Visions of My Mom as a Rose In His Garden, Prepared Me For Her Graduation

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This Blog is Linda Burton's story describing God's comfort to her as her mother graduated into glory.

A couple of months ago as I was invited into the rose garden of Father in Heaven, He pointed out a beautiful white rose.  He said, “This is your mother’s rose.”  This rose was a very beautiful white rose that was very delicate and had a fragrance that was so sweet.  This is the kind of rose that you never want to stop looking at and enjoying its beauty.  In the following days as I was invited into Father’s rose garden, I would find my mother’s precious, beautiful rose.

I was able to spend time with her a week and a half before she went home to Father.  This time with her was sweet and beautiful.  I was not able to stay with her until she went home so Father gave me an incredible blessing.

As her health failed in the last days of her life, I would go into the rose garden and observe her rose to see how she was doing.  What I observed matched the reports that I was receiving about her declining health.  As her health continued to decline, her rose started drooping more and more.  The last day I saw in vision her rose fully laying on the ground.  Then I received the news that she had gone to her Heavenly home.  Then the next morning I looked for her rose and it was gone.  There was only a glow where her rose had been laying on the ground lifeless.  The following is what our Lord Jesus spoke to me the next day about my beloved mother.

“Narnie, all you have seen has been accurate.  Daughter, your mother is full of joy and is so happy to at last be home.  She is radiant.  She is full of joy to see everyone.  She was a woman after My own heart on earth.  She pointed many others to Me and ministered to so many around her.  Child, she let her light shine and she blessed so many.  Let her light continue shinning upon you as you move forward in your walk with Me.   Jesus.”

Later in the day that she went Home, my heart was filled with the vision of dad, mom and Jesus dancing, playing and fully enjoying in the wild flowers of Heaven.

May we all who knew her continue to be richly blessed by her simple life of faith in her Lord Jesus.  May we be encouraged as we observe the many struggles she had with her health to never give up but keep our eyes on the Author and finisher of our lives.  Then we too will be filled with great joy at our homecoming.

Welcome home dear one!

We believed my mother would pass into eternity so many times and every time she recovered.  She was 91 when Jesus called her home.  Jesus gave me an incredible time with her shortly before passing.  By going into Father’s rose garden and Him meeting me there and showing me her rose, He gave me incredible comfort and peace as He prepared her for her homecoming.  In this experience, He not only prepared her, but He also prepared me and the family.  It did not feel like a loss, but an amazing victory that I had a picture of and could hold onto.  I believe this picture has helped tremendously as I have walked through the grieving process.  I believe it has made it much easier to let her go.  I am very grateful for this incredible gift from My Heavenly Father.  Thank you Father!  I am so grateful and I deeply love You!


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