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August 2022

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Founder of Christian Leadership University and CWG Ministries

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We are excited to offer you two free video events this month! The second one of the month will be a brand-new training module titled "How Do YOU Know?" August 2022 is the worldwide premiere!

With so much misinformation being presented daily on the airwaves, many are confused. Only one side of many stories is even allowed to be told in today's demonic climate.

Actually, one of the videos in this series was rejected by YouTube as "misinformation" since I presented a view different from the government's sanctioned view on the topic! I celebrate the fact that my messages are so culturally relevant that they can be kicked off from social media. We do have the video posted on an alternative site so you will be able to view it.

The Bible is clear, one must hear both sides if they want to come to a wise decision (Prov. 18:17). This is not being allowed in America today! Here are some places I go to find alternative viewpoints. Get informed or get deceived!

Some of the session titles include:

Session 1 – Do You Know How You Know?

Session 2 – Loving the Truth or Else...

Session 5 – Stepping from Man’s Reasoning to Spirit-Anointed Reasoning

Session 11 Epistemology: A Biblical System of Knowing Truth

Session 12 – What About Issues Not Mentioned in the Bible?

It is crucial that each of us have a strong biblical, revelation-based approach for discerning the truth. It is the truth that sets us free (Jn. 8:32). I share twelve systems I have used over my lifetime to discover truth. Only the twelfth one is biblical and valid. The first eleven were faulty and I have discarded them.

In one of the sessions, I examine EVERY verse where Jesus talks about coming to truth. All twelve sessions contain Scripture, my journaling and an opportunity for you to journal and hear from God for yourself. Learn how to acquire God's wisdom in a mixed-up world!

The other series this month is Overflow of the Spirit. I am completely convinced that America and the world are currently seeing the face of evil and being thoroughly disgusted by it. This has prepared us for the largest and most anointed, miracle-filled revival in the history of the world as we step forward, get involved and restore our society.

Each of us can and must be a part of this. It is ONLY a Spirit-anointed revival that can save our nations, and it IS coming. OUR tribe, which has focused on spiritual intimacy, is perfectly positioned to fully participate in this revival by releasing the anointing of God and the nine manifestation of the Spirit.

This training module will equip you and your friends to demonstrate every gift of the Spirit with all whom you touch. Jesus did exactly that. He ministered by the power of the Spirit to the person in front of Him. Let's each of us decide to do the same and release the healing anointing of Holy Spirit to the hurting people we meet each day.

Be part of this revival. Take this training and then put it in practice. Rather than cursing the darkness, release His light into the world. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

I have taken a new step by being available to reach out to minister in your home group by Zoom. It is described in a section below. My goal is to model supernatural ministry which meets the present need of those in the gathering.

You can also take advantage of another new Group Coaching opportunity: 12 Weeks to Spiritual Mastery. Get all the details below. Hope to see YOU on Zoom soon!

Release every gift of the Spirit in your everyday life.

Watch free. Then own it!

Overflow of the Spirit

Free Video Event I: Overflow of the Spirit (August 9-17, 2022)

We are providing all 12 videos where Mark and Charity share what the Holy Spirit has taught them during their meditation on Scripture and through practically working out the revelations in their lives. Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time.

Register today and let your friends know so they, too, can flow in every gift of the Spirit in every area of their lives!

Register Now
How Do YOU Know?

Free Video Event II: How Do YOU Know? World Premiere (August 23-31, 2022)

We are providing all 12 sessions of this brand-new training series during our worldwide premiere. Access to this valuable training is being offered at no cost, but only for a very limited time.

Be among the very first to see this cutting-edge teaching! Find out what YouTube didn't want you to know. Invite your friends to join you in watching what is sure to be one of our most popular video events!

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Why Wait?

Get instant access to all these resources now. The complete e-learning modules of Overflow of the Spirit & How Do YOU Know? are available at 50% off (including valuable free bonuses). Or if you prefer hard copies and other options, the Overflow of the Spirit or How Do YOU Know? CD/DVD Packages are on sale for 25% off!

12 Weeks to Mastery – New group coaching experience with Mark Virkler!

Group Coaching

We are constantly asked to provide more individualized instruction on how to master hearing the voice of God as well as our other courses on various aspects of Christian spirituality. That’s why we’re now offering a unique, small group coaching experience focused on implementing the skills we present in our monthly video events.

For those who want live instruction direct from the author, Mark Virkler himself, we have created “12 Weeks to Spiritual Mastery” a group coaching experience.

Spiritual Mastery occurs as you acquire revelation insights, remove blockages, and become proficient in a specific aspect of Christian spirituality. A revelation-based coach who has already mastered the skill you want to acquire can:

  1. Help you overcome challenges and remove blockages as you grow in Christian spirituality;
  2. Accelerate your ability to hear what the Lord is saying to you – about you;
  3. Teach you the right questions to ask of the Lord so you receive His wonderful, perfect counsel, and
  4. Provide a safe, confidential, supportive environment in a community of like-minded Christ-followers pursuing the same goal.

Special discounted introductory rate - $600 off the $1800 value = ONLY $1200 for 12 hours of group coaching. Classes are limited in size to allow for maximum participation.

Upcoming Schedule:

  1. Overflow of the SpiritStarting Date: Aug. 29th Time: 7:30 – 8:30 PM EST
  2. How Do You Know?Starting Date: Sept. 12th Time: 9:00 – 10:00 PM EST

Our passion is that you live and walk by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25). Jesus said, My spoken words are spirit and life, the flesh profits nothing (Jn. 6:63).

Click here for more information and to register for 12 Weeks to Mastery!

Invite Mark Virkler to Your Group by Zoom for Supernatural Ministry

Invite Mark Virkler to do a Zoom session with you and your friends!

Sessions can be times of personal ministry to one or several in the group or Q&A. One recent Zoom session involved Mark interviewing a woman in the group who had cancer. We began by interpreting her recent dream which revealed that she had unprocessed anger from past hurts which was allowing demons to attack.

We did inner healing, followed by deliverance and then prayed for divine healing. All pain left her back and shoulders. The group learned by observing this Spirit-anointed ministry and realized these are all steps they can easily take as they encounter people with needs.

Sessions can be an introduction to our most popular topics: Hearing God’s Voice, Prayers That Heal The Heart, Counseled By God (emotional well-being), Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions, Take Charge of Your Health, Dream Interpretation (receiving God’s counsel at night), Business Success, Financial Freedom, Spirit-Anointed Teaching, Living Naturally Supernatural, Releasing the Nine Gifts of the Spirit, 12 Exchanges Received at Salvation, 49 Lies, Spirit-Anointed Parenting, or The Art of Biblical Meditation.

Contact Mark to arrange for a Zoom session: [email protected] This can be a great way for you to kick off a multi-week series with your friends as you guide them through our Spirit-anointed trainings! Our videos can be played in your groups, and you can facilitate discussion and personal application of what has just been taught. A typical donation to CWG Ministries for a Zoom session is $250 and they generally run from 90 - 120 minutes.

100 Revelation-Based College Courses Direct To Your Home – Redeem This Time! Become Trained, Equipped, Empowered!

We have 100 CLU courses available, 65 fully electronic CLU college courses, 23 fully electronic CLU School of the Spirit training modules, and on our CWG website, over 50 electronic books with MP3s and video downloads. A blog with links to all these downloadable resources is available here.

ALL these can be ordered today and you can experience an enriching Sabbath rest!

Let each of us make this time count for the Kingdom! I am thrilled that we are able to send free Spirit-anointed training into thousands of homes in over 100 nations each month! It is truly an amazing world we live in. This has never been available in any previous generation. We live in the best of times. Let us never forget to "give thanks in everything" (1 Thess. 5:18).

See a listing below of my blogs from the last four weeks. I appreciate the opportunity to sow into your life! May we together discover how to live and walk in the fullness of the salvation Christ provided for us.

Helping Hands

Together we are saturating the world with communion with God

Bringing revival to individuals, homes, churches and nations

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Courses of the Month:
College-Level Training with a 50% Tuition Discount

PRO101 Secrets of the Spirit: In this course you will learn how to flow in the full manifestation of the Holy Spirit, just like Jesus and Paul. This course trains you through the example of powerful testimonies, a study of the teaching of other leaders, and extensive biblical research to arrive at a theological summary of what is required for you to not only experience the baptism in the Holy Spirit, but to release all of His gifts as well.

This class will teach you how every believer can flow in every spiritual gift and you will be equipped to more easily and daily live and walk by the Spirit!

THE308 The Theology of Knowing: The Bible teaches us that God’s paradigm for knowing is a broad-based approach. You will discover God’s method as you work your way through hundreds of verses during this course.

This class lays out a Spirit-anointed epistemology requiring an educational paradigm shift from rationalism to revelation knowledge. The goal of education is stated in I Timothy 1:5 - love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith. These are all heart experiences, not mental exercises. And these are exactly the heart experiences that are required for us to come through the veil into God's presence and receive His voice, His wisdom, His anointing, His dream, and His vision (Heb. 10:19-22).

Follow these steps to enroll in PRO101 or THE308 and if you order by August 31st, you can request the CLU Course of the Month 50% tuition discount!

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Dream Keys Podcast

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Making of Our App

by Charity Virkler Kayembe

I had the best time being interviewed this month on The Table podcast with Zoey and Jenna. We dove deep into all things dreams, including a lively conversation discussing our brand-new interpretation app!

It was fun to share some of our behind-the-scenes journey in the brainstorming of Dream Keys, why we designed and built it the way we did, and how I personally use the app in my own dream work. Check out the episode in my latest blog here.

Our passion is to equip as many dreamers as possible with this tool to steward prophetic revelation and I covered several of the awesome features you'll experience when you download the app in my most recent blog as well.

"Brilliant! Excellent! Exactly what I needed!"

Find out what users like best about Dream Keys in our post: Reviews - What App Users Are Saying. And don't just read about it. We invite you to download the app for yourself, fall in love with the tool, and write your own rave review to help us spread the exciting news!

Thank you for partnering with us in letting the world know that God still speaks, and He can't wait to meet you in your dreams!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Amazing app … As I’m typing, I actually get the interpretation.” – D. G.

Vibrant Health eBook

Hidden Gems 25% Discount During August 2022: Vibrant Health - Miracles Plus Gifts of Healings eBook

Health is a multi-faceted adventure. There are many pieces to the puzzle. The more we learn the greater opportunity we have to walk in fullness of health. This book will give you several insights which will assist you in your lifestyle of vibrant health. Over 30 gifts of healings explained. 450 pages long. Read the sections which interest you!

Extended Description Plus Seven Reviews

During August 2022 this ebook is available at a 25% discount on CWG Ministries website by using coupon code: GEMS25

Be renewed in mind and transformed in heart as you discover the synergistic power of the multiple pieces of the puzzle which together creates vibrant health!

Order Now
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Join a Spirit Life Circle – Meets Weekly Providing Inspiration, Sharing of Revelation, Flow of the Gifts of the Spirit, Prayer and Friendship

We have launched a wonderful new opportunity which people have asked for many years: weekly gatherings where everyone shares journaling, revelation and inspiration, and then the group journals together and shares their journaling with each other. These are revelation-based weekly gatherings where you are stimulated to continue to press in to all the Spirit is saying to you. Wow! How good is that? This link describes Spirit Life Circles in detail, and lets you know how YOU can get involved!

Learn More

"4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" Now Free in 55 Languages!

It is with great joy and heartfelt thanks to God and 50 translators who have worked hard to translate our training materials on hearing God's voice and Christian spirituality into 55 languages! Many translators have provided this service as a free gift to the people in their nations because they passionately believed in the power of this message to bring transformation. We thank you for your gift of love and service!

If you know missionaries working with any of these 55 languages, please direct them to CWGMinistries.org/translations, so they can access these books, MP3s, videos and other resources at no cost.

Explore Translations

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