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Kids Can

Kids Can

by Karen Barnes | 98 Pages

This book will inspire you and train you to teach children to minister in the power of the Spirit! And the stories it contains will bring tears to your eyes! Kids Can is a message for the children of today about their destiny tomorrow. When kids encounter the pure essence of Jesus, they will become empowered, equipped and energized to serve Him accurately and with amazing clarity. As they hear His voice and are encouraged in their giftings, strong leaders are created and maturity, vision and skills are fine tuned.

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Train your children to minister in the power of the Spirit!

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This book will inspire you and train you to teach children to minister in the power of the Spirit! And the stories it contains will bring tears to your eyes! Kids Can is a message for the children of today about their destiny tomorrow. When kids encounter the pure essence of Jesus, they will become empowered, equipped and energized to serve Him accurately and with amazing clarity. As they hear His voice and are encouraged in their giftings, strong leaders are created and maturity, vision and skills are fine tuned. The days of “milk and cookies” mentality are over – it’s time to train up and release a fresh new generation of passionate servants for the Lord, ones who’ll surprise you, because KIDS CAN!

Chapter Titles

Chapter 1: Kids Can Be

Children do not receive a junior Holy Spirit upon conversion, but are promised the entire package just as adults.

Chapter 2: Kids Can Hear

Jesus speaks to His little ones with clarity and power, if we would only show them how simple it is to hear.

Chapter 3: Kids Can Do

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Chapter 4: Kids Can Go

Kids are not too young to experience the joy of learning how giving to others (missions) can change their lives.

Chapter 5: Kids Can Speak

Testimonies from children and parents of how their lives have been changed by encountering the presence of Jesus.

Chapter 6: Grownups Can

Adults CAN encourage and equip children to be powerful tools in the hands of their Father. 

About the Author

Karen’s calling is to bring children into the manifest presence and glory of Jesus, lead them in experiencing His deep abiding love, clear unmistakable voice, wise Godly direction for their lives, and to ignite a spirit-led passion for serving Him in many ways at any age.

She is available for children’s and adult conferences, retreats, church dates, camps, leadership training and regional equipping sessions. Fire for the Nations hosts a summer camp for kids and periodic kids mission trips during the year. Kids Can! is her first book. For more information, contact her at [email protected] or go to

Spirit-Anointed Children's Ministry in Action

Clown Ministry and two new friends in the housing project.


Local children and adults came out to witness dance, clowns, testimonies, skits, prayer, flags and more during the presentation and ministry.


Organized as well as Spirit-led activities made ministry exciting and real for the team as well as the receivers. What was Jesus going to do next?


Worship team members work together to set up equipment and do sound check before each ministry location. Trained by adult mentors, they were always ready to go and prayed up before ministry time.

Team members understood the importance of what they were ministering. They knew if they allowed God to use them and focused on Him alone, lives would be changed, and they were!

Hundreds of lives were impacted and enriched by kids learning to hear His voice and speak His words of comfort, direction, confirmation and power.

Salvation, healing, and impartation came when people young and old yielded to Jesus and allowed His Spirit to flow from the children.

Team members prayed for adults and children alike, sometimes interceding for more than an hour over one person. When finished praying for one individual, the children would look around for more to pray for. Prayer became a major focus on all our trips.

Children as young as five and six were taught respect for people and God. They grew to love and appreciate people of all ages, races, and status.

Love became a main focus of our nursing home ministry. In teaching the kids how to understand those around them, they naturally bloomed into caring, sensitive children who are now caring, sensitive adults accustomed to ministry in many areas.

Adults were amazed at the accuracy, power, authority and wisdom beyond the years of the children who were under the leading of the Holy Spirit.

There was always a sweet, tangible spirit in each room during ministry time. There was no rushing, pushing or manipulating. God always saturated the time with His presence, and both team members and recipients felt and recognized Jesus at work in their hearts.

Ministering in outdoor parks, malls, grocery stores, middle of town, on the street or in a building, the enthusiasm and innocence of the team along with the anointing of God and His timing always brought people ready for ministry – whether they knew it or not!


The more the team ministered on a trip, the deeper the Spirit was released into their lives. Many children were changed forever by a short time of teaching and doing hands-on ministry.

Praying for each other on a consistent basis was important both before, during and after each trip. This is one place where the children became a team, working together and covering each other daily.

After a few days, there was no need for major direction during ministry times. The children heard from Jesus, ministered to others, and the adults could only stand by and wonder at the wisdom and authority God gave the kids.

Once kids got a taste of what God could do through them, saw the results from those they prayed over, and felt the anointing on them, there was no stopping them!

The children quickly discovered that covering each other during ministry times was important, and allowed more power, clarity and authority to come through.

Ministry time was also a time for rejoicing in the creativity and fun of being a child of the King. God wants children to be themselves, for in that lies the innocence and purity He so dearly loves and longs for in all of us.

No matter where we went, Jesus aligned us not only with people needing a touch from Him, but with other believers. We always exchanged blessings and impartations as we walked together in ministry.

After a few days, no one was ashamed to stop and pray openly for others. This anointing grew as the trips went on, with the children begging to stop and walk through parks and malls, praying as they went.

Ministering to and praying for the homeless was always the most anointed time during a trip. Not only were lives impacted on the street, but the children walked away with a new compassion and understanding that they carry to this day.


It was an amazing thing to watch children as they ran up to the displaced, handing out bags of food, water and toiletries, then praying for and loving on those whom Jesus loves! Purity and love in action equals a world of blessing.

Working together as a team to minister and cover each other, unity is built with love and power freely flowing from the heart of God.

Young and old, boy or girl, God used and empowered every team member to minister effectively and grow together in Him. 

Spirit-led times of ministry on the street drew many who received ministry and marveled at what God can do with kids open to His Spirit.


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