Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Complete Discounted Package

314 page Book by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe | CD and DVD series teaching through book | CD series of 5 Spirit-led and interactive devotionals set to music | Package Price: Save 15%

Align beliefs (mind) with emotions (heart) and confession (body) and experience the release of Kingdom Power.

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Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Complete Discounted Package

Kingdom power rides on the waves of Kingdom emotions

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Align beliefs (mind) with emotions (heart) and confession (body) and experience the release of Kingdom Power.

 This training package includes the following items

  1. The book Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions
  2. An accompanying DVD set, and CD set where we teach through the book 
  3. Another CD Set, The River of Life and New Creation Celebration, which contains five interactive, Spirit-led devotionals set to music. These evoke powerful waves of Kingdom Emotions which release Kingdom Power. 

Key message – Kingdom Emotions plus Kingdom Beliefs releases Kingdom Power

The focus of the book, Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit Born Emotions, is my heart (emotions), must be in alignment with my mind (belief) in order to experience a miracle of divine healing. If my mind says, "I believe," and my heart feels, "This is not going to happen," the power of God is short-circuited. 

CD and DVD Session Titles - Teachers are Mark Virkler 1-13 & Charity Kayembe #14

Session Title Length
1 My Rocky Relationship with Emotions Over the Years  18 Minutes
2 Where Do Emotions Come From? (Old Self Versus New Self)  23 Minutes
3 How I Step from My Old Self to My New Self 24 Minutes
4 Cultivating Kingdom Emotions and Heightened Kingdom Emotions 24 Minutes
5 Faith: Agreeing with God’s Intention to Perform a Miracle  21 Minutes
6 The Energizing Power of the Holy Spirit 24 Minutes
7 Love: God’s On/Off Switch for Unleashing Healing Power 26 Minutes
8 Kingdom Emotions Turn On Healing Genes 24 Minutes
9 Cleansing Cellular Memories Releases Healing 23 Minutes
10 Casting Out Demons and Walking in Victory 23 Minutes
11 Measure Kingdom Emotions Through “Heart Rate Variability”  23 Minutes
12 The Treasure Chest: A Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer 24 Minutes
13 Roaring, Crying Out and Prophetic Gestures 75 Minutes
14 Coherence – The Power of Unity Within by Charity Virkler Kayembe 46 Minutes

River of Life And New Creation Celebration CD Set

This series contains five Interactive meditations set to music. Each devotional guides you into an encounter with the Wonderful Counselor. Each one contains 1) a spoken prayer, 2) with a musical background and 3) draws you into two-way journaling

In the River of Life devotional you are immersed in the River of the Holy Spirit. Don’t worry, as in a dream, you can breathe underwater! Drift off to sleep listening to this devotional. (12 minutes) 

New Creation Celebration devotionals are provided in four versions. Choose the one which best meets the challenges of the day you are facing:

  • New Creation Celebration – Replacing Emotions (40 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Replacing Beliefs (22 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Putting on Christ (13 minutes)
  • New Creation Celebration – Possessing Your Promised Land (9 Minutes) 

With these resources, we take you by the hand and, as a coach, lead you into heavenly encounters which release Kingdom Emotions which in turn release Kingdom Power to heal.  

Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Complete Discounted Package Includes ALL These Amazing Resources!

Internalize by Seeing, Hearing, Reading, Writing and Doing
Title Price
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions book $16.99
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions DVD Set  $39.95
Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions CD Set $39.95
River of Life and New Creation Celebration CD Series $19.95
Total: $116.84
Package Price (Save 15%): $99

PowerPoint Available

A downloadable PowerPoint set of 200+ slidesThese provide easy, continuous review of these truths until you have fully internalized them. The PowerPoint are also great for sharing these principles with others, either one-on-one or in a classroom or small group setting.

By scrolling down through these daily for a couple of weeks, you re-enforce the life-changing principles of releasing Kingdom power through the use of Kingdom emotions. This is an amazing and life-changing truth and needs to be reviewed until you “catch it.”

I used my devotional time for a couple of weeks to simply review these key principles and be transformed by them.

Quotes From The Book

Over my lifetime, I have moved from scorning emotions to accepting them and now, to HONORING them. Now, the challenge is to learn to feel and move in the power of Kingdom emotions!

Unquestioned “truth” became lies I propagated

At age 15 I was too young to even question where the roots of my discomfort with emotions came from. Since it was the cultural norm, I unquestioningly accepted it. I was taught emotions were soulish and soulishness was to be rejected. That was fine with me. I rejected emotions. It never crossed my mind to look to see if there were any verses in Scripture which placed emotions in the spirit. When I looked, I found, much to my amazement, there are verses which locate emotions in man’s spirit. For example Ezekiel says “I went embittered in the rage of my spirit, and the hand of the LORD was strong on me” (Ezek. 3:14 NASB). However, I never looked, so I never knew.

Emotions played NO place in my theology. Actually, I did not have a carefully constructed doctrine concerning emotions. I just never noticed that Jesus, moved by compassion, healed. Since compassion is an emotion, and I didn’t have any place for emotions, it went completely over my head that emotion was foundational in the lifestyle of Jesus.

The phrase “felt compassion” is not just a one-time statement. It appears 12 times in the New Testament. Plus of course, the Kingdom is peace and joy, which are both emotions (Rom. 14:17). I really didn’t have a clear or consistent theology concerning Kingdom emotions. Interesting that “Christianity Today” ran an article in 2014 titled, “Emotion Isn't the Caboose to Faith” (Christianity Today[1]).

Jesus went on to say (in my two-way journaling),

“I want to restore emotions to your life and I want you to do three things to restore the emotions. I want you to read through the Gospels and see that I, Jesus, moved by compassion, healed, and that it is OK to have emotions and to let them lead in your life and ministry.

“Next, I want you to read the Psalms and notice that David had emotions and expressed them ALL to Me, and that was perfectly fine. I can handle all your emotions as you present them to Me. Finally, I want you to notice how tenderly I love you in your two-way journaling, and then I want you to love yourself and others with that same tenderness.”

So I did those three things, and God has been continuously restoring emotions to my dry and choleric personality. One immediate result was that my wife said her marriage improved greatly when I learned to hear God’s voice through two-way journaling.

I have come to the conclusion that faith, when coupled with the Kingdom emotions of compassion and gratitude, brings forth miracles. When used together the synergy of these elements release sufficient spiritual power to overcome the hardwired circuits in my mind and body and produce a life-transforming miracle.

Miracles occur when revelation, Carried on the waves of compassion, Is energized with the spirit of gratitude.

I began searching Scripture to see what it says about emotion. Was I in for a shock! Here is one Scripture which sums things up: “faith working through love” (Gal. 5:6). The literal meaning of “working through” in this verse is “energized by.” So faith is energized by love. Without love, faith doesn’t work.

I have come to believe that emotions are the channel which releases spiritual energy. The healing power Jesus released rode on the carrier wave of compassion. If I want to see miracles in my life, I need to combine compassion and faith. Compassion toward myself and others and faith that God can do anything He wants!

The key principle explore in this book

Gazing upon images of God’s promises as already fulfilled, produces Spirit-born emotions (faith, joy and gratitude) which unleash healing power (Gen. 15:5,6; Matt. 14:14; Rom. 14:17).

  • There is an increased release of the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Your body’s healing genes are “switched on.”
  • Life becomes exciting, fun and joy-filled.