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Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings

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    Explore Our New Health Website: TakeChargeOfYourHealth.Today The Authoritative Sourcebook for Miracles and Gifts of Healings 100+ health topics, categorized, hyperlinked, at your fingertips Over 30 Gifts of Healings Explored!  

Release Divine Creativity - Journaling by Lyle Thomas

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Following is some journaling from the Lord, which Lyle sent to me (Mark Virkler) and I asked if I could share it with you all. I am the creative force of the universe. I made the universe. I made it all by the word of my mouth. I am the creative force of life, and of everything that is creative. Your creativity is an expression of my creativity. I have given you life and all the creative capacity, and its corresponding authority that goes with it. 

Another CLU Course Is Transforming Lives!

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Below are amazing testimonies of the power of the course Prayers That Heal the Heart to bring radical transformation to individuals as well as groups. We just completed a survey of students who have gone through it, and after collecting approximately 160 responses, the view they have expressed is, "Everyone needs this course." Experience prophetic prayer counseling! We are putting the e-learning module on a 50% off sale until April 17, 2017.

New Creation Celebration Devotionals Guide You Into Experiencing Daily Spiritual Transformations

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Problem: What I would like is to be able to soar in the Spirit every time I pray, and come away brimming with faith. Are there steps to help make sure this happens? A prayer time where I don't feel I connect to God is very frustrating. Solution: We have created "New Creation Celebration" devotionals where you gaze upon your new creation self - who you are in Christ - until faith arises. These meditations are a coach at your side ensuring successful, transforming, healing, heart encounters, every single day! The steps you need to take to fully experience God's transforming power are included in each devotional.

Spirit-Led Intercession Which Releases Destinies

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Get your prayers answered by removing satan’s legal rights and power

Step into the Anointing

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In John 7:37-39 Jesus states four simple heart postures which release the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Visions of My Mom as a Rose In His Garden, Prepared Me For Her Graduation

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This Blog is Linda Burton's story describing God's comfort to her as her mother graduated into glory.

Fountains in the Bible

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One of the four keys to hearing God’s voice is to recognize His voice as spontaneous, flowing thoughts. We have supported this key with John 7:37-39 which says that the Spirit within us is a FLOW, and with the word for prophet, which is naba, and which literally means to “bubble up.”

Enriching My Marriage

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Opposites attract, enriching the marriage relationship. That is the way God has designed it. We see strengths in our spouse that are not in us, and so by uniting, we become strong where we once were weak, assuming we honor and draw upon those complementary gifts.


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