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December 2020

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Founder of Christian Leadership University and CWG Ministries

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New Book by Mark Virkler and Charity Kayembe – Overflow of the Spirit published by Whitaker House, with NEW accompanying VIDEO EVENT!

Most Spirit-filled Christians want to easily and effortlessly flow in the ninefold manifestation of the Spirit as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11. However, there is little clear teaching as to how to actually do this. There are writers who naturally flow in this and they tell their stories, but there are few practical step-by-step teachings explaining HOW you can become skilled in operating in all nine gifts of the Spirit.

After several years of research and meditation, Mark and Charity have teamed up again to create Overflow of the Spirit – How to Release His Gifts in Every Area of Your Life. The book was just released November 17th and we have developed an entire training series around this message! We are thrilled to announce this month’s free video event, taking place December 8-16th, will be the worldwide PREMIERE of this newly recorded teaching. Register online here as you don’t want to miss this!

This is a “how-to” training. You will come away with a working vocabulary of each of the nine-fold manifestation of the Holy Spirit as well as the precise knowledge as to how you can release each of them. It is 100% biblical, practical and lineal in that it precisely leads the Christian into an understanding of how to move comfortably and continuously in releasing the Spirit’s manifestation in any situation they find themselves in.

We will explore biblical examples demonstrating how Jesus and Paul flowed in the FULL manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and we will teach you how YOU can too! It is easier than you ever dreamed possible, and matter of fact, you probably are operating in many of them, but have simply not identified that.

In Charity’s column below she discusses more unique aspects she brings to this book and video series.

Join us December 8-16 for a celebration of the Overflow of the Spirit out through your life! Invite your friends. They will be glad you did!

Learn How to Overflow with Holy Spirit's Life & Gifts.

Watch free. Then own it!

Overflow of the Spirit

Free Video Event: Overflow of the Spirit (December 8-16th)

We are providing all 12 brand new videos where Mark and Charity share what the Holy Spirit has taught them during their meditation on Scripture and through practically working out the revelations in their everyday lives. Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time.

Register today and let your friends know so they, too, can flow in every gift of the Spirit in every area of their lives!

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Christmas Gift

Christmas Sale: Coupon for 25% Off Sitewide – Give Presents Which Minister LIFE!

Use the coupon code CHRISTMAS25 and receive a 25% discount off everything on the CWGMinistries.org, CLUSchooloftheSpirit.com and GloryWaves.org websites!

Excludes some discounted items already on sale.

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Hot off the press! Our latest book was just released November 17th!

Overflow of the Spirit

It took us several years to break through all the confusion and present a clear, simple understanding of how to release the nine-fold manifestation of the Holy Spirit everywhere you go and with everyone you touch. It is not hard! It can’t be, as these are GIFTS of the Holy Spirit, not things I have to WORK for.

Would you pray with us for God’s anointing to rest upon this book to carry it to the ends of the earth, transforming all whom it touches? Can you imagine a Church filled with people who manifest the gifts of the Spirit continuously? Talk about a world changer! I believe this is possible. I also believe it is God’s plan.

87 Courses You Can Access During This Quarantine

Let each of us make this time count for the Kingdom! I am thrilled that we are able to send free Spirit-anointed training into thousands of homes in over 100 nations each month! It is truly an amazing world we live in. This has never been available in any previous generation. We live in the best of times. Let us never forget to "give thanks in everything" (1 Thess. 5:18).

We have 65 fully electronic CLU college courses, 22 fully electronic CLU School of the Spirit training modules, and on our CWG website, over 50 electronic books with MP3s and video downloads. A blog with links to all these downloadable resources is available here.

ALL these can be ordered today and you can experience an enriching Sabbath rest!

See a listing below of my blogs from the last four weeks. I appreciate the opportunity to sow into your life! May we together discover how to live and walk in the fullness of the salvation Christ provided for us.

Blogs for Training, Inspiration, Sharing and FREE Re-posting

Each blog below packs a powerful revelation and are great morning devotions!

  1. Period of Grace: Still Time to Repent & Pray for the Elections
  2. New Training Resources on Overflow of the Spirit
  3. Keys to Resolving Conflicts
  4. Prayer & Fasting for Election Day
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Together we are saturating the world with communion with God

Bringing revival to individuals, homes, churches and nations

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Secrets of the Spirit Course of the Month:
College-Level Training with a 50% Tuition Discount

Our brand new training on Overflow of the Spirit is also available as a CLU course!

In PRO101 Secrets of the Spirit, you will learn how to flow in the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus and Paul. This course trains you through the example of powerful testimonies, a study of the teaching of other leaders, and extensive biblical research to arrive at a theological summary of what is required for you to not only experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but to release all of His gifts as well. This class will teach you how every believer can flow in every spiritual gift and you will be equipped to more easily and daily live and walk by the Spirit!

Follow these steps to enroll in PRO101, and if you order by December 31st, you can request the CLU Course of the Month 50% tuition discount!

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Overflow Film Set

"We Can Hardly Wait to Get These Tools into Your Hands!"
by Charity Virkler Kayembe

Dad and I have been filming teaching sessions for Overflow of the Spirit and we are thrilled to finally be able to share this training with you. We hope you enjoy all the resources as much as we enjoyed preparing them for you! In fact, I give you a sneak peek of what you can expect in my latest blog post here.

In one session we explore verses I've never taught on before in regards to Quantum Physics, the Observer Effect, and Scriptural quantum observers. Learn how to collapse greatness and glory into your world through the biblical art of visionary meditation!

We take the Word and the Spirit into the public school classroom and discover how spiritual gifts can flow freely on the job every day, in our everyday lives. We also dive deep into Dream Gifts and how to receive spiritual gifts while we sleep, and I shared an AMAZING example of this in a recent blog, When Neurosurgeons Dream God's Dreams.

And if you're still wondering if this training series is for you, please check out my new two-minute video introduction. As you can see, we are very excited to equip and empower you with the revelation Holy Spirit has shared with us.

We are expecting this to be the biggest Worldwide Video Event we've ever had, and we would LOVE you and your church family to join us. Learn how to position yourself to connect with Holy Spirit’s river within continually, overflowing with His gifts in every area of your life!

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Spirit Life Circles Meet Weekly Providing Coaching, Mentoring and Transformation

We have recently launched a wonderful new opportunity which people have asked for many years: weekly gatherings where everyone shares journaling, revelation and inspiration, and then the group journals together and shares their journaling with each other. These are revelation-based weekly gatherings where you are stimulated to continue to press in to all the Spirit is saying to you. Wow! How good is that? This link describes Spirit Life Circles in detail, and lets you know how YOU can get involved!

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"4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" Now Free in 54 Languages!

It is with great joy and heartfelt thanks to God and 50 translators who have worked hard to translate our training materials on hearing God's voice and Christian spirituality into 54 languages! Many translators have provided this service as a free gift to the people in their nations because they passionately believed in the power of this message to bring transformation. We thank you for your gift of love and service!

Our latest translations are: Go Natural! Eden's Health Plan into Burmese, as well as the 7 Step Meditation Process - bookmark in Spanish, plus 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice! in Farsi, and in Czech.

If you know missionaries working with any of these 54 languages, please direct them to CWGMinistries.org/translations, so they can access these books, MP3s, videos and other resources for at no cost.

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4 Keys Hardcover Book

A Gift with Purpose

Hardcover copies of 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice are available for a limited time. This is a magnificent, beautiful gift to give anyone interested in spiritual growth. Retailing at $24.95, you can order it through our website at 40% off for just $15! Bless people with the gift of spiritual intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ. Get a souvenir copy for yourself. Only 600 produced, so order while supplies last.

Available Here
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