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Cleansing Specific Internal Organs

Since we make sure the air and oil filters in our automobiles are clean so they can do their job of keeping the engine running smoothly, should we not do the same for our bodies?

You Owe it to Your Body to Run Clean on The Inside

It is imperative that we do various cleanses to keep our internal organs functioning at peak capacity. This includes a colon cleanse, liver cleanse, kidney cleanse, and if you suspect you have parasites, then a parasite cleanse.

I have done all the cleanses mentioned above, using products from each company listed below, and can recommend them all. Taste is a factor for many of these products, which is why I lean toward the Master Cleanse, fasting and Oxy-Powder as those which my taste buds can most easily handle.

Fasting will cleanse all your body's organs, as will the Master Cleanse.

Global Healing Center provides Oxy-Powder which is an outstanding colon cleanse. With 12,700+ reviews, it receives an unheard rating of 4.85 out of 5! Oxy-Powder gets oxygen into the intestine which kills off any anaerobic bacteria that should not be living there, and scrubs the small and large intestines. I used Oxy-Powder and experienced excellent results. For maintenance, take it perhaps one week a month or whenever you experience constipation, loose stools or order-filled or gaseous intestines. Generally taking just 2-4 capsules for a few days will resolve the issue. Note: another reason for gaseous intestines is poor digestion of food, which can be resolved by taking digestive enzymes with your meal. You can experiment, taking 1, 2 or 3 digestive enzymes with a meal to determine which works best (size of meal should be taken into consideration). Another option is muscle testing to determine how many enzymes you need to fully digest the meal.

If you sign up on the Oxy-Powder website for their free newsletter, you will receive an e-book, The Green Body Cleanse (PDF), FREE. This 300-page e-book will truly educate you concerning cleanses and toxins within the body. 

Dr. Schulze offers various cleanses on his website, including a 5-day bowel detox, 5-day liver detox and a 5-day kidney detox.  Place your first order with a phone call to their order department (1-800-437-2362) and receive a 10% discount on your FIRST order if you give them code "PR195".

It is wise to strengthen the liver before you cleanse it and one of the best products to do that is Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is the #1 researched and recommended herb for liver health, and is also recommended by the Mayo Clinic. Since the liver cleans the body, is it not wise to strengthen and cleanse the liver? Here is a Liver/Gallstone Cleanse

Dr. Hulda Clark is famous for her parasite cleanses

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

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