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Module Name
Total Cost
Communion With God
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$214.79 A thoroughly practical module on hearing God's voice. Biblical techniques of vision and journaling will be combined to help one discern and clarify the spontaneous thoughts that come from God. (Key verses: Habakkuk 2:1-4) The goal is that one commune (converse) with God through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and that this communion flow both ways.

Important: This is the core Lamad module for all of our trainees. We require everyone to start their training with Communion With God as it teaches you to clearly hear Gods voice, to see vision and to do two-way journaling. These skills will revolutionize your devotional life and are used in every subsequent training module

Naturally Supernatural
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$151.88 Through the working of Almighty God, He has joined His Spirit to our spirits. We will study and experience the glory of Christ living within us, as well as ways of approaching Him and releasing His indwelling presence. We abide in Christ to the extent that we know that Christ abides in us. We will also learn how to allow the gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit within us to flow out through us.
Increasing the Anointing
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$199.84 The key to the successful Christian life is walking and living in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. This module has three emphases: First it is designed to help you become aware of your spirit. All 1400 verses of Scripture that deal with the heart and spirit of man are closely considered with the one supreme objective of learning to sense your spirit and the Spirit of Christ within your spirit. From there you go on to examine the anointing of the Holy Spirit and how the anointing can be increased in your life. Finally, you will try to get to know the Holy Spirit as a Person.
Creative Writing I
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$139.95 The Creator God has deposited His creative Spirit within each of His children, and lit a fire within each one to express that creativity through his own unique personality and gifting. Many people have an urge within them to write, but because of insecurity, the criticism of early teachers, lack of time or training, or a host of other reasons, they have not released that creative urge in a satisfying way. This module is designed to encourage, instruct and liberate those whom the Lord has called to minister through the written word. Whatever you are impelled to write, the Holy Spirit wants to be your Source and your Inspiration.
Creative Writing II
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$151.00 This module is designed with a twofold purpose: First, it will encourage, instruct and liberate those whom the Lord has called to minister to His body and His world through the written word. Whether you are impelled to write fiction or nonfiction, poems or college textbooks, the Holy Spirit wants to be your Source and your Inspiration. In addition, you will explore the relationship between your Christian faith and the arts in general. You will meditate on what the Scriptures say about the arts, and the place of beauty and pleasure in the life of the believer.
Creative Writing III
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$97.99 You will continue your exploration of the relationship between faith and art, as well as exploring your own personal creativity. You will increase your ability to experience Christs inspiration and put aside any inhibitions, fears or sin patterns that are blocking the flow of your divine imagination.
Mime Through the Church Ages
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$85.00 This class of MIMEistry International offers a unique view of history. It's the view of a mime and minister...looking at art, as the arts struggle throughout the Church ages: from the use of the arts by the prophets of the Old Testament, to the countryside of Greece and the Courts of Renaissance Europe. It looks into the rise and fall of the arts in empires and kingdoms, and traces the philosophers like Plato, and ministers like St. Augustine. Finally, it answers questions that have echoed throughout time, questions that try to embrace the arts as ministry...or entertainment.
Mastery of Mimodrame I 
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$139.00 This module covers all the basics of the art form of mime. The module provides a great starting point for anyone wishing to understand the use of the human body in communication and mime. After completion, the trainee will understand the basics of body positioning, character building, object identification, coloration, and illusions (walls, walks, etc.). This is a required module in the MIMEistry Apprenticeship program. (NOTE: Access to a video camera is required.)
Prophetic Gestures
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$120.00 This study takes you through all the gestures of the Old and New Testaments. It examines the meaning behind the movement...movements that in the past have seemed so strange are brought to light, revealing a wealth of truth and wisdom. Dance, mime, drama, and the fine arts are also studied in this module. An excellent foundation for any ministering artist. A required module for all MIMEistry Apprentices.
Silent Prophet
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$80.00 This class of MIMEistry International offers a biblical foundation for using man's physical body to glorify God. You will see the visual side of communication - in worship, prayer, prophecy and teaching. You will discover how God communicated His thoughts through dramatic expressions like mime, acting, drama, dance, and Fine Arts. You will also see that the worship experience is not only an audible experience, but involves many expressions and postures of the body. Most importantly, you will see how we are to love God and show forth the praises of our God.


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