I Need Counseling!

by Dr. Mark Virkler

All of us need counsel from time to time. My wife and I have gone for counseling several times over the years and found it helpful. However, by far the best counseling in our lives has come as we have journaled, heard God's voice, and been able to receive divine counsel for any problem we were facing.

Counseled by Your Creator

So now when people ask me for counsel, I tell them that step one is to go through Dialogue with God or 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice, especially with CDs or DVDs. This gives them 10 hours of step-by-step coaching so they can clearly hear God's voice in their hearts and begin doing two-way journaling, where they write down what God is saying to them, and their responses back.

I ask them to email two or three journal entries to their spiritual counselors as they get started, so they can be encouraged that they are on the right path, and truly hearing God's voice. I recommend that they journal about the problem they are facing and see what God has to say about it. Following is a journal entry from the Wonderful Counselor!

Dear Jesus, what are You telling me today?

Today is a beautiful day and you are in the center of My will. It only feels bad because of what you are holding on to. Breathe deep. Relax. Put your feet up. I am in charge. I still am head of the universe. And I am the laughing Jesus, or else there would be no laughter on earth. You, My daughter, are very, very, serious. It all works out in the end. Turn your worry into warfare. Turn anxiety into answers. Turn your problems into prayers. Seek Me. I am here waiting. Sit at My feet. I will come. Give up on yourself and your circumstances. I AM is My name. The great I AM.

Della Striker, Wellington, FL

Healed by Your Creator

The second thing I have discovered that has been equally powerful in healing the wounds in my heart is knowing how to apply certain prayers. These include breaking generational sins and ungodly soul ties, removing negative beliefs and inner vows, receiving inner healing and deliverance, and learning to walk in the power of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus.

I have personally experienced great healing through applying these prayer approaches, and I have prepared a training series called Prayers That Heal the Heart which leads the reader step-by-step through these prayers so he, too, can experience awesome freedom in Christ. Rudi Swanepoel of Elyria, Ohio writes:

Being whole in a broken world is not easy. It has been said that those who were broken once and then made whole are more whole than those who never have been broken before. Personally, I have yet to meet a person who has never been hurt or broken before. Yet, the Lord never intended for us to live through life broken, despondent, defeated and hurt. His gift to humanity includes complete and utter wholeness in life, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Prayers That Heal the Heart will take you on a journey, a rescue mission of sorts, to detect, isolate, treat and heal every area of brokenness in your life. It is not a surface-scratching Bible study, but rather a soul-penetrating, healing experience.

The normal reaction of hurting people is to avoid the areas of hurt in order to give relief. Prayers That Heal the Heart takes the opposite action. It probes and introduces healing to the hurts. The time you'll spend in these prayers will reinforce your life and give meaning to the meaningless hurtful happenings in your past. I recommend Prayers That Heal the Heart to every person in search of true happiness, freedom and wholeness.

Debbra Bronstad of Paso Robles, California writes:

I am reading Prayers That Heal the Heart right now and breaking bondages for myself and with others. It really puts together a lot of things I was using hit or miss as a counselor.

So I encourage those seeking counsel to purchase the book Prayers That Heal the Heart and the CDs or DVDs, and let me take seven hours demonstrating how these prayers are ministered to bring healing to a wounded heart.

After these steps are completed, often no additional counseling is required. I find that most every need has already been met by the time they actually get a Christian counselor, and there is just a bit of mop up ministry left. 

There are many benefits to the above ministry approach. First, the counselees receive 17 hours of counseling for a fraction of the price it would cost if they were paying the normal $50-$100 an hour to a counselor. More importantly they internalize the skills they need so they can receive divine counsel and healing on a moment-by-moment basis. They also learn how to minister God's healing grace powerfully to others. They prove they are serious about getting healed by investing time to resolve their problem before coming to a counselor. This allows for a more expeditious use of the counselor's time.

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