Why Are My Visions in Black & White?

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Quick question for you: Last night I taught on the 4 keys at a pastor friend's church. I passed out to each person the "4 Keys" wallet cards that you give freely on purchased orders. Anyway, my question is this.

I had everyone (about 22 people) close their eyes and practice using the eyes of their heart by 1st envisioning a red car, and secondly by envisioning Peter walk on the water to Jesus, fall, and Jesus catch him. I shared the slide from your book where it shows one screen but 3 projectors; ours, the devil's and God's. So obviously this exercise was using the "my projector" screen. So when I asked them to envision a red car, there were 2 people who couldn't envision that. I found out later that they could see the car but not the color red. They don't see colors in visions or in dreaming. Do you have any insights into this or thoughts you could briefly share about this? I prayed with one of them asking God to give him color in his visions and dreams. As I think about it I realize that I don't typically have strong colors in my dreams. They aren't black and white but the colors don't stand out necessarily either. I haven't encountered this before and was curious to any insights you might have. 

Eric Morgan

Answer: Normally the more left-brain the person is, the less color they see in dreams, visions and Godly imaginations. Conversely, the more right-brain a person is, the more vivid the colors in their dreams, visions and Godly imaginations.

I have polled probably 20 groups (by show of hands), asking who sees color and who doesn’t and then determining if those who don’t are left- or right-brain. I find they are left-brain.

Some actually teach that if your vision is from God it will have color in it and if not, then it will be black and white. I don’t see any biblical evidence for this, and my polling and my own personal experience do not confirm this. When I began seeing visions they were generally black and white and now, after purposely using the eyes of my heart for a good time, I note that I see more in color.

Bottom line, when leading others in a visionary prayer, I don’t push colors much.

Response Back: Ok, that makes sense. I actually mentioned to him something similar to this because he told me he was very left-brained (computer programmer type of person). 

What about you? Are your visions usually black & white or full color? Has the clarity increased or colors intensified during different times in your life? Please share your experiences in the comments below.

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My experiences in vision is this; I see in both color and black & white but sometimes it is like looking into a 35 milometer negative. It depends on God and what he wants to get through to the person I am talking to or for myself.
As the years go by there more intense in color and in the black & white is even more intense. Also it is happening more frequently.
My dreams are very colorful and very real. At times they have been very physical in the real time and I would wake up feeling like someone pinched me or one time I woke up because the rat that was biting me in my dream hurt so bad it left teeth marks on my thigh when I woke up from the nightmare.
And yes, I am a right brain.

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Thanks for looking into this. There seems to be so much range in dream, vision and also impressions that the LORD speaks through. Sometimes they may start out either in color or B & W and grade by stages or by scenes all the way to brilliant colors and light, Or important things may be highlighted with sharp colors and an inner glow. Voices/ knowings may be more important than imagery in certain cases. Perhaps if a person tests near the middle, neither right or left brained this would more often be the case? Maybe the part of the brain a person is predominantly in at the time may have an effect on how colors are seen or not. It also seems to me that spiritual warfare dreams can be in black and white to full on realistic color also. It is commonly taught that they are B & W or muted only.
James temple

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