I Had This Sexual Dream - Yikes!!!

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I just want to know why it is that I dream dreams at times where there is sexual content to it. The ones that are romantic in nature are fine, but then there are the ones that I can see myself having relations with a man and times where I don't see myself, but know that it is me in the dream. I don't go around throughout the day thinking of sex or any man in that way, so why would I be having these types of dreams? This disturbs me because I feel there is no foundation for me to be having them, and I don't want to feel that I am not pure in God's sight. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Answer from Mark Virkler

Let me lay out some possible roots of a sexual dream.

First possible cause - I may have an evil heart:

If I’m reading or viewing pornography or otherwise fantasizing about illicit sex, then the dream is coming from an evil or perverted heart and is showing sin in my heart which I need to repent of. I think we all agree that dreams can reflect the evil in one’s heart and call us to repentance. So fine, I repent and stop sinning!

A second possible cause of a sexual dream - normal sexual rhythms within our bodies:

Principle: “Our bodily needs show up in our dreams.” For example, if you have a dream where you need to go to the bathroom, you may wake up and say, “Oh, my goodness!  I actually really do need to go to the bathroom right now!”  So your bodily needs and tensions show up in your dreams.  A sexual dream could be the natural call of my body. Maybe I’m experiencing sexual tension in my body. God has built sexual rhythms into our bodies (both male and female) and there are certain times of a week or a month where there’s stronger sexual tension in our bodies.

So if there’s sexual tension in your body that may show up in your dream.  I don’t consider that evil because I’m not the one who built sexual rhythms into my body or any kind of rhythm into my body. God did! So I don’t consider that an evil dream.  It’s just a dream showing the condition of my body. 

A third possible foundation of a sexual dream - it could be symbolic: 

I have a strong workaholic nature within me. I just love working. And when I used to take vacations, I found I couldn’t take more than one or two days without feeling guilty (I ought to be working). Now if I ever come to a point in my life where I can take a week-long vacation with no guilt that would mean two warring parts of me worked out their disagreement. These warring parts were: the part that wants to kick back and have fun, and the workaholic part within me. Now a dream that shows this spiritual maturation which has just taken place within me could very likely be a dream composed of images of me having sexual intercourse. And since I’m the workaholic, I’d probably be having intercourse with a woman who is not a workaholic, a woman who can easily have fun in life. This would symbolically show me that two parts of my personality had come together and united.

People have asked me, “Why would God use an evil picture (i.e. adultery) to communicate a spiritual truth?” My answer is, “It is only an evil picture, if you assume it is literal, rather than symbolic.” And God has clearly shown us in the Bible that dreams are to be viewed symbolically. So it is not an evil picture!

A fourth possible source - demons showing up while we sleep:

Down through Church history we have records of demons sexually molesting both men and women in their dreams. These are called incubus and succubus dreams.

Incubus - is a demon in male form who lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. St. Augustine touched on this topic when he stated, “There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them.”(Augustine (410), The City of God 15.23)

Succubus - is a demon in female form, appearing in dreams, seeking to seduce men through sexual intercourse.

So what percentage of the population has experienced incubus or succubus dreams? In the Christian Dream Interpretation seminars I have conducted over the years, I have polled probably 500 Christians, and asked if they have felt they have ever been sexually attacked in their dreams by a demon, and a shocking 15-20% of the hands will go up responding, “yes.” And the numbers are fairly evenly split between men and women. So in my estimation, incubus and succubus encounters do happen, and they happen much more frequently than most of us have imagined. I believe that in incubus and succubus dream encounters, demons are actually molesting people sexually while they sleep.

A second question I have asked in my seminars, is "how many of you have found that as you grew as a Christian the incubus and succubus dreams became less frequent and eventually disappeared altogether? It appeared that about 100% of the hands went up, saying "Yes, this is true." So I believe as our spiritual walls are built stronger, satan has less opportunity to attack us in our dreams at night. 

So how do I protect my dream life?

First, you pray for a covering of Christ’s blood over you, and the room. You bind all attack of the enemy and command him to leave. I suggest we focus on Jesus as we fall asleep. I simply say the name “Jesus” over and over, and breathe slowly as I am falling asleep. Since abiding in Christ is to be my focus during the day, why would it not also be my focus as I drift off to sleep? Of course, if you are aware of unconfessed sin in your life, repent and ask for the cleansing blood of Jesus to wash over you and put on His robe of righteousness. This gives me a positive, protected dream life. And if you awaken and are under demonic attack, call upon the name of Jesus to protect and defend you. Bind and cast away any demonic attack in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Response Back from Maria

Thank you for your reply to my question about my dream. I have to sit and really ponder what the possibilities are within your answers below. They each make a lot of sense and I will sit and reflect on what I feel the answer to my dream is. You have my permission to use this dream and my name in your blog if you would like to.

Dreams are really wonderful, especially the ones that I have where they speak prophetically and the ones that take place in real life exactly the way I have dreamed them. This used to be a regular occurrence in the past, and I used to journal them as I had them, and compared them to when they came about in real life.

Thank you again for taking the time to give me some insight into this dream.

Have a blessed day,

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Anonymous's picture

I'd like to state 2 incidents. One was when my minister brother was a prayer warrior and counselled and prayed often for/with folks, especially about family/marriage problems. One night when he was in bed (can't remember if it was before sleep or during sleep), he encountered a seductive attack actually coming over him. He, like you said, pled the Name and blood of Jesus over it immediately and it slowly went away. I've never told anyone because it was very personal. He was in the ministry and never had an affair nor entertained one.

And the 2nd incident was that I was at work, witnessing to all the employees around me. I was on a lengthy fast and strangely was placed in a different work station next to another fellow employee in my work area. We often talked about the LORD and he was soaking it all in. All of a sudden, I had this awful sexual sensation come over me. It felt like a weird sexual-sickening sensation, for lack of a better explanation. Anyway ater work I went to the LORD about this, and the LORD revealed to me that this employee was being enticed into the grips of a married woman (mother of his friend). The fellow employee had never ever mentioned this or even hinted about it. But around 2 weeks later, he came to me out of the blue and confessed and repented immediately. Unusual, since our conversation had never gone that direction.

I oftened wondered, if we are interceding for or travailing for another person, if that same spirit in them tries to attack us likewise. Or if we are being shown, through the Spirit, what is going on in their situation and how gripping these sins truly are, like the gift of knowledge, or discernment, and that God expects us to respond with commanding prayer, declaration and wisdom to speak forth deliverance. That, this too, can be a tool in the hands of the LORD. Thanks for your ministry. God bless you. Mary J

Mark Virkler's picture

I do believe that the Lord grants us discernment of how to pray for a situation by allowing us to sense or feel the situation. That knowledge shows us what needs to be prayed for. This revelation can come through spontaneous words, pictures or feelings.

Anonymous's picture

WIth great embarrassment I must ask you what you may know about a dream involving Jesus on this matter. I would say the dream did not involve intercourse but had the feeling of something erotic although I can say nothing physical happened. I believe I have had this dream twice now.

Mark Virkler's picture

You are not the first woman to share with me that they have had sexual dreams with Jesus. One lady told me she was having intercourse with Jesus and that was fine because they were "married." I made it clear to her that she was not yet married to Jesus, we are only engaged to get married, and sexual intercourse was wrong and should be stopped.

With that said, let's consider the possibilities concerning your dream:

1. You should not feel guilty for your dream. Instead you should discern the message in it and respond to it.

2. We all are created to give and receive love. We need love to survive. Sexual expression is one form of love. So if I were you, I would ask, "Am I in need of greater love from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?" If the answer is yes, and there is a longing in you that has not been fulfilled, then I would journal and ask the Lord how He wants to fulfill that longing. Hear what He says and respond to it. (Note: it is not to be fulfilled erotically with the Lord.)

3. Make sure your heart is pure and clean, and you are not filling yourself with sensuality or lust. Make sure you have repented of all sexual sins, and severed all soul ties with anyone whom you may have had sex with outside of your marriage partner. We teach about severing soul ties in our training on "Prayers That Heal the Heart."

4. If you have never been through deliverance for lust, and sexual sin has been a part of your past, then get a couple of ladies to pray deliverance prayer with you and cast out any and all sexual demons. (Note: most people need deliverance from demons of lust of the eyes and other sexual sins. I surely have received such prayer ministry in my life.)

5. Check to make sure this is not some "false jesus" who is showing up in your dream. If you discern that it is, rebuke it, and remove any roots which have allowed him to appear, and receive appropriate prayer ministry. (i.e. I suggest the seven prayers from our training on "Prayers That Heal the Heart.")

Anonymous's picture

What sister Maria wrote is practical. Many people have such experiences but they do not share because they have heard or read that such dreams are demonic. The conclusions made by deliverance ministers is that such dreams are demonic. Many can agree with your first possibility but not with the rest.

I asked God and am happy to share the following that He spoke to me:

"The mission statement of the devil is to steal, kill and destroy. He uses any available possible means to accomplish this. Planting guilt that weakens man's spiritual vigor is one of the ways. Sexual dreams may make one uncomfortable but the reasons for having a sexual dream may be many. I make some to understand the situation in the bodies and families through such dreams.

Not all sexual dreams comes as a result of demonic influence. It is becuase you are ignorant of my ways, my son. That is why you wake up condemned after such an experience. Whenever you dream any dream, ask me for the explanation. Mind you, your head can not comprehend everything anytime. I have explanation for each dream."

I understand my father. thanks for this explanation. I pray that every reader understand what you mean before responding or reacting.


Mark Virkler's picture

Feelings are a result of the pictures you are holding.Since dreams involve pictures, they also involve feelings.

Anonymous's picture

I agree with the comment about spirit husband. Just to clarify it is referred to in the dictionary as succubus and incubus - these are the Greek words for them. I myself had this issue for a long time and was set free through a prayer of deliverance casting out the spirit.

Mark Virkler's picture

I have added these kinds of dreams as a category four in my blog above.

Anonymous's picture

I liked your thoughtful answers. I would also add to the first one that it can be a demonic attack or temptation trying to enter your thoughts while you are more vulnerable/asleep. There have been a couple of occasions when I was ministering to someone with issues that had some sexual connection and it resulted in the enemy's attempt to cause betrayal or violate my personal space in the dream. My awareness of how to pray and rebuke the attack resolved it and it did not return. Hope that is helpful for some who may not have sought out pornography, but have been tempted by demonic forces to give in.

Anonymous's picture

Hi. My name is Deborah and I have been attending my church for one year now. I am 21 and have been taught since a very young age to give the outmost respect to those older than me, so I do, but I also do become easily nervous around certain people... my youth leader at church is married and has 2 young children so in my eyes I need to have a respect and greet him with a respectful tone. But I have been so bothered lately by his behaviour. I would greet him at times and there are times when he will act nervous or just ignore me like he didn't hear anything. The one time I greeted him I felt like he was looking at me in a swxual manner (he always asks me if I'm Deborah. That day he asked for the about 6th time and just looked at me from my legs to my face) I remember just feeling like he undressed me with his eyes. I felt so uncomfortable. Now last night I told my aunt about him not greeting me because I feel so hurt and I just concluded that's the way he is. As I slept I dreamt that he's wife was in another room and I was in a separate room with him. He started to make sexual advances towards me and I refused.... what does this means. I wasn't thinking if him in a sexual manner at all. And I was asking Jesus to give me an answer about something else. Please help. This has been bothering me alot.

Mark Virkler's picture

I don't think this is just symbolic, I’d take it as a warning dream. There are too many other factors in your waking life that raise serious red flags (feeling like he's undressing you with his eyes is not normal). You need to honor your feelings and honor your heart where God lives, and not ignore them just because he's in a position of authority. You want the peace of God to rule in your heart (Col. 3:15). I think the dream is telling you to not spend any time alone with him for sure, and be grateful that he's not greeting you and being friendlier with you. Keep your distance, there are other women in the Lord who can invest in your life so you do not need to force yourself to receive from someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable.

Anonymous's picture

Hello Mark,
If you could please help me with this, it would be much appreciated: : Last night I had a dream that I was at a mall of some kind. While walking through, a shopkeeper started trying to persuade me to come into the shop. He seemed friendly and there were a lot of things in the shop so I eventually decided to take a look. He was following me around as I looked at different items and he was commenting on different things. Eventually he said he would give me something for free, I said no I couldn't accept it and would gladly pay for everything but then he came close to me as he put the free item in the bag. As he did, he reached inside my clothes and tried to pull them off. As I was struggling, I noticed his helper in the store was doing this with another woman in the store, but she appeared to be enjoying this. Once I got free I ran out of the store. What does it mean? The shopkeepers didn't appear to be anyone I know.

Mark Virkler's picture

I would pray and ask the Lord if there are any areas in my life that I am letting myself be taken advantage of in. It may or may not be in a sexual way. For example, am I letting someone "have their way with me" financially? Is someone putting undue pressure on me? Is there any area in my life that I'm being made to feel uncomfortable? Or a situation that just doesn't feel right to me?

The fact that it occurred at a mall, in a shop -- normally that would be a safe public place where you wouldn't expect this sort of behavior. So maybe the dream is showing you that you need to have discernment and wisdom in environments and relationships that you would normally presume to be non-threatening. Just pray for Holy Spirit to show you who or what the dream is referring to.

I believe it is a warning dream and you have not yet been violated. Just be prayerful moving forward and sensitive to any situation that gives you a check in your spirit. Don't feel "rail-roaded" into anything you're not comfortable with. The dream is very encouraging because it shows that you do have that discernment (you didn't want to accept his advances and free gifts), and the end result is that you did get away. God always provides a way of escape!

Anonymous's picture

Hello Mark
I woke up this morning after dreaming that I was bathing in a public place and a young lady i do not know,seductively came to touch my manhood. I woke up and discovered that i was wet. what could this mean

Mark Virkler's picture

Ask, where in my life do I fee exposed and vulnerable? Where am I being enticed to do that which is not proper (don’t limit this just to sex)? In what way does the feminine side of me want to integrate with the masculine side of me (i.e. nurture, love and concern with raw strength and ambition)?

Anonymous's picture

Hallo Mark! Thank God I bumped into this blog today as I have also experienced sexual dreams for as long as I can remember however this had never really bothered me before as I thought it was normal because I was sexually active until I repented a year and half ago and became a new creation in the LORD!

A lot of the times this would happen with strangers or even a blank faces. My mom took me to one pastor for a deliverance prayer as we believe this is a demonic deed as sometimes before it happens I would feel a heavy presence of somebody lying beside me that I cannot even move. I was even told that this is referred to as "spiritual husband" and that its purpose is to destroy one's life, that one never marries or even if they do that they never have children, and that one never advances in life. That's the case with me. I am educated with a degree but its hasn't been easy for me to find a job, everytime I go for an interview its either I wasn't good enough or the position is not filled anymore. I haven't spoken about this to my elders at my church as I am scared of being judged to be weak. I remember hinting it to one lady at church and she rebuked me and said I shouldn't allow the enemy have his way with me I have to fight. I tried to pray for myself and always rebuked this feelings. Sometimes it would take a while to an extent that I believed it had been casted out but it doent look like it has as I had one this morning. Please help me Mark, I know that God forbids this behavior, I want to be pure, I always pray for purity and my temple to be protected but sometimes I wonder whether God is hearing me!

Anonymous's picture

Please Sir, help me here, in couples of months now I always see myself in a dream having sex with my song leader in the church, we have done it on the bed, in the bathroom, but the one that really bothered me now is the one we did at the alter. all happened in the dream, sir what can I do

Mark Virkler's picture

Question: Do you have an infatuation with her? During your waking hours, are you fantasizing sexually about her? If so, you need to repent immediately and ask God to purify your heart.
I go to sleep saying the name of Jesus over and over. I describe this in more detail here: http://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/spirit-energized-sleep-technique
I highly recommend you do this, so you go to sleep meditating on pure things.

Mark Virkler's picture

Well if you used to be sexually active, then you have soul ties which need to be severed, between you and each person you have been sexuality active with. Then you want to have accompanying demons cast out.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to then fill those areas, and worship continually so you are filled with His light.
we cover these principles in more depth in our Prayers That Heal the Heart materials and our Contributing Strands Worksheet (which can be downloaded free from the "Free" tab on this website.

You need a couple of spiritual advisors you can share fully with, without fear. Seek them out and use them.

Nahrandria's picture

hello Mark,
rhanks God i was searching on Internet today and found your blog.
i have been reading the commentaries and your answer.i am 23 and i am already a christian
i do also have the same problem.
these last days i dream about a man i can't see his face who want to have sex with me,and then today again this morning i was feeling like someone is having sex with me.how can it be?
i do really believe it is not from God,it is a devil work.
i really need prayer.
it will be quite difficult for me to talk about it with my pastor can you help me?
can't i get deliver by myself from such a satan's work without getting the pastor involved?
i am quite wondering and asking to Jesus why does he permits this to happen to me?
because i am asking for His protection.

Mark Virkler's picture

Sounds like a demon molesting you.
I would pray around your bedroom.
Command all demons to leave in Jesus name. Pray for the Holy Spirit to come and fill the room.

Take some oil (any kind), pray over it for the Holy Spirit to infuse it with His power. Then put a dab of the oil on all doors and windows to your bedroom, anointing them in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and speaking His protection over your bedroom.

put worship music on during the day, and perhaps as you go to sleep.

As you lay in bed going to sleep, repeat the name of Jesus over and over. I slow my breathing down and as I breath in, I say "Je" and see His spirit as light entering me.

As I breath out, I say "sus" and see the semi-light of my spirit going back to Him.

This should help protect you from demonic attack and fill you with God's divine light and His spirit as you sleep.

Anonymous's picture

Hello brother Mark, first I tell you a bit about me so you have a clear picture of who I am.
I'm a 62 year old grandma, I'm a very strong Christian believer, all I do is read the Word of God, pray and try to help as many souls posible to come to Christ, I having had any sexual relationship in more than 20 years, I'm a very strong Puritan, never watch anything that has sexual content, and never even think about sex.
Last night I had a clear encounter with a demon, I went to bed and as soon as I felt to sleep some thing was holding me from behind and was touching my privet parts and saying things in my ear I was trying to wake up desperately I even open my eyes and to the side I saw a hand and it was small like a child's hand, I couldn't move and was trying so hard to wake up, it was horrible. As soon as I wake up I started to rebuk in the name of Jesus Christ, over and over, but my privet part felt like something had touch it, I remember this had happened 2 more times recently.
I don't get it because I'm not a sinful person, I even confess to Abba Father every time that I do anything wrong, like get mad at my daughter or son in law. I'm waiting for Jesus return because I believe that the rapture is about to happen, so I'm very carful of any sin and my thoughts are really very pure.
Why something like this is happening to me? I'm going to rebuke every demon that can be in my house. But I don't know what else to do.
It was horrible out of a scary movie..
As soon as I wake up I looked in the Internet for an answer and your article come up. Please can you tell me what you think, I'm scare of going to sleep.
Thank you so much. God bless you and your family, Maranatha, viviana

Mark Virkler's picture

It seems clear to me that this section from my blog above, applies to what has happened to you.
A fourth possible source - demons showing up while we sleep:

Down through Church history we have records of demons sexually molesting both men and women in their dreams. These are called incubus and succubus dreams.

Incubus - is a demon in male form who lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. St. Augustine touched on this topic when he stated, “There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them.”(Augustine (410), The City of God 15.23).

To protect yourself:
1) pray for the blood of Jesus to cover you and the room you sleep in.
2) pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you.
3) ask what has allowed this attack... is it a curse sent against you, is it the open door of fear, or some other sin?
4) Listen to God, repent as necessary, and close any open doors.

This should take care of it.
There is no new item you have purchased or obtained, recently that is in your home??? This could be the open door if it has some occult connection...

Anonymous's picture

Thank you so much for your answer. Last night I did all you said and read out loud Psalm 91. I was thinking if it could be demons that belong to someone else. I live in a property own by my daughter, so her, her husband and 3 children live next to me, down stairs is an apartment that this guy rents and he has very an immoral life style, he used to have a gf and bring 2 other girls to spend the night, it's the free peace and love evil mentaliy. One day I couldn't take it anymore and my daughter told him he couldn't have ppl spending the night. But maybe this demons that he has attracted are traveling in this house. Do you think that could be it? I do feel like I'm seal by the HolySpirit and I do repent of any sins every night. My sins are always the same, loose temper, I get to much involved with the sins of the others and creates problems .
Thank you brother appreciate your time and knowledge.
God bless you and your family.

Anonymous's picture

Hello. I want to know what to do. I don't know if I'm under attack but would like advice.
I used to be involved with masturbation, porn and erotic literature. I have struggled with homosexual "feelings" since I was about 8. But 13 is when it came to fruition. I kept a weird "journal" at age 8, where I would put a "tick" to when my netball coaches (female) were nice to me. Looking back at those feelings I had back then were not right. I'd say age 8 onwards is when the strange homosexual feelings started (those in authority).
I had sexual thoughts when I was young. I think this may have come from a male porn book (featured women showing everything) that was found outside our house one day, and I looked at it. I am not sure if I had feelings before towards women. I still struggle with the feelings today if I see a woman half dressed or who is beautiful. And deal with the masturbation feelings for no reason during the day and also during emotional distress.

I am not gay, am a virgin and have never been involved in any relationship with anybody. I have not been involved with the masturbation for several months (porn longer). Nothing in my daily life is sexual. I only listen to Christian music and watch Christian related videos and read Christian books. Could it be do with the fact I never had a father?! Or the fact my mother in the psst seven years has developed a personality disorder which i believe started earlier?

I am approaching my monthly period, but have not had any sexual dreams in this nature. It felt different. I had one three nights ago which was quite powerful in its feel to it. I was aware at the end it was a dream and tried to awake from it but couldn't open my eyes and went further into the dream with more sex. I prayed that day, tried casting out the demon of lust and spent time with God and reading the bible. Thought it was dealt with. (That night I did accidentally see women in bikinis on a television show I didn't intend to watch!?). Following night another heterosexual dream. Tried casting out again. Prayer. Now last night it turned to homosexual dreams involving a woman I used to know and well...feel towards. When I saw her in the dream I had romantic feelings for her. I have tried casting out the demon of homosexuality loudly today.
It's almost as if acknowledging it made the demons angrier. So now they have attacked me more.
(The sexual dreams in the past involved male teachers I fancied and I still deal with these dreams. I believe I have emotions tied to every male I have ever met. I believe I am searching for love and acceptance and a relationship. I do think I am very emotionally driven in all ways.)

I admit my faith has been wonky lately. The past two or so months I've been feeling strange mentally. I developed scrupulosity to become the opposite later. Mentally all over the place with my faith. I admit my daily walk with God has been bad. My health has been all over the place, my mother has a personality disorder that is affecting me too. We have been fighting. Her relationship with her husband is bad.
Last night we had drama and an odd thing happened... For about to days I have been thinking "be bad if my light blew!!" and I have no idea why I thought that. Well, last night after their argument my light blew. Timing perfect? Guess a coincidence.

I am unaware of any curses upon me. But I wonder if anything I deal with today is to do with that porn book that popped up outside our house for no reason one day? Any emotional ties to women I used to know? I feel i have many.
My relationship with my mother has been bad for 7 years. She developed a personality disorder. Which i think was before she met him. I think it came from deep emotional pain and her own mother who was similar.
She admits her heart has gone hard. She has never had any happy relationship with any man. I believe she doesn't love me. I believe she has narcissist personality disorder. I have no relationship with my stepfather, there is no love and he abuses her daily and has never loved me. He has shown me abuse in some ways too. Emotional control over her thoughts towards me and power abuse.
I don't know what to do because I'm still under attack. I have lost all about a small amount of interest in God for no reason and this has made it worse. I feel spiritually dead. I don't know if it is hormonal but I've never dealt with this on this level. I've never had sex dreams 3 days in a row, even during my monthly.

Thank you. I hope you can help, i have no one to go to.

Mark Virkler's picture

The basics are for you to deepen your walk with God. Make sure you are fully saved. I suggest you spend a few hours on our salvation website, going through the prayers, and praying them from your heart.http://www.bornofthespirit.today/
Then, you want to be in daily dialogue with God. We have free stuff here, to get you started.http://www.cwgministries.org/Four-Keys-to-Hearing-Gods-Voice. You can not drive darkness out of your life, unless you have brought the light of Christ into your life. The two steps above let you bring His light in. The third thing to do, is to go through the 7 prayers which heal up heart wonds so demons can be easily cast out. We teach this step here:http://www.cwgministries.org/free-resources-prayers-that-heal-the-heart

Doing the above will set you free.


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You can be the parent God wants you to be: loving, encouraging, trusting and able to raise up your children in the way they should go, fulfilling their own unique destinies. Parenting was not intended to be a burden, and anyone who tells you differently has bought into a lie. You will learn to enjoy parenting as an exciting, joy-filled, divinely-ordained opportunity, not an wearying responsibility.

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4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice - Teen Edition

by Kay Velker and Mark Virkler | 164 Pages

Get your teens excited about hearing God's voice, two-way journaling and receiving divine vision! Keep them from going through teenage rebellion by teaching them how to hear from the Lord personally every single day of their lives. Give them a foundation that will let them accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible! 

Price: $9.95
4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice Pre-Teen Edition

4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice Pre-Teen Edition

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 39 Pages

This book will ensure that your children learn to hear the voice of God. Generally young people can hear God’s voice easier than adults can! And by teaching them the four keys early on they will clearly recognize His voice as they grow up, positioning them to readily experience His maximum grace and goodness every day of their lives.

Price: $4.95
49 Lies I Rejected When I Renounced Phariseeism

49 Lies I Rejected When I Renounced Phariseeism

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 112 Pages

If you have ever believed any of the following lies, then this book is for you: "Emotions are soulish;" "Money is evil or secular;" "It is wrong to seek vision;" "Don’t trust experiences;" "God gave me a mind and expects me to use it;" "Politics are evil;" God is always beating on me;" or one of 43 more such detestable lies...

Price: $9.95
Am I Being Deceived?

Am I Being Deceived?

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 110 Pages
Do you know where the boundaries are? Do you know the distinguishing traits of true Christianity, phariseeism, and the New Age Movement? You will after you have read this book. Set your borders straight, your vision high, and your passion at full steam ahead. Come explore true Christianity, phariseeism, and the New Age Movement.
Price: $12.99
Apprenticed to Leadership

Apprenticed to Leadership

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 74 Pages

Apprenticeship: "Soaking up the spirit and anointing of another."

Apprenticeship is the most time-honored approach to learning. It has proven itself through all of history, was used by Jesus of Nazareth to disciple the Twelve, and is being restored in America today by progressive educators.

Price: $8.95