When Everything Changes eBook

When Everything Changes eBook

by Steve Stewart | 242 Pages

Jesus Christ declared a Gospel that is radical in its scope and implications, and powerful enough to bring change to everything it touches. When Everything Changes enlarges our worldview, inviting and challenging us to become active, passionate participants in God's Greater Story of rescue and restoration. As we learn to recognize and move in the rhythm of God's Kingdom, we step into a place of exciting new possibilities where healing, justice and mercy move through us to transform entire communities.

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Mission Trips - EVERYONE Ministers Healing Prayer!

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Jesus Christ declared a Gospel that is radical in its scope and implications, and powerful enough to bring change to everything it touches. When Everything Changes enlarges our worldview, inviting and challenging us to become active, passionate participants in God's Greater Story of rescue and restoration. As we learn to recognize and move in the rhythm of God's Kingdom, we step into a place of exciting new possibilities where healing, justice and mercy move through us to transform entire communities.

Let God use this book to propel you into a place of favor and anointing by which you can do more - and do it faster - than you ever thought possible. Be inspired as Steve shares life-saving stories from around the world! Be challenged and equipped to step into the front lines of adventure - the rescuing, joyful, life-changing reality of God's Kingdom.

Endorsement by Dr. Mark Virkler

I am very excited about meeting Steve Stewart a couple of weeks ago. He takes missions groups to India (among other nations), and uses healing prayer on the streets to transform lives and bring people to Christ! For me, the best part of this is that he trains all who go with him how to do this and everyone on the missions team prays for the sick, and everyone see God's healing power flow through them to rescue lives and draw people to Christ. It is not a one man show. It is a training expedition!

For years I have believed that miracles should play a leading role in evangelism, and now I have discovered a new friend who has taken many missions groups (750 people) and has a proven track record of exactly this happening. 

I read a copy of Steve's book When Everything Changes which describes the missions work he does. It brought me to tears several times, and inspired my faith so much that 10 days ago at a seminar, a 91-year-old man came up to me and asked if I could pray for the arthritis in both his knees. I sat him down, and prayed, exactly as Steve Stewart teaches, a short, quick prayer, commanding the pain and arthritis to leave in Jesus' name, and laying both hands on his knees. Then I told him to try doing some things he could not do without pain, and I went on to talk with someone else. A couple of minutes later, he reported back to me that all pain had left his legs, and the following morning at church he again confirmed all pain was gone! That was exciting to me - God's power flowing through us as His instruments! Thank You, Lord.

I wrote a summary of the steps Steve uses in healing prayer. They are below. I noted I had not been doing steps 3 or 5 very fully, so I made a mental point to include them from now on when I pray for people.

Five Simple Healing Steps (Stewart/Brasset)

  1. Ask What’s Wrong – “Where does it hurt?” - deal with one item at a time
  2. Listen to God – How should I pray for this person?
  3. Invite God’s Presence - “Pour out Your Love on this person”
  4. Command the Healing – Speak directly to the affliction – use short prayers
  5. Test it Out – Invite them to do something they could not easily do

Reflections from Steve Stewart

The gospel of the Kingdom is bigger, more powerful, more immediate and more inclusive than most of us ever imagined. The Kingdom of God is about the restoration of life as God intended it to be. When blind eyes open––the Kingdom has come. When a hungry child is fed––that, too, is a manifestation of the Kingdom. The amazing truth is that He invites us to participate in this activity.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege of taking many hundreds of people on Journeys of Compassion into the developing world. One of the great joys of my life is watching as everyone who comes on a Journey heals the sick. Yes, everyone. And what is more, they return home with a new level of anointing and authority to continue to heal the sick. No one who experiences God using them to open blind eyes and ears, to see the lame walk, to see tumors disappear can ever be the same. This, after all, is what we were made for––to bring God’s Kingdom to earth. Jesus said, “As the Father sent Me, so I am sending you” (Jn. 20:21). As we step into this invitation and assignment, we enter into the joy of discovering who we really are in Christ.

As I write this, my thoughts go back to a Journey of Compassion to Haiti that we led earlier this year. Here is a report that I wrote at the time:

While the team conducted mobile medical clinics where hundreds were treated and prayed for, I had the privilege of teaching a large number of pastors from the city about how to release their congregations into Kingdom activity. On the last day, after finishing with the pastors, I went to the clinic that was going on in the middle of the city. Since there was still an hour to go before closing the clinic, I took two groups of 4 people out into the streets to pray for the sick (including the doctor), each for 30 minutes. I stood back and watched as these team members prayed.

In one hour, we saw four people completely healed of cataracts. As we watched and prayed, milky eyes became perfectly clear and in every case, the people declared (usually with considerable excitement) that they could see clearly.

One older woman was brought to us when her children saw that the Lord was healing on the streets. When someone asked what she needed prayer for, she replied: "Oh no. My condition is too serious for prayer to help. I can barely see anything and I am almost deaf.” After only a few moments of prayer by one of our team members, she called out that she could see and hear clearly. While she smiled, her daughter wept tears of joy.

Meanwhile, two team members prayed for an older woman who couldn't walk; she could only stand by leaning on an old walker. After prayer, they asked her to stand. She instinctively reached for the walker, but they told her she didn't need it to stand anymore. She not only stood, she began to walk freely down the street. As she walked, her neighbors came out and said that they had never seen her do that before. At the same time, four people gave their hearts and lives to Christ. All together, a very eventful hour on the streets of Leogane.

That evening, about 4-500 people attended a meeting where many, many were healed. Christina saw 4 more people have their sight healed. Deaf ears opened; pain left. It was another wonderful time. 

Whatever nation we go to, the Lord moves, heals, delivers and rescues. I invite all of you to come join us on a Journey of Compassion. Discover more of who He really made you to be. 

What Happens on These Missions Trips?

We will be conducting mobile medical clinics in villages who do not get medical care. Besides the medical attention, our prayer teams will pray for everyone who comes (usually 250-350 a day). If you are a medical professional, we have an exciting experience waiting for you––you will be giving both medical and supernatural care to over a thousand people! 

(By the way, someone asked me about staying healthy while we are on these mission trips; there will be anti-parasite medicine and all other needed care given to each team member.)

Besides the nightly meetings in the villages (where many have never heard the name of Jesus) where we will see hundreds, sometimes thousands, healed and saved through YOUR ministry, we will be busy each day with:

  • ministering in the mobile medical clinics
  • praying for the sick and lost in the village lanes and in their homes
  • ministering in schools
  • meeting with the women-at-risk and widows in our sewing school
  • feeding the beggars on the street the only meal they will receive that week
  • preaching and teaching others what you have learned about healing in various churches on Sunday morning
  • spending time worshiping, listening to the Lord, praying, and receiving ministry from other team members

As a direct result of earlier Journeys of Compassion in the Vizag area, we have started a sewing school for women-at-risk in one of the villages. They receive training in how to sew and how to run their own home business. This provides not only income, but a place of dignity in the village. About 85% of the women who come are either Hindu or Muslim. Although we insist that they do not have to become Christians in order to participate, 100% have given their lives to Jesus. Upon graduation, each one is given their own sewing machine, table, and material to start their own business. We have many testimonies from the 389 young widows and women-at-risk that we have trained. Your participation in the Journey opens doors of opportunity for Impact Nations with local authorities to establish training schools and small businesses.

We have land are are beginning to raise funds for another school that will train women from SEVEN villages.

Through our beggars' feeding program, not only are we preventing many from literally starving to death, we are beginning to see some of the beggars come to Christ and have their lives move from complete hopelessness to lives of purpose. You will be working directly with those on the street during one of the Journey days.

Be ready to have your life changed forever––and to be an instrument of change for many, many other lives in India.


Take It to the Next Level

To ensure that this message transforms your life, we offer you four options. Any of these choices will assist you in internalizing this teaching, helping you to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only (James 1:22) and allowing you to produce a bountiful harvest in your life.

Opportunity 1 – Host a home or church group

This home group in Slovakia shows the excitement of learning to hear God's voice together!

We learn more quickly if we are surrounded by others who are seeking to master the same skill. Pray and ask God who you know who might want to grow in this truth also and open your home to them for 10-12 weekly sessions (or host a small group in your church). We provide several resources to help you present this powerfully and effectively in a group setting, including DVDs and application activities. Experience the joy of cultivating skills together with a group of friends! Discover how to create and post your group…

Opportunity 2 – Hire a Personal Spiritual Trainer to coach you


Coaching or discipling is the method Jesus used to train the twelve disciples.

When you team up with someone ahead of you in an area to mentor you, and you share your questions and steps of growth with them, receiving their counsel in return, you ascend more quickly into mastery in that area. We have trained coaches who have mastered this topic who will commit to working with you for a 90-day period.

Opportunity 3 – Take this as a college course from home

Christian Leadership University

Earn college credit while being apprenticed to mastery in this area! This topic is available as a course which you can take from your home through the distance learning program offered at Christian Leadership University. You may enroll in this course as a lifelong learner or apply it toward an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree.

Opportunity 4 – Host a seminar for your community


Transform your church and region by hosting a weekend seminar with an anointed trainer, where an impartation is released by the Holy Spirit into your community. Mark Virkler and others are available to be scheduled.

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