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Come Alive with Jesus, a beautiful new journal produced by Jesse and Kara Birkey, is now available here.

The Roar Within

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Over the years I feel like God has given me a pretty good way to approach strangers for ministry.  What I mean by that is how I step through the door for healing, prophecy, or however else the Lord wants me to minister.  There was a lot of trial and error which resulted in some very awkward experiences but overall I’ve never really been concerned that someone wouldn’t give me permission to speak to them.  

A Broken Puzzle

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I’ve been a Firefighter/Paramedic for 13 years and sometimes the emergencies never seem to end.  This was one of those days.  


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The other day I was spending some time with the Lord and he showed me something that I think will bless you. I was caught up into the rest of God.  That is the overwhelming peace that just floods the room when I spend time with him.  All cares and concerns just melt away and I am at perfect peace with Perfect Peace.

You Need To Turn Around

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You know, it never ceases to amaze me just how much of an impact we can make if we have the courage to say, “Yes.”  The abundant life of Jesus is just waiting to touch the people around us and we have the amazing opportunity to unleash the perfect love of God that can, and will, change lives.   

Jesus Is The Promised Land

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I was spending some time with God the other day and he spoke five words that rocked my socks.  He said, “Jesus is your Promised Land.”  

Pick Up That Axe

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Hey!  How’s it going?  That question for a blog is about as useful as a radio host saying, “Watch this.”  But I guess you could always use the comment section below to let me know.  Sorry, I’m a little hopped up on caffeine right now and feeling a bit silly.  This could be interesting.  

A Hobbled Hoof

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Sometimes there’s just nothing better to do than pry into beeswax that’s not yours.  “So, what happened to your foot?”   The young lady glanced up, and I caught a flash of annoyance in her expression. Not at me (I don’t think), but at whatever was going on with her foot.  She’d been limping, and an ace wrap was wound around her ankle.   

Holy Spirit Magic at the Magic Kingdom

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Disney Land.  The Magic Kingdom.  The happiest place on earth.  Whatever.  Try telling that to all of the screaming kids, and parents who look like they’ve been run over by a truck.  There are fun parts though.  Like when you’re leaving the parking lot headed home or to the hotel.  Do I sound bitter?  

Clear The Dead Away

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I was spending some time with the Lord the other day when I suddenly saw a vision of a large field.  There were people scattered all over the field with shovels and hoes and other gardening tools.  

Love Makes All Things Beautiful

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The other day I was sitting up in our prayer/computer/kids get your junk outta here room spending some time with the Lord. I’ve been trying to get up earlier in the morning.  I’d always hoped God wouldn’t ask me to do that, but lately I’ve felt a growing desire to get up and spend some time with him before the rest of the house starts going nuts.   


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