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Prophetic Word to the Church Through Nate Johnson

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Note from Mark Virkler - I have pulled the summary statements concerning this prophetic word out of the message below and added them as an introduction - The main takeaway is that God is right now preparing us to take down every giant in our path in the days to come. There has been a lie that has been damaging – that darkness is incontestable - but we are called to be the light! Church, you are anointed and appointed to take down the giants of this hour! The full prophecy is available here


  • Keep your knees in the throneroom no matter what. That way you will be sharp, discerning, and connected. You won’t buy into the lies around you.
  • Be reacquainted with the voice of the Lord. Invest time with Him more than social media time.
  • Refuse to stay still, inactive, and uninvolved in this hour. If you are unsure what to do then pray.. and ask Holy Spirit to reveal His heart to you.
  • Be in constant surrender.
  • Let the Holy Spirit untangle you from the veils and webs of your dark tomb season.
  • Let go of your disabling comforts and be desperate to know “the comforter” Holy Spirit.
  • Allow the events of the world to make you feel grieved so you can no longer stand back as a spectator but like David step up to your post.
  • Desire to know how God feels about issues and injustices around the earth but rooted in HIS solutions.
  • Let go of the fear of man and pick up your courage. Stand up for righteousness. Bold lions arise!
  • Refuse to be a sheep that does what they are told without applying your own wisdom and processing with the Lord.
  • Decide that you will be a voice for what matters – and know that this hour of history hinges on you and me.
  • Know that you are more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus and that the victory is sure!

Headlines that caught my eye during this last week can be found here.


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