My Son Saw an Angel

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Seeing in the Spirit has become a much more popular topic of conversation after great men like Michael Van Vlymen and Blake Healy have pioneered the trail by boldly sharing their experiences (you can find their amazing books here and here). 


The truth is that there is so much going on all around us that we can’t see.  Or should I say most of us can’t see.  But there are those who can and that list seems to be growing as we begin to allow for expansion of our understanding.


Though I’ve yet to see with my natural eye I have had some awesome experiences as I’ve closed my eyes and asked God to show my what’s going on.  My son though has had a different experience. 


I’ve asked him before if he’s seen any angels and the answer has always been, “No”.  But my wife was driving down the road the other day when a worship song came on that created such an strong presence of God she had to pull over too worship.  Shortly after that, she felt pressed to ask my son if he’d ever seen an angel.


“No.” came the quick reply but then, “Oh, wait.”  He lifted his eyes from the game he was playing and peered at my wife.  “I actually saw an one last night.”


Her eyes went wide.  “Really?  Tell me what happened.”


The video posted is the short interview I had with my son.  He describes in his own words what he saw.  He was not prepped or coached.  Enjoy! 


See The Video Here!




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Good job, Jesse. He's a precious child. Awesome!

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