How To Strategies To Help You Lead Others Into Communion with God

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As you share with others, and spread a hunger for communion with God, following are some tips that will help you effectively stir up people's hearts so they pursue a path of greater spiritual intimacy. They will be forever grateful to you for encouraging them to commune with God!

Pray for Open Doors to Minister and Open Hearts to Receive

It is God who opens up opportunities for us to minister (1 Cor. 16:9), and it is God who opens people’s heart to receive His word (Acts 16:14). So we pray as we approach each day and each person for God to open up opportunities to share and for Him to open hearts to receive. Then we speak.

Make Sure You Are Living the Message of Communion with God

Journaling should be a weekly (if not daily) practice in your life. This way, you can share your stories and your journaling. There is nothing more powerful to gain trust and influence others than sharing the journaling God has given you and the wonderful impact it has had on your life and ministry. This creates hunger in others’ lives. Their hearts say, “I want that” and they are ready to listen and hear how they can get it. So never be afraid to read a section of your journaling to another. The Spirit of God within them will leap and respond.

Conversation Starters

A question that avoids a 'no', a question that starts a conversation, a question that opens the door to emotion... those are the questions that open doors and open hearts.

What kind of work do you do? When they ask you the same question back, you can offer:

  • I share with people how to easily hear God's voice as a daily experience. Have you ever heard God's voice?
  • I help people see how they can release God's creativity through their lives. Have you ever had a creative idea that you felt may have come from God?
  • I help people improve their marriages by teaching them how to hear from the Wonderful Counselor. Have you ever received God’s counsel and acted on it and seen it improve your marriage?

Where to Share the Message of Communion with God

(Reminder: You can present the "4 Keys" using the DVD Training Module, or you can teach it yourself. If you are going to do the teaching, you must be a committed two-way journaler, and be apt to teach with confirmation back from your students that you are a gifted teacher.)

  1. Weekend seminar in a church
  2. Christian retreat or advance
  3. Home group, cell group, cell church
  4. Sunday School class
  5. Sunday and Wednesday evening church series
  6. School of Ministry, Church-centered Bible School
  7. Businessmen’s group, weekly Bible study luncheon
  8. Women’s Bible study, Woman’s Aglow meetings
  9. Men’s Groups, men’s Bible study
  10. Counseling group, recovery group, prison ministry
  11. Prayer Ministry group, Healing Room training group
  12. Eldership training, adult education
  13. Adult Education available through your local school
  14. Training sessions on missions outreaches
  15. Meeting kids after school in a park or at a McDonalds and teaching the 4 keys and getting them journaling.
  16. Inviting some of your friends to your home for a series on How to Hear God’s Voice
  17. Any other creative group or ministry - for example: New Age fair, where you set up a “Spiritual Readings booth” or a “Dream Interpretation booth” and have teams providing either/both services. Spiritual readings would be providing prophecies, words of wisdom and words of knowledge. And of course you could provide training modules for both 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and Christian Dream Interpretation. Provide a contact brochure offering your services as a trainer of either of these courses. 

How to Get Yourself Booked to Teach the 4 Keys

Here is one way: Charles Huston has already given out 100 copies of A Stroll Along the Sea of Galilee, and has just ordered 50 more sets to give away. He attends Bible studies from two churches in his area and is presenting the idea to both those pastors to see if they will team up to co-host the seminar with him.

Getting booked is done by contacting those with whom you have trust relationships and showing them the value of this training for their people. So begin with the question, “With whom do I have a trust relationship?” You want to build on this circle of trust. Contact them for either a seminar to their people or a word of endorsement from them which you can use as you approach people who trust them. Also, ask if they would make a warm introduction for you to other leaders whom they have relationships with and maybe want a seminar on “How to Hear God’s Voice.” Always work out through trusted relationships, and endorsements to gain new trusted relationships.

Acquaint them with the training material, so they can trust what is being presented:

  • Have them go to and view the 8-minute video on the home page.
  • Give them a free copy of the book 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice, a Sea of Galilee CD and a 4 Keys Wallet cardGive them this link, so they can see all the unique and powerful resources available to be used in the follow up three month course which is to be taught.
  • Let them know of trusted TV programs Mark has presented this training on. These are listed here, and include: It’s Supernatural with Sid Roth, Grace TV with Peter Youngren, 100 Huntley Street and CBN.
  • For large, influential churches, Mark Virkler is open to co-teach a seminar with you. This can lend credibility and help get you in. Contact Mark to confirm willingness and dates.
  • Show them the statistics below of the effectiveness of the Communion With God training (you may want to give them this link to review). Have them note the personal benefits to their church people as listed in the statistics below. We buy into things which we can see benefit us. Pastors have told me that 80% of their counseling demand went away after teaching Communion with God in their church! Charisma Magazine asked Mark Virkler to submit an article on hearing God’s voice, AFTER seeing the statistics below. These are what motivated them to request the article.

Our Training on Hearing God's Voice Is the Most Effective in the World Today!

Below are some responses from a survey of people who completed our 3-month training module entitled How to Hear God’s Voice. Eighty percent had been believers for more than 25 years, so these are responses from seasoned Christians and were offered at the conclusion of the course!

95% stated, “I can hear God’s voice daily if I choose to.”

97% felt their intimacy with God had increased.

92% said their interpersonal relationships have greatly improved.

94% said they were more at peace with themselves and God.

94% said sin and negative thoughts were diminishing.

95% considered it one of the top training experiences in their life.

The pastor said he considered it the top training experience in their 30+ years as a church.

You may view the entire survey here.

Download as: Adobe PDF 

Testimonies Are Powerful for Establishing Trust

When people are making a decision about a guest speaker, they will often be influenced by the word of others who have heard the speaker or the message. Therefore it is important that you provide testimonies of the course’s impact on yourself, places you have taught it, and testimonies from the CWG website. The bottom section of this link provides testimonies of how creativity was enhanced in people’s lives as a result of hearing God’s voice. You will want to pray, asking God which of these testimonies the person needs to hear to help them gain trust and excitement, and choose to host a seminar on “How to Hear God’s Voice.” Then, copy and paste these testimonies into an email to them, and perhaps give them the web links so they can read additional testimonies if they desire.

How to Get More People to Your 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice Training Event

There are a host of promotional materials available for free downloading here. These include posters, brochures, email blasts and more. Download and use these free materials. The 4 Keys Group Leader Bonus Resources Pack comes with a DVD with all these promotional materials on it along with many additional resources which will help you lead a group.

The objection “I already hear God’s voice” can be responded to with:

  • “Yes, but wouldn’t you want to hear Him better?” or
  • “Do you want to hear Him more consistently?" or
  • "Do you want a simple way to teach others how to, also?"

Book Table Resources

Whether you are conducting a full weekend seminar or speaking for 45 minutes on How to Hear God’s Voice, we recommend you seek to arrange for a book table, and a volunteer to manage it, which has resources that people may purchase to take home with them. This allows them to go deeper into the message and fully internalize it and be transformed by it. Recommended materials would include the 4 Keys book, LEARN Notebook, CDs and DVDs, and Sea of Galilee cards and DVDs along with the 4 Keys wallet-size cards. Additional possibilities include children’s resources and other topics such as Prayers That Heal the Heart and Hear God Through Your Dreams, etc.

CWG Ministries will provide these resources to you on consignment and at a discounted rate for these occasions. Contact their offices to work out details of appropriate titles and quantities.

Pauline Ariel Burthwick, Certified Communion With God Facilitator, Shares Her Experiences in Teaching How to Hear God’s Voice

Begin by hearing from God that He wants you to send you to share with others:

I will send you out to the nations.  You will go in My name and authority and with My blessing.  I know the details and the plans I have for you.  You marvel to think that I can do this and yet you trust that I will.  I have said, Trust Me, Trust Me, Trust Me, Trust Me, and you indeed are trusting Me.  You are not like [doubting] Thomas.  You believe and trust even though you don’t see.  Some need to see more – this is why I can use you in the way I have planned because you have trusted My call.  The call I placed in you years ago.  I am bringing it to fulfillment now.  I have saved you for such a time as this. 

Minister from a heart of Love

Administer your work in love.  You, too, have the power to break the soul.  Always, work from a place of love.  If you cannot love, do not address the issue.  You will cause more damage than what healing I would be allowed to do.  You would hinder My healing.

Minister to individuals and groups where love abounds, and minister in faith

Pay attention to your motivations, only minister where there is love abounding.  Where My love is, there is My power.  I am with you always.  My love is always available to you.  Ask Me for it.  I will supply all your need.  You have My love, My power within you to love the unlovely.  Do not forget that I am here.  I am within you.  You may call on Me anytime - night or day, any place – hospital, or prison, or church, or bar, or field, or gutter.  Call upon My name.  There I am with you.  I go freely and willingly to the unlovely places – you should too.  Love those that no one loves.  They need Me.  I love them.  You are not committing yourself to them.  You are committing Me to them.  I am already committed to them.  I love all people.  I work to bring all people to Me.  My call is to all the world, to every nation. 

Expect God’s signs and wonders, as they will accredit you and the message you carry

. . .My dear Child – you go in My name with all the benefits of using My name and agreeing in My name.  I have accredited you and I will accredit you.  It is not you, but it is I who lives in you that will do these things.  I accredit by signs and wonders – these you have already tasted and seen and they will follow you.  Yes, they will even flow out of your very being as a river flows for I am the river of life welling up in you and I go forth to bring healing and salvation to the nations.  Go in My name and because you believe, people will know that I live.                

I have called you to do My work – even greater things will you do than Jesus did here on the earth because My time has fully come to inhabit My people, My church, to reveal My glory in you.  There are times and seasons and ages and this is the age of the light of My dawning when I will rise upon My people and My glory will be known in the earth.  (Isaiah 60)  In this world you will have many troubles, but I – I have overcome the world and I – I live in you and you are in Me.  We are in the Father and the Comforter, the Powerful One, that carries My anointing, the Holy Spirit is in you and upon you and with you.

God commissions us to train others to hear His voice

. . . .  Teach My people to wait upon Me and be still.  For I want them to hear My voice and come to Me, that I might commune with them.  That they might know Me, know my plans & purpose for their life, My love for them and have enough oil – their own oil to see them through till I, the Bridegroom comes.  For each virgin must have her own oil and she cannot depend on another for when darkness covers the earth, the other [one you were depending upon to bring God’s voice to you] may not be near and each one must have her own source of power, her own source of light that she might see and know that I am God and I will direct her path as the oil flows from Me to her.  There will come a time when the ability to follow man will cease and only those who hear Me and follow Me will survive.  For it is I who am the giver and sustainer of life and it is I who each one must depend upon and have communion – have communion in Me.  The brightness of My light grows day by day as I make Myself known in the earth.

Stand in obedience to what HE speaks to you

. . .You have cultivated a place for Me in your life, you have made space to wait on Me and hear My voice.  And in spite of the fact that others have suggested that you not write these things down, you have known the importance of that by My Spirit so that you may go back and track your journey with Me and gain even new insights as you re-read what I have told you.  I love how you desire to hear My voice and read My words. Hearing My voice, believing it, and obedience to it are keys.  You also have believed My voice and trusted it from the beginning more than some of those around you – those who are steeped in more fear.  You have obeyed My words to you as you have understood them and when you have questions you ask Me.  I can, do, and will give detailed instructions for specific situations.  I will reveal what is hidden and that which you need to know and I am always with you – I will never leave you or forsake you. 

Know that Today is the day of salvation

. . .Pauline, the time is short.  The time for your trip is quickly approaching and the time of My return is quickly approaching and there is a big battle ensuing.  For the forces of evil will try again to snuff Me out as I manifest in the earth, for the battle of all times is about to occur.

Know Why it is important to God that all hear His voice

My people, my loved ones, I want them to know Me, to hear My voice, to respond to My call, that I might preserve them -  that I might guide and direct them to safety.  Teach My people to hear My voice.  Teach My people to hear My voice, clone Yourself, clone Me, teach others who till teach others who will teach others so that My army will hear the orders and heed the call and will march together like the well-oiled machine I have spoken to you of in the past. 

Extend God’s scepter everywhere

This I ask You to do everywhere You go – even if you are rebuked and spat upon or you are not invited back again – in those cases you can dust off your feet and move to new territory, but you are My messenger, My message carrier.  Not only to the nations, but to your community, your region, wherever I send you.  For in My kingdom, My scepter is extended to My people and they may have an audience with Me whenever they wish.  Extend My scepter to them. 

Mature in the Holy Spirit’s flow

. . . My child, you have used journaling well and you have found that when you were not journaling you did not hear My voice as easily.  I do desire to commune daily with you although it will not always be through journaling.  As I become more and more present to you, and all of your being embraces Me in you, many times you will just flow with the expression of who I am – you have already experienced this when you felt like you were not even there, but it was just Me flowing out of you [when ministering to women at a women’s retreat].  You will then be doing what the Father is doing and your mind will be bypassed and your spirit will be flowing with the river and going where the river goes. 

Other times, it will be important that your mind is involved; or for a time yet, it may have objections that I have to overcome.  This is one of the primary reasons I am teaching you so that your mind can come into agreement with Me and will always be willing to submit to Me as it learns by experience that I am Faithful and True.

The Universality of These Steps – How They Apply to You…

I share this journaling because I believe in it are many KEYS FOR EVERYONE on why and how we need to be teaching people to hear God’s voice and how to overcome the barriers in ourselves. Things I have found to be helpful are:

  1. Hearing what God’s vision is for you. (Habakuk 2:1-4)
  2. Taking all your objections to Him for Him to answer them.
    1. I think many people get stuck here because satan has planted many lies in us as to why we cannot do what God wants us to do. Some of mine, that God answered in such marvelous ways were:
      • But, I can’t, I am a woman and you do not use women in leadership positions.
      • But, I can’t, I have not been to seminary or Bible school.
      • But, I can’t, I do not sweat and some of these nations can be very hot – I would die if I go there.
      • But, I can’t, I have only read the Bible through one time.
      • But, I don’t even have any ministry here in the USA, I am just a church member.
  3. AGREE WITH GOD – Once my objections (LIES) were answered, I could agree with God and I said, “OK, be it unto me as you have said.  If this is what you have planned, I will do it, but I do not know the first thing about it so you will have to arrange it all.”  After that, God taught me for seven years, giving me the messages to bring to the nations and then in 2006 He released me to the first mission in the nations.
  4. Obeying what God says.
  5. Continue listening, letting Him prepare you and make the divine connections.  I find this happens in very natural ways that you are not expecting – not by efforts of your flesh trying to make things happen.
  6. Obeying what God says – taking all objections to Him (not other people) for His answer.
  7. Believing God and what He says instead of what people think or say to you – most of the time their advice is based on their carnal thinking, not knowing who you are and their own fears. Having three spiritual consultants like Mark Virkler recommends is also a helpful way to discern because they will seek to hear from God and not their human knowledge.

So what do I do when I go to the nations? 

The first nation God sent me and a ministry colleague to was Pakistan. This happened in 2006 just after I finished the course.  I had never even taught pastors before and I was to teach 130 pastors and leaders in a pastor’s conference.  God does not ask you to do something that you can do without His help!

In the nations, our messages are:

  1. 4 Keys to hearing Gods voice
  2. Inner healing – especially forgiveness
  3. Deliverance through repentance

How do I get invitations to speak?

The first few invitations came through a website that I had for a counseling practice I was doing.  After that some came through CWG Facilitator page and my own ministry website which is

Sometime later, the Holy Spirit put me on Facebook – I had no intention of going on Facebook and even felt against the idea but one day I found myself (without any thought to do so) making a Facebook page.  It was God’s plan for me to be there and I often mentor pastors and upcoming leaders daily – praying, encouraging, receiving confession of sins – leading to deliverance, and teaching them.  It is there that I also meet many who invite me to come to their nation.  (NOTE of caution: For this, one needs to be very discerning as there are many people there who do not really have ministry but are seeking financial support for ministry they do not have.)

Ministry accomplishments so far…

Since 2006, God has sent me to Pakistan (x2), two of our team members to India, to Uganda and Kenya (4 -5 mission), to Malawi, Liberia, Ghana (2), Benin, and Nepal and I am planning a trip to Tanzania and Rwanda now.  I try to go to two nations that are bordering nations due to the high air fare.  I am invited to Tanzania and Rwanda because pastors in Uganda have shared the DVDs on “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” with pastors that are attending the Uganda Baptist Seminary and these are now inviting me. 

Currently I send weekly email teaching out to over 750 pastors and leaders in different nations.  I share much of my journaling in these messages as well as Scripture and messages from other ministers of God.  Many times I am sending messages and excerpts from CWG materials on hearing God’s voice. 

What do I share when I have limited time?

For me, I have only three days with these pastors and I have all these topics that I cover.  Most often, I have even shorter time because of the need for translation into local languages.  Often I have 2 ½ hours to teach a brief introduction to the 4 Keys.

When I share the 4 Keys:

  1. I share one of the messages that God gave me to bring to the nations as a way for them to know how the voice of God sounds and give them a prophetic vision of where God is taking the Church.
  2. I teach them the 4 Keys and have them practice and give brief testimony.
  3. I give a handout on the 4 Keys to each of the attendees over the age of 10.  We try to have handouts both in English and in their language if possible and if we can find someone to interpret it for us.
  4. I leave a copy of the DVDs and CDs with the pastor and as I present it in front of the people, I say that I am trusting this pastor to bring a group of people together to teach them the full training on Hearing God’s Voice.  (I am not sure how often this actually does happen, but I know in some cases it does.)
  5. I also equip them with the DVD from Communion with God that has the Bible school courses – manuals and audio teaching files on them.  And I equip the ones who have computers (very few do) with E-sword Bible program.
  6. In some instances I was able to purchase MP3 players and load these teachings on them to give to village pastors who do not have access to internet or DVD players. 
  7. Several of the pastors then hear a call from the Holy Spirit to teach this material in the villages and other places in their nation and other nations where God is sending them.
  8. I will also say that even through the email I have been able to equip pastors who have computers with the 4 Keys manuals and files electronically so that they can also learn more deeply these things – some of these I have only met on Facebook, but Holy Spirit directs them to bring the message to many.

I can only say that what has happened to me is far beyond what I ever expected in my life and I had no idea of it until I listened to God’s voice and began to obey.  When you obey God, the fruit that comes forth is much different than when we “think up” what it “would be good” to do and then try to do it hoping God will bless it.  We also have limited financial support and do much of what we do through our own sacrificial giving of time and resources.  God only asks us to do what we can with what we have and we have found Him very faithful.

I encourage everyone to get the vision God has for you, bring your objections to Him and get inner healing where you need it (Counseled by God & Prayers that Heal the Heart) so you are no longer stuck or in doubt or afraid, and then let Him teach and prepare you and OBEY, OBEY, OBEY.  Your life will be the most exciting life you can imagine – even if you never leave the country.  I really appreciate Dr. Mark Virkler, his family and staff for being obedient to the call God has given them and for all the encouragement and support they have given me.

If you are someone God is calling to the nations, I am open to speaking with you or mentoring you as time allows.  You can find me on Facebook at Pauline Ariel Burthwick or my email is [email protected]

Pauline Burthwick - Releasing Destiny World Wide

How CWG Ministries has helped support Pauline’s work

You gave me resources initially when I took the course “How to Hear God’s Voice” and then giving me permission to reproduce the DVDs and materials for pastors in developing nations has enabled me to give to each host pastor: 1.  4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice (DVDs & CDs),  2.  Prayers That Heal the Heart (DVDs).  I also give them the DVD with all the courses and the audio teachings of them.

I am blessed to have a board member that will make copies for me and we buy the DVDs when they are on sale and this allows us to do amazing things.  We also hand out the 4 keys handout in English and their language if we have it in their language and your information is on the back of that.

Some time back you donated over $400 worth of the Bible school teachings on DVD to me and I have been able to equip pastors to start Bible Schools.  I need to do some more follow-up on this.  One of the schools is in Tanzania so I will see what they are doing.  One of them is in Ghana and I recently visited them.

Thank you for all the support you have given in these very tangible ways! God bless you so much.

Many of the pastors have taken up the call of teaching the 4 Keys – these people are not certified but they are being led by the Holy Spirit to teach these things in many parts of Africa – including villages.  I praise God.

May God continue to bless and use you!


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