peacemakers are blessed, for they are the children of God. Do you see a difference between peacekeepers and peacemakers? This is the difference between accommodation and reconciliation. Peacekeepers go along to get along, and are willing to tolerate offenses and injustice for the sake of placating adversaries, and this leads to a false peace. Real peacemakers are willing to do the work of confrontation motivated by love that leads to reconciliation. This is the more strenuous and painful task, but it leads to a just and lasting peace. 

suffer in silence?

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How do you respond to the difficulties in your life? Do you bear your cross and endure the thorn in your flesh in silence? Or do you complain about them? If you believe that they are given to you for a purpose, then it would be unseemly to complain about them. I want you to have a large enough perspective that you are aware of the means of grace in your life, even if they are deeply veiled. Then you can accept them rather than fighting against them, and they can accomplish their purpose without your opposition. You can bring glory to me by bearing your trials with grace and equanimity. 


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Do you engage in recreation? Consider the meaning of this term. “Re-creation”. It implies something wonderful, as a practice that is restorative, much like being born again. It suggests a return to your origin to be made new. Yet what sort of activities do you refer to as recreation? Any form of play? For much that passes for recreation does not have these favorable properties, and could more accurately be described as indulgence, distraction, or diversion. There is a big difference in that these are not life-giving pursuits. I don’t object to you having fun. Consider the activities that you choose for recreation so they truly are that. 


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