My Ears Are Burning

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The man sat rigid in his chair and twisted a few times.  Each movement produced a wince.


I watched him for a few seconds before I felt my spirit begin to stir.  I strolled over and introduced myself.  “Hey, I’m Jesse.”  I held out my hand and he gripped it like a vice.


“Sal,” he replied.


“What’s going on with your back?”


His voice drooped with resignation.  “Oh, I hurt it a few years ago and I’ve been in pain ever since.”


I fell into the chair next to him.  “I’d love to pray for your back to be healed if that’s okay with you.”


Sal raised his eyebrows.  “Yeah, that’d be great.  I love Jesus.  Bring it on.”


I smiled and placed my hand on his back.  “Alright, I just want to invite the Holy Spirit to increase and fill you completely.  Sound good to you?”


He nodded and leaned forward on his elbows.  “Sure.”


I prayed a quick prayer inviting the Holy Spirit and waited a minute or so before asking him, “Are you feeling anything unusual?”


Sal opened his eyes and blinked.  “My ears, I feel like they’re burning.”  He leaned back in his chair.  “You wouldn’t know this but I haven’t been able to lean forward like I just was, for years.”


“That’s great, Sal,” I exclaimed.  “Are you saying the pain in your back is gone?”


He carefully rotated at the waist.  “I’d say it’s probably half of what it was.”


“So, let’s see if we can get it to zero.”  I commanded and released complete healing over his back.  I ordered all pain and inflammation to leave and for the spine to be restored. 


When I was finished, Sal rotated again.  He spun his wide eyes at me.  “It’s gone!  At the most it’s a one.”  He pointed at his friends.  “I’m not making this up.  They know me and how bad it’s been.”


I glanced at their wagging heads.   “I believe you Sal.  Jesus just healed you.”


His grin was ear to ear.  “Yeah, he did.”


There’s an invitation into the extraordinary life of Jesus with your name on it.  Opening it means opening your eyes to the people around you.  It’ll be scary at first and uncomfortable, but you’ll get to be part of God’s love transforming people.  And that’s the greatest gift of all.




Jesse and Kara Birkey

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