Why, when you glimpse God through another’s eyes it builds your soul.

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Why God sounds different through each of us – the common people. And why he likes it that way.

God, Charity Kayembe said something the other day that made me realise you sound different through each of us. That’s HUGE isn’t it?

It is. Let’s look at what she said and why it’s so significant.

Ok. She said ‘I love the way God sounds through you’. It just stopped me dead in my tracks - I realised she’d uncovered a HUGE concept – you sound different through each of us.

It was like looking through a door into a vast other reality. It seemed like what we think is Christianity is still outside the door of what you want. And that all this nonsense about us being too sinful to experience it, is not you talking at all – it’s actually the words of the inventor and master of sin himself. Lies.

Exactly. When one person interprets what I am saying it gives a different ‘sound’ or character to what I’ve said than when the next person interprets it. It’s one of the most important things about humanity, and I love it. Absolutely LOVE it! And yet, it hardly happens.


Really. How many people do you know who even think a back and forward conversation with me is possible – much less actually have one??

God that sounds like me pushing my ‘conversation with God’ barrow. The last thing the world needs is another wannabe religious big shot trying to push his ideas on them.

Mark this is the opposite of the ‘God’s-Big-Man’ model. The whole world is meant to be teaming with the sound of millions of people hearing me. Not just a select few teaching from their life experiences and what they themselves were once taught. I’ve heard enough of that - too many boring God-concepts. I want millions, interpreting and making loud the silent words of God spoken directly to them.

Can you STOP talking like that please God!!

Mark what people need is whole sentences and paragraphs, spoken silently by me direct to them. Just them. And then interpreted by them and shared with the world – in writing, music or spoken out loud. Common everyday people having conversations with me and letting others in on their conversation.

And yet here’s the crime – so few of you understand the HUGE, religion-shattering truth that Charity so casually touched on.

When a person has a back and forward conversation with me they interpret my half of the conversation. They are listening to my silent spiritual voice and then reporting it back to themselves out loud, or in writing.  One of the great mysteries of my design of the universe is that each person’s personality seems to magnify and add to my voice in ways which, rather than cloud the message, actually open up what I’ve said and make it easier to understand.

Each human sees things a little differently from the next. And when you glimpse reality through another’s eyes it builds your soul.

When two news reporters tell you the same story, you get two different looks at the same event. The facts sound different when told through each reporter’s personality – and that makes the listening more fun.

I like it that way. That’s how I designed it. You interpret what I say. You do your best to hear me and you write it down - speak, sing or play it out – draw it, photograph it, sculpt it, sew it, plant it, build it. Then another hears it and interprets it in a way that works for them. I’m relaxed about that because I’m there at each interpretation, SO IF THE READER IS LISTENING TO ME then the things I want to get through will get through.

Go back and reread what I just said Mark; ‘Glimpses of reality through another’s eyes build the soul’. You already see it in a famous singers, artists, writers, and actors. Humans love to see and hear reality through the songs, movies, art and writings of another. And that’s a good thing.

It’s even more overwhelming when you see and hear the Creator himself through another’s ears and eyes. Each of you seeing and hearing me direct and sharing it with others. And yet it seldom happens Mark. It is NOT Christianity as you all know it.

God people worry that if the common person does most of the communicating of your specific words, that they might get it wrong and influence others badly. The traditional idea is that it’s safer if one person leads a group, and that person hears you on behalf of the many?

Mark it’s actually no safer at all. There is never a guarantee that someone, famous leader or not, has heard me correctly. The bible makes it clear ‘in the midst of MANY counsellors there is wisdom’. You ALL need to learn to hear me yourselves. And yet it seldom happens. How often do you overhear a conversation between someone and me?

Hardly ever. Well David, Nathaniel and Bruce send me some of their conversations. And Miriam too. And it’s fantastic God. There’s something about listening to you speak through another. I love it. I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but a young Christian having a conversation with you will often open up truths that are much more powerful than when some famous preacher preaches a message they’re all fired up about.

Good answer. And yet a back and forward conversation with me and then letting others listen in is not normal. It almost never happens. It should. But it doesn’t. You should all be having conversations with me and sharing them with others. Most important is that you hear me speak directly to you, and often, all day long. Next most important is that you overhear what I’m saying to others. A message preached by one central figure is a distant third in importance.

I wish you hadn’t said that. People reading this will be convinced I made that up to peddle my barrow.

Mark this is either me, or it’s not. It’s up to your readers to decide that. That’s the beauty of this new wave. It’s not about the man or woman in control preaching messages that everyone else feels compelled to agree with. The age of obedience to the whims of a spiritual leader is already out the door. People are taking a while to figure that out, but the realisation is spreading! You’ve found yourself in a generation that is discovering you don’t need men to teach you – you need ME to teach you. Me! Direct. Straight from me to you.

Big sermons, written supposedly for the ‘good of the people’ already carry less life-changing power than little conversations that some insignificant person has with me. But so few people know that yet. I am coming to speak to humans direct Mark. No more middle men.

“And I heard a great voice from Heaven that said, “Behold, the Tabernacle of God is with the children of men, and he dwells with them and they shall be his people and the same God is with them and shall be their God.’ REV 21:3

God that sounds like the rantings of someone who’s been hurt by some big preacher.

Big preaching hurts many Mark. But this isn’t about that. This is about something that I, me, THE ONE has decided to do. And I’m difficult to stop once I begin to move.

You will be very surprised. You’re going to live to see the day when a conversation with God, back and forward like a friend is the norm. And you’re not the only person hearing me say this. It’s not your crazy one-man message. It’s what I’m saying to millions. Actually billions. Only a few thousand are hearing it clearly right now, but the numbers will soon mushroom.

Get ready Mark. It’s like Bob Dylan’s song ‘The Times they are a changing’. Bob cried out a warning to those who couldn’t accept the changes that were coming. I’m crying out that same warning…

“Please heed the call
Don't stand in the doorway
Don't block up the hall
For he that gets hurt
Will be he who has stalled”

The times are a changing Mark. I am coming to speak direct with humans. Back and forward like a friend. Not to judge and condemn and focus on their shortcomings. That old preaching model is gone. I am coming to make friends with humans. Don’t stand in the doorway, don’t block up the hall…

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE THINKING IT'S YOUR OWN IMAGINATION WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GOD - read the 'Practical Tips' section. How to have your own conversation with God in The Freedom Diaries. 

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I love it when this happens. The other day I was sharing some things God spoke to me about at a Catholic coffee house. I'm a Protestant and really enjoy my Catholic friends there. Anyway I was sharing and my friend there broke into the conversation that someone she knows had gotten a lot of the same things using similar phrases, etc. Anyway we got charged up and so excited about what God was saying that it pulled others into our hearty conversation as well. As I said I love it when that happens. Another time my brother needed an operation on his battered knee and we fell into this sort of conversation and, all of a sudden, we both became aware (quickened), and he was healed instantaneously.

Anonymous's picture

Thank you so much Mark for allowing your conversations to be printed for others!
In your messages you same time and time again something like "God others will read this and think....".

His sheep hear His voice and know His voice. When I read your journaling I don't hear you interpreting what God said to you. I hear God speaking to you. It's like I'm standing nearby listening to you and God have a conversation and I hear both sides coming straight from your own mouths. It resonates in my spirit when I read God's part of the conversation. To be honest it unsettles me a bit to hear the way you talk to God. It seems disrespectful to me. I am coming to learn though that God wants total honesty and He knows your heart perfectly so you can talk to him like that I guess. lol

And just like your conversation with Charity struck up a conversation between you and God about it, me reading your journaling causes me to strike up a conversation with God about what He says to you.

Just wanted to reassure you that it's religion that filters your conversations so those of us who have learned to drop the clothing of religion hear God in them and we learned to drop that religious clothing through hearing stuff like this and yearning to have our own conversations with God!

be blessed!
Lori Jett

Mark Holloway's picture

That's so encouraging. Thanks heaps. Keep telling people they can have a back and forward conversation with God - no matter WHAT they're like. Your comments are so encouraging that I would LOVE to use them in some of our marketing about the conversation with God and about the book. Are you ok with that?

All the best Mark.

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