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Complete Library of Virkler eBooks


Benefit from 40 years of writings by Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler. They are passionate to lead you into Spirit-anointed living by providing biblically-based, real life, "how to" training manuals on Christian spirituality. Their down-to-earth teachings are perfect for personal and small group training experiences. This is an excellent library of materials for your home, and you can take these downloads in your pocket wherever you go!

Price: $358.00

Complete Library of Virkler eBooks, MP3s and Video Downloads


A complete package of Mark and Patti's training resources four decades in the making. With a passion to be biblical, spiritual and practical, these revelation-based tools will take you places you have only dreamed of going. Their passion is to discover and create the absolute best resources to help you take the quickest steps possible in your Christian walk. You will not be disappointed!

Price: $672.00

Everyday Angels Complete Electronic Package

by Charity Virkler Kayembe and Joe Brock

You can partner with Heaven’s angelic hosts!

Do you have guardian angels? Does God want you to know them? Find out what Scripture reveals and how YOU can interact with the company of Heaven!

The supernatural realm permeates our natural world! Therefore, experiencing angels should be an everyday occurrence–we simply need to open our spiritual eyes to their reality and role in our lives.

Price: $79.00

Hear God's Voice Guaranteed - Complete Download-Only Package

All our top downloadable products on this topic!

Have you ever wished you could just sit down and have a long talk with the Lord? Wouldn't it be wonderful to move beyond having a theology that states that God loves you to actually hearing Him whisper words of love into your heart? When you're worried or confused, wouldn't you love to see the situation from His perspective and hear how He wants you to respond?

Price: $150.00

Prayers That Heal the Heart Complete Electronic Package

by Mark Virkler | 2 eBooks | 13 MP3 Sessions | 13 Video Download Sessions | Save $$$

Prayer counseling that breaks every yoke! Everything you need to experience deep healing of your soul and spirit. Did you know that you don’t need to be continually plagued by negative thoughts, feelings, pictures or memories?

It is not part of the "human condition" to feel the constant nagging of doubt, insecurity, or anger. No matter what sin you are trying to overcome, what lie you think you’ll always believe, or what traumas your heart has suffered in the past, you will receive total freedom and restoration by praying these prayers in faith.

Price: $70.00

Secrets of World-Class Teachers Electronic Package

6 ebooks | MP3 and Video Download | PowerPoint | Save $10

Spirit-Anointed Teaching Materials designed to strengthen ALL teachers including parents, Sunday school teachers, cell group leaders, pastors and educators in every field! These materials will give you the tools to become a Spirit-anointed trainer!

“They were amazed at His teaching; He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.” (Mark 1:22)

Price: $49.00

Take Charge of Your Health Complete Download-Only Package

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 1 eBook | 12 Video Sessions | 12 Audio Sessions

Discover how you can take charge of your own health — keeping yourself young, energetic, attractive, and free of degenerative diseases! Discover the biblical injunctions on diet and health, and the amazing correlations between them and modern scientific research. Updated November 2015 with 20 years of fresh insights since recording the previous "Go Natural" series!

Price: $59.00

Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions Complete Download Only Discounted Package

314 page eBook by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe | MP3 and video downloads of teaching through book | MP3 downloads of 5 Spirit-led and interactive devotionals set to music

Align beliefs (mind) with emotions (heart) and confession (body) and experience the release of Kingdom Power.

Price: $75.00