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Discover how to insure your devotional times are always living encounters with the Living God by reading this blog.  Receive a fresh word from God every morning in your inbox, by subscribing to our daily devotional digest.

Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings - Hyperlinked Index to 100+ Articles

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For the last 25 years of my life, I have had no MD or ER appointments, and am healthier at age 65 than at age 30. Below are 100+ blogs I wrote on health over the last several years.

Forget the Past And Let Your Light Shine - Two-Way Journaling by Charles Cooper

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I met Charles Cooper at a weekend seminar on hearing God's voice a couple of months ago at Calvary Assembly. Charles is an anointed leader, who is just beginning two-way journaling. Charles teaches the Berean School of the Bible courses from Global University in Springfield, Mo. available through the Assemblies of God. Charles is on Calvary Assembly's Mission Board. For 11 years Charles has also been on the Mission Board of Colombia Childcare International, Inc., with the missionary, David Taylor. He does the administrative work for getting sponsorships for the children (almost 2,000 at present) in Santa Marta, Colombia. Charles has a heart passion to experience all God has for him!

Leaky Gut Syndrome Affecting Up to 80% of the Population

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It was a couple of years ago when I first remember hearing about leaky gut. However that wasn’t the phrase they used. Instead I was told, “Eating gluten tears holes in your gut.” Well, that was sure hard and revolting for me to picture. A hole in my gut, and sewage passing back into my body? This just struck me as “really out there” so I set the idea aside.

Deliverance from Demons of Lust Has Transformed My Life! By Yousef Shaloufe

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After hearing Mark Virkler teach on the flow of the Holy Spirit and the flow of demonic spirits, I discerned that I was under attack of demons of lust, sensuality and a demon of pain which was causing my headaches.

God’s Voice Can Come Through Miraculous Events

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We know God speaks to us as a still small voice within, as flowing, spontaneous thoughts which light upon our minds. However, the Bible also teaches that God’s voice comes through miraculous events which He orchestrates. Exodus 4:8 is one such example. 

A Date With The Lord by Irina Jang

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I am a Korean by blood but was born and grew up in Soviet Russia. So Russian is my native language. Now I am a citizen of South Korea but not perfect in speaking Korean. I was born again with the help of a Bible in English and information on Christianity which I found on the Internet in English. Below is my first two-way journaling with Jesus, as I went on my first date with Him.

Would You Help Me Write a Book on “How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit?”

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Destiny Image has agreed to publish a new book with me, titled How to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit.  It will be a practical book on how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and how to release the nine manifestation of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 12:7-10).

Make Your Devotional Times Living Encounters With The Living God!

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Is there anything better than the standard devotional time we have all been taught? Let's agree to define the standard devotional time as a quiet time which includes Bible reading, prayer, worship and intercession. It may include a prayer list and a Bible reading plan. I certainly have nothing against this as it has benefitted many people. I have NOT had such a devotional approach for at least the last 35 years, if not longer. I do something different.

Avoid Making a Major Mistake by Honoring a Check in Your Spirit - by Susan A. King

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We bought an apartment in Manchester UK as a Buy-To-Let, about eight or nine years ago, off-plan.  When it was built and ready to be rented, there was a property market collapse.  


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