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Question: I just read Mark Virkler's blog regarding apple cider vinegar and he mentioned he used muscle testing. It seems that a lot of Christians believe muscle testing is 'New Age' or 'energy medicine,' which they interpret as being 'New Age.' Could you please clarify your thoughts about muscle testing? D.

Answer: Well, now this is a criticism I hear far too often. It comes in so many ways. Some say that a particular methodology has Eastern roots or that a particular technique has occult origins. Some say: that is a New Age technique. That smells New Agey. That is part of mysticism. That was first discovered by a non-Christian. That is not part of orthodox Christianity.

So how should I respond when someone tells me any of the above statements? Do I back away? Do I allow fear to enter me? Do I stand my ground? Do I fight back? What am I supposed to do? To answer these questions, I tuned to flow, and essentially received a prophetic word, which is below. However, since I am also a left brainer, I come back at the end of the prophetic flow below, and give you several left brain, point by point responses also. So you have your answer BOTH ways. I suggest reading both. One will minister more deeply to you than the other. Both should be valuable.

When we get to the heart of all this, we will often discover that the central issue is fear. I am afraid. I am afraid I will be deceived, or hurt, or rejected, or lose my status. Fear is at the root of essentially all the above statements.

God says, "I have not given you the spirit of fear. I have given you the spirt of power and love and a sound mind. So any thought or spoken words which are rooted in fear are to be rejected as coming from satan, the author of all lies, and the father of fear. For satan would have you retreat into a cave of isolation, so that you do not interact with the world, nor be instrumental in saving mankind.

"So reject all fear, and reject every thought and word spoken by others or discerned within yourself that is based in fear, for whatever is not of faith IS SIN. So all such thoughts and all such words are SIN, saith the Lord of Hosts. Reject them all and let them not be found in your midst. For if they are, you are cut off from the flow of My life, saith the Lord of Hosts. It is satan who would seek to cut you off from My flow of Life, from my River of Life. Do not let him do that. Rebuke him. Withstand him. Do not give him an inch. For if you do, he will take a mile. For he (small "h") will become He (large "H"). No longer will he be a defeated foe who is under your feet. He will be an empowered foe who rules over you and holds you captive.

"Rebuke all fear. Rebuke all words of fear, for they are demonic at their core. Do not fear for your life. Rather fear God. Do not fear for your job or your reputation. Rather fear God. Forsake all others and follow after Him, your Lord and your God. Honor Him. Seek His truth, in faith, believing that He is and He is a rewarder of those who desperately seek Him. For behold I reward those who do not turn back. So do not turn back to a lifestyle of fear. You have selected Me. You have chosen Me. I have chosen you. You have taken a step of faith toward Me, now do not take a step back and live in fear. For fear has torment. And those who fear will never be perfected in LOVE. 

"So flood your heart with My Love, saith the Lord of hosts. For My love drives out ALL FEAR. Do not turn back from a life of faith. For my soul takes NO PLEASURE in the soul that turns back. Stand strong. Stand steadfast. Stand in faith. Stand against fear. 

"Do I care what the non-believer believes? No, I only care about My truth. My truth. Did I tell you to fix your eyes on the non-believer? NO! I told you to fix your eyes on Me! Did I tell you to fear error? No, I told you to LOVE Truth. For in the love of truth all error shall vanish. It shall be swallowed up in victory. It shall be swallowed up in My truth. It shall be swallowed up in the light of My truth.

"So follow after truth and light, and all these things shall be added unto you, and you shall be free of fear of the New Age and of what others will call you. For what is that to Me? declares the Most High God. What is that to Me? You follow after Me. You seek My truth. You keep your eyes fixed on Me, saith the Lord of Hosts, and all shall be well with your soul.

"Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done."

Sobering Statistics Concerning Health Care Modalities - So Choose Carefully!

Apple cider vinegar, muscle testing, and many other health care modalities which I use, are part of what some consider "alternative health care." So in evaluating alternative health care approaches compared with traditional western medicine, you may want to know the following: 

These are the reasons I am passionate to discover God's approach to health care, and to find a better solution to my health care needs than is currently being offered by western medicine. What about the Hippocratic Oath, the "Caduceus,” drugs and nude examinations? Are these compatible with Scripture? 

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Left Brain Books Which Cover Epistemology - One's System for Knowing Truth

Most people are largely unaware of the system they use for discerning truth. Most have never laid it out, and then asked, "Is this what the Bible teaches is an appropriate system for discovering truth?" The following books will help you do that and are available at the hyperlinks below.

  • Health Mastery Through MRT - this 82-page book contains 11 pages which explain a scientific and biblical basis for muscle testing. This is followed by 3 pages which detail 6 biblical pillars for discovering truth and 7 wrong postures to take when seeking out truth. These are all in the first chapter, which is available online as a free download from this link.
  • Restoring Health Care as a Ministry - This 201-page book has 25 pages on "epistemology" (valid and invalid approaches to discovering truth). It also evaluates over 30 health modalities against biblical principles to see which ones are compatible with Scripture. The first section is available for free downloading from here, and it reflects on these questions: What about the Hippocratic Oath, the "Caduceus,” drugs and nude examinations? Are these compatible with Scripture? Obviously whatever standards we use to evaluate an alternative health care modality can and should also be used to evaluate the western health care modality.
  • How Do You Know?  - This 180-page book covers 5500 verses of Scripture answering the question, "How does God say we are to discover truth?" Trust me, His method is very different from Western Rationalism. Take the time to learn and embrace and USE God's method for discovering truth. By doing so, you are much more likely to enter your land of promise and fulfill God's destiny for your life.
  • Am I Being Deceived? - This book explores distinctions between Christianity, New Age and Phariseeism. 

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

Check out this entire blog series on Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings. Working through this series on health is ideal for both individuals and groups. The more we take responsibility for ourselves - spirit, soul and body - the healthier we become! Won't you join me in living to at least 100 in vibrant health?


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