A Word of Knowledge Heals My Formerly Stressed Adrenal Gland

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May I share with you Kurt Green's inexpensive online health evaluation service (available here)? Kurt is a Spirit-filled naturopath and a close friend. 

A 51 year old problem

I completed his two online health questionnaires ($30). Kurt then sent me a summary which showed the highest stress points in my body were inflammation, sugar and adrenal. Kurt felt that the root issue was a stressed out adrenal and that the effects were inflammation in my body and poor sugar assimilation. Kurt believed the adrenal stress was a long term issue which started 51 years ago. This information Kurt received through a word of knowledge (see blog on How to Receive a Word of Knowledge Concerning the Root Cause of an Infirmity).

Temporary fixes: My comment back was, "I sure don’t eat much sugar but I would agree that there is inflammation in my body as I have had a skin irritation which I can get rid of with a 10 day Master Cleanse followed by a three day fast, but it will not stay gone. A few months later it is back and I don’t know why." (I do understand that when the infirmity comes back, I have not discerned and dealt with the root problem causing it.) As far as my adrenal, my naturopath for years has told me I have a stressed adrenal, and I kept telling her that it’s not, because I have learned to abide in Christ.

Complicated by demons

Kurt responded, “It is an assignment against you.”

I said, “Then let’s pray and break it off.”

Kurt prayed and released the assignment and he felt it was released. He gave me a couple of herbs which could strengthen my adrenal gland, which I went online and ordered immediately.

Who can remember back 51 years!

I have no idea what happened 51 years ago in my life, however when I shared it with my wife, Patti pondered it and said, "That would have made you 12 years old. You would have been entering 7th grade. Did you have to change schools?"

I responded, “Yes, I went into a middle school and hated it and it was a fearful experience." Wow! That would be a great place for my adrenals to get stressed. So with that information, I sat down to do some two-way journaling which is below.

Two-way journaling prayer application

Lord, what occurred when I was 12 years of age that set off my adrenal gland and made it hyper and over active?

Mark, pressure and fear. You never liked school, you hated it, and when you moved to a new school, there was fear, pressure to perform and a feeling of lostness, things which you carry to this day.

Wow, Lord, that is right.

Mark, I was there but you didn’t see Me as you were alone and not with Me at that period of your life. (I was saved at age 15.) You had rejected Me. You did not see Me or know Me. You were alone, scared, fearful and lost. So your adrenal went into overdrive to compensate for this fear and lostness. You were always on the alert, fearful, looking out, and scared. Those things have never left you. They still are in the roots of your cellular structure and need to be released now by Me.

So come to Me now and release them to Me. Give your fear and terror and anger and aggression to Me and I will remove them, saith the Lord of hosts. Give them to Me now. And I will take them, and release the trauma in your cells.

I prayed for healing of the fear and trauma and for the memory of fear and trauma in my cells to be released to Jesus, and for the Holy Spirit to soothe and heal and grant peace within all my cells. I spoke peace and relaxation to my adrenal glands, while laying my hands on them.

I felt the peace of the Lord overflow me, and tension and stress evaporate. It was a wonderful healing moment in the Holy Spirit.

Thank You Lord, and thank you for Kurt who was able to see the root cause of the adrenal tension and its effect of producing inflammation in my body. I will now strengthen my adrenal gland with the herbs Kurt mentioned, and I will speak peace and calm to it daily for a while. Thank You, Lord.

Inner healing scene at middle school

Lord, You were there walking the halls with me, guiding and protecting me even though I had not yet turned to You. I see You there, laughing, having a good time, relaxed and enjoying the ride. It was all fun for You.

Mark, this was to be part of the building blocks of your life. You were not to hate school, your teachers or the learning process. They were all doing the best they knew how. Release your anger and hatred of them and of school to Me now.

Lord, I release it to You now. Take it. I place it on the altar. Consume it with Your fire. Give me a love, an honor and a respect for my teachers, and for school. It was one of the key building blocks of my life, making me who I am now. Thank You, Lord, for the release I feel.

Mark, your teachers worked hard in an impossible situation. 30 kids at a crack, every 50 minutes, teaching things the kids did not want to learn. How hard is that! Honor them for their faithfulness to their calling and to their obligations. Honor them. Do not despise them. Honor and cherish them. For love rules over all. Compassion releases My greatness and My power into each and every situation. Extend compassion, not judgment. Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done.

Compassion, honor and respect needs to flow from these earliest points as they govern the rest of your life. So extend this compassion, honor and respect to those which follow.

Moving forward from the root scene to additional scenes

The Lord went on to mention other specific people and groups I needed to extend compassion and honor and respect toward, and I repented and did that, asking for healing. He showed me life from their perspective, and that they were all doing the best they knew how and I should honor that.

Follow-up homework (Woops - I mean "Follow-up play")

My follow up morning journaling for the next few weeks should be me asking the Lord to show me any more scenes in my mind, or lies I believe which promote pressure, fear, aloneness and performance. I will complete a Contributing Strands Worksheet on the heart wound of “fear, pressure, performance, aloneness” and their outworkings, which are "judgment and anger” and do some healing soaking prayer sessions to ensure I completely remove this 51 year old issue.

Obviously since I have had it for 51 years, I have learned habits and beliefs which need to be broken, and replaced with new habits and new beliefs, so let's get started...


I look best with a smile on my face - laugh, celebrate, enjoy...

Smile, play, relax - live in a state of playfulness, make work play... 

Fully engage in the lives of my grandchildren... they know how to play

“If we’re not having fun, then something is wrong.”  (Mickey Evans)

"Leadership is automatically transferred to those who remain optimistic." (Roger Miller)

Prayers and Pictures

Adrenal gland, relax, be at peace, rest... all is well... God is watching over me.

I see Jesus at my right hand, laughing, enjoying life, inviting me to join in the laughter.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses but I will trust in the name of the Lord my God.

What takes your imagination takes your life.


A relaxing, enjoyable, fun 22-minute meditation daily

A relaxing, enjoyable, fun 22-minute exercise daily

A relaxing, enjoyable, fun 22-minute hobby daily

I assume six weeks of focused effort (excuse me – I meant “ focused play”) will have me well on the way into an enhanced lifestyle. Is it worth investing a few weeks to ensure I have worked out my soul's salvation in this area and learned to live stress free? Absolutely!

So am I fully healed today, as I write this blog? By faith yes, yet I am still working it out, still seeking the full manifestation. Be interesting to see if the steps above perform a full healing or if more will need to be added. I can report back in six months and let you know. I do believe the process above is right and good, and I do believe we take one step at a time. Each step has its place, but each step may not necessarily be the full answer. We are on a path that gets brighter and brighter until the dawning of the full day.