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February 2023

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Founder of Christian Leadership University and CWG Ministries

NEW! CWG Streaming Video Subscription: 250+ videos on demand anytime, anywhere!

I am excited to introduce you to a NEW Streaming Video Subscription Service. The 90-second video below explains how you can easily access all 250+ Spirit-anointed training videos from Mark Virkler and Charity Virkler Kayembe anytime, on any device you own, including your smart phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

CWG Streaming Service

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It is through repetition of these foundational truths that you assimilate the keys on how to live and walk by the Spirit. Living by the Spirit is what transforms your life. You will have continuing access to more than 20 how-to video series, so you can review them personally or with a group of your friends.

The best deal is the annual subscription discount package. You will be supporting CWG Ministries while you deepen your walk with God by having a complete School of Ministry training at your fingertips.

With this new site, you can even rent any of our video series for only 1/4 the regular purchase price! This gives you a full 90 days of access, which is plenty of time to watch all the videos at your leisure, even if you're just viewing 1 session per week with your group.

Be part of the current revival by showing these video series to your home group, Zoom group or church group. Together we spread revival worldwide by training people to live and walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25). Is there anything better we could be doing?

Learn more and register here for a 7-day free trial of this new service:

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We thank all who have been supporting CWG Ministries with special gifts over these last two months. Your love and support are heart-warming to us and have enabled us to meet financial needs. You can become a regular supporter through donations here, and/or through subscribing to our new CWG video subscription service described above.

Again, thank you!

Prayers That Heal the Heart – Free Worldwide Video Event

The day Kay Cox cast a dozen demons out of me was a wonderful turning point in my Christian walk. The thing is, she did it with such skill and ease and comfort that I found the entire process astounding. I went home and said to myself, "I need to write this up so I fully understand what she has done and why it was so effective, and how I can ensure I seal the results into my life and pass this on to others."

So now we have it. It is called Prayers That Heal the Heart, and I think you will find that it is one of the cleanest, smoothest, most effective ways to completely heal a heart wound. Getting half healed is NOT our destiny! Our destiny is full complete healing and freedom in Christ Jesus.

Not only do we need this touch from the Lord, but EVERYONE needs it. There is no such thing as not having heart wounds and not having demons attached to them, binding us up in areas where we are supposed to be free. So do yourself and your friends a favor. Pass this along so ALL can be totally set free from the forces of darkness.

Those whom the Son sets free are free indeed! People’s pain is excruciating right now. We have the answer. It is in Christ who sets us free - not half free, but FREE! Be the light that lights your community. Be the FREEDOM caller. Let EVERYONE know there is complete freedom from all sin, sickness and heaviness in Christ Jesus!

We cover seven complementary prayers in this series, and EACH one is necessary. So don’t skip any part of the process and you will experience the fruits of joy and ecstasy in the midst of a dark and gloomy world. JESUS IS THE ANSWER!

I just received this email from a young man battling addiction: "I completed the 'Prayers that Heal the Heart' course and I noticed a huge difference and I am feeling a lot better. I am not having the same attacks as before. I want to talk to you about how the course really impacted me. Thank God and Jesus; they are the best! Let me know when I can call you!"

Final thoughts

  • I am now writing uplifting blogs DAILY: Sign up here to receive them.
  • Don't forget to check out our Hidden Gems – 25% discount offer later in this newsletter.

Experience heart healing, freedom, and deliverance.

Watch free. Then own it!

Prayers That Heal

Free Video Event: Prayers That Heal the Heart Revised & Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition (February 13-22, 2023)

We are providing complimentary viewing of all 15 sessions of the new Revised & Expanded 20th Anniversary Edition of Prayers That Heal the Heart during our worldwide online event. Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time.

Register today and let your friends know so they, too, can experience transformational prayer counseling from the Wonderful Counselor Himself!

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Why Wait?

Get instant access to all these resources now. The Prayers That Heal the Heart complete e-learning module is available at 50% off (including valuable free bonuses). Or if you prefer hard copies and other options, the CD/DVD Packages are on sale for 25% off!

Invite Mark Virkler to Your Group by Zoom for Supernatural Ministry

Invite Mark Virkler to do a Zoom session with you and your friends!

  • Sessions can be times of personal ministry to one or several in the group or Q&A.
  • Sessions can be an introduction to our most popular topics
  • Contact Mark to arrange for a Zoom session: [email protected]. This can be a great way for you to kick off a multi-week series with your friends as you guide them through our Spirit-anointed trainings! Our videos can be played in your groups, and you can facilitate discussion and personal application of what has just been taught. A typical donation to CWG Ministries for a Zoom session is $250 and they generally run from 90 - 120 minutes.

100 Revelation-Based College Courses Direct To Your Home – Redeem This Time! Become Trained, Equipped, Empowered!

We have 100 CLU courses available, 65 fully electronic CLU college courses, 23 fully electronic CLU School of the Spirit training modules, and on our CWG website, over 50 electronic books with MP3s and video downloads. A blog with links to all these downloadable resources is available here.

ALL these can be ordered today and you can experience an enriching Sabbath rest!

Let each of us make this time count for the Kingdom! I am thrilled that we are able to send free Spirit-anointed training into thousands of homes in over 100 nations each month! It is truly an amazing world we live in. This has never been available in any previous generation. We live in the best of times. Let us never forget to "give thanks in everything" (1 Thess. 5:18).

See a list below of some of my blogs from the last month. I appreciate the opportunity to sow into your life! May we together discover how to live and walk in the fullness of salvation Christ provided for us.

Additional blogs from the past four weeks can be found here.

Helping Hands

Together we are saturating the world with communion with God

Bringing revival to individuals, homes, churches and nations

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Course of the Month: College-Level Training with a 50% Tuition Discount

COU201 Prayers That Heal the Heart: Updated and Revised in 2021! The main purpose of this course is to guide you through a series of prayers with the goal of bringing healing and release to your heart. Therefore, this is not a fact or academics-based course. It is an interactive experience that requires your total participation. Simply repeating the words after the instructor will accomplish absolutely nothing. It is not the words that bring healing – it is your faith that releases the power of the Holy Spirit to heal.

If you would prefer to develop a greater understanding of the theology and principles behind the various prayers, take COU301 Prayers that Heal the Heart (Professional) instead. Also, if you are planning to be involved in any ministry that involves counseling, you should take the Professional version rather than this one. You will still receive personal healing but you will also be better prepared to help others. Prerequisite: REN103/503 Communion with God

Follow these steps to enroll in COU201/301 and if you order by February 28th, you can request the CLU Course of the Month 50% tuition discount!

Enroll Today
Charity Teaching at CTF

International Ministry Events

by Charity Virkler Kayembe

“Then I saw another angel flying overhead, with the eternal gospel to proclaim to those who dwell on the earth— to every nation and tribe and tongue and people.” (Revelation 14:6)

My husband Leo and I are headed overseas this Spring and would love to have you join us at an event near you!

It is an honor to be ministering at Revival Fires Church in Dudley, England next month. I will be part of their River of Revelation Conference happening March 9-12, 2023 and you can find out more about our upcoming ministry schedule in my latest blog here.

Then in April, we are headed to Taiwan! Leo will teach on the 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and I will teach on Christian Dream Interpretation and Experiencing Angels. A trifecta of supernatural encounter!

We will be based in Taipei from April 9-17 doing a week of training at a school of ministry, as well as a weekend conference hosted by Rehoboth Church.

We are currently scheduling our itineraries for the UK and Asia, so if you are in these regions and would like to host an event while we are in your part of the world, please contact Leo for details.

I also recently shared a testimony and photo from one of our students in South Africa who saw her guardian angels protecting their home. Thank You, Father, for the company of heaven who watch over us. We are always at peace knowing we are never alone!

49 Lies Book

Hidden Gems 25% Off During February 2023:
49 Religious Lies Jesus Told Me to Stop Believing

If you have ever believed any of the following lies, then this book is for you: "Emotions are soulish;" "Money is evil or secular;" "It is wrong to seek vision;" "Don’t trust experiences;" "God gave me a mind and expects me to use it;" "Politics are evil;" God is always beating on me;" or one of 43 more such detestable lies...

Extended Description

During February 2023 this book or ebook are available at a 25% discount by using coupon code: GEMS25

Freedom from religion allows you to soar in the spirit!

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Join a Spirit Life Circle – Meets Weekly Providing Inspiration, Sharing of Revelation, Flow of the Gifts of the Spirit, Prayer and Friendship

We have launched a wonderful new opportunity which people have asked for many years: weekly gatherings where everyone shares journaling, revelation and inspiration, and then the group journals together and shares their journaling with each other. These are revelation-based weekly gatherings where you are stimulated to continue to press in to all the Spirit is saying to you. Wow! How good is that? This link describes Spirit Life Circles in detail, and lets you know how YOU can get involved!

Learn More

"4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" Now Free in 55 Languages!

It is with great joy and heartfelt thanks to God and 50 translators who have worked hard to translate our training materials on hearing God's voice and Christian spirituality into 55 languages! Many translators have provided this service as a free gift to the people in their nations because they passionately believed in the power of this message to bring transformation. We thank you for your gift of love and service!

If you know missionaries working with any of these 55 languages, please direct them to CWGMinistries.org/translations, so they can access these books, MP3s, videos and other resources at no cost.

Explore Translations

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