Am I Hearing from God? These Skilled Journalers Are Willing to Confirm Your Journaling

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In the multitude of counselors there is safety (Prov. 11:14). As you engage in two-way journaling, we encourage you to share your journaling with 2 or 3 counselors who are spiritual, biblical, and ahead of you in the area of daily hearing God’s voice. We recognize that finding such advisors can be challenging to some people so we are here to help you.

Everyone listed below has successfully completed the training on How to Hear God’s Voice, and has journaled successfully in their own lives for a significant period of time. They are willing for you to contact them by email, and then submit any two-way journaling to them which you need confirmed. Confirmation helps establish us in faith, and keep us from making mistakes.

How they will serve you

  1. Affirmation: They will email you back with their confirmation that your journaling is from God.
  2. Adjustment: If they feel it needs some correcting, they will compose the corrective word they want to share with you, and then email your journaling, along with their corrective word to Dr. Mark Virkler for his confirmation, input or adjustment, and he will email it back with his comments, which they will then email to you. So what you receive back will have both their comments and Mark's comments.

Your responsibilities to these spiritual advisors

  1. Same gender: We ask that you send your email to a spiritual advisor below who is of the same gender as you.
  2. Spell Checker: Type up your journaling and run it through spell checker before emailing it.
  3. Short term: This is designed to be short term, during your first three months as you work your way through the training module on How to Hear God's Voice or Hearing God's Voice or Communion With God.
  4. Not counselors: The folks below have volunteered to be bouncing boards for your two-way journaling, not to be your life counselor.

Here is a listing of skilled spiritual advisors which you may select from

Tony and Margaret Cornell

We are, retired pastors of Ely Christian Fellowship in Ely Cambridgeshire in England. This church is now called “Lighthouse.”

 Back in 1986 I saw an advert in an American Christian magazine about Bible School courses.   At this time I had been pastoring a small growing church unpaid for just over 4 years,  but it was now time for me to resign from my teaching post and pastor full time. It was my longing to teach the Bible rather than Physics and Mathematics. So I personally worked through a course then called "Communion with God"

I was astounded! It introduced me to journaling and put all I had wanted to express about walking closely with the Holy Spirit and personal spiritual development so clearly.

Our vision for our new church was one where the Holy Spirit led and all the people were filled and flowing with the Spirit. How do you teach and encourage that? In the first months of my new position I persuaded a group from the church to come to our Bible School and go through Communion with God with me. What a transformation! We took 22 weeks to go through the course, as I still needed to assimilate the material so that I could teach and model it. At the same time we embarked on the Bible Survey material - our church-centred Bible School was born.

Over 30 years later I know that the initial contact with Mark was a God-arranged event which has impacted our lives greatly

Margaret and I are now busy teaching people to hear God in the church we attend now and find it a great joy to run weekend "4 Keys  Seminars" and other courses for churches and groups in many places in the UK and Europe. 

We are now Mark Virkler’s  representatives in the U.K.

We also stock and sell much of Mark’s materials which you can find and purchase from our web site:

Website:    Email:  [email protected]

Journaling from Tony and Margaret ...

I was just sitting with the Lord being quiet ...enjoying his presence

The Lord said: Just enjoy these moments with me, my child. We don't have to do anything or say anything in particular. When I have your full attention there is a great exchange that I can make with you – I can take away from you all that hinders our life together and I can replace it with my peace, my love, my joy and my power. And if you want to be fruitful you need to stay there in that place of a binding that we have created. Smile, my child – it's so beautiful.

Me: Lord, today I feel your love like firecrackers, like fireworks, like fountains exploding in my heart. You are the best! I so love the way that you have spoken to me for years and have kept my heart in tune with yours. It is so wonderful, and I'm so deeply grateful. Lord, this love makes me yearn to have others do the same, so I'm asking you to open unlimited doors to share this truth and to see others flow in the spirit. I love the way you always make a way where seems to be no way.

Him: My child, as you rest secure in me you know that you can trust me. I am blessed by the way you trust me and allow me to envelop your life with my purposes. By grace you have entered my rest and by grace we will complete it all with shouts of joy, rejoicing together in the glory of my kingdom. As you continue to seek my face I will enrich you further to complete all that I have ordained for you.

I want my love and my truth to flow out of you, because you have my mind and have embraced me fully. It's all beautiful, and between us we will accomplish great things. Alone I cannot do it. I enjoy our partnership

Journaling as we taught the course Naturally Supernatural

Lord, what do you want to say to me about your being Almighty and Your being love?

I created the world out of a heart of love heart which longs for my creation to have relationship with me. But as you know my creation chose to follow another and listen to another instead of allowing my love to lead them, my love to guide them and my love to keep them safe.

I wanted a man who would allow me to live through him and create a garden of love throughout the whole world

Because sin came I had to put checks and balances in place, checks that would stop my creation from destroying each other and themselves. You know this as law.

I allowed man, my man, my people, to be free to choose me or another – but I never removed my hand from them. I watched over them as a shepherd – a mother – a father whose offspring were his delight.

This meant that sometimes I have to use the might of evil men to keep my people intact until in the fullness of time my son could come. My son changed everything. When my son possessed a physical form and was filled with My Spirit, He demonstrated that mankind was no longer so easily led astray.

No longer was I an outsider using outside influences only to influence situations but my power was now able to reside inside mankind. I make mankind holy because my holiness is now IN them – I made them able to love with my love, because my love is IN them.

In fact my desire is to restore mankind from a fallen image back into My image. I want them to look just like me, act just like me and show my world exactly who I am.

I have a river of life that flows into you and I want that river to consume all that is not of me in you. I want that river to be free to flow into all the lives around you. I want my might and my power to be revealed in you. This is a river of love because I am love.

In understanding that all might belongs to me do not consider that I am the root of evil. Satan has used the might I gave him for evil ....but do not be afraid because all authority is now given to you through my son. You now have authority over that evil might that he stole from me.

You are my battle axe and weapon of war – all things are under your feet because you are in the body and the body is connected to the head. Make no mistake that my enemy and your enemy is the destroyer and was the god of this world until my son took his might away. He is not your god any more but you can allow him to have some access to your own world if you open the door by strife – enmity and unforgiveness. Do not do this! ...keep your heart with all diligence so that from it flow the issues of life and not death.

My desire for you, my child, is that you experience the reality of the fullness of my grace and that my presence makes a difference in your life your physical being ...and is freely released to others. This is a faith issue. Have faith in me, and in My power in you. Have faith that you can release me. I am a river. I am a fountain. I can be a torrent of love and grace and mercy and healing. Let Me be it! 

Ivey Rorie

I was a practicing attorney until the call of God on my life became too loud to ignore.  I attended a conference in California where God showed up in a powerful dream, spoke in my ear all week long and then on Saturday I actually saw the Holy Spirit.  There was no room left for denial in my life.

I was an athlete when I was young and I still enjoy sports.  My favorite pastimes are reading, swimming, kayaking, biking and hiking.  I love to kayak with God and I always take him cycling with me.

In 2016 my first book was published.  It is titled, Journey Through the Bible.  Writing and publishing a book have been a wonderful experience.  I am working on my second book now which will be a journaling experience shared between me and the reader. I also produce a daily devotional titled Word of the Day which I began in 2006.  To date we have published approximately 2500 daily devotions which have been read in 65 countries on six continents.  

Website:  Email: [email protected]

A journal entry: I desire to teach you My ways.  I desire for you to walk in My ways.  I abide in you and you in Me.  Wherever you go, there I am.  Show My kindness and goodness.  Let people see the generosity of My heart.  Learn to receive all of the good things I have for you.  Allow Me to exalt you as my beloved.  In you, others will see all that I long to give them.  You believe Me for goodness; now let me demonstrate it through you.  There is no good thing I would not do for you.  I desire to show the manifestation of My love.  Let Me show you my ways which are always the way of kindness and goodness.  Let your life be a billboard of My goodness.  Others will see for themselves all that I long to do for them, how I long to bless them.  I will touch every aspect of their lives with My goodness.  Be an overflowing vessel of My goodness.

Another Journal Entry: Let your light shine.  Believe in your abilities.  Believe in the anointing.  I can do all things through you.  Nothing is impossible to me.  It is time to fly.  Are you ready?  Everyday expect to hear from Me.  Spend quiet time before Me.  Journal.  Let Me speak into your life DAILY!.  Don’t be consumed by the work.  Be consumed with Me and I will do the work.  I love you and I want to do great things through you and with you.  Expect to have fun.  Expect to enjoy this year.  Let’s just take it one day at a time.  I will teach you.  I will guide you daily.  That is what you have asked of me continually for years now.  Finally you are ready to be led step by step and day by day.  Begin each day by looking to me.  Quiet your heart and listen.  I am speaking and you will hear me every day.

George Medellin

Learning to hear God’s voice changed my life.  For many years, I pursued God all the ways I knew: Bible reading, Bible study, Bible memorization, fasting, accountability groups, Christian colleges, and Christian graduate schools.  I also served as a pastor at a Pentecostal church… and could not hear God’s voice.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  Zero.  The Lord led me in 2011 to Mark and Patti’s book, Prayers that Heal the Heart, which had about four pages in an appendix about hearing God’s voice.  This seemed important, so I bought Four Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and devoured it. 

One day, as I was working alone praying, I said aloud, “Jesus.”  A spontaneous thought came to my mind that I knew was not my own, “Yes, George.”  I exclaimed, “It’s Him!  It’s Jesus!  He answered me!  He spoke to me!”  I don’t remember if I responded back to him, but I do know that I spent the rest of that day joyful, singing praises to God, thankful that I heard His voice.  That experience showed me two things: 1) I did not believe God heard my prayers, and 2) if He did hear me, God would not answer.  I saw that I was an unbelieving Believer.

Since that experience almost six years ago, I journal daily, sometimes multiple times, and have learned to see Jesus with me or with others wherever I go.  I’ve also grown in the spiritual gifts of prophecy, healing the sick, and want to share hearing God’s voice with everyone I meet.  God healed many wounds in my life through hearing His voice and Prayers that Heal the Heart.  I am not the man I used to be. 

My education includes a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science degree.  I’m also pursuing a Doctor of Ministry degree with Christian Leadership University.  My wife and I, Wendy, have been married almost 20 years and we have two human kiddos and two fury ones.

Email: [email protected]

Two Way Journaling - April 1, 2017

Me: Lord.

Him: Yes, son.

Me: My heart hurts.

Him: Why son?

Me: The needs of my family (list them for my wife and two children). Father….

Him: Yes, son.

Me: I trust you to bring newness to us… and my heart still feels heavy because of these things.  What would you like to say, Lord?

VISION: I see and hear a waterfall, a huge roaring waterfall with tons of water flowing. 

Him: These are my blessings and presence overtaking you and your family, son.  Keep your eyes on me… you’ll see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

Me: Oh Jesus, I believe.  I receive.  Help me by your Spirit to cooperate, participate in what you are doing.  Jesus….

Him: Yes, my boy.

Me: Show me where you are now.

Vision: I see the glory of God.  I saw God – bright, bright light.  Flames of fire, fire of His presence.  I saw Jesus, smiling, walking in the presence of God.  He invites me saying, “Come on, son! Join me in the Father’s presence!”  I run into the fire with Jesus, run around in the fiery presence of God.  I am not burned.  I am with Jesus. 

Him: yes, son.  Believe you walk with me in the presence of my Father – my God and your God.  He – I – we – have all you need and desire.  Ask and it shall be given. Remember?  All I have is yours (referring to pictures he gave me in 2015) … it belongs to you.  On earth as it is in heaven!

Me: I receive this, Jesus.  I receive the presence of the Father – your God and my God.  I take your word by faith.  You are faithful.  I take your faith to move mountains and move them in your authority. 

April 1, 2017 - Journaling on Genesis 21:1, NKJV

“And the LORD visited Sarah as He had said, and the LORD did for Sarah as He had spoken.”

Me: Dear Jesus.

Him: Yes, son.

Me: What would you like to say about this verse?  I sense your heart.

Him: Oh, my son!  Have I changed? Am I powerless.  Am I not timeless, still in my “prime” as others have said?  Of course, I’m still in my prime!  I never change – and my heart is so toward you and your family for favor!  Rejoice, oh my son!  I am with you and will prosper you.  The Sun of Righteousness rises with healing in its wings upon you.  My light, my glory is shining on you! Rejoice!

Me: I receive you, Lord.  I receive your words. 

Joy Miller

Several years ago Joy sensed a deep desire to further her Christian education. Her search led her to Christian Leadership University and the “How To Hear God’s Voice” course. She had been journaling for many years but was concerned about the validity of what she was receiving; “Is this really from God?” she wondered. This course has given her the answers and the confidence she needed. Joy has taught the course in small groups and is eager to expand to the seminar setting.

She is a graduate of Christian Leadership University with the Doctor of Ministry degree. She spent many years living in Johannesburg, South Africa where she worked with Campus Crusade for Christ and Stonecroft Ministries. In addition she has spent time ministering with Youth With a Mission. Today she continues to actively participate with Stonecroft as a leader and speaker. She is also a seminar speaker concentrating particularly on her passion of prayer counseling and health and wellness. Because of her varied experiences she is comfortable ministering in any denomination.  

Joy is a businesswoman who, along with her husband, has a financial services agency. In addition, they owned and operated a Bed & Breakfast. She is located in North Carolina and willing to travel wherever God leads her in the U.S. or abroad. 

Her greatest desire is that God’s people will come to know and hear His voice and enjoy intimacy with Him!

Email: [email protected]


  • Thank you Jesus, for meeting with me here by the seaside today.  Thank you for your warmth and the sense of your love!  I can feel it in and around me, surrounding me completely and totally.  I KNOW you love, just let me feel a tremendous sense of your love.  You know, I have felt so unloved so much of my life.  So please, let me feel your love now, let me feel your warmth, let me feel your presence!  What would you like to say to me?  I long to hear your voice!
  • My Child, I am more than happy to be here with you today.  I want you to feel my love and my longing to be with you. Never be afraid to come into my presence.  I am always here waiting for you, I am always ready to love on you.  Please trust, please know that I am with you always, even when you do not sense my presence or my guidance or my voice.  It is indeed my promise to you and I never go back on my promises!! 
  • Thank you, dear Jesus, for that reassurance, you know how lonely I feel sometimes, don’t you? 
  • Indeed I do, and I wish you did not feel that way, so alone.  That is not truth.  The truth is that I am always by your side, directing you and keeping you in the right path – my path for you.  Indeed, I have it all planned out before you.  I make your way and your path straight.  Believe me, walk in step with me.  All the things that you hunger for, all the things that you desire – those are the desires I have planted in your heart. Please trust me for that.  Do not doubt, do not always wonder, and question.  Do not be afraid to trust, because I will not let you go astray! 
  • Please, Jesus, show me what to do.  Do you want me to become a chaplain for hospice?  Is that idea that popped into my head yesterday morning from you?
  • My Child, do you really think that the enemy would put that idea into your head?
  • No, I do not; however, I wonder if that may be just my own idea, based in my need to serve you, my need to be involved with people and a group and an organization.  So Lord, if this is indeed your plan for me, please open the doors, please show me what and how and where and when. Please walk before me on this path.  I THINK I would like to do it!?
  • Yes, and you would do well with it.  Think back on your life and the amazing experiences you have come through.  The diversity of cultural experiences, the loneliness, the pain of estrangement from key people, your work with CCC, YWAM, CWC, teaching, speaking, leading…deriving so much pleasure and fulfillment from it all – and you have no idea how much I have used you and the work and the experiences you have been through.  But, my Child, the best is yet to come!  We have only just begun!  

Maxine Carey

Mother [Rev] Maxine Carey is a multi-gifted facilitator, spiritual teacher, group counselor, consultant, mentor/Spiritual Mother (Mother of Zion), Senior Pastor, [senior depart.] “consultant”, Kingdom Change Agent, … addressing issues affecting areas pertaining to relationships and spiritual development. As an overseer to various ministries she provides Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and Word of encouragement through her writings “Mother’s Witt”. She has founded, conducted, and supported many support groups in many states.

She holds a “M.S.” in Christian Counseling from CLU (Christian Leadership University), working on a “M.S. (concentration in Gerontology & Sociology). She has a “B.A.” in Community Service, from U of R (University of Rochester, NY), an “A.A”. in Human Service from WCCC (Wayne County Community College, Det. Mich.) all with a minor in Business. She is a certified teacher with ETA and also teaches “Hearing the Voice of God”, “Prayers that Heal the Heart”, “Spiritual Mentoring” … with materials from, CWG Ministries (Communion with God), using “Lamad Style Teaching” for over 20 years and other classes. Certificates as: “Gerontology” from St. John Fisher, Facilitator from Sage-ing International, Facilitator for Mental Health Support Groups, … Learning always to be continued.

Email: [email protected]


I have been journaling from a child because I learned as a child I could talk to Jesus. As a child we had conversations Jesus was my hero that I could talk to about everything.  I was not able to talk about it to people because they could not believe the debt of the things that I shared as a child. They would ask me a question and when I answered it they were upset at what I told them from the lord.  I shut down and became a quiet introvert not sharing.  In my bookstore in 1990, I carried books by CWG [Communion With God], Mark and Patti Virkler that spoke to my “Spirit Man” and confirmed things that were already written in my journals.  I learned that my journaling was written one sided.  I knew the questions I asked but I did not write the questions just what was said to me it was not a two way conversation.  In my Spirit I would say Yes Lord! and start writing what I sensed in my Spirit but not writing all the conversation. …

I went back over some of my journaling and start writing the questions and starting writing my two way conversations. One example that was consistent for me was “Heaven Father in Jesus name why did people not understand the things that you show me?  Why could they not see what I see as adults I am just a child?  Daughter see Jeremiah, I have called you from your mother womb … Jeremiah 1:4-7 Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Daughter, Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations. Then I said Lord GOD,  I cannot speak: for I am a child. .. the LORD said unto me, Say not, I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee, and whatsoever I command thee thou shall speak.   Lord what about the faces and things that they say to me?  Jeremiah 1:8-10 Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, said the LORD. Then the LORD put forth his hand, and touched my mouth… the LORD said unto me, …, I have put My words in your mouth. …, to root out, to pull down, to destroy, to throw down, to build, to expose [for healing] and to plant. …

What I learned was the things that I saw and spoke to the individuals were warnings.  The things that I saw grieved my heart and brought tears that only the Lord could explain to me. He also showed me that they had to know than they could choose what to do with it for their healing.

Writing this example from the many journaling’s with the same message and answer help me writing this and listening to My Abba Father in what I need at this time.  I asked the Lord “What do I do with the current situations of the many sexual sins that come to me in counseling that grieves my heart?

He reminded me, Daughter! you have respect of person, because they are pastor’s, people in ministry, your spiritual  sons and daughters.  Daughter!  in the secular settings you have counseled many with all types of sexual perversions beyond the things you are seeing and hearing about at this time. Your have prayed and held them up to Me [they belong to me, I Am the creator] as you dealt with them legally and getting them counseling. You showed them MY Agape love as you dealt with them, how much more My People who are called by My Name. The church is the hospital and daughter I know I can trust you to show My Agape Love to All people. … 


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