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I just want to know why it is that I dream dreams at times where there is sexual content to it. The ones that are romantic in nature are fine, but then there are the ones that I can see myself having relations with a man and times where I don't see myself, but know that it is me in the dream. I don't go around throughout the day thinking of sex or any man in that way, so why would I be having these types of dreams? This disturbs me because I feel there is no foundation for me to be having them, and I don't want to feel that I am not pure in God's sight. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


Answer from Mark Virkler

Let me lay out some possible roots of a sexual dream.

First possible cause - I may have an evil heart:

If I’m reading or viewing pornography or otherwise fantasizing about illicit sex, then the dream is coming from an evil or perverted heart and is showing sin in my heart which I need to repent of. I think we all agree that dreams can reflect the evil in one’s heart and call us to repentance. So fine, I repent and stop sinning!

A second possible cause of a sexual dream - normal sexual rhythms within our bodies:

Principle: “Our bodily needs show up in our dreams.” For example, if you have a dream where you need to go to the bathroom, you may wake up and say, “Oh, my goodness!  I actually really do need to go to the bathroom right now!”  So your bodily needs and tensions show up in your dreams.  A sexual dream could be the natural call of my body. Maybe I’m experiencing sexual tension in my body. God has built sexual rhythms into our bodies (both male and female) and there are certain times of a week or a month where there’s stronger sexual tension in our bodies.

So if there’s sexual tension in your body that may show up in your dream.  I don’t consider that evil because I’m not the one who built sexual rhythms into my body or any kind of rhythm into my body. God did! So I don’t consider that an evil dream.  It’s just a dream showing the condition of my body. 

A third possible foundation of a sexual dream - it could be symbolic: 

I have a strong workaholic nature within me. I just love working. And when I used to take vacations, I found I couldn’t take more than one or two days without feeling guilty (I ought to be working). Now if I ever come to a point in my life where I can take a week-long vacation with no guilt that would mean two warring parts of me worked out their disagreement. These warring parts were: the part that wants to kick back and have fun, and the workaholic part within me. Now a dream that shows this spiritual maturation which has just taken place within me could very likely be a dream composed of images of me having sexual intercourse. And since I’m the workaholic, I’d probably be having intercourse with a woman who is not a workaholic, a woman who can easily have fun in life. This would symbolically show me that two parts of my personality had come together and united.

People have asked me, “Why would God use an evil picture (i.e. adultery) to communicate a spiritual truth?” My answer is, “It is only an evil picture, if you assume it is literal, rather than symbolic.” And God has clearly shown us in the Bible that dreams are to be viewed symbolically. So it is not an evil picture!

A fourth possible source - demons showing up while we sleep:

Down through Church history we have records of demons sexually molesting both men and women in their dreams. These are called incubus and succubus dreams.

Incubus - is a demon in male form who lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. St. Augustine touched on this topic when he stated, “There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them.”(Augustine (410), The City of God 15.23)

Succubus - is a demon in female form, appearing in dreams, seeking to seduce men through sexual intercourse.

So what percentage of the population has experienced incubus or succubus dreams? In the Christian Dream Interpretation seminars I have conducted over the years, I have polled probably 500 Christians, and asked if they have felt they have ever been sexually attacked in their dreams by a demon, and a shocking 15-20% of the hands will go up responding, “yes.” And the numbers are fairly evenly split between men and women. So in my estimation, incubus and succubus encounters do happen, and they happen much more frequently than most of us have imagined. I believe that in incubus and succubus dream encounters, demons are actually molesting people sexually while they sleep.

A second question I have asked in my seminars, is "how many of you have found that as you grew as a Christian the incubus and succubus dreams became less frequent and eventually disappeared altogether? It appeared that about 100% of the hands went up, saying "Yes, this is true." So I believe as our spiritual walls are built stronger, satan has less opportunity to attack us in our dreams at night. 

So how do I protect my dream life?

First, you pray for a covering of Christ’s blood over you, and the room. You bind all attack of the enemy and command him to leave. I suggest we focus on Jesus as we fall asleep. I simply say the name “Jesus” over and over, and breathe slowly as I am falling asleep. Since abiding in Christ is to be my focus during the day, why would it not also be my focus as I drift off to sleep? Of course, if you are aware of unconfessed sin in your life, repent and ask for the cleansing blood of Jesus to wash over you and put on His robe of righteousness. This gives me a positive, protected dream life. And if you awaken and are under demonic attack, call upon the name of Jesus to protect and defend you. Bind and cast away any demonic attack in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Response Back from Maria

Thank you for your reply to my question about my dream. I have to sit and really ponder what the possibilities are within your answers below. They each make a lot of sense and I will sit and reflect on what I feel the answer to my dream is. You have my permission to use this dream and my name in your blog if you would like to.

Dreams are really wonderful, especially the ones that I have where they speak prophetically and the ones that take place in real life exactly the way I have dreamed them. This used to be a regular occurrence in the past, and I used to journal them as I had them, and compared them to when they came about in real life.

Thank you again for taking the time to give me some insight into this dream.

Have a blessed day,

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LOYD J DUNCAN's picture

I understand a turn off when talking about sex with CHRIST. That sounds homosexual. But what about the BRIDE OF CHRIST. ? The bible talks about that. God is a lover and we reflect as husband and wife parell with CHRIST AND THE CHURCH . It is a mystery to us. Men are not comfortable about being the bride of Christ. Other men are not. They are wired up such a way intimately discern but not a sexual act. If a believer felt that way as sexual than I would believe God would convict them. God hasd create us in such a way that even our spouse cannot satify but only GOD can. A couple in Christ when we alow the HOLY SPIRIT PRESENT in Bed he satisfy beyond our selves. Satan cannot  creat he only counterfeits. Does that not tell you something ? Yes, there is evil spirits of succubus and  incubus. But attacks while sleeping. It is a counterfeit ? That tells you something of the real thing. God is a Savior and the lover of our souls. He is personal and not some metal mind bible verses  head knowledge. Knowing God intimately is the same greek work to Know God as Adam knew eve in Genisis 4:1. God is not just a - oh I know who that person is ( not sexual ) but a very personal God. Male and female GOD - US he created. Psams 63:1 and 84:2, Psalms 42:1 , Psamls 38: 9, Psalms 73:25, Isaiah 55 ; 1,2, Revelation 3:20. But than at the end of Revelation the HOLY SPIRIT says AND THE SPIRIT AND BRIDE SAY COME REVELATION 22: 17. The  SPIRIT OF CHRIST. I beleive we will be married to CHrist eternally and have intimacy but beyond our understand in a husband and  wife  relationship- sex. But will be greater than sex !

I would agree that spiritual intimacy is beyound  the physical intimacy of sex. Mark V.

Anonymou's picture

Hi my name is John, i have been having these dreams occasionally which i see people having sex in the dream and immediately i ejaculate. Before i used to watch porn and masturbate when i wasn't in a relationship with God, i also used to engaged in sexual immoralities with any girl i am close to but since i gave my life to Christ, i pray almost every night from 2:30 to a little affer 3am but sometimes of recent after praying when i try and sleep back i see people having sex in my dream and I immediately ejaculate and in physical I immediately feel the urge to masturbate, but immediately i plead the blood of Jesus and drink little of my anointing oil 

but what does this dream mean

note the people i see having sex in my dream, i do not know the guy and the lady, i do always see the guy's face but i most times don't see the lady's face

Response back concerning your dream.

You need to go through the Prayers that Heal the Heart series. Especially applying the prayer for unseavering ungodly soul ties (with ALL you have had sex with, as well as with Porn in general), and delivergence, casting out demons of immorality, fear, lust, masterbation, porn, fornacation, and perhaps others. It would be best to go to a team that does deliverance and have them do the deliverance part for you. The first step of unseavering ungoldy soul ties, you can do. The full teaching of Prayers That Heal the Heart is available here: https://www.cwgministries.org/free-resources-prayers-that-heal-the-heart 

Macmartins's picture

Hi Mark. I am a 22 male. I had a dream where a lady in red dress came up to me and I immediately grabbed her and start kissing. In the dream, I was too kin to have sex but she refused but I was wet during the kissing. Immediately I woke up. I don't understand what this means.

No one's picture

Hello Sir. I am in my early 20's. I am a male. I just woke up from a dream. I was seduced by a strange lady in a red dress to have sex with her. We kissed for a while and I quickly ejaculated outside on her. Please Sir, I feel this is a demonic attack. I usually see pornography and masturbate atimes. I currently struggle with making productive decision in real life. Please what is the meaning of the dream and how can overcome it,,? 

Response  from CWG Ministries.

You should repent from looking at porn, and focus instead on Jesus at your right hand at all times (Acts 2:25; Ps. 16:8).  The only way to overcome sin is to DISPLACE it. if you are picturing Jesus with you I  (abiding in Christ), then you will not be picturing sexual situations.

You should be journaling about finding a wife whome can serve the Lord together with you and you can minister grace one to another.


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Hello, I have been having dreams about actor Chris Hemsworth (the guy who plays Thor in the Avengers movies.) The dreams are never sexual, and my husband gives me permission to go with him to his house. In the dreams, the actor is just a friend. I had two dreams of him, two nights in a row. The only really odd part is that I am extremely attached to him in the dreams. He is a handsome man, but I would never cheat on my husband. 

Last night I dreamed that my husband and I were camping in front of an old friends apartment. My husband wanted to buy cocaine from him and  I wanted marijuana. (These are drugs we have done in the past, but do not do anymore.) In the dream we never got the drugs. This friend was someone that we are no longer in contact with, but when we were friends, I thought he was handsome. We never had inappropriate contact and were just friends. In my dream he told me he was gay, but he was with an older woman who was a lesbian. I guess he was wanting to become transgender in my dream. I know in real life he is not homosexual or anything like that. In my dream, he said he wished we could have sex, but I said  I was menstruating and could not, but I wanted to. Later in the dream I was on a boat with a bunch of people and there were huge waves, so big that we had to be strapped in or we would fall out. When the boat docked, another male friend showed up (my husband and I were very close to him when my husband was in the Air Force - his wife cheated on him while he was deployed and he divorced her.) I always thought this man was handsome as well, but actually dreamed in the past that my husband was the one who was unfaithful with this man. Neither of them have ever had homosexual urges that I know of so, I'm not sure what that's about. In the most recent dream, I was helping him because he was in distress, and I was very attracted to him during this dream. 

I don't normally have dreams about being attracted to men who aren't my husband. I've been through deliverance several times and have been delivered. I've also broken off soul ties with ex boyfriends. 

Lately my connection with God has felt a bit strained and not as close. Yesterday before bed, I prayed for homosexuals and transgenders to have a mighty encounter with the Lord and to be washed clean of their sins into a new life. I also prayed for my husband to be set free from nicotine addiction and alcoholism. I prayed for my brother who is in an unwholesome relationship with a much older woman. 

One time I did dream that I was with Jesus and Peter and Jesus told me to tell him that I wanted to be his bride. He asked and I said yes, and he kissed me on the lips. 

Do you have any advice? Thanks so much in advance! God bless!

My advice is... Dreams are normally symbolic. When you dream about people in dreams they are normally parts of yourself. So to determine the part of yourself it is, you ask, "what is the chief characteristic of that person as I see them." then you are talking about that part of you. So it is you desiring MORE of this character trait in your life.

Mark Virkler's picture

I do understand this being disturbing. I do believe it is a demonic attack.  I am not aware that a demon can cause a pregency, so I don't believe I would fear that.

What I would do is to make sure I am walking in complete holiness. That involves clean thoughts, clean pictures, clean actions and a spiritual ferventness. Make these things your top priority. Feed on God's word and fellowship with Christian friends. Avoid all evil thoughts, pictures and actions. Bind all demons connected with lust, perversion, fornication, sexual impurity, adultry and command them all to leave in Jesus name. If this is a life-dominating problem for you, then get together with a deliverance ministry team and receive some prayer ministry to get healed up. All pornography and lustful pictures MUST GO!

Ask for the blood of Jesus to cleanse you and purify you. Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill you and change you. Ask for peace to flood your heart, your soul and your mind.

Work diligently on enhancing all levels of intimacy with your husband.

Do not secumb to fear, as fear is actually faith in the power of satan to mess you up. NEVER give in to fear. Bind and rebuke the demon of fear and command it to go in Jesus name. Ask Jesus to speak words of comfort and strength to you. He will. Tune to flow and record what He speaks to you.

All will be well. Be at peace. The God of Heaven is on your side. He will keep you and set you free.

Anonymous seeker's picture

Thank you for support. I couldn't help but to comment in regards to incubus dream. Would you please guide me as well? A few days ago I had a dream where I was making love to my husband but I did not find pleasure. And somehow I tell my husband to wait and I'm having intercourse with another male in the same bed that randomly  had a face of a student I used to know and is a college student now (homosexual). I was extremely caught off guard and extremely disturbed. But the moment I felt penetration twice, I felt much pleasure as if it were real, but had also felt that something dark had been injected within me. After waking up, I've been struggling with this for days and event felt bloated (could be my mind playing mental tricks) and sought the Lord's repentance especially with my previous fornications and asked for cleansing, especially because the pleasure and what was injected in me felt so real. I prayed for Christ to cleanse whatever is inside me whether it was in my dream from even physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect. My husband and I have been trying to have a baby... and I just tell myself that I hope I am not pregnant with what had been inserted from my dream. Doesn't this sound bizarre? Please provide your feedback, because my mind can go a thousand ways. I can really use a piece of comfort...

Mark Virkler's picture

Since you woke up bruised, I would assume an  Incubus encounter

It seems clear to me that this section from my blog above, applies to what has happened to you.
A fourth possible source - demons showing up while we sleep:

Down through Church history we have records of demons sexually molesting both men and women in their dreams. These are called incubus and succubus dreams.

Incubus - is a demon in male form who lies upon sleepers, especially women, in order to have intercourse with them. St. Augustine touched on this topic when he stated, “There were too many attacks by incubi to deny them.”(Augustine (410), The City of God 15.23).

To protect yourself:
1) pray for the blood of Jesus to cover you and the room you sleep in.
2) pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you.
3) ask what has allowed this attack... is it a curse sent against you, is it the open door of fear, or some other sin?
4) Listen to God, repent as necessary, and close any open doors.

This should take care of it.
There is no new item you have purchased or obtained, recently that is in your home??? This could be the open door if it has some occult connection...

Anonymous 1's picture

I have had several nightmares (disturbing dreams) over the summer that I would like to understand the meaning behind and dissolve them in Jesus name.

I would like to preface this by saying it is rare that I dream in general (With some of them actually taking place in the physical relm.) and this summer I have had very disturbing dreams. I am not afraid that these will “come true” because they are so different than other dreams I’ve experienced.

I have recently repented of fornication that I was in for the past year and viewing a porn video to see what it’s about and have not participated in these sins in months. I have prayed against any evil spirits that I have allowed into my life and repented of generational curses of fornication and unloving spirits. Yet, I am still experiencing strange and sexual dreams (that I never had even during my backsliding) occasionally. 

I have had strange dreams of a baby that somehow was mine in my dream (I have no children as of yet and do not plan to until I am married.) and in several dreams I have seen myself breastfeeding a baby. 

In the first sexual dream I was about to be date raped by a young man I have only met, but nothing occurred because I woke up and rebuked the dream and the evil spirits causing them. 

In the second, it was incest with my dad.   (I have never been sexually molested or attacked by anyone or even watched any video or anything of the sort.) It was an extremely disturbing dream, all I remember of it was that my dad (in the dream) had sexual relations with me and I did not want to and I cried in the dream because I thought I would have to one day tell my future husband I wasn’t a virgin because of my dad. (Who has never laid a finger on me in any evil way.) I woke up so confused and was so relieved when I realized it was all a dream. 

The third and most recent was two nights ago and it was of the man I desire to marry and who is waiting to marry me. We were having sex and he asked me to marry him while in the act and I question him if he really meant that and he said yes and asked me again if I would marry him and I was so confused I said nothing and woke up. When I did my body felt bruised like I actually experienced something. And there was a darkness I felt.

I have been praying against these dreams most of the summer but I feel as though I lack understanding because they are still occurring. I would greatly appreciate any discernment on my dreams. Thank you very much in advance! 



Mark Virkler's picture

Yes, I agree that attacking demons can come as spirit husbands and spirit wives. To learn more about this, Google the phrase "spirit husbands and spirit wives."

Mark Virkler's picture

Looks to me like God was answering your prayer. You prayed for a stronger marriage, and the imagery in the dream was stronger, more satisfying love. I would believe for that and speak that and act for that and watch God do a miracle.

Destiny's picture

Before bed I did alot of praying to God about my marriage and allowing him to take control I specifically told God I need his love to fill me up so I'm praying him and his spirit falls so heavenly on me till I'm speaking the heavenly language and that night I felt so much better went to sleep I dreamt my husband and I were making love but it's next level the feeling was so much more satisfying 

Anonymous's picture

Pls kindly help interprete dream. Been seperated from boyfriend for 6 months due to him withdrawing from me. I suspect he started seeing another lady. He has started communicating with me now trying to re-establish the relationship, however, I have my doubts now on if he is the right one for me and have been meditating on that. Had a dream he was performing oral sex on two women one after the other. I feel like God is trying to tell me something about him. Thank you.

Mark Virkler's picture

I believe your heart has told you not to trust him, and the dream would appear to confirm that he is willing to be intimate with more than one woman, so steer clear.

Anonymous's picture

I need help with a dream I had last night. It's a long story but I will do the best I can. I understand demonic dreams. I bind the spirits every night or else I will be attacked, mostly sexual. I'm married but seperated. My husband is living with another woman. I believe God wants me to wait on him. I'm trying, but it is hard. Especially since my ex-husband wants to get back together. Last night I bound the spirits and asked God to walk with me in my dreams. I asked God who He had for me, what His will was. Not what I wanted, but Him. I asked if it was my husband then for my husband to show up in my dreams. If it was my ex the same. Or no dream for either. I dreamed that I was about to have sex with my ex hiden from everyone in a dark room but we were interrupted. The scene changed and I was with my husband in a convertible, just out in the open. He started touching me sexually. We were not interrupted. At this point though, I forced myself awake as I am starting to be able to do during the demonic attacks. I know that if I wake up in the night and drift back off in my sleepy state without binding the spirits I will be attack. I could have done this last night. I guess I'm not sure where the dream came from. I never equated sexual dreams being from God, only the demonic. So I'm confused.

Charity Kayembe's picture

It's excellent that you are seeking God's direction for you and your marriage. You initially said you believe God wants you to wait for your husband to return to you. Your dream certainly seems to echo that message.

When you dreamt of being with your first husband it was dark, hidden in secret and hindered. However, when you dreamt of being with your current husband it sounds as though it was the opposite in every way: bright light, out in the open, nothing to be ashamed of or hiding, and it was not interrupted or hindered within the dream itself. Your intimacy was green-lighted, so to speak.

That seems like it could be confirming God's original word to you of waiting. Having a dream with your husband touching you sexually would not be considered demonic. Your husband should want to touch you in this way, and the dream may be encouraging you that he will desire to be with you in this way again - just as the Lord had spoken to your heart. It's showing a joining together of you and your husband, sex is a picture of uniting and becoming one. Indeed, that is God's Word on marriage: what He has joined together, don't let anyone separate. The dream showed you joining together again, but you were fighting the joining and causing separation.

The fact that you purposefully stopped the joining together could be a point of prayer. You may want to meditate on Mark 10:7-9 and ask the Lord if there is anything you are doing in waking life that is preventing or hindering that re-uniting with your husband, and having your marriage relationship rejoined and restored.

Very exciting that you're dreaming Scripture and listening to Heaven through your night visions. Lord bless you!

Anonymous's picture

Thank you for your reply. I believed I forced myself awake because I thought where the dream was headed was not from God. I read what you said and that you thought me forcing myself awake was deeper than my fear of the dream being demonic in nature. So I asked God what was hindering my husband coming home. Last night I dreamed and it was a jumbled mess. I don't understand it. I was going to get a bath and then meet up with my husband, but everything kept stopping me from my bath. I was trying, but things stopped me. The water didn't go in the tub, like the shower head was spraying outside the tub. Fixed that. The drain wasn't closed. Fixed that. I started to get in and my dogs jumped in and turned the water dirty. Then the tub was filthy. I tried to undress but I had on another layer of clothes. I took them off and looked at my legs to make sure I was undressed. I got in the tub and noticed I still had on another shirt. By this time I'm thinking I'm late and I've missed meeting my husband. The scene changes. And it's me trying to reach my husband but I'm delayed by my sister, car trouble, the phone not working, the phone changes and it's not a phone...I never reached my husband in this dream. I'm confused and depressed when I wake up.

Mark Virkler's picture

Well, looks like there is a clean up job to be done. And it looks like there are layers and layers of things to deal with as you get cleaned up. So I would go to work on this, asking the Lord to show you the things in your life which need cleaning up, and then cooperating with Him and following His instructions. I strongly recommend you do two way journaling as that is by far the fastest way I have discovered to have the Lord help me get cleaned up. We introduce two-way journaling here:http://www.cwgministries.org/Four-Keys-to-Hearing-Gods-Voice

This blog may be helpful also:http://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/healing-cellular-memories-worksheet
May God speed you on your way!

Anonymous's picture

Also, to add to my comment. I recently spoke with my pastor about a guy in my church I was interested in. In turns he knows now. I've been praying to God if he is my mate. I had a dream of him, and it seemed like we were in a relationship working towards marriage. We weren't sexually intimate, but we kissed, and after he left my lips immediately swelled up, and I got up to look in the mirror a d they were largely swollen. A few months earlier I had a dream he came to my job and asked for my hand in a courting relationship. I wanted to know could this mean God is showing he's the one or is the enemy is trying to confuse me that he isn't because he wants to have his way in dreams with me. HELP PLEASE

Mark Virkler's picture

Lets not forget that dreams are normally symbolic in the Bible and in our lives. So if we interpret the symbolism, you will need to ask, what is it that I am hungering for? And it is not necessarily to be limited to getting married. Well, whatever it is you think you want, and then you get, you discover, that it is not necessarily in your best interests, as it causes a terrible reaction in you. So ask the Lord what this might be so you can avoid it and not need to suffer with a bad reaction in your life.

Anonymous's picture

Hello, I need help. Sometimes I have dreams where I am just wandering around in a place searching for suitable men, and then I proceed to kiss them. I always stop before sex happens, and some of them get mad, or some will have friends around and they would say your wasting your time. At times I feel as if I am be fondled, and then I wake up.I immediately denounce the dream and proclaim Christ but it just won't leave. Do sense whitch craft in the blood line.? I was fondled when I was a child by a stranger but since my coming to Christ I have been to many delivery settings and have received deliverance. I desire to be married but I feel like every time I am back on track in purity with Christ here comes one of those disgusting dreams that's keeping me from not finding a suitable mate that sees me as worthy of taking his hand in marriage. HELP PLEASE!

Mark Virkler's picture

Sometimes evil spirits seek to attack us sexually in our dreams. This could be the case. Rebuke satan and pray for a covering of Christs blood over yourself before falling asleep, and go to sleep saying the name of Jesus over and over, and worshipping Him. A dream does not make you un-holy. Do not come under condemnation. Stand strong in the Lord! Worship and serve Him.

Anonymous's picture

Am a christian,I dreamed of my close collegue from work having sex with my married brother...(they do not know each other in the physical realm) and in the dream I tried stopping him at night but only to find them in the morning in bed together... i ran to inform my mother (who is already dead for 11yrs) ans she was ok with them having sex yet he has a wife...what would this dream mean?

Charity Kayembe's picture

I would strongly encourage you to download the ebook on Hearing God Through Your Dreams here http://www.cwgministries.org/store/hear-god-through-your-dreams-ebook. It will help you understand more about the symbolic nature of dreams and how important it is to take into account the setting of the dream, what is going on in your waking life when you had the dream.

In order to understand the meaning of the dream, you need to look at the heart issues that you are dealing with in waking life. What were you thinking about when you went to bed? What were you praying for as you fell asleep? The dream is speaking to those waking life issues that your heart is processing. I hope that helps!

Anonymous's picture

I had a disturbing dream that Kim Kardashian was having sexual intercourse with me but she had a penis. I was on my knees and she entered from the back. This is very disturbing and I don't know what this means, what to do. I am a woman. A believer in Christ. I am not a lesbian. This is very disturbing. Any idea what this could mean?

Charity Kayembe's picture

While I can't say that I really keep up with the Kardashians, Kim's stepdad is Bruce Jenner, right? The guy who now identifies as a woman? I can't help but see that connection in your dream, considering Kim herself had male body parts.

That to me is a picture of someone not being who they seem to be. There is confusion over identity, and resulting dysfunction. Perhaps a person you trusted made you believe they were someone they were not. They turned out to be different than they first appeared (ie, changing genders/identities).

My guess is that it is in your family (like the Kardashians), however it may even be someone from church or a spiritual relationship that you feel betrayed by, that this person is hypocritical, two-faced, not how you thought them to be. Spiritual, just because you were on your knees in the dream, which to me is a picture of prayer.

It could also be showing that this situation or person or relationship is a hindrance to your prayers or walk with God. You thought you had "put it behind you" and forgiven them, but it came up from behind and is disturbing you.

I would strongly encourage you to download the ebook on Hearing God Through Your Dreams here http://www.cwgministries.org/store/hear-god-through-your-dreams-ebook. It will help you understand more about the symbolic nature of dreams and how important it is to take into account the setting of the dream, what is going on in your waking life when you had the dream.

Hopefully these suggestions have given you a few helpful ideas though!

Anonymous's picture

I had a dream that I was having pleasurable sex with a man I wish to marry. I know he loves me but we are not together (complex story) and made a decision to stop having sex, we still talk but avoid being alone together. But the dream was so real I woke up with an orgasam.
I don't believe it was the spirit of Incubus. I believe it is symbolic but would like some guidance please. We asked God to break soul-ties too because whenever we fornicated it felt good but we would feel some guilt after as we are both Christians and should know better.

Mark Virkler's picture

Well, you have taken the right steps. You repented, and stopped having sex outside of marriage. And you broke soul ties, and set up good boundaries. All very good.

I assume there is a reason you are not getting married now. Probably be good to get married as soon as possible, as your body longs for marriage. God has built sexual rythums into your body. They are manifesting. That is the way things are when one is not married and enjoying sex with their spouse. That is why Paul says it is good to marry if you can not handle your sexuality. So wise to discuss with your counselors proceedings to move forward with a wedding.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks for your advice. I will continue to seek God face concerning my marriage.
God bless you for this article!

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I am a 33 year old female who has been married for 2 years and trying to get pregnant within the last year. I'm concerned if the spirit of lust is blocking me from getting pregnant. I know that both my mom and dad's parents had children out of official wedlock. Although I've prayed to break generational curses from that, I wonder if I'm still affected by the spirit of lust?

I've had dreams of being intimate with a woman from time to time since I was a child. Most recently last night, I don't know who the woman is, but I seem to enjoy it within the dream and when I wake up, I'm upset that this dream happened. I can't tell if it's a hormonal dream, spiritual attack, or just symbolic?

I don't want pornography nor am I attracted to the same sex in real life, so I'm not sure why this happens. It's definitely been more often in the last couple months, but last night was very vivid.

Mark Virkler's picture

Well sounds like you have done some good things. you have prayed to break off generational curses, and do not watch pornography, so good for you. You didn't mention that you experienced deliverance and had any demons cast out of you. If not, then for sure I would do that, as a demon of homosexuality appears to have been passed down through the family line to you and needs to be renounced and cast out. Should make a great difference. So if you know someone who ministers deliverance, have them pray for you. Another option you could try first if you wanted is self-deliverance, and to do that, I would recommend utilizing the worksheet you can download from this blog: http://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/healing-cellular-memories-worksheet

Stick with healing of your heart, until you are FREE!!!

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Thanks Mark, I think there were so many layers of generational junk, I didn't even think about a homosexual demon. No one in my family has exhibited homosexuality but I know of. Some male elders do partake in pornography, not saved. I've been through several deliverances, but this spirit has not been highlighted. There was a point in my life that I was surrounded by a lot of friends who were lesbians who were almost in a sense pressuring me into their lifestyle, but I knew that's not me.

Thanks for the worksheet and your response has definitely calmed me down!

Anonymous's picture

I am a 29 year old male who had a very disturbing dream last night, I dreamt I was in some neighborhood I had never been in before or had seen and I met a little boy, the boy looked around 8 or 9 years old, and I met him on a street I was somewhat walking on looking at the various houses next to one another, upon meeting this boy I immediately pulled down my pants and I asked him to give me oral sex which he did not decline and began to give me oral pleasure, In the dream I was being given this oral on the street of which the people in their respective homes began to come out, however each time someone came out I stopped and the boy took me to quieter areas to continue to give me oral sex which I seemed to be enjoying in the dream. As we kept finding different locations with numerous people catching us in the act and me somewhat even feeling a little guilty when caught but continuing on from where I left in different parts of this neighborhood I eventually ejaculated in the dream of which when I woke up after this dream concluded found out I had done in my sleep in reality. This immediately made me start to pray and ask God for forgiveness of my sin in the dream and repent away from the desires I had in this dream. I don't watch pornography or think of sexual activities in any sense for my own lustful desires. I am a celibate male who desires to stay pure for marriage and my girlfriend and I have agreed upon this together. This dream really befuddled me because I have no homosexual interests or condone pedophilia It is an abomination to God and I wanted to understand what your take on such a vivid dream would mean symbolically.

Charity Kayembe's picture

It’s awesome to hear that you are staying faithful to God and your future wife by saving sex for marriage and not being involved in porn or sinful fantasies. Because you’re keeping your mind and body pure, we’re going to rule out demonic influence in this dream as based on what you’ve shared it doesn’t seem as though you are struggling with any sexual issues.

You’re right in that the dream is symbolic and I believe the oral sex represents something else entirely. First, we must understand that dreams amplify and exaggerate in order to get our attention. God is wanting to get your attention by letting you have a dream that shows such filth; pedophile is about the strongest red flag He could wave to say, “Hey, there’s something going on that shouldn’t be!”

It’s interesting that you kept using the word “oral,” and also that you were engaging in this bad behavior out in the open, totally in public. This makes me wonder if the behavior the Lord is wanting to bring to your attention is “oral” of some kind, for example, lying. However, that’s a fairly obvious sin and one that you probably wouldn’t do in front of people, that is, in an open way.

The dream symbol of guilty oral pleasure could be speaking to the sin of gossiping, gluttony, even just negative self-talk or criticism. That is more subtle, so you might not even notice how often you say things about yourself or others that aren’t the heart of God (ie, I’m such an idiot, I almost died laughing, this _____ runs in our family). Life and death are in the power of the tongue (Prov. 18:21) and when you declare a thing it is established in your life (Job 22:28). You create your world with your words just like your Father created the world with His, so this might be an easily overlooked behavior in your life that you don’t realize is not good for you. So the dream is dramatic in it’s offensiveness so you won’t miss the message.

I would encourage you to ask the Lord if there is any area of your life that you are engaging in behavior that is unpleasing to Him as you want the words of your mouth to be pleasing in His sight (Ps. 19:14). Again, I don’t think this has anything to do with sex; it was just an abominable symbol to get your attention.

The dream, like Holy Spirit Himself, only reveals but does not condemn. So lastly, if you are experiencing any guilt in your waking life over things you have already repented and turned away from, the dream may just be highlighting that unjust condemnation. There is no condemnation in Christ and you never have to feel guilty over a repented-for sin, otherwise you’re treating your evil as more powerful than Jesus’ cleansing blood. Perhaps God is drawing your attention to some feelings of guilt in waking life that He wants to address and heal you of. He doesn’t want you feeling bad about things you’ve already been forgiven for. He’s forgotten them, and so can you!

Awesome that you’re listening to the Lord through your dreams. Definitely journal about these possibilities and I believe the full message of the dream will unfold. Many blessings to you!

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Dear Charity,

Thank you so much for clarifying and giving me a deeper understanding in the dream. I believe you had pretty much bang on uncovered a lot of the secrets that had been hidden in my heart, almost a week ago I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and there were certain things he asked but in the heat of the moment to try and dodge certain responses I did lie and knowing the truth in my heart it made me feel bad that I could not tell the truth on the spot, I believe this is where the guilt came from because I hate lying as the lord would not be pleased in me lying especially being a child of God. I also have a few friends who aren't as serious in the lord as I am however because they are friends of mine I do sometimes tend to spend a little too much time with them and can end up chatting about things of the world which may also tie in with the idea of gossip. In regards to the ideal of self negative talk and criticism I have had a tendency to say things about myself that may demean my nature, however at the time I only said these things to try and humble myself and rid myself of any form of self pride which I loathe to have any. In the essence of gluttony I happen to be a bodybuilder and an avid gym goer so I do happen to eat a lot however I do also gain a sense of guilt when I eat more than I should simply because my body desires to, but we are told to deny ourselves and take up our cross. When it comes to fasting I have no qualms with doing it and if required to would not think twice about doing this as my belief and faith in God comes first above a simple passion I have for exercise and staying in shape so I do believe it is something minor that wouldn't have too dramatic an affect if I cut down on my eating habits. The main areas of concern for me would obviously be that the enemy my try and distract me by allowing myself to entertain the idea of gossip and negative back talk but I am encouraged to seek the lord through prayer and deliverance from any plans the enemy has for me. I really appreciate your assistance and interpretation through this dream I had as it certainly made me wake up pondering and questioning what parts of my life were still engaged in a sinful sexual nature. I will definitely begin to jot down these experiences and also meditate more on the word so I do uncover more details of the dream of which I remember. Thank you once again Charity and may God richly bless you!

Ephraim. M

Charity Kayembe's picture

I'm so glad, Ephraim! You are most welcome. It sounds like the Lord was definitely using the dream to speak to you about the lie from earlier in the week. Also, since you mentioned your friends and their course talk, that may tie into the dream as well. Since the oral sin was something being done to you, that could almost be a picture of your enjoying someone else’s sinning with their mouths in your presence as you listen and receive their wrong behavior - i.e. you "exposing yourself" (just as you did in the dream) to sin by listening to their gossip or questionable conversation.

You are doing great and God is thrilled that you're listening to His messages to you through your dreams. Blessings!

Anonymous's picture

Thank you once again sister Charity, I have also take into consideration the aspect of entertaining and enjoying listening to the sin of others which I believe the Lord does not want me to engage in at all, so I have taken the step to avoid those types of conversations with those people in my life. Though this is out of context of the subject but out of curiosity and a bit of research on you (forgive me for being inquisitive) lol. I discovered from your website that your husband Leo is Zambian, and the surname itself sounds quite familiar and common as I had a friend back home called Kayembe so its quite a popular common male name. I also happen to be a Zambian myself born and raised in Lusaka and my beloved is too although she is from Kitwe, Ndola, I'm currently in completion of my Bachelors degree in the United Kingdom and shall pursue a masters in Business and Management which shall be completed by the end of next year, by then upon returning home intend to propose to my girlfriend as she's been very patient with me which I am grateful to God and her for and I am also extremely excited to be engaged. Blessings to you and your family and take care once again, It was a pleasure to chat with you.


Charity Kayembe's picture

It's wonderful that you're obeying the Lord's message to you through your dream and acting on the revelation. I'm proud of you! :)

It's also neat to hear that you're from Lusaka as my husband is from the same city. What a small world! :) Congratulations on your upcoming engagement... Every blessing to you both!!

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I was a prostitute for two years until I met my husband. Two years into our marriage we both gave our lives to Christ and I repented but never told my husband about my past. The sexual dreams started last year with Satan himself, I believe raping me. He kept creeping into my dreams, so I started praying and rebuking dark powers from my room every night (we also read the Bible every night). I have lost my libido when I was a prostitute and barely ever feel like having sex, but I feel like Satan is trying to make me sin. I dream of having sex with ex boyfriends (who I really don't care about anymore).

Anonymous's picture

I keep having dreams of being sexual with a female and I am not gay, I do not watch anything pornographic and the worst part is that these dreams feel so real. I recently had a dream of me having sex with a female that had male privates. These dreams scare me, I always read my bible and pray before sleeping, I am actually quite prayerful. When I was young (I am now 25) between the ages of 5-11, I used to have sexual relations with my female friends, could that be the reason why I keep having these dreams? I would be very grateful if you replied and adviced me on what to do. Thank you.

Mark Virkler's picture

Since you used to have sexual relations with your female friends, you opened the door for demons of sexual perversion to enter. They are now showing you they are present, by showing up in your dreams. So this sin can be repented of, and you state your intention to walk in sexual purity from now on. Then you command the demons to leave in Jesus name (do this several times). You are likely to fee them leaving, as a pressure which leaves your body. Breath out forcefully several times. Once they are gone, invite the Holy Spirit to come fill the space where they left. Thank God for His deliverance.

If you need assistance, get some prayer ministers who do deliverance to pray deliverance over you. And we have training materials on deliverance. It is Prayers That Heal the Heart.http://www.cwgministries.org/store/prayers-heal-heart-mp3-audio-package

You can be free of this. I have had demons cast out of me, and a re-occuring dream I was having, never came back after the deliverance.

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I had sexual dream. Even when I don't commit any sin my thoughts. I pray every night. Last night I had a dream in which I commit sin with a girl whom I don't know. It was awkward cos I am a girl too. And when I woke up I was wet that time. In that dream, the things which was going with me I enjoyed it. Like I don't want it to end. But somewhere I knew it's all happen wrong. Pls tell me what I do cos I don't want to suffer from these filthy dreams again. I don't want to break a Loving heart of my Father The GOD JESUS. :(

Mark Virkler's picture

Well, by reading this blog, you are reminded that dreams are normally symbolic. So the find the symbolism, you ask, what is the chief character trait in this person, as you know them. Then it is probably that character trait in you. So is that character trait within you seeking to come into union with other parts within you. Is it time to honor and integrate that character trait within yourself. Has it been not honored and developed in the past? Those are the questions I would ask the Lord, and see what you get back for answers.

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I literally just woke up from a dream. Now before I sleep I read my bible and pray with my boyfriend every night. But lastnight I forgot to ask to be covered by the blood.,.

So let me tell you about my dream. The first one was with my boyfriend and some other woman having sex right in front of me. Explicit and Vivid. I felt torn because it felt so real it felt as if he was cheating on me with another woman and I witnessed it. (Keep in mind these aren't the first time it happens. I've had other dreams with him leaving me for his ex, or his ex showing up. Out of nowhere and him just dumping me and going back with her). I wake up and bleed the blood and I pray.

Now, the second dream was with my self. I was in a public restroom at a hair salon, my boyfriend comes in and we start having sex. But then when I looked at the mirror and remembered that I am delivered so I stopped but then (here comes the part that blew my mind) somehow two big fingers were thrusted in me and started to touch me. Almost as if the enemy said no I'm not through with you... Right after I woke up, texted my boyfriend told him what happened. Then I started to search "what does the bible say about being attacked with sexual demons". And I came across your blog.

As I read your response to Maria, I realized I do ever so often watch porn to pleasure myself. But as I'm doing it I'm humming hymns of praise and worship so then I tell my mind to shut up until I'm done... Something is clearly wrong. I not know why I keep on having these episodes , Please help me !

Charity Kayembe's picture

It's wonderful to hear that you pray and read your Bible before bed! However, I believe the reason you're having these troubling dreams is not so much that you're forgetting to plead the blood of Jesus before you go to sleep, as much as the issue is that you're involved in pornography while you are awake. Regardless of whether you hum praise music while you are looking at it or not, the Bible says that when we look on a person to lust for them we have already committed adultery with them in our hearts (Matthew 5:27-28). So every time we look at porn, we are committing adultery and sinning.

Sin is an entry point that allows the enemy to come into our lives and influence us negatively, both during the day and during the night. By filling your mind with sinful pictures (porn), you have inadvertently invited demons of perversion into your life and they have every right to be there and affect your dream life as well as waking life.

In order to be delivered from their influence you simply need to repent of the sin. Repent just means to change your mind. God says that porn is wrong, so you just want to change your mind and opinion so that it lines up with His and agree with Him that it is sin and purpose that through the power of His Spirit you will no longer entertain that sin in your life.

The more holy our days, the more holy our nights and more peaceful and pleasant our sleep. You do not need to suffer these dreams; freedom is possible! I hope this helps. Every blessing on your journey!

Anonymous's picture

I'm a 20 year old male Christian I just had a dream in which I had sex with a woman I don't know and then in the same dream we were on top of the tree with my friends (my class mates) and as I moved on the tree the branch that I was supporting my self with broke and I fell to the ground...this just happened last night when I fell asleep before covering myself with the blood of Jesus Christ as I normally do.. when I woke up I knew it was a bad dream and I searched on Internet for interpretation because after this dream I felt guilty because I know it's my sin that granted the devil to do me this

Mark Virkler's picture

Well, if you feel that their is a need to repent, then by all means do so. The friends you were with. Are they a good influence, or are they causing you to fall. Bad fellowship corrupts good morals.

Anonymous's picture

Dear Sir,

I would ,like to keep myself anonymous! But I need you to please help me with the interpretation of a dream! It is what I am really conserned off and our fellowship is praying for our pastor!
Apparently our pastor and we have been praying for a brother in christ who is being troubled and back slidden lately! Last night our pastor had a dream that the brother whom we have been praying for has been sexually attacking and forcing himself into our pastor! Our pastor is a middle aged man who had devoted himself to celebacy and a God fearing man! We are now actually worried of our brother! This is a scary dream and we and our pastor have been praying for the right interpretation! Please request you to help us as to what should we be doing!


Mark Virkler's picture

Well, rest assured that this dream, as most dreams in the Bible, is symbolic.
So you will need to ask the Lord what the various symbols mean and that will unravel the meaning of the dream.
I would suggest our training on 4 keys to hearing God's voice, and on Hear God through your dreams. These courses will give you the tools to hear from God both during the day and through your dreams. Both these learning modules are available on this website, and also as e-courses from http://www.cluschoolofthespirit.com/
if you are enrolled for our free monthly newsletter, you will find these go on sale from time to time.


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