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February 2024

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Founder of Christian Leadership University and CWG Ministries

This month we are thrilled to invite you to the World Premiere of our brand-new video training, Unique Gifts Make Winning Teams – The Unfair Advantage of 5-Fold Counsel. In this 4-minute video, I explain what this series is about and highlights we will cover.

The scoop is this: God wants every one of us to succeed. He has placed unique gifts, talents, and passions in each one of us, and this becomes our starting point. My passion was to solve an unsolvable problem: I couldn’t hear God’s voice and it ticked me off. What issue ticks you off?

Once you solve the issue, you have created a gift many others will want. They will be thrilled to receive this gift from you if you let them know you have it available and are more than willing to share it with them in an easy, affordable way.

Then I complained that I wished I was more like someone else who had gifts I didn’t have. God told me I was uniquely gifted, and I should celebrate and focus on using the gifts He had given me, as they provided the tools I needed to bless the world. No one else had the unique gifts I had, so “be happy,” and TEAM UP with those who had the additional gifts I needed to be successful. Surround myself with 5-fold counsel from others who had heart motivations and gifts that supplement and complement mine.

The team of counselors is to include people with the heart motivations of an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. When surrounded and receiving counsel from people with these five heart motivations, the synergy they provide will bring the project to maturity and let me succeed (Eph. 4:7-13).

Wow, I don’t need to be everything! I just need to be who I am and team up with those who complement me, and ask for and receive their input and counsel. Well, that sure was simpler. And guess what? It works. Both Communion with God Ministries and Christian Leadership University touch over 100 nations in the world. And God has accomplished this through a farmer boy who planned on milking cows all his life. Yup, God’s plans for our lives are about 100 times bigger than our plans for our lives!

The rule is that our brains and hearts are designed to work in synergy with others. That demands humility, meekness, love, mercy, and a vision that draws us forward until we win.

As we fulfill amazing feats, we, the body of Christ, are discipling all nations with the goodness, creativity, and love of Almighty God.

So tune in this month and learn these skills, use them, and together we will make a difference in the world!

Leverage the unfair advantage of 5-fold counsel.

Watch free. Then own it!

Unique Gifts/Winning Team

Free Video Event: Unique Gifts Make Winning Teams (February 5-14, 2024)

Join us for the World Premiere of Mark's brand-new series! In this very special release, we are making all 14 videos available for complimentary viewing and each session averages 15 minutes in length. Find out how to build a winning team and achieve success in every area of your life!

Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time. You definitely don't want to miss this!

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Experience my brand-new seminar! Prophetic Healing Protocols

Join me February 16-17, 2024 in Pennsylvania - Click here for more information.


Your love and support are heart-warming to us. You can become a regular supporter through donations here, and/or through subscribing to our new CWG video subscription service.

Again, thank you!

Daily Manna

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Invite Mark Virkler to Your Group by Zoom for Supernatural Ministry

Invite Mark Virkler to do a Zoom session with you and your friends!

  • Sessions can be times of personal ministry to one or several in the group or Q&A.

  • Sessions can be an introduction to our most popular topics

  • Contact Mark to arrange for a Zoom session: [email protected]. This can be a great way for you to kick off a multi-week series with your friends as you guide them through our Spirit-anointed trainings! Our videos can be played in your groups, and you can facilitate discussion and personal application of what has just been taught. A typical donation to CWG Ministries for a Zoom session is $150 and they generally run from 90 - 120 minutes.

100 Revelation-Based College Courses Direct To Your Home – Become Trained, Equipped, Empowered!

We have 100 CLU courses available, 65 fully electronic CLU college courses, 23 fully electronic CLU School of the Spirit training modules, and on our CWG website, over 50 electronic books with MP3s and video downloads. A blog with links to all these downloadable resources is available here.

ALL these can be ordered today and you can experience an enriching Sabbath rest!

Let each of us make this time count for the Kingdom! I am thrilled that we are able to send free Spirit-anointed training into thousands of homes in over 100 nations each month! It is truly an amazing world we live in. This has never been available in any previous generation. We live in the best of times. Let us never forget to "give thanks in everything" (1 Thess. 5:18).

See a list below of some of my blogs from the last month. I appreciate the opportunity to sow into your life! May we together discover how to live and walk in the fullness of salvation Christ provided for us.

Additional blogs from the past four weeks can be found here.

Helping Hands

Together we are saturating the world with communion with God

Bringing revival to individuals, homes, churches and nations

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Course of the Month: College-Level Training with a 50% Tuition Discount

LEA105/515 Unique Gifts Make Winning Teams: Of all the various lists of gifts given in the New Testament, only one of them includes a promise concerning what will happen if you utilize the gifts in the list. That list is found in Ephesians 4:7-11 and the promise is that we can come to maturity (Eph. 4:13) by honoring the counsel and input from a multi-gifted team of people with five different heart motivations. Learn how to do this and reap the unfair advantage of 5-fold counsel - in your home, church, business and ministry.

Follow these steps to enroll in LEA105/515 and if you order by February 29th, 2024 you can request the CLU Course of the Month 50% tuition discount!

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Charity and Kari

Social Media & Dream Coaching News!

by Charity Virkler Kayembe

This month I've had a wonderful time teaching via Zoom to a School of Ministry in Munich, Germany. We covered both dreams and angels and had a lot of fun diving deeper into the sacred supernatural together.

I'm also thrilled to let you know that we are now posting tips and testimony videos of dreams and interpretations on social media. Not only that, but we have also begun offering personal Dream Coaching consultations as well!

Find out all about these exciting new developments in my latest blog post. We look forward to staying connected via Facebook and YouTube and can't wait to see you online!

Your Extraordinary Life

Hidden Gems 25% Off During February 2024: Your Extraordinary Life!

Can you imagine starting new believers off with the Holy Spirit? What if the first thing you were taught as a newborn Christian was how to connect easily and daily with the Holy Spirit Who was living inside you, anointing you, empowering you and transforming you?

Purchase this in volume and pass it out to new believers, and run a course for believers, as many of them have never been taught the wonderful truths covered in this book.

Extended Description

During February 2024 this book or ebook are available at a 25% discount by using coupon code: GEMS25

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Join a Spirit Life Circle – Meets Weekly Providing Inspiration, Sharing of Revelation, Flow of the Gifts of the Spirit, Prayer and Friendship

We have launched a wonderful new opportunity which people have asked for many years: weekly gatherings where everyone shares journaling, revelation and inspiration, and then the group journals together and shares their journaling with each other. These are revelation-based weekly gatherings where you are stimulated to continue to press in to all the Spirit is saying to you. Wow! How good is that? This link describes Spirit Life Circles in detail, and lets you know how YOU can get involved!

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"4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" Now Free in 55 Languages!

It is with great joy and heartfelt thanks to God and 50 translators who have worked hard to translate our training materials on hearing God's voice and Christian spirituality into 55 languages! Many translators have provided this service as a free gift to the people in their nations because they passionately believed in the power of this message to bring transformation. We thank you for your gift of love and service!

If you know missionaries working with any of these 55 languages, please direct them to CWGMinistries.org/translations, so they can access these books, MP3s, videos and other resources at no cost.

Explore Translations

Come Receive an Impartation!

We have an upcoming event scheduled at the following location. Please help us spread the word, and we hope to see you there!

  • Bedford, PA - Brand new seminar on Prophetic Healing Protocols!

More info available here on our website.


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