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Dale is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!


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Have you ever heard of people involved in dissipation? This is an old term for sins of great debauchery, but it has a more general meaning. Dissipation is the loss of vital energy that could have been applied to a useful purpose. So it doesn’t have to refer to gross sins, but is still a concern nonetheless. My thoughts toward you involve a future and a hope. Do you know what these are? Even without knowing all the details you can still focus on moving ahead. My yoke is easy and my burden is light, but you will make it harder if you dissipate the energy I gave you for that purpose.

idle chatter?

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Then they that feared the Lord spoke often to one another and the Lord hearkened and heard it, and wrote a book of remembrance for those who feared the Lord and thought upon his name. Do you find that the further you go on the path of the Kingdom, the harder it is to engage in idle chit-chat and superficial conversation? Yet those who still do this may consider you to be elitist for not wanting to join in. I promised that if you seek you would find. This is a broad principle. If this is what you desire and seek then you can be confident that I will provide fellow companions with whom you can discuss the Kingdom of God. 


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Do you consider it your duty to minister to other people by serving them? There is a Biblical basis for doing this, for when you feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and visit those who are sick or in prison, I receive ministry unto the least of these as if it were done to me. What else happens when this occurs? Do you find that you receive ministry in return from those you serve, whether they started with that intention or not? I said that it is more blessed to give than to receive, but when you serve others do you find that you experience both aspects in the process? Ministry is a win-win situation. 


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Do you expect to experience rejection for wrongdoing? Does it surprise you to be rejected for doing right? The urge for acceptance is strong. Yet I told my followers to rejoice when they were persecuted for my sake. I used the example of the Old Testament prophets who experience the same thing and I followed the same pattern. You don’t have to look very hard to find modern examples of this same principle. Anyone who challenges the status quo can expect opposition, and people will consider you their enemy for telling them the truth. Don’t be discouraged. Great is your reward in heaven for being my good and faithful servant. 


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Do you enjoy music? Do you know that musical notes and progressions follow certain rules and can be analyzed with nearly mathematical precision? And yet this analysis can never capture the true essence of the music. You have to listen to it and engage with it for that, and music can be profoundly moving. Do you approach my word with the same sort of mathematical precision that music can be analyzed? It is possible to study scripture in thorough detail and be unmoved by it. My word will withstand intense scrutiny, but I want you to listen to it to be moved by it and be transformed by the encounter. 

The Future

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Do you worry about the future? I have counseled you against this. Do you wonder if I have mapped out your future for you, or if you are making it up as you go? This question leads you to issues of foreknowledge and foreordination. This is too great a burden for you to bear. You can move forward without a definite answer to this. I told you that my thoughts toward you were of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope. My plans are to prosper you, and I will complete the good work I have begun in you. Don’t worry about tomorrow, but seek my will today. It will surely come to pass. 

My gifts

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Do you have a list of people to whom you give Christmas or birthday gifts? Would you consider it rude to neglect one of these? Are you responsive to their suggestions of things they would like? I am generous, and everyone in the world is on my list. I give gifts to everyone, and more than one. My word says that I give them severally as I please. It also instructs you to desire the greater gifts, especially that you may prophesy. So which is it, my generosity or your request? My generosity should not bring forth a passive response from you. Be grateful for what I give you, and look for my purpose as you exercise it, but also realize I am open to suggestions. 

heavenly treasure

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Do you know, or know of, people whose ultimate goal is money? They take the concept of the almighty dollar seriously, and typically acquire much more money than the average person. But it is never enough. It seems that getting more causes their goal to advance even further, so they don’t make progress toward satisfaction. I placed in you a desire to seek the infinite and transcendent. It is a mistake to apply this quest to infinite money, because this is an unreal goal, but the longing still exists. I teach you to be content with your material things, and apply your desire for the infinite to things above, that your treasure may be in heaven.  

inner work

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Have you realized the need for a change and moved to a new location, job, or church (or marriage) as a result? Were you disappointed to find that you encountered the same problems in the new location or situation? The problem is that you brought your old self with you, and the cause of the problem in the first place was still in effect. Some people call this running from your problems (but your old self can keep up with you). Sometimes situational changes are called for but they should be in response to internal changes. Do your internal work of transformation and doors will open for your situation to conform to your inner changes. 

good work

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Do you see the need to earn a living as being a consequence of the fall? Does this give you a negative view of work as an unpleasant necessity? This would be a dismal perspective on something that requires so much of your life. There were those employed as servants in my time who had no control over the  terms of their employment. My word instructed them to seek freedom if they had the opportunity, otherwise to view their positions as serving me. You don’t have to be an involuntary servant to hold this perspective. Be glad if you have voluntary employment, and look at your job as sacred service for me. 


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