Secret Place

Secret Place

by William J. Dupley | 112 pages

This book is an account and description of my secret place with the Lord.  It is a true story, it is not fiction. All the details described in this book have happened to me, and I continue to meet with my Heavenly Dad in this place almost every day.  I have described the physical attributes of the secret place, the events that have occurred there, and how God has taught me about His character and loving compassion.

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This book is an account and description of my secret place with the Lord.  It is a true story, it is not fiction. All the details described in this book have happened to me, and I continue to meet with my Heavenly Dad in this place almost every day.  I have described the physical attributes of the secret place, the events that have occurred there, and how God has taught me about His character and loving compassion.

Why Have a Secret Place Which You and the Lord Share?

Ps 91:1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. (KJV)

Our Heavenly Father talks about "the secret place" where we find a promise of protection, safety and communion with God.  It is the place where Abraham met God and spoke to him as one man speaks to another.  It is the place where every believer can meet God face to face.

Through a series of visions, my Heavenly Father has shown me that this is a very real place.  It is a place where we can meet, talk about any topic from business to raising children, and receive specific practical words of wisdom directly from God.  We can share our true feelings and fears, and develop our relationship with Him.  It is a place where our Heavenly Father can father us.

This book shows people how they can have their own secret place with the Lord, enter it daily, and receive wonderful revelation from God.

Certifed CWG Facilitator Bill Dupley shares stories which inspire faith in our hearts, encouraging us to reach out and try the things he has done to discover how they will work in our own lives.

Bill has torn down the wall between the sacred and the secular and shown how revelation does flow for all of life: healing our hearts, healing our families, personal direction, and assistance at work. And he gives us many journaling exercises, which get us started down the right path. I am grateful to Bill for this contribution to the kingdom of God. Many lives will be touched by it.

The Secret Place by Bill Dupley calls to mind the rich devotional lives of influential believers through the ages—Thomas Kelly, Theresa of Avila, Catherine of Genoa.  Bill’s “secret place” is clearly the secret to his remarkable life and ministry.  Descriptions of his personal intimacy with Father God will catch some by surprise; it will foster a fresh hunger in many, as it did in me, for a renewal of my own secret place.  Few 21st century believers demonstrate the supernatural in such a “natural” humble way in their everyday lives as Bill does.  His life is clearly a “trailer” for the kingdom.

God brought Bill and Sue Dupley into my life shortly after their conversion almost thirty-five years ago.  What a delight to witness their openness to all that God has had for them.  How wonderful to see how much they have grown through the years.  I am using The Secret Place to remind my students that all effective ministry flows from that quiet center where we sit at His feet, hear His voice, experience His touch.  Thank you Bill and Sue!

Fred Fulford, Pastoral Theology Director, Summit Pacific College, Abbotsford, BC

I find The Secret Place is easy reading and it shows me a glimpse into your heart.   I appreciate your honestly and your heart as you share the treasure and secret of your experience of our loving Father in heaven.  

Furthermore, using beautiful drawings to illustrate Gods messages is effective and an invitation to be opened minded.   You have captured the creativeness of God and beautifully presented His message to us. 

Poline Chung

I completely resonate with The Secret Place. I have used my imagination to initiate encounters almost every day but not as extensively as Bill describes, but I certainly will now. It is very very encouraging to read the book and was very timely for me because I feel more at peace with where I am at right now. One can always do with more affirmation.


The book has reassured and re-enforced my trust and confidence in God, that He is ever nearer than I thought. Business has not been as usual but I now know what to do. Am going to stand on my watch and listen to hear what God will say. I did so many things without hearing from God this year which never yielded the expected fruit. After reading your book I promised myself that will be the last time I will take any step no matter what without hearing from God.

I sincerely want to thank you for been instrumental to my journey on how to hear from God. You are truly a blessing to me.

Peter Sunday

This book amazes me.  Your relationship with the Lord is staggering (and enviable). It is not a long book, but it is rich and deep, and it deserves to be studied (and implemented).   

Brian Girdwood

I really find this book so helpful, am praying I can translate the teachings and insights into personal action. Your experience in hearing God's voice is very inspiring and encouraging and yes, captivating.

Alexander, San Diego

We are continuing on to use The Secret Place, Chapter 1 and simply met in the afterglow of Sunday. The presence of God has been SO powerful. We had about a dozen last night. When I left last night, all of them (ALL!) were gathered in the parking lot talking away. Sharing about The Secret Place and what they are experiencing. This has been really great to help build that hunger for God and allow the presence to just come. We have young adults, worship team people…old, kids… The Secret Place has been a real help for all of them.

Shekinah Regional Equipping and Revival Center
Ann Arbor, MI

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Take It to the Next Level

To ensure that this message transforms your life, we offer you four options. Any of these choices will assist you in internalizing this teaching, helping you to be a doer of the word and not a hearer only (James 1:22) and allowing you to produce a bountiful harvest in your life.

Opportunity 1 – Host a home or church group

This home group in Slovakia shows the excitement of learning to hear God's voice together!

We learn more quickly if we are surrounded by others who are seeking to master the same skill. Pray and ask God who you know who might want to grow in this truth also and open your home to them for 10-12 weekly sessions (or host a small group in your church). We provide several resources to help you present this powerfully and effectively in a group setting, including DVDs and application activities. Experience the joy of cultivating skills together with a group of friends! Discover how to create and post your group…

Opportunity 2 – Hire a Personal Spiritual Trainer to coach you


Coaching or discipling is the method Jesus used to train the twelve disciples.

When you team up with someone ahead of you in an area to mentor you, and you share your questions and steps of growth with them, receiving their counsel in return, you ascend more quickly into mastery in that area. We have trained coaches who have mastered this topic who will commit to working with you for a 90-day period.

Opportunity 3 – Take this as a college course from home

Christian Leadership University

Earn college credit while being apprenticed to mastery in this area! This topic is available as a course which you can take from your home through the distance learning program offered at Christian Leadership University. You may enroll in this course as a lifelong learner or apply it toward an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree.

Opportunity 4 – Host a seminar for your community


Transform your church and region by hosting a weekend seminar with an anointed trainer, where an impartation is released by the Holy Spirit into your community. Mark Virkler and others are available to be scheduled.

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