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The mission of Communion With God Ministries is to equip people to do everything as an outcome of their daily conversations with God, and to train others to do the same.

We need thousands with a similar heart passion who will join with us in saturating the world with the experience of communion with God. We are asking you to become a certified seminar and course instructor of this message on how to hear God's voice. We are asking you to train up others to live as God intended, out of their daily conversations with Him in the Garden in the cool of the day. The world is waiting. People are hurting. Throw them THE lifeline, which is two-way conversations with their Creator, the Lord God Almighty.

In one church, Mark Virkler taught the Communion With God* course every quarter (i.e., four times a year) for seven years straight, and always had people who came and wanted to learn. Another church used the Communion With God videos in all its home cell groups.

This course needs to be taught over and over until all have learned to hear God's voice. YOU can help make this happen. You can participate in bringing forth a revolution of spiritual intimacy to the Church of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. God has poured out His Spirit in great waves. The Church and the Lord and the world are all hungry for spiritual intimacy. Be the messenger who leads them into the throne room of God!


Benefits of Becoming a Certified Instructor

  1. You will be able to purchase official business cards showing you are a Certified CWG Facilitator for the course "How to Hear God's Voice." You can therefore present yourself to churches, pastors and individuals as such.

  2. You will be certified to teach the course in any of the following venues:

    1. 1-2 hour introductory overview of the four keys

    2. 8-hour weekend seminar on "How to Hear God's Voice"

    3. Full 12-week course on "How to Hear God's Voice," either live or as a video course.

  3. You can personalize and use the marketing materials developed by CWG Ministries for the course and seminar on "How to Hear God's Voice."

  4. Regular net meetings will be available between Mark Virkler and all certified instructors, plus you can contact Mark Virkler directly for assistance in teaching the course.

  5. You will be listed as a certified instructor on the CWG Ministries website (your name plus a 100-word description of yourself/ministry). This website will encourage people to book you to do a "How to Hear God's Voice" seminar or course for them.

  6. Dates and locations of your scheduled conferences and course offerings will be posted to the CWG Ministries website so those interested can attend.

  7. You are encouraged to take up free-will offerings when you present this material. These are your monies you keep for the services you have provided.

  8. You can choose to be the instructor of any students you enroll to take the Communion With God Course with Christian Leadership University, and receive $60 for grading their work and sending their grades on to CLU.

  9. You can have a variety of Virklers books drop-shipped to your seminar location for a seminar book table. You are allowed to keep 40% of the book sales and 20% of the DVD and CD sales. You are responsible to ship back to CWG Ministries whatever product does not sell. CWG Ministries will cover shipping of the product to the seminar; you cover shipping back of any leftover materials. Pack them carefully so they are not damaged. You may choose to purchase leftover materials yourself at the 40% and 20% discounts so you have them for future use.


Certification Requirements for Teaching How to Hear God's Voice/Communion With God

  1. You must have completed the Communion With God course at CLU with an "A" or "B" grade. You can enroll in CLU and order the Communion With Course at

  2. You must have a track record of personal journaling for a minimum of one year and submit six examples of your two-way journaling to CWG Ministries.

  3. You must submit an application form with three positive recommendations which cover character, morals and current ministry activities. (These forms are available at

  4. You must follow the How to Hear God's Voice PowerPoint or use the How to Hear Gods Voice DVDs as you teach.

  5. You must review the following manuals by Mark Virkler: Tips for Teaching "How to Hear God's Voice," as well as the How to Hear God's Voice Teacher's Guide.

  6. You must send CWG Ministries an audio recording or preferably a video of yourself teaching the four keys to hearing Gods voice in a one-hour time slot. This will be evaluated and a response sent back to you.

  7. You must submit student evaluation forms from all students you teach during the first three months, and after three months, evaluation forms must come in twice a year from those you have taught. If you do not teach twice a year, then evaluation forms are to come in once a year. These forms are available here.

  8. Annual certification fee is $39, renewable every year by June 1.



* "Communion with God" was the previous title of "How to Hear God's Voice."