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Resources for YOUR Healing Encounter or Miracle Service

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The following tools were developed from a Sunday Morning Miracle Service we were honored to participate in. We trust they can bring you into the Lord's presence to receive your own healing touch from Jesus Christ.

Provide The Handouts Below Before the Healing Service

Groups or Individuals May Follow These Steps to Experience Jesus’ Healing Touch

  1. Raise Faith for Healing: Watch and participate in the interactive teaching, “The Working of Miracles, downloadable from here (29 minutes).

    1. PowerPoint Only: If you are going to present the above sermon yourself, rather than having your group watch the DVD, then download and use these 60 PowerPoint slides and lead your group through them, having them speak life over themselves as you move through the verses.
  2. Experience “A Healing Meditation” - A 36-minute streaming audio to listen to and interact with is available here to listen to and freely download.

    Trouble with the audio? Click here to use a different player.

    Download MP3: right-click here and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".
    (On a Mac, hold the Option button while clicking on the link.)

    A complete script of this healing meditation can be downloaded here. The goal is for you to enter the vision yourself and lead your group into it to experience healing. You can use this as a group healing meditation, and those who are sick can use it as their morning and evening meditation. They can drift off to sleep listening to this, night after night, until their healing fully manifest. 
  3. Testimony Time – “I want you to get up and move your body. Test your body now. Step out in faith and thanksgiving, doing something you could not easily do before.”
    1. Give them a few moments to walk and move around.
    2. “If you feel some level of improvement, wave your hand. If you have experienced complete healing wave both hands now.”
    3. Select a few to share testimonies of healings.
  4. Further Prayer (if time permits) one on one, using the “7 Step Miracle Model” - It is suggested that at the beginning of the service you pass out the wallet cards “Miracles of Healing – 7 Step Model,” so you can instruct them to now hold the cards in the palm of their hands so they can refer to them as they pray for people who are requesting additional prayer. Folks needing prayer can line up along the front and down the aisles, and others can line up in front of them, facing them, with the 7 step card in their left palm and praying through these seven steps 1-3 times as necessary. There can be soft music, which exalts Jesus, in the background (not too loud).As people experience healing they should wave their hands so they can be interviewed to share their testimony with the congregation, which can be done at the same time people are being prayed for, but keep the volume down.
    1. Jesus prayed twice in a row for the blind man (Mk. 8:23-25), Elijah prayed 7 times in a row and ended a drought (1 Kings 18:42-44; James 5:16,17)
    2. “If you need additional prayer, you can come to the front and we are going to team up and pray for you.” We will pray following the steps on the Wallet Cards, “Miracles of Healing – 7 Step Model”:
      1. Express Compassion
      2. Ask, “What’s Wrong?”
      3. Become Still & Listen to God and Obey What He Says
      4. Invite God’s Presence – His Compassion & Power to Heal
      5. Command the Healing in Jesus’ Name
      6. Test It Out
      7. Repeat: Pray a Second, Third and Fourth Time
    3. Here is a free download of 25 minutes which contains a brief teaching of the 7 step healing model, followed by people praying and using it. Music is being played in the background and testimonies of healing being shared from time to time. Great to listen to, to inspire faith. This can be played for a group. They can follow the instructions and pray for one another and be inspired by the testimonies, and then share their own testimonies with one another.

      Trouble with the audio? Click here to use a different player.

      Download MP3: right-click here and select "Save Target As..." or "Save Link As...".
      (On a Mac, hold the Option button while clicking on the link.)

  5. Close Service
    1. A prayer of blessing upon all, that God continue all work and seal all victories.
    2. Ask everyone to complete the sheet titledMy Miracle – Memorial & Testimony Worksheet” – This allows people to share their testimonies which helps lock in healing while building faith in others. You may want to ask for copies of these to be provided to the leadership as a memorial to what has happened.
  6. Assign Homework - Encourage follow-up in their daily devotions until healing is fully manifest.
    1. Replay The Working of Miracles - interactive preaching (available above)
    2. Replay A Healing Meditation – a touch from Jesus (available above)
    3. Apply daily the various 7 Step Healing Models – following the Holy Spirit’s leading
      1. Miracles of Healing - 7 Step Model (4 page summary review)
      2. The 7 Step “Word of Faith” Miracle Model
      3. Prayers That Heal the Heart – 7 Step Model
      4. Gifts of Healings - 7 Step Model
      5. Soaking sessions in God’s healing rays
  7. Afterglow – If Time Permits (or at other scheduled times during the week), Provide Small Group Healing Prayer Ministry Time - With soft music in the background, have multi-gifted teams (which include in them a prophet/seer and teacher/leader) minister healing prayer. This could be followed up with more testimonies of healings.

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