Testimonies of Clearing Cellular Memories and Experiencing Healing

Hi Mark,
This is Rachel Kacsur (say, Casher) from Fairbanks, Alaska.  I have taken the Hearing God's Voice course and have gotten 4 other Graduate level classes to get to in the future.  I am 60 yr. old and a mental health clinician, LCSW (licensed clinical soc. worker).  I have both an Master's of Social Work in counseling and a Master's of Science of Soc. Work in medical social work.  I am a Pastor's Kid and Missionary's kid, too. 

THANK YOU FOR YOUR WILLINGNESS TO DIVE INTO THE UNKNOWN AND BRING BACK JEWELS FOR THE KINGDOM!!  It is amazing that you actually tell people around the world on your site about it, even if they don't agree or freak out and judge you.  (I haven't found any other Christians that I can even tell about EFT or acupressure meridians, etc.)

I have always been eager to seek out truth, and the Lord sent me to EFT when it was called Thought Field Therapy by Dr. Callahan back in 1984 when I lived in Southern California. I have taken many trainings and was always the only Christian in the group.   I have had to hide acupressure tapping from most Christians due to the ignorance and prejudice.  I have seen amazing miracles in my clients' lives and in my own when tapping.

Your blogs about the healing on the cellular level, epigenetics, etc. are wonderful.   These are areas I follow whenever  possible and eagerly gobble up the latest info.  I am just stunned that you are a group of folks (CLU and staff) who won't ban me, or try to drive demons away since I practice "new age" stuff, etc.  (though I do want demons gone whenever the Lord shows me a stronghold!)  I never thought I would meet other Christians who were eager for truth and cutting edge options for healing, inside and out.

Thank you for keeping on being a man of truth and faith, eager to share every new gem and tidbit.  Your openness to feedback and willingness to keep growing is so freeing for me.  God bless you, Mark, and your family and staff


Rachel Kacsur

PS: I had a chance to talk with Charity once about the wonderful breakthroughs I have had working with Shamans and witches up here. They are so hungry for a Christianity that has power of the Kingdom and belief in prophecy or dreams from the Lord. Fairbanks is definitely the Burning Man or Sedona of the North!

If you haven't already gotten acquainted with his work you may enjoy Dr. Bessel van der Kolk's book, The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma.