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For the last 25 years of my life, I have had no MD or ER appointments, and am healthier at age 65 than at age 30. Below are 100+ blogs I wrote on health over the last several years.

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Introduction to Vibrant Health

  1. Prayer, Passionate Pursuit, and Persistent Action Restore Health
  2. According to My Blood Work - Healthier at Age 60
  3. Health Begins With Hearing the Voice of God
  4. I Hate Writing So How Can I Do Two-way Journaling?
  5. Seeing: Is It a Gift or a Skill?
  6. Experience the Gift of Salvation
  7. Walk in The Gifts God Has Given You
  8. Healed of Crippling Disease by the Hand of God

Principles Underlying Healing

  1. Healing - One Way the Kingdom of God Comes Near
  2. Jesus "Moved By Compassion" Healed
  3. Waves of Compassion in an Ocean of Love - by Charity Kayembe
  4. Emotions Are Created by God and Are Good!
  5. Spirit Emotions Are Usually Born by Revelation - by Desiree Dunleavey
  6. Three New Testament Words for Healing
  7. I Release Divine Energy – Energeo 
  8. All Uses of Energeo (and Its Various Forms)

Word of Faith - One Way God Heals

  1. “Word of Faith” – 7 Step Model
  2. Approaching Scripture with a Listening Heart
  3. Faith Imagines
  4. How To Meditate on Scripture & Receive Life Transforming Revelation
  5. Hebrew and Greek Dictionary Definitions of Meditation
  6. An Example of Meditation
  7. A 7 Step Meditation Process Explored
  8. Healing Scriptures for Meditation
  9. Prayer to Set Your Heart Free
  10. Why Do I Need to Pray More Than Once for Healing?
  11. Healing Through Acting on the Words of Knowledge God Gives
  12. What About Paul’s “Thorn in the Flesh"?

Miracles - Another Way God Heals

  1. Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings!
  2. Miracles – 7 Step Model (4-page summary)
  3. The Miracle Service - Testimonies of What Happened
  4. My Miracle  – Memorial & Testimony
  5. If I Touch Him, I Will Be Healed - A Theology for Using Vision to Come Into His Presence
  6. Resources for YOUR Healing Encounter or Miracle Service
  7. Will God Still Grant Me a Miracle if My Infirmity Was Caused by My Foolish Mistakes?
  8. Bring a Gift When You Come Before a King
  9. Power Evangelism in India
  10. A New Brand of Christians - Praying for Healing on the Streets!
  11. Ministering Healing on the Streets!
  12. "Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Person"
  13. Laying on of Hands and Prayer of Faith Bring Healing
  14. What Helped Bill Johnson Move Into a Greater Healing Ministry?
  15. Seven Steps to Mastery

Gifts of Healings - Additional Ways God Heals

  1. Gifts of Healings – Explored
  2. Checklist to Restore & Maintain Health
  3. Gifts of Healings - 7 Step Model
  4. Health Benefits of Speaking in Tongues
  5. “Soaking” Is Where You Soak Up God's Healing Rays
  6. Worshipping in the Throne Room Fills You with God's Light
  7. Roar at the Darkness!
  8. Three Health Websites You Must Know About
  9. pH Levels Are Crucial in Maintaining Health
  10. Exercise Produces Health!
  11. It Only Takes 10 Days for Good Nutrition to Improve Your Health!
  12. Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance and Cheat Days
  13. Why Is It No Longer Healthy to Eat Bread?
  14. A Good Night's Sleep Is Essential for Health
  15. Is Chiropractic Really Safe?
  16. Vertebral Misalignment and the Corresponding Organ's Degeneration
  17. Is “Emotional Freedom Technique” (EFT) Effective and Biblical?
  18. Muscle Response Testing Is One Way to Listen to Your Body
  19. That Sounds Like a New Age Technique to Me
  20. Victory Over Cancer
  21. MSG Caused My Headaches - by Josh and Charla Virkler
  22. Synthetic vs. Whole Food Vitamins - Is It Really a Life and Death Issue?
  23. Do Soda Pop and Diet Soda Damage My Health?
  24. Does Microwaved Water Affect Plant Growth? My Grandchildren Did a Research Project for Me.
  25. Coffee Has 1000 Compounds Which Promote Health!
  26. Don't Go Near the Harlot's Door – Emotional and Sexual Health
  27. Great Resources for Restoring Damaged Joints
  28. Do You Know Why Your "Silverware" Is Made of Silver?

Resolving Specific Issues

How Do We Then Live?

  1. My Life-Changing Encounter with God through Triathlons! By Sue DeJesús
  2. Is Your Quiver Full Yet?
  3. Ministering Healing In India on a Journey of Compassion
  4. How to Keep Your Healing!
  5. When Reason Challenges Faith... What Am I to Do?
  6. What is My Daily Health Routine?
  7. Let's Take Our Places in God's Final Act
  8. An Expanded List of Mark Virkler's Blogs on Health

How Will This Training/Book Help Me?

It will teach you what you need to do to get healthy, and how to live in vibrant health. This book is a compilation of the 100 articles I have written over the last two years in the area of health. As I turned 60 I chose to explore health intensely (one more time) so I can live my years in vibrant strength! Now, two years later, my health has improved greatly because of the principles I have learned and shared in this book. As you apply them, your health too will improve. Every article below offers one key to health. The more you act on, the healthier you will be, so is there any reason not to do them all?

A Foundation Which Allows You to Receive the Most from This Training/Book

Experience the training offered in our earlier courses: How to Hear God’s VoiceCounseled By GodPrayers That Heal the HeartHear God Through Your Dreams and Go Natural.

Which Approach Do You Use When You Get Sick?

  • Some people go straight to the doctor with any ailment.
  • Others go straight for a miracle, and if that doesn't work, then they go to a doctor.

I don't do either of these! 

  1. I go straight for a miracle, and if I don't get the full restoration of health, 
  2. I add in the 30 gifts of healings I am aware of and if I still need additional help,
  3. Then I will go to a naturopath or a holistic MD. 

Thankfully, since I began taking responsibility for my health 24 years ago (at age 40), I have not needed to go to an MD at all. Thank you, Lord, for Your revelation, Your miraculous power and Your gifts of healings which You have bestowed upon us! I feel so alive! So healthy! I want you to experience this good life!

A Free Fitness Age Test You Can Take Online in Under 5 Minutes

Here's the article on how one can discover their “fitness age” and here is a link to their questionnaire.

  • Here were the results they gave me:


Ways to Use These Resources

  • Review articles which interest you. 
  • Work through the entire series - alone or in a group. One article a day takes 3 months.
  • A reference manual to examine specific topics which you or a friend need at a particular time.

Personal Coaching

If God is leading you to focus on achieving vibrant health, and you would like me or my daughter, Charity Kayembe, to function as a personal coach or a CLU online instructor, and earn college credit, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]. The cost for either of these three-month services, from either Mark or Charity, is $100 a month for three months (opportunity limited). Your focus would be on those areas the Lord is telling you to focus on and we would function as sounding boards providing advice as desired, helping speed you on your way.

Concluding Thoughts

As I turned 60 I chose to explore health intensely (one more time) so I can live my years in vibrant health! Every article above offers one key to health. The more you act on, the healthier you will be. Would there be any reason not to take the time to act on them all? I did, and I am healthier now at 62 than I was at age 30! I pray you experience what I have experienced, which is greatly improved health! 


I am not a medical physician and am not giving medical advice. I am only describing resources and methods in how to seek the Lord and information on alternatives to traditional health care that cooperate with the Word of God. Suddenly discontinuing medications (even if they are not good for you) can cause adverse effects.

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49 Lies I Rejected When I Renounced Phariseeism

49 Lies I Rejected When I Renounced Phariseeism

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 112 Pages

If you have ever believed any of the following lies, then this book is for you: "Emotions are soulish;" "Money is evil or secular;" "It is wrong to seek vision;" "Don’t trust experiences;" "God gave me a mind and expects me to use it;" "Politics are evil;" God is always beating on me;" or one of 43 more such detestable lies...

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Am I Being Deceived?

Am I Being Deceived?

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 110 Pages
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Apprenticed to Leadership

Apprenticed to Leadership

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 74 Pages

Apprenticeship: "Soaking up the spirit and anointing of another."

Apprenticeship is the most time-honored approach to learning. It has proven itself through all of history, was used by Jesus of Nazareth to disciple the Twelve, and is being restored in America today by progressive educators.

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Come Alive with Jesus

by Jesse and Kara Birkey

Jesse and Kara Birkey introduce a moving devotional with a daily word from God that will help you hear and experience Him in ways you never have before.

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Corporate Communion with God

Corporate Communion with God

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 35 Pages

Bring the principles of how to hear God's voice to your prayer meetings with the ideas recommended in this guide. As your prayer group encounters the spirit world, there are no limits to where God may wish to take you. He may fill your hearts with visions and burdens of needs half-way around the world. He may take you into the heavenlies to reveal the activity of spiritual forces surrounding you. He may reveal to you a vision of His future purposes and draw you into calling them forth. The possibilities are as limitless and varied as is the Spirit of God.

Price: $$4.95
Dream Dreams

Dream Dreams

by Steve and Dianne Bydeley | 222 Pages

Does God speak to us today? Are dreams an agency of relationship with God? How do we understand our dreams and what do we do with them? Dream Dreams does an outstanding job at exploring these important questions, leading the reader of this book into deeper intimacy with the Father through the understanding of dreams. This book offers a biblical perspective on the importance of dreams and visions, teaching responsible use and interpretation to those wanting a more intimate relationship with the Father-God and others.

Price: $$14.99
Eden's Health Plan - Go Natural!

Eden's Health Plan - Go Natural!

by Mark and Patti Virkler | 289 Pages

Discover how you can take charge of your own health — keeping yourself young, energetic, attractive, and free of degenerative diseases! Discover the biblical injunctions on diet and health, and the amazing correlations between them and modern scientific research.

Price: $$13.99

EFT for Christians: 52 Tapping Devotions

by Sherrie Rice Smith, R.N. (Retired)

"The amazing versatility of God’s gift of EFT stands out in this fourth installment in the EFT for Christians series. Sherrie Rice Smith’s latest book EFT for Christians – 52 Tapping Devotions helps believers incorporate Emotional Freedom Techniques into their everyday lives. In these weekly devotionals Sherrie clearly demonstrates how to connect Scripture and tapping in a practical way. Don’t just read this book; apply the principles and release God’s healing power in your life today."

Price: $$15.00
EFT for Christians

Emotional Freedom Techniques - EFT for Christians: Tapping Into God's Peace and Joy

by Charity Virkler Kayembe and Sherrie Rice Smith | 208 Pages | Published 2016

Scripture tells us that we comfort others with the comfort we ourselves have received (2 Corinthians 1:3–5). To the degree that we are healed and comforted, we can offer those same gifts much more freely to others

Price: $$14.95

End-Times Prophecy

by Timothy Paul Jones, PhD | 364 p. | c2011

This is an outstanding book, which clearly and simply lays out four differing views of end time prophecy, providing scriptural support for each, showing the unique approaches each view takes, and encouraging you to understand and not judge those who disagree with you. Finally we can honor and love all people (1 Pet. 2:17) as we consider various views of interpreting end time prophecy. What a gift to the body of Christ. Thank you, Timothy Paul Jones!!!

Price: $$19.95