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ZYTO Compass - Energy Testing Software

I have always wanted a testing device which was:

  • Easy enough for everyone to use, right from their own homes
  • Cheap enough for all to afford
  • Could be used to test our bodies on a monthly basis to ensure ongoing health and wellbeing

I wanted something easier than Muscle Response Testing, as MRT demands a skilled practitioner to administer. If you don't have a great naturopath you can go to, this is an excellent alternative.

I have found what I was looking for in “The Compass.”  The Compass reads electricity impulses from numerous key points on the client’s palm (there are 400 million energy impulses per second in your body). You lay your hand on it for 5 minutes after which you receive a printout of what your body is calling for and 2-3 key products which will move your body back toward balance.

Learn more and Order the Compass by clicking here.  Purchase is $399 plus a monthly $39.95 license fee which allows software to be constantly updated with new and revised health products.