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Why 90 Days? Laser-like Focus Brings Incredible Breakthroughs

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Why 90 Days?
Laser-like Focus Brings Incredible Breakthroughs

by Mark Virkler

In 1979 I discovered the power of laser-like focus. I had previously spent ten years dabbling with trying to hear the voice of God. Then I spent one year of focused effort to recognize His voice, and I found the breakthrough which had eluded me for so long. Focused effort meant that I spent every spare hour that year exploring this area.

All my Bible study was in this area.
All the books I read were in this area.
All the conferences I attended were in this area.
All my experimentation was in this area.
All my preaching was in this area.

By focusing all my energies for twelve months, I received a breakthrough in an area where I had been defeated for ten years. I could now hear God's voice!!!

Another important lesson I learned from that time was the legitimacy and power of taking an entire year to focus on one subject until I have a breakthrough and achieve mastery of it. I also believe that if you have an excellent mentor, one who is ahead of you in your area of search, and who is working closely with you, that you can generally get a similar breakthrough in less time.

When you go through a module with a Personal Spiritual Trainer, you are being asked to apply intense focus for three months on one area of spiritual growth. In so doing, you can gain a breakthrough in that area and your life will be changed. So enjoy the intensity of focus! It is giving you a gift you will cherish forever.


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