What Should I Expect In A Typical Weekly Spirit Life Circle Meeting?

These gatherings provide a time to soar in the Spirit with others who are earnestly desiring spiritual gifts (1 Cor. 14:1) and living and walking by the spirit (Gal. 5:25). Spiritual fire is kindled within as people share dreams, visions, two-way journaling and prophecies. Heart needs are met through inner healing, deliverance, words of wisdom, words of knowledge, discerning of spirits and prophesying. The fire of God and faith grows in this hotbed of spiritual activity. Perhaps we should say there is no “typical” meeting since our passionate focus is to invite and allow the Holy Spirit to flow freely as He leads our time together!

The only hard and fast rule is, "Everything is Led by the Spirit" 

  • We don’t speak until we have first heard from God. We are seeking God’s thoughts not mans (Isa. 1:18; 55:8,9).
  • Since we are passionate about guided self-discovery we do not allow lecture, sermons or teachings. These are fine other places, but not here!
  • Finally, no one is allowed to monopolize the meetings. The coach/leader will lovingly re-direct the conversion.

Groups of five participants would likely meet for 90 minutes, and groups of 10 (i.e. the maximize size allowed) would likely go two hours.

Joyfully celebrating friends as we gather 

  • We begin with Fellowship –The group welcomes members as they join and welcomes any newcomers to the group. When newcomers arrive we ask them to share a bit about themselves and we share a bit about ourselves. If you are in a home group (rather than an internet group), then you go for hugs, quick catch up conversations, updates and checking up on a person who looks troubled or down. 
  • Opening prayer  –  Someone is invited to lead in prayer: "We welcome You Holy Spirit to guide and lead our time together." 
  • This will be followed by some heart focused activity which helps the group tune to their hearts. It will be something people are comfortable with. Activities may include: Listening together to a Christian song from the internet, meditating on a Psalm or a scripture verse, a visualization where you meet with the Lord in the Garden of Eden or at the Sea of Galilee or in the Throne Room or with you as one of your group members. Other options include singing in English or in tongues. If you decide to take communion together, internet participants should be notified ahead of time so they can come prepared with juice and bread. 

Experiencing Revelation - This is the core activity and EACH member contributes

  • 50% of the meeting time is spent in this activity.
  • Group sharing –  Everyone comes prepared to share a revelation God has given them during the previous seven days. People can be selected by the group leader to share one after the other or there can be a random sharing as people spontaneously volunteer. It is the responsibility of the coach to draw out the "quiet" people and restrain any who are overly talkative.
  • Sometimes you may have a single focus - If a person comes and is battling a big issue and they desire the group help them with this, that is acceptable. As a person shares, the rest of the group listens with their hearts and respond in any way the Spirit is leading. 
  • Sometimes you may have a ministry time or a practice session - Many of these practice opportunities are spontaneously offered or suggested by the Holy Spirit on the spot.  Someone has a dream and we interpret it. We may practice activating the nine gifts of the Spirit. The real power of what we do is that it is always Spirit Led. Tuning in the Spirit will naturally result in this happening.
  • There is a culture of expectation that we know how to flow with the Holy Spirit. If the Holy Spirit wants us to spend a lot of time on one person and the conversation and revelation is flowing, then it’s good, even if time is unbalanced between the minutes each person shares. Everyone is sharing their heart and engaging with the group and with God. Knowing how to yield to the Holy Spirit is our main activity. 

Transformation - Listening to God as He summarizes our "take aways" 

  • 25% of the meeting time is spent in the activities below
  • Journaling - Lord, what do you want to speak to me from what has transpired in this group session? What am I to take away with me?
  • Sharing journaling - Everyone is given the opportunity to share their journaling, however no one is forced to. The group is blessed by hearing what God is speaking as the journaling is read. The Journaler is blessed as the group affirms their journaling is from God.
  • Closing prayer – a group member thanks God for the revelation received by the group and prays for specific needs discovered throughout the meeting time. 

Companionship - Revelation - Transformation