Free Christian Books and Articles: 汉语 (Chinese)

The following are free Christian books, articles, audio and video, by Mark and Patti Virkler which have been translated into Chinese and are available for free in electronic form. We encourage you to download and circulate them freely.

Our Top 9 Teaching Series   <------------- New!

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  • 如何听到神的声音 (CL01 Hearing God's Voice)
  • 医治心灵的祷告 (CL02 Prayers That Heal the Heart)
  • 经由你的梦听见神 (CL03 Hear God Through Your Dreams)
  • 圣灵恩膏的教导 (CL04 Spirit-Anointed Teaching)
  • 如何建立一个得胜的团队 (CL05 How to Build a Winning Team)
  • 自然的超自然 (CL06 Naturally Supernatural)
  • 由神辅导 (CL07 Counseled by God)
  • 神的医治工具箱 (CL08 Divine Healing Toolbox)
  • 如何得到说方言的恩赐 (CL09 How to Receive the Gift of Speaking in Tongues)

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Additional Chinese Resources

疾風細語 How to Hear God's Voice (streaming video from Taipei in Mandarin)

疾風細語 How to Hear God's Voice (from Taipei in Mandarin)
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(NOTE: These files are very large, between 7 and 115MB each).
001 聆聽神聲音的四把鑰匙-馬克
002 超越理性進入啟示-馬克
003 超越傳統的聖經默想1-馬克A
004 超越傳統的聖經默想2-馬克A
005 超越傳統的聖經默想1-馬克B
006 超越傳統的聖經默想2-馬克B
007 除去心中的偶像-馬克
008 如何安靜你的心思意念-馬克1
009 如何安靜你的心思意念-馬克2
010 從神領受釋放醫治的異象1-馬克A
011 從神領受釋放醫治的異象2-馬克A
012 從神領受釋放醫治的異象1-馬克B
013 從神領受釋放醫治的異象2-馬克B
014 記錄神所說的話-馬克
015 基督徒解夢的原則1-馬克
016 基督徒解夢的原則1-馬克A
017 基督徒解夢的原則2-馬克A
018 基督徒解夢的原則1-馬克B.mp3
019 神的本像-潘唐娜A
020 神的本像-潘唐娜B
022 釋放神創意的意念-潘唐娜A
023 釋放神創意的意念-潘唐娜B
024 遇見神生命的話語-潘唐娜A
025 遇見神生命的話語-潘唐娜B
026 聖靈充滿新鮮恩膏-潘唐娜

如何聆听上帝的声音  Big File! 7.5MB
(How to Hear God's Voice)

与神沟通 研讨手册 Big File! 2.5MB
(How to Hear God's Voice Seminar Guide)

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice Wallet-Size Card (translation of those described here)

(Contributing Strands Worksheet)

(Excerpt from Prayers That Heal the Heart pages 205-206)

(Prayers That Heal the Heart Seminar Guide)

(Who was crucified with Christ?)


Christian Dream Interpretation

How to Hear God's Voice

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice (Traditional Chinese)   <------------- New!

Incubating Only Christ (Simplified Chinese)

Incubating Only Christ (Traditional Chinese)

Naturally Supernatural (Traditional Chinese)   <------------- New!

The Dream Maker

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