How the “Counseled by God” course affected my life!

By Christine Taimanglo

Before taking this course, I had feelings of depression, anger, fear and guilt. As I went through the course, God spoke to me time and time again about what I needed to do to overcome these emotions. By the end of the course, I had such peace like I never had before in my life. I’d recommend this course to anyone who is struggling in these areas. If applied, it can make a difference.     

  Following are a few of the journaling entries I received from the Lord as I went through the Counseled by God Training Experience:

Healing of my marriage: “Chris, it is wrong to be deceitful. You need to be open and honest with your spouse. Don’t hide things from him. He has the right to know what is going on. Keep him informed and you won’t regret it. The lines of communication need to stay open and this is one way it can be done. Don’t worry! I am with you. Repent of this bitterness you are starting to feel. Let it go! Laugh! Be joyful! No more secrets. You will be glad when you repent of this and move on. Let it go! Let it go!”

Discovering the Source of REAL pleasure: “Chris, I am a good God. Change is coming. I have seen your sadness and said, ‘Hard times are over.” So smile. Now shall I tell you the way to real pleasure? I call it the way of surrender. It is straight and narrow path, but it does lead to pleasure. So surrender each one of your desires to Me! Yield every desire to My Spirit, and you will find you are filled with a joy. Many surprises await you. Your problem is lack of pleasure, real pleasure.”

Healing MUST be a process: “Chris, there are still some areas We both want to see healed, but those little pockets of pain have been inside you a very long time. And to remove them all at once, would be unwise. It requires certain pace and process. To heal all at once would deny you the opportunity to grow and to become a compassionate deliverer. Put your hand in Mine and your heart in tune with My Spirit, and you will see those things you desire materialize in an amazing way.

Healing my guilt and regret: “Chris, about those regrets… they are forgiven. Will you choose to trust Me? Remember trusting is a choice. While you are making choices, choose to forgive yourself. Self-inflicted punishment can do nothing to alter the past. So will you simply enjoy My love and go on sharing it with others. In this, you will fulfill My joy. Thanks you for going the extra mile. I have set before you an open door. Remembering this will spare you further stress. Cease all remorse and stop trying to analyze your recent blunders. All is forgiven. Look only where I instruct you to look and trust Me. Learn the peace that defies reason. I will give you an unearthly calm that no storm, no fiery furnace, and no contradiction can challenge if you will look only to Me. But again—you MUST look only to Me. I will lead you in the way you should go, and I will contend with every enemy. Have I not recently told you this? No longer linger between two opinions. Pursue peace and I will perfect your path!

Healing my financial fears: Chris, I know you struggle in this area of letting Me be in control, but I ask you to release it to Me, and I will take care of everything. Trust Me to meet all your needs. Don’t panic when bills come. I have already provided for them. Just relax and let Me be in control. You can see I have already been working. I will not let you fall. I love you too much for that to happen. I know you have been doing what you can, rely on Me to make the difference, and do the rest. I have your best interest at heart. I want you to trust Me in this area of your life and My abundance will flow. Watch and See!!!

Discovering a new level - combining the Word and the Spirit: “Chris, you are entering into a new level of Spiritual manifestation in your life. Many of the questions in your mind will be settled reading and understand the scripture. As you read it ask for My spirit to guide you, and it will become clear to you. The Holy Spirit will reveal its meaning to you. I am educating you for things to come and for patience to handle what you are facing now. Reading the Holy Scriptures requires focus. Obedience is a consistent event. Pray over every action. Your inner peace is a signal to help guide you, and the Holy Spirit always confirms His guidance.

In summary: I have found that hearing God speak into my heart about my daily concerns has radically transformed my life, bringing me to peace. Come on, give it a try!

How You Can Be Counseled by God