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If there was a God who loved all people, what would he expect of his followers? He would not require them to visit a certain place, for that would exclude the poor who were far away. He would not expect them to adopt a special manner of dress, for that would be an unnecessary burden in some cultures. He would not require his words to be read in one language for he would want to include people of every language. He would not impose dietary laws that would be difficult for people in various areas to meet. He would make the elements of ceremonies simple and readily available such as water, bread, and wine. He would make his message simple enough that children could understand it. He would instruct those who already knew him to spread the good news of his message of life to those who have not heard it. There is such a God and the faith is Christian. It may seem loosely structured to those in other faiths but that is necessary to make it available to all. 

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