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The Treasure Chest - A Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer

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There is more than one way to pray... “If all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.


I build homes – physically and spiritually

I worked construction in my teens and twenties, and built a home which we lived in for many years. So I have a fairly extensive workbench and tool box in my garage, containing tools which I know how to use.

Some of the more than 40 tools I own and used to build my physical home include: hammer, sledge hammer, nails, crosscut saw, skill saw, jig saw, hack saw, chisels, flat screwdrivers, phillips screwdrivers, allen wrench, various size crescent wrenches, pipe wrench, pliers, needle nose pliers, adjustable pliers, locking pliers, trowels, mixing pails, paints, various size paint brushes, various adhesives, step ladder, extension ladder, tool belt, face mask, sand paper, wood files, metal files, stipple brush, paint roller, utility knife, measuring tape, square, level,  tin snips, hole punch, stilts, extension cords, power drill, power staple gun and caulking gun.

I would like to offer you 40 tools (prayer approaches) God has taught me over the years which I have used to build strong spiritual homes for myself and others. I certainly want to be as adept with tools to build a spiritual house as I am with tools to build a physical house, so I have taken the time to learn to use these as needed. I encourage you in a similar endeavor.

Yes, I still hire specialists to help me with jobs in my physical or spiritual home which I feel are outside my area of expertise. However, these 40 “tools” will assist in the construction of a magnificent castle which the Lord and you may live in and which will shine with His glory.

Holy Spirit, which prayer approach shall I use today?

Let the Lord help you select the Spirit-led devotional approach you should use on any given day. These prayer approaches address different issues, or sometimes they may address the same issue but from a different perspective. Address your concern multiple times from every possible vantage point until you experience your breakthrough.

Each of the 40+ Spirit-led prayer approaches listed below includes:

  • My need today is... (a description of what my heart needs right now)
  • Name of a devotional which can meet that need
  • A link to a blog which describes clear steps for engaging this prayer approach.

1. Need: To grow in intimacy with God. To receive wisdom, guidance, faith, hope and love 
Devotional Name: Communion With God          

2. Need: A general pattern prayer 
Devotional Name: The Lord’s Prayer     

3. Need: To be thankful for the day I have just lived         
Devotional Name: Evening Prayer of Thanksgiving

4. Need: To release God's creativity – to birth something new        
Devotional Name: Creative Prayer         

5. Need: A deepened revelation from Scripture in order to establish a truth firmly in my heart
Devotional Name: Biblical Meditation   

6. Need: A miracle of divine healing           
Devotional Name: Miracle Healing         

7. Need: An issue re-appears - heart wounds which need complete healing            
Devotional Name: Prayers That Heal the Heart

8. Need: To remove emotional roots of illness
Devotional Name: Healing Cellular Memories   

9. Need: To interpret a dream so I receive can God's counsel and revelation through it           
Devotional Name: Dream Interpretation            

10. Need: To experience throne room worship        
Devotional Name: Throne Room Worship          

11. Need: To soak in God’s presence            
Devotional Name: Soaking Prayer          

12. Need: To receive a healing “divine radiation treatment”
Devotional Name: Healing Soaking Prayer          

13. Need: To be immersed in the Holy Spirit             
Devotional Name: River of Life 

14. Need: To experience kingdom emotions, by putting on my new self in Christ     
Devotional Name: New Creation Celebration - Replacing Emotions

15. Need: To experience kingdom beliefs by putting on my new self in Christ            
Devotional Name: New Creation Celebration - Replacing Beliefs

16. Need: To be fully alive by putting on my new self in Christ          
Devotional Name: New Creation Celebration - Putting on Christ

17. Need: To possess my promised land     
Devotional Name: New Creation Celebration - Possess Your Promised Land

18. Need: To enhance my anointing and success as a manager, marketer and leader             
Devotional Name: Spirit-Anointed Business Journal       

19. Need: To tune my heart to hear God     
Devotional Name: Approaching God Through the Tabernacle    

20. Need: To fine-tune my heart to hear from God 
Devotional Name: A Fine Tuning Dial    

21. Need: To break off invisible forces hindering me from experiencing God’s destiny
Devotional Name: Dismantling Curses in Heaven's Courtroom  

22. Need: To intercede while being led by the Holy Spirit     
Devotional Name: Spirit-Led Intercession           

23. Need: To engage faith, power and victory over the enemy          
Devotional Name: Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions 

24. Need: To release trapped emotions       
Devotional Name: Emotional Freedom Techniques        

25. Need: To build up my spirit       
Devotional Name: Pray in Tongues        

26. Need: To improve a relationship            
Devotional Name: 36 One Another Commands 

27. Need: To block a person who is on a path toward evil   
Devotional Name: Praying a Hedge of Thorns    

28. Need: To intensify prayer for a major breakthrough      
Devotional Name: Fasting          

29. Need: To put on ALL Christ provided at Calvary
Devotional Name: Honor the Power of the Cross            

30. Need: To pray from my heart, not my head       
Devotional Name: Honor the Language of the Heart      

31. Need: To interact with Jesus in a Scriptural passage       
Devotional Name: St. Ignatius Spiritual Exercises            

32. Need: To make a wise decision 
Devotional Name: The Leader's Paradigm          

33. Need: For our leadership team to make a wise decision
Devotional Name: Leadership Teams Led by the Spirit   

34. Need: To deepen love and joy in my marriage   
Devotional Name: Enriching My Marriage          

35. Need: To hear the heart behind what another is saying
Devotional Name: Hear People's Hearts             

36. Need: To be anointed   
Devotional Name: Stepping into the Anointing  

37. Need: To ensure I am maintaining Kingdom attitudes    
Devotional Name: Kingdom Be-attitudes            

38. Need: To have someone to share my two-way journaling with  
Devotional Name: Who to Share Two-way Journaling With

39. Need: Help Resolving Multiple Personality Disorder       
Devotional Name: Freedom from DID   

40. Need: Crisis, I need urgent help!             
Devotional Name: Jesus, Help! 

41. Need: Improving digestion
Devotional Name: 21 Days of Prayer for Digestive Healing

42. Need: I need a healing miracle
Devotional Name: Taking God’s Word as Medicine 

43. Need: I need to hear Scriptures read
Devotional Name: Scriptures With Music

44. Need: I need music that heals my heart
Devotional Name: Heart Touch Music

45. Need: To break of generational curses
Devotional Name: Identificational Repentance

46. Need: I need to attract miracles
Devotional Name: Positional Prayers of Forgiveness, Victory, Thankfulness & Rejoicing

47. Need: Receive a divine commissioning
Devotional Name: Isaiah 6:1-8
Link: Available here

Readers Respond

Thank you very much for this useful prayer list.  I have often started my prayer time `praying/wondering` God how would you like to speak to me today, Through Bible reading, Journaling, scripture memorisation, writing out and trying to process a dream, or starting with the devotional material you send each day.  Your list is much more expansive, and so many extra resources to follow-up.
Thank you
Missionary in Kiev Ukraine



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Baptism of the holy spirit

I would like to be baptized in the holy spirit

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Pray, Ask, Receive

It is really quite simple. You pray, and ask for it and abanden yourself to the Holy Spirit, and speak from flow, not forming the syllables with your conscious mind. If you want an elaboration on these steps, we have a downloadable booklet titled "How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. It is free here: