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Do you make decisions about actions based on the worst possible outcome? It is wise to be prudent about risks, but this is not a Biblical perspective leading to an abundant life. It is a recipe for indecisiveness and inaction, for you can always think of something terrible that could occur in response to something you do. Paralysis is a byproduct of fear, and the fearful will not inherit the Kingdom of God. You live in a reality in which I have promised to go before you to prepare the way, to lead you in it, and to protect you in it. You can trust me to keep you safe while you walk in obedience to me. 

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I understand the depth of what you are speaking. I want to make sure that this is the actual Holy Spirit speaking. I know that The Lord also promises that His sheep will not only hear His voice but also know His Voice.
I heard a voice call me "Ruth" after I had heard that singing voice and later discovered that one of the definitions of "Ruth" means faithful friend. I know that a friend loves at all times. To divide the friendship when there are hardly any other family members in my friend's family who can move in and help and take over in helping to aid with many of the needs of the care of my friend's mother and the expense of living seems so cruel. After I had made the move out of where I am currently living to my parent's home (who also need me) because I absolutely want to please the Lord I heard the small still voice within say "I thought I called you Ruth." My friend has been so terribly hurt in her life and is quite a survivor and is upholding her mother and aiding her life always bringing help in her life's condition and health and she has upheld her sister's well being and has helped all 3 of her nieces and newphew's lives - including her brothers when they've needed help and her cousin - including me and my family as well. If I were to follow that singing voice I do believe I would have a greater degree of freedom and more responsibility - however, I feel that I would be adding more torture to my friend as she has health ailments and works so hard to keep things afloat and if I walk out - even trying to discuss it calmly she gets so upset and it causes her more stress and she doesn't want to send her mother to a nursing home but wants a miracle for her like it was spoken already and wants to go to Bible School as I do as well. Additionally, previously in my life I had a problem with idolatry - but I have repented of that. I also heard that God was going to open a great big door of opportunity for us to walk through. Doesn't God bless those who are walking right with Him? If that singing voice was the Holy Spirit singing to me, how do I get there in a peaceful way so that there isn't any offense, illness, additional stress, unforgiveness or hell or sneakiness or betrayal? I do declare that Jesus is My Lord! Please dear Jesus, speak to me and make it plain and I bind all stress, strife and confusion in the Name of Jesus! I know that we are to test the spirits - because not all spirits are from God. I need for you Jesus, My Lord, to make it perfectly clear to me and present it in a way that would not be inhumane for all concerned ---- PLEASE in Jesus Name!!!! I rebuke all deception and rebellion and fear in Jesus Name! I speak clarity, and obedience in Jesus Name.

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I am learning to trust God and let go of fear. I am a single parent with two beaurtiful teen girls, aged 21 and 19years. As a first step when I stopped living in fear of all the dreaful things the girls 'may' or may not do, as I let go of this mountain of fear and let God, I cant tell you the peace I enjoy and the ONLY VERY GOOD things that have happened.
Now, God is teaching me to give up fear in other areas one by one. I feel like a conqueror.

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