Preach To The Street!

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picture of streetSo there I was standing on a balcony overlooking an almost empty street in Madison Wisconsin, a microphone in my hand with instructions to share a testimony.  A few college kids were milling about not really paying much attention to the strange guy clearing his throat.   

I was in Madison to begin with because we were doing some filming for the movie DeadRaiser.  Earlier in the day we decided to throw a spontaneous house party with the goal being to reflect Matthew 10:8 the best we could.  So with this crazy notion the Lord made a way in ways that shocked us. 

Our venue was the first floor of a college house on a popular college street.  We had live music, food and drinks.  But all of that was forgotten as I stared into a situation brand new to me.  Preach to the street?  Fine.  Whatever.  I nervously asked the Lord what testimony He would like me to share and He led me to share the first testimony in my book, Life Resurrected.  It’s a resurrection testimony. 

I quickly asked Him to fill me with courage as I opened my mouth.  It felt like a struggle with the first couple of words as I was trying to overcome my own anxiety but then something wonderful happened.  The Holy Spirit took over.  The words of the testimony began to flow out of me, echoing off of the surrounding buildings.  It didn’t matter that the street was almost empty.  I had no idea who was listening but it didn’t matter.  The gravel on the sidewalk was going to listen to what the Lord had to say.

My testimony finished but the Lord wasn’t done.  He led me to begin talking about spiritual resurrection.  I don’t remember what was said but it was a lot about intimacy with the Lord being resurrected.  Hope being resurrected.  I couldn’t see anything amazing happening out there but I knew the Love of God was flowing out into the evening.  And then it was over and I handed the microphone back to my buddy.  I was just blown away by the experience. 

A couple of hours later a young man came over to the house we were gathering at.  He told us that a friend of his had come over earlier that night and wasn’t doing so well emotionally.  She was a young woman who had been through some tough things.  He said that they came out onto their porch when they heard me sharing. 

My eyes widened as he continued to share with my how when he looked over at his friend he literally saw something dark lift off of her as she shuddered.  She left after that but sent a text message to him with instructions to come over to the house where the guy was speaking and let him know that something left her as he was speaking and that she doesn’t hate herself anymore.  In an instant she had felt more joy than she ever had.  In an instant she’d found herself free and in the arms of Jesus.     

I was shocked.  God delivered the young woman with nothing more than the words of some crazy guy preaching to the street.  Nobody laid hands on her or even prayed for her yet she was set free and finally knew God’s love for her.  My mind was reeling.  How does God do that!?  Just amazing! 

There is no magic formula folks.  Only faith, courage and obedience that flows from love and compassion.  If we can just have those things we can see God do extraordinary things through ordinary people like us.

Jesse and Kara Birkey

[email protected]

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