Can Demons Speak Through My Dreams?

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Question from Obed about Dreams

I am trying to understand how dreams can be a medium of communication by spiritual beings. I am of the belief that only God knows our thoughts. Satan is incapable of this. However, I do not fully understand the biology or the physics of dreams. I do not believe in communication with the dead for the bible teaches that the dead know nothing. So that leaves us with heavenly beings or demonic beings.

An angel appeared to Mary to inform her that she was with child in a dream.  If heavenly angels can communicate with us in a dream, I assume that demonic angels can do likewise. My question then is how they get in our heads seeing that only God knows our thoughts. During our unconscious state, how do spirits feed information into our heads by way of our visual, audio, smell, and touch and even taste senses? If demons are capable of interacting with us via our dreams, what defense do we have against this spiritual rape?

I am highly disturbed over this idea and I wish you can grant me an intelligent and biblical resolution to this. I anxiously await your response.

Response from Mark Virkler

The Bible says God speaks through the dream, and we have about 50 dreams in the Bible proving this. My experience also confirms this. I have only had one dream that the Lord told me not to consider for He said it was of the devil. And I have interpreted my dreams for 30 years. So 99.999% of my dreams have come from God.

I did have one re-occurring dream that I had a stroke and I would awaken and my head and arms actually felt paralyzed and I had to shake the sensation off. I dreamed this about 3-5 times a week for 10-15 years.

I finally discovered that this came from a demon which had entered me when my grandfather died unexpectedly and I was traumatized by his sudden death. A demon of “fear of stroke” took that opportunity to enter and instill an ongoing fear within me for many years.  So I would characterize this dream as a valid dream, showing the condition of my heart, which was that it was damaged and in need of prayer ministry in order for it to be healed. I am grateful to report that I did get that demon of “fear of stroke” cast out about 30 years ago and the dream has never returned.

So dreams come from our hearts and if our hearts are wounded or under demonic distress, then the dream shows that. Once the heart is healed, the dream shows that. The dream mirrors the condition and messages from your heart and from God to your heart.

We have lots more training material on dreams here: I trust it will be helpful to you!


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I have been attacked through my dreams ever since I was a kid. Most coming in forms of various demonic torment, others where I knew I was possessed in the dream and had no control over myself or would end up dying. But most of them that I can recall have been evil torment, for as long as I can remember. A few nights ago I had a dream that they introduced themselves to me in the form of dark figures with smiling grins, as well as playing cards engulfed in smoke with their names on it. But this time I didn't have that common feeling of terror. I do not remember any names but I know there was a handful of them and they made it apparent that they were living inside of me. What ties it all together is one of my good friends had dreamt that I became possessed, without any knowledge of my reoccurring nightmares. But this most recent dream with the playing cards seems way too symbolic.

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If this were me, I would be pursuing deliverance. I have been through deliverance a couple of times, and both times brought great freedom to me. I believe you would find the same.

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The details are a little hard to remember but I most definitely remember majority of this dream. Lately I’ve been having different dreams but with the same narrative. Me and my family running from something. I never really know from what but I’m always at the center of the dream trying to protect everyone. So last night I came face to face in my dream with what was chasing me and my family for years. A demon.
About 11 feet tall, really frightening. It’s so hard to even put in words it’s description. It tried to attack me and my son and bf in my dream but I was in front of them. I called on God, and prayed to Jesus . It laughed and then proceeded to try to attack me. It couldn’t touch me, it was like my body was a shield. Then it spoke to me. The demon asked me “WHAT are you?” You are powerful then he cowardly fleed like he was confused on my ability to defend myself against it. I’m so curious to why the demon told me that in my dream and then fleed

Anonymous's picture

I’ve had this dream a lot mostly when I was on holiday and was reoccurring and woke up at roughly 3:33 for about 4-5 days and in my dream it would be standing over my bed watching me whispering words I couldn’t understand but weirdly felt as if I related what does this mean and I still sometimes have dreams with it in and sometimes when I’m very high on my own I vision it in the corner of my eyes standing in a corner watching

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Then I would journal and ask the Lord what gives this demon access and what you need to do to close the door on it, and be set free.

Anonymous's picture

I've recently had two dreams in one sleep session where a "demon" came to me and talked to me one on one in a dark room. Both of the dreams were similar. Dark room, the entity said it was a demon, I can't remember what was said but it was not in a hostile tone nor did either try to have any physical contact. The first seemed to be male with a strange mask on, the second was a female who was pale and had black hair. There has been very strange things happening in my home recently and I'm unsure what to think. My mom always told me she thought was fallowed by a spirit but things had calmed down, except now I have a child of my own now and I've had dreams featuring demons but in the past it was always in a negative confrontation. I don't know, whats everyone else's thoughts?I'm not really afraid and I've tried to do research but I cannot find much relevant information. Thank you!

Anonymous's picture

My grandfather died about 3 weeks ago he suffered from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and i have been really upset about his death because it was so sudden. Last night i had a dream about him, I saw him on the sofa and i cried and ran up to him and hugged him and as the dream went on i realized it wasn’t my grandpa but an evil spirit pretending to be him. I woke up shortly after this. What does this mean ?

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I suggest you journal about the pain you feel and let the Lord counsel you. That way you are not hungering for spiritual encounters which can get you messed up.

Anonymous's picture

I had a dream that I was walking throw the woods and then i cam across this black figure and then he said something to me so then i started running and tripped over something but before i hit the ground i woke up

Mark Virkler's picture

where am I walking through a woods in my life.
where am I open to the posibility of having a thought from the enemy.
where am I running in fear rather than standing in faith.
Once you answer these questions, you should have your solution as to what to be doing.

Anonymous's picture

I had a dream about my little cousin and I in this beautiful forest. I was carrying him in my arms, and he later tells me that he is psychic, and that I wasn’t human, but some type of being that God created in order to make the earth a good place for now. And I was totally in shock in the dream. He also told me that I was a hero. I don’t know if a demon transformed into my little cousin, and told me a bunch of lies. But it definitely was a ego boost. The weird thing is that I prayed to God all the time asking what my purpose on earth is. Maybe he answered my question in this dream? What do you guys think?

Charity Kayembe's picture

God can certainly speak through other people in our dreams and it is true that you are "more than human" because you are created in God's image, designed to live as supernatural royalty bringing the Kingdom of heaven to earth. So in that sense, you are a hero, anointed with the Holy Spirit who gives you super powers to accomplish God's purposes in the earth.

You are right in that the "setting" from your waking life is important - that is, what was going on in your waking world when you had the dream, and what you'd been praying about. God does want you to see yourself as He sees you, and He has an amazing destiny for you!

You can learn more about how to decode the symbols in your dream and understand God's messages through them in our free dreams crash course here: Bless you!

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I dreamed I was talking with a person and all of sudden they started speaking in a latin language. Could that be a demon speaking through them

Anonymous's picture

Hi ,

I hardly remember all things went through the dream. Still me and husband were. Some demone / negative spirit i can identify in the home. This thing trying to make us fear by showing its presence by moving things in home. Like wise few scenes went, later i remember some vessel was against us , it was about to hit us. i started the prayer, but it doesnt worked. Later something from inside me told to pray,Halleluya , i did it and it was moving from us. But something inside me made difficult to pray loudly, and i was crying hard to get rid of this.Suddenly i woke up from dream.

Could you please explain why this happened.

Mark Virkler's picture

Well sounds like something has oppened the door to demonic attack. So ask the Lord what it is and get the door shut. Is there some artifact in the home that needs to be removed. Is there some sin that needs to be repented of. Did someone send a curse against you that you need to break off in Jesus name. Bind the demons, cast them out of the house, pray for the Holy Spirit to fill each and every room. Anoint all your windows and doors with oil. Pray for the blood of Jesus to cover your home.

Anonymous's picture

Recently I had a dream that my friends were taking the help from the demon to save me from the difficulties. In order to seek for help they had to sacrifice something like cutting their hairs etc. Once demon asked one of my friend to cut her hand fully for asking help they all refused the demon for doing this and end up fighting with him. In the end demon was convincing them to take his help and threating them by saying that they can't save me without his help. They have to do as he says. Then he started chasing me while talking about all this..
Can you please help me understanding what is this??

Charity Kayembe's picture

Usually dreams are symbolic. If you took the dream figuratively and understood the friends to represent parts of yourself, you could ask the question: in what way am I engaging the enemy? Am I making any compromises or sacrifices that are allowing demons to have influence in my life?

It's good that the enemy was being refused in the dream! That is encouraging. But God is showing that there is a fight going on and you should be aware of your adversary and not give him any place in your heart or life through compromise or sin. The demon was very manipulative, playing on your friends' compassion for you. In your love for someone, have you inadvertently allowed the enemy to take something personal from you?

You as the dreamer are best person to make sense of your dream because you know what was going on in your waking life when you had the dream. That is what God is speaking to you about through the dream - things that you were praying about and thinking about during the day. You're right that there is a message even in scary dreams - God is still speaking - and you can learn more in our teaching on Nightmares in Hearing God Through Your Dreams:

You do not need to be afraid of demons though! As Christians who follow God's Word, we have authority over the enemy. You don't have to run away from him. Instead, the Bible says that you can resist him, and he will run away from you (see James 4:7)!

Anonymous's picture

While I am not a big worshiper of god I still understand that he is real and that there is a life after death for those who worthy are of it. When I was younger I was baptized and I used to go to church until I decided to not anymore, I am still unaware of my reasoning for that. I have always been interested in angels and demons but lately something strange has been happening to me. At random moments during the day and sometimes at night I speak gibberish. I was confused at this so I tried looking up the words that i was speaking and found that it was in Latin. English is my first language and I have never tried to speak another language so I was unsettled by this. When I figured that out I started to have dreams of a star that was split in half, one half holding a bright and warm light that seemed peaceful while the other half was black and unsettling, the warmth coming out of it making me want to run away as fast as possible. Then a few days after I had found this out one of my friends who is a very big worshiper of god came over to my house for lunch and said that there was a strange aura in my house that didn't seem evil yet at the same time didn't feel good. When she left my house I blacked out for what felt like a second but when I could properly see again I was by my fire place crouched and there was ashes by my feet. When I looked at the ashes I noticed that I had some how drawn crosses into it. I tried to stand up but my body wouldn't move and my arm unwillingly moved and swept the ash drawn crosses away. What does this mean? Is there some kind of strange spirit or something in my house or in me?

Mark Virkler's picture

Well, it would appear that there is a battle going on for your heart and soul. God desires you to follow Him. Satan desires you to follow him. You get to choose. The split star shows the two parts (good and and evil). God gives warmth, and life and the gift of speaking in tongues (Acts 2:1-4), and healing and restoration and eternal life. It comes through the cross, Christ's death on Calvary which washes away our sins if we choose to call Him our Lord and Savior. I encourage you to read and pray through our website on Salvation, and draw close to God so your life can be all God has desired it to be. It is here:

Let God fill you so darkness and evil has no place.

Anonymous's picture

I am 18 and i was spending the night at a friends house and i noticed a strange energy coming from her closet. This energy was different from the energies of any human or animal for that matter. So, I asked if she knew that she had a spirit in her closet. She said she did. However, it was later that night that she told me that one year before her house was burnt down and a new one had been built in the pastier and her closet had ended where it is now. She had tried to summon a spirit but, she didn't know she had until they built the house. When it was time for bed she warned me that i may have some bruises on my legs in the morning. I told her i was use to that. It happens all the time at my house. However, when i did go to sleep the demon appeared in front of me. It was a boy... Maybe a year older than me. But, he was lonely and i was at my friends house but it was just me and him. In the dream i was seduced and then it was like time fast forward and i was with child. Then the alarm went off and my friend had to go to public school and i had to go home. I go to school on the computer. But then i noticed two bruises on my left thigh.... one in the shape of a demons head. the other... the shape of a baby. i was wondering if anyone could explain this??? my email is (all lower case) [email protected].... Thank You!

Mark Virkler's picture

Yes, it is possible to encounter demons in dreams. It looks like what occurred is what is described here.

So you want to have your friend repent of her sin of inviting the spirit to come and then renounce it and cast it away and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the area.

Living in righteousness is what keeps demons away, so you and her should both repent of all sins, and receive cleansing by Christ's blood. Then walk in holiness so you don't attract demons to yourselves.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Mark, I thought I'd add my understanding purely based on thoughts. I'm an LDS christian and have been dealing have been experiencing demonic activity for some time. As far as I can tell, demons CAN influence our dreams, though I agree they cannot read out thoughts. This is a common belief among other mormons. Like you, I always wondered how it was that a demon could so easily influence my dreams when they come nearby. After some research and a lot of pondering on the issue, the answer became clear that it was all spiritual communication. When an angel or demon influence out dreams, it's not because they are controlling our cognitive functions in any way, but we are receiving some kind of communication. The spirit of God doesn't communicate to us through words, but in a much purer and fuller way; though our thoughts and emotions. Unfortunately demons do the same thing.

Now, I've done a lot of research on dreams as well. Dreams are a combination of symbols that our mind chooses as it recalls what we experienced that day. So if you had an embarrassing experience, you're dream may contain people or objects that represent that emotion of humiliation or awkwardness. Typically dreams are transferring your short term memory into your long term memory and then trying to make sense of the random data being processed by turning it into a linear event as if you were awake. HOWEVER, what I have found is that all changes when a spirit is nearby. God has given all humans a certain portion of a gift of discernment so that we can communicate spiritually, or at least receive communication. When we experience a dream that is influenced by God or a demon, it is because we are picking up on a nearby communication. So whatever feeling or communication is being given off, our mind is already interpreting into symbols and visions. Often when a good communication is given, there are symbols of peace, like light, church, or people I love around me. When evil communication is being received my dreams suddenly become chaotic; lights go dim, and then dark, people and animals become ugly and vicious, or dark creatures appear. This is because my mind is feeling a feeling and then interpreting what I am feeling, just like I would with a memory, but in real time.

That is the best explanation I can give, but one that I believe is right. Demons cannot read our thoughts, but they can speak to us through our thoughts and feelings. If they do this during our sleep, we will dream according to what they are communicating to us, just like when someone tells you a story and you picture it in your mind, but with much greater accuracy because your not just hearing words, your feeling feeling as well. Spiritual communication is a great gift, but also a two-edged sword. Therefore I don't believe there is always a defense against it. We are in a war and sometimes the other side will come in contact with us. Obviously keeping ourselves clean and pure before God helps because it lessens our fear and gives them less power over us, but I personally don't believe we will ever really be able to shut out their communication with us, or else we'd also be shutting out their ability to tempt us, which is impossible. Even Christ was tempted, but he was not afraid. Temptation is possible because of spiritual communication, but so is a witness of Christ. :)

Anonymous's picture

Dear Mark: (I've only read the 3 blog entries and the first 2 videos of Take Charge of Your Health, so maybe other materials already gave the answers.) How do you reconcile ketogenic diet (70% healthy fat) with "Genesis diet"? For example, do you eat more meat/fish than before, or just mostly nuts for the 70% fat (that would be a lot of nuts ...)?

I read "here are the many scientific studies that support ketogenic diet" and "my body tells me it works". But what does the scripture and your spirit and your journaling say about it? Maybe a part 4 blog to address the spiritual/scriptural aspect would be very helpful.

Thanks, Steven S.

Justinradtke14's picture

I believe you need to base your info more on scripture and less on people’s opinions. Dreams are not random bits of information trying to be processed. I reject that completely in the name of Jesus.

Anonymous's picture

Steven beat me to it! I was watching your free health videos and also wondered how to do the Genesis diet and do Keto. So you said you quit Keto- do you still keep some parts like bulletproof coffee or bone broth? Do you do Genesis diet with higher fat or low-fat Genesis diet? Would love to hear more!

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