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Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings

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    Explore Our New Health Website: TakeChargeOfYourHealth.Today The Authoritative Sourcebook for Miracles and Gifts of Healings 100+ health topics, categorized, hyperlinked, at your fingertips Over 30 Gifts of Healings Explored!  

Praying a Hedge of Thorns

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When a person has wandered away from the Lord, and been enticed by false lovers, you can pray a hedge of thorns be placed before them to block them on their way. The Lord will hear and answer this prayer, and put barriers in their way so they cannot continue on their path toward evil. They will come to their senses and return to God and righteousness. This is exactly what happened with Gomer, Hosea’s wife.

Jesus, Help!

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When a crisis suddenly appears, all you may have the time or presence of mind to say is “Jesus” or “Jesus, help!” As any loving Father who hears the cry of panic from their child, the Lord will hear and come instantly to your aid. Plan on it. Know it. Use this prayer when needed. Yes, there are other more expansive prayers, but never forget that "Jesus, help!" works.

Hear People's Hearts – Going Beyond Words to What the Heart is REALLY Saying

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Your wife screams, “You never say you love me.” You answer, “That’s not true. I told you I loved you in our marriage vow and if it ever changes, I’ll let you know.” OK, in this example both parties are getting it wrong. For the wife, it would have been better if she could have said, “I feel starved for love and affection. Can you please show you love me by …?”

There Is Freedom in the Bosom of Heaven – Journaling by Kalyn Garlow

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Press into Me, my child.  Do you not know that there is freedom in the bosom of heaven?  I have plans for you. You strive for the accolades of the world, the treasures of this earth, yet they are of no eternal value.  I know what you have need of. You seek to find your happiness and significance in the monetary system of this world. When, my child, will you see that you hold far greater treasure within your heart? 

We Have More Bloggers With Heavenly Gems in Daily Bites!

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I know many of you love receiving life-giving Spirit-empowered blogs on a daily basis. Nothing like fresh inspirational manna daily, to keep you on the up and up. Just in case you have not yet found this source of inspiration and teaching, you can join the 4,500 who have already signed up for these CWG blogs here: 

Kingdom Be-Attitudes

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These eight Kingdom attitudes position you to experience Kingdom power and authority.  

The "Leader's Paradigm" for Wise Decision-Making

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Combining six ways God speaks for maximum confidence Top companies utilize creative brainstorming, intuition and input from a team to create the best products and ensure success. Shall I do anything less, if I want to succeed in marriage, life and Christian spirituality?

The Power of the Cross - Where Divine EXCHANGE Took Place

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Can you list twelve things Jesus accomplished for you on the cross, the central event in history? “For by one offering [sacrifice] He [Jesus] has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.” (Hebrews 10:14)


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