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Do you have a theology of rewards, or do you think that there is no distinction between those who are saved? What do you think of my admonition to lay up treasure in heaven? I make a clear distinction between laying up treasure in this world and laying up treasure in heaven, and that they are not the same type of treasure. If you save money in this world you will have a more comfortable retirement. This passage of scripture clearly implies that it is beneficial for you to lay up treasure in heaven. Even if you do not know exactly what it looks like, can you see that it is a worthwhile thing to do? 

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they may be one

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In one of my last encounters with my disciples I prayed for the church before it existed. I acknowledged that my followers were not of this world, even as I was not, and sanctified them, and commissioned them, sending them on in my name. I did not pray for them alone, but also for those who would believe through their words. I prayed that they would be one, not as second class citizens who had a diminished connection being one step further removed from the source, but one in every measure of unity, of glory, and perfection in my presence. This was my desire for all who would follow me. What greater ideal could I proclaim for my church? 

reason to split?

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What do you think would be a good reason for dividing a church? Doctrinal differences held in good conscience by both sides? Is this a good reason and the most common one for church splits? At the very beginning of church history Paul had to admonish the Corinthians who claimed to follow him, or Apollos, or Christ. Don’t you see this same pattern today, that the main reason for church splits is about personalities rather than doctrines? The Body of Christ is a transcendent single entity. If you are able to discern the Body of Christ you will be able to look past the people that comprise it. 


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You know from what you understand of my nature that I am an absolute sovereign. I can act in any way I want. Yet what pattern do you see in scripture? How often do I act entirely on my own and how often is there a person involved in the process? I am relational by nature. How often have you seen me move unilaterally? Someone feels compelled to pray before there is a revival. Someone usually prays and lays on hands before healings occur. Someone seeks me and responds in obedience before my power is manifested. In my sovereignty this is how I choose to act. How should you respond once you see this pattern clearly revealed? Step forward and volunteer to be the one through whom I act. 

Praying a Hedge of Thorns

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When a person has wandered away from the Lord, and been enticed by false lovers, you can pray a hedge of thorns be placed before them to block them on their way. The Lord will hear and answer this prayer, and put barriers in their way so they cannot continue on their path toward evil. They will come to their senses and return to God and righteousness. This is exactly what happened with Gomer, Hosea’s wife.

Down Under Diaries – Queensland

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We’ve had a wonderful time in Australia so far and are excited that we’ve only just begun. I started by teaching on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice at Access Church’s School of Ministry near Brisbane, and then we moved into hearing God’s voice through our dreams at night as well.

not alone

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In the beginning I said that it was not good for man to be alone. This is still true. Solitary confinement is considered a harsh treatment even among those who are already in jail. You were made for community and companionship and will suffer if deprived of this contact. Are you selective in choosing whom you will associate with? This is a luxury of those who have many opportunities. In this case your selections can be narrow. I would have you to seek the company of those outside your normal comfort zone. This will be beneficial to you and blessed are those who do it of their own initiative, without being forced by necessity. 

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