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Do you think of risk takers as gamblers and find this behavior to be inconsistent with the values of your fellow church members? Yet isn’t there an element of risk in your obedience in following me? Peter asked me to bid him to come to me across the water and I did. Wasn’t this a guarantee that he would be safe? Yet he still had to get out of the boat. Casino gambling is a negative counterpart to obedient faith and a misapplication of belief. Peter was eager to volunteer to take a risk. I want my people to follow the same example that they may do exploits of faith by their obedience. 

theology and experience

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Do you read about miracles of healing in the Bible? How many do you see in practice? If there are not many this creates tension between your theology and your experience. Tension is uncomfortable and begs to be resolved. Yet I urge you not to change your theology to make it conform to your experience. Some have done so and claim I no longer heal. This resolves the tension, but it leaves you persuaded and confirmed in your error. It is better to leave it unresolved than to be wrong. Then you can keep seeking and searching and following me until the tension is resolved in favor of the truth of my word. Some saw my promises afar off and believed and trusted me even though they did not see them realized in their lifetimes, dying in faith. I was pleased with them for standing firm to the end. Blessed are those who endure to see my promises manifested in their lifetimes. 

left & right

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You are aware that your brain has a left and a right hemisphere, and that the left side is more oriented toward the rigorous structure of analytical thought while the right side is more artistic. Each person tends to have greater ability in one side than the other. Does your culture overall regard analytical thought as more important than artistic expression? Are dancers more willing to see value in engineering and accounting than vice-versa? Yet it was I who made both sides of the brain and want both to be submitted to me and employed for my glory. Let those who value reason and analysis also value spontaneity and creativity. 

I am His Crown; He is my reward

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It’s Mother’s Day (May 12, 2013). Thank You for the privilege of being a mom, Lord. What a gift my children are. I learn so much from them. I learn so much about Your heart toward me as I love them and learn to parent them out of the abundance that is mine in You. Thank You that I get to be a mom. I love You so much, Lord. You are so good. And so faithful. You have brought such healing to my life. Thank You for mending my broken heart (referring to the 4 miscarriages I had after I had my 2 sons). Thank You for the gift of life, hope and love.


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Whom do you consider to be qualified to instruct you in righteousness? Do you require that your teachers be of the highest caliber in character and knowledge? This sounds like a great idea, but it requires you to become a judge before you become a student. A more mature approach is to maintain a constant awareness that I am your teacher and inquiring of me what I would teach you through anyone you meet. I can speak to you through the dull and ignorant and even through unbelievers. There is a difference between seeking someone to find out what they know and asking me what I am saying in a situation. The more open you are the more you will learn. 


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Todd Engwall, a fellow spiritual traveler, submits his journals with our Lord to me for verification.  Recently, he asked our Lord to tell him more about faith, after watching the movie, The Bible, where he saw the faith of Abraham in action.  Todd agreed to share this journal with others, so here is what he received: Lord, do you want to tell me more about faith?

sine qua non

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“Sine qua non” is a Latin term meaning “without which there is nothing”. What is the essential element for you, that which you cannot surrender though you give up everything else? I gave Moses permission to go on without me but he said that if I would not go with him he would not go. I was pleased with his answer for it showed that he valued my presence above all other things. I promised to be with you always, even unto the end of the age. Do you sense that I am with you? This awareness brings focus, direction, and divine initiative to your thoughts and actions. I want you to regard this as essential in everything you do. 

His great love for us!

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Blessed Holy Lord God, what is Your word for Your people today?   My word is My great love for each and everyone! My word is My constant abiding and presence with each one, no matter the circumstances of life! Remember, I never leave you nor forsake you, for I am always with you, no matter what you do or say. Spend time with Me so that I can shower My love gifts upon you. Be open to Me in everything, and I do mean everything! 

perfect health

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You know that there is healing in my atonement so you pray for the sick and injured on the basis of my promises for healing, and you rightly give me glory when they are healed. What about those who remain healthy and do not require healing? Isn’t this what you would prefer for yourself? Do you find it conspicuous when someone goes many years without sickness, injury, or other infirmity? Do you think this happens by random coincidence, or is this something for which you should also give me glory and gratitude? Blessed are those who experience and recognize and acknowledge my keeping power over them.

God;s Pleasure

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Eric Liddell was a missionary to China, but he was also a competitive runner. He competed as an athlete before going to the mission field. Some close to him discouraged him from running, but he said he felt my pleasure when he ran. You may not be a world-class athlete, but is there anything you do that makes you aware of my pleasure? If nothing comes to mind then perhaps you should look more closely. I distribute talents to all, and I take pleasure in those who use them. This is not limited to the few things that may first come to mind for you. I want your eyes to be open to the spiritual reality that surrounds you that you may be aware of my pleasure and deliberately give me glory with joy and gratitude.

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