Why Satan loves it when God makes you a promise. And why the people perish.

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God I could have sworn you just said that Satan LOVES it when you promise us something. Did you really say that?


Why? Why would he possibly love that?

Because it gives him a chance to finish you off.  I want something done about this Mark.

God I have a horrible feeling you want me involved in this somehow.

I want ANYONE who is prepared to help. Anyone will do. Tell me Mark, do you want something done about him?

Yes. I hate him. He’s a….  well I’m not sure I’m allowed to call him that. But he is. I don’t hate him for religious reasons. I hate him because of what he’s done to me and the people I love. He’s a right… well you know what I mean God. I’d love to get my hands on him and cause him some pain. Maybe after I die or something? I’m not sure what’s allowed, but when I get up there I’d love to ask you if I can knock the crap out of him. I’d love to go man o man with him if I knew I could actually cause some lasting pain and get out of the fight alive.

You can. But we’ll talk about that later. First let’s just deal with my comment. Satan loves it when I promise you something. Do you know why that is?


Open your eyes Mark – I want you to understand this. Satan loves it when I make you a promise because you’re all so terrible at hearing my voice.

What’s that got to do with it God?

Let me explain. SO FEW OF YOU KNOW HOW TO HEAR MY VOICE. And that’s because it’s not taught. You’d think it would be the first thing you’d get taught – but no it seems there are much more interesting subjects to teach people than hearing my voice. What could be more important than hearing my voice?? Apparently, according to my teachers, there are a whole raft of things more interesting than what I’ve got to say direct into your mind and heart.

If I really am a real live God, and I really do talk, then why isn’t everyone hearing my voice all day long? That’s so simple Mark – BECAUSE THEY DON’T KNOW HOW. And they don’t know how because THEY DON’T GET TAUGHT. And the teachers don’t teach it because they were never taught either. ‘Without a vision the people perish.’

Yes but God what’s that got to do with Satan loving it when you make someone a promise??

You tell me Mark – how hard is it to keep believing when I promise you something?

Unbelievably hard. Terrible. Horrific.


It’s the constant doubt, confusion and despair. It’s like the words you promised somehow get stolen out of my head, and I have to keep coming back to you to find them again.

Mark does your story sound familiar?

You mean all the bible stories? God let’s not talk like that – it makes it sound like I think I’m like them.

Mark everyone is like them – mixed up people trying to hear my voice. Not trying to ‘lead a good Christian life’. That’s rubbish! They were trying to hear my voice.

Mark tell me how you’d describe some of the better known stories – stories like Abraham’s and David’s.

Well you promised them things and then their lives pretty much went downhill after that. They found it really hard to believe while they desperately tried to hold on for what you promised.

But Mark some people say that’s the old testament – what would you say to them?

Well the New Testament looks kind of the same God. Peter and Paul and John all got promised such amazing things by you, but spent heaps of time in prison, getting tortured, released, and then back to prison again.

That’s a pretty negative gospel Mark?

I guess, but it sure seems to be what happened. God what’s the point of this conversation??

That’s easy. You asked me why Satan would be so happy when I make you a promise. It’s because when I promise you something you’re suddenly full of hope, life looks great and feels like it’s worth living. Satan loves that because now he can dash your hopes by telling you I didn’t really say that at all. It’s his absolute favourite lie because you’re all so terrible at hearing my voice. And that’s because THERE ARE SO FEW PEOPLE TEACHING HOW TO HEAR MY VOICE.

Why did you get me to put that in capitals God?

Because I’ve had enough. I’m very serious about this. Without a vision the people perish Mark.

God that’s a positive thinking verse. How does that fit with this??

That’s just another example of what you’re NOT TAUGHT. It’s not a positive thinking verse at all Mark. Look it up. Study the original Hebrew. IT’S A VERSE ABOUT HEARING MY VOICE.  The whole bible is a book about hearing my voice, but you’ve all forgotten that because the enemy has managed to hide it from you.

Mark this nonsense that you can lead a Godly life without hearing my voice is just that, COMPLETE AND UTTER NONSENSE. If you can’t hear my voice then the enemy has you exactly where he wants you – he’ll keep you hanging on for a while, and then whenever he wants to he can finish you off.

The whole idea of your existence, the reason I created humans was that we might be in conversation. You and me. You’re built to speak back and forward with me like friends.

Ok God but I still don’t get what you’re saying about that verse ‘Without a vision the people perish’??

Look it up Mark. Write down the meaning of the original Hebrew word for ‘vision’. And see where else the word is used.

So God I looked it up - the original Hebrew word for ‘Vision’ is ‘·Z·WN’. It means ‘Divine Communication’. Wow God that’s pretty scary!!  It’s the same word as you used God in Samuel 3:1 where it says that the problem in Samuel’s day was that nobody heard you speak.

Which I’m finding a bit spooky right now because that’s exactly what you’re talking about in this conversation.

Exactly Mark. Your international teachers all congratulate themselves for their great teaching but the fact remains that you are living in days like Samuel’s – so very few of you hear my voice.

Thanks God! That oughta make me real popular!!

Mark just go ahead and write down the verse from Samuel.

And the word of the Lord was rare in those days; there was no widespread revelation. SAM 3:1 NKJ

Can you see the problem Mark? It’s the same today as it was in Samuel’s time – it’s not common for people to hear my voice. And because of that when I make you a promise he can knock you out of the game, kill your faith. He tells you that I didn’t really make the promise and you have nothing to hit back with. If you can’t come to me and easily hear me speak then you’re lost. He’s too powerful. ‘Without a vision the people perish.’

Mark Satan is too powerful for you unless you can hear my voice. My voice is THE ONLY THING that you can use against him. MY VOICE is the weapon in your hand, available to be picked up and used by anyone – MY SPOKEN VOICE Mark. Nothing else. That’s the ONLY weapon.

Now, let’s finish with yet another verse, ‘For the word of God is like a two-edged sword…’ Write out the verse and what the original says. Then you tell me who has kept the truth about that from you.

‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’ HEB 4:12 NIV

Ummm. This is a bit scary God. The original Greek doesn’t talk about the written word. The original Greek is ‘LOGOS’ which means ‘a word, speech, divine utterance.’

Exactly Mark. The word of God that is sharper than a two edged sword is the words I speak directly into your mind and heart. But so few of you know  how to hear those words.

Now, you tell me, is it little wonder that people perish?? Who is going to teach them to hear my voice? Will somebody PLEASE take up the call!!!



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Strangely, I don't have a problem with doubting this is God talking. I am so convinced this is my amazing creator talking to me. What I do struggle with is believing that I could be that important to God, that he truly desires such an intimate relationship with me. He tells me many times a day that he loves me and says I have to write it every time he says it, to counter all the years of not believing it!
Thanks Mark, with all my heart, for having the courage to share it all and lead others to such an awesome relationship!

Anonymous's picture

My spirit bears witness with this. Yesterday I journaled about the Word (Logos and Rhema) being living and breathing into us who believe. But your dialog with our LORD on this has confirmed and anchored itself into my soul. It's really encouraging, Mark, to take up the vision. Thank you.

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