Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Video Download Package

314 page eBook by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe | Video series teaching through book | MP3s of 5 Spirit-led and interactive devotionals set to music

Align beliefs (mind) with emotions (heart) and confession (body) and experience the release of Kingdom Power.

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Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Video Download Package

Kingdom power rides on the waves of Kingdom emotions

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Align beliefs (mind) with emotions (heart) and confession (body) and experience the release of Kingdom Power.

 This training package includes the following items

  1. The eBook Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions
  2. An accompanying Video Download set, where we teach through the book 
  3. MP3 download set, The River of Life and New Creation Celebration, which contains 5 interactive, Spirit-led devotionals set to music. These evoke powerful waves of Kingdom Emotions which release Kingdom Power. 

Key message - Kingdom Emotions plus Kingdom Beliefs releases Kingdom Power

The focus of the book, Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit Born Emotions, is my heart (emotions), must be in alignment with my mind (belief) in order to experience a miracle of divine healing. If my mind says, "I believe," and my heart feels, "This is not going to happen," the power of God is short-circuited. 

Session Titles - Teachers are Mark Virkler 1-13 & Charity Kayembe #14

Session Title Length
1 My Rocky Relationship with Emotions Over the Years  18 Minutes
2 Where Do Emotions Come From? (Old Self Versus New Self)  23 Minutes
3 How I Step from My Old Self to My New Self 24 Minutes
4 Cultivating Kingdom Emotions and Heightened Kingdom Emotions 24 Minutes
5 Faith: Agreeing with God’s Intention to Perform a Miracle  21 Minutes
6 The Energizing Power of the Holy Spirit 24 Minutes
7 Love: God’s On/Off Switch for Unleashing Healing Power 26 Minutes
8 Kingdom Emotions Turn On Healing Genes 24 Minutes
9 Cleansing Cellular Memories Releases Healing 23 Minutes
10 Casting Out Demons and Walking in Victory 23 Minutes
11 Measure Kingdom Emotions Through “Heart Rate Variability”  23 Minutes
12 The Treasure Chest: A Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer 24 Minutes
13 Roaring, Crying Out and Prophetic Gestures 75 Minutes
14 Coherence – The Power of Unity Within by Charity Virkler Kayembe 46 Minutes

River of Life And New Creation Celebration Video Download Set

This series contains five Interactive meditations set to music. Each devotional guides you into an encounter with the Wonderful Counselor. Each one contains 1) a spoken prayer, 2) with a musical background and 3) draws you into two-way journaling

In the River of Life devotional you are immersed in the River of the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry, as in a dream, you can breathe underwater! Drift off to sleep listening to this devotional. (12 minutes) 

New Creation Celebration devotionals are provided in four versions. Choose the one which best meets the challenges of the day you are facing:

  • New Creation Celebration – Replacing Emotions (40 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Replacing Beliefs (22 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Putting on Christ (13 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Possessing Your Promised Land (9 Minutes) 

With these resources, we take you by the hand and, as a coach, lead you into heavenly encounters which release Kingdom Emotions which in turn release Kingdom Power to heal.  

Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Video Download Package Includes ALL These Amazing Resources!

Internalize by Seeing, Hearing, Reading, Writing and Doing
Title Price
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions eBook $13.59
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Digital Video Series $23.97
River of Life and New Creation Celebration MP3 Download Set $11.97
Package Price   $49.53

Technical Specifications

Upon purchase, the videos will immediately be available to watch streaming online in any browser, and also downloadable in MP4 format at full HD resolution.

PowerPoint Available

A downloadable PowerPoint set of 200+ slidesThese provide easy, continuous review of these truths until you have fully internalized them. The PowerPoint are also great for sharing these principles with others, either one-on-one or in a classroom or small group setting.

By scrolling down through these daily for a couple of weeks, you re-enforce the life-changing principles of releasing Kingdom power through the use of Kingdom emotions. This is an amazing and life-changing truth and needs to be reviewed until you “catch it.”

I used my devotional time for a couple of weeks to simply review these key principles and be transformed by them.